The Lives of the Right Hon. Francis North, Baron Guilford, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, Under King Charles II and King James II.: The Hon. Sir Dudley North, Commissioner of the Customs, and Afterwards of the Treasury, to King Charles II. And the Hon. and Rev. Dr. John North, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Clerk of the Closet to King Charles II.

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H. Colburn, 1826

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Strana 51 - Nor chose alone, but turn'd the balance too; So much the weight of one brave man can do. Hushai, the friend of David in distress; In public storms, of manly steadfastness: By foreign treaties he inform'd his youth, And join'd experience to his native truth.
Strana 28 - When ho was in temper and matters indifferent came before him, he became his seat of justice better than any other I ever saw in his place. He took a pleasure in mortifying fraudulent attorneys and would deal forth his severities with a sort of majesty.
Strana 31 - ... swoon ; and, in not many hours after, died. But this Lord Jeffries came to the seal without any concern at the weight of duty incumbent upon him ; for, at the first, being merry over a bottle with some of his old friends, one of them told him that he would find the business heavy. No, said he, I'll make it light.
Strana 48 - Jotham of piercing wit and pregnant thought, Endued by nature and by learning taught To move assemblies...
Strana 28 - ... forth his severities with a sort of majesty. He had extraordinary natural abilities, but little acquired, beyond what practice in affairs had supplied. He talked fluently, and with spirit ; and his weakness was, that he could not reprehend without scolding, and in such Billingsgate language, as should not come out of the mouth of any man. He called it " giving a lick with the rough side of his tongue.
Strana 29 - ... morning, and, after eleven, he hath come out inflamed and staring like one distracted. And that visage he put on when he animadverted on such as he took offence at, which made him a terror to real offenders ; whom also he terrified with his face and voice, as if the thunder of the day of judgment broke over their heads : and nothing ever made men tremble like his vocal inflictions. He loved to insult, and was bold without check , but that only when his place was uppermost.
Strana 30 - I have heard much of that monster, but never saw one. Come forth, Mr. Trimmer, turn you round, and let us see your shape :" and, at that rate, talked so long that the poor fellow was ready to drop under him ; but, at last, the bill was "dismissed VOL. II. D with costs, and he went his way. In the hall, one of his friends asked him how he came off?
Strana 279 - had a strange bent to traffic and, while he was at school, drove a subtle trade among the boys by buying and selling. In short, it was considered that he had learning enough for a merchant but not phlegm enough for any sedentary profession.
Strana 93 - Trimmer ' signifieth no more than this, that if men are together in a boat, and one part of the company would weigh it down on one side, another would make it lean as much to the contrary ; it happeneth there is a third opinion of those who conceive it would do as well if the boat went even, without endangering the passengers.

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