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IT is to paint Misfortune suffering with patience and resignation, under an accuinulation of distresses ;-it is to depict Religion in its brightest garb-contentment, and cheerfulness,—that I venture myself, in humble guise, to public attention : and my friends, I trust, will attribute to me a far better motive than the wish for fame in thus offering myself a candidate for their favour and li.. berality.

Could thanks repay the kindness of those who have so promptly come forward in sup-. port of my little Work, most sincerely would I offer them ; but my heart is, and I hope will ever remain, alive to their disinterested generosity.

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AMONG the number of Works which deservedly claim and attract attention, a young and inexperienced advocate for favor would scarcely find courage to rank her humble pretensions, were not the liberality of the Public a just ground for hope. Every effort of the pen, where the least ray of talent has appearance, is cherished and fostered; and when exercised in behalf of moral, or religious virtues, it never wants supporters.

Relying, therefore, on the design of this little Story to inculcate the kind and charitable feelings of human nature, and degrade, to their proper level, the follies which are harboured by mis

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