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That it was his duty to celebrate the praises of

Bacchus, as being full of, and roused and ani-
mated by his divinity.
Saw Bacchus (believe it, pofterity), dictating

verses amongst the remote rocks, and the nymphs a-learning them, and the attentive ears i of the goat-footed fatyrs. Evae! * (buzza!) my mind trembles with recent dread, and my soul, being replete with Bacchus, has a tumultuous joy. Evae! spare me, Bacchus ; spare me, thou that art formidable for thy dreadful Thyrfis t, It is given to sing the wanton Bacchanalian priestess, and the fountain of wine, and rivulets flowing with milk, and to reiterate the honies distilling from hollow trunks. It is granted me likewise to celebrate the honour added to the constellations by your happy spouse #, and the palace of Pentheus, demolished with hideous ruin, and the perdition of Thracian Lycurgus. You command the rivers, you the barbarian fea: You,


M 3

* An interjestion, wsed by the priestess of Bacchus on this festival, which cannot be literally translated.

A Spear, round the Maft of wbich ivy and vine leaves were twined,

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Tu separatis uvidus in jugis
Nodo coërces viperino

Bistonidum fine fraude crines.
Tu, cum parentis regna per arduum
Cohors Gigantum scanderet impia,
Rhoetum retorsisti, leonis

Unguibus, horribilique mala :
Quanquam chorëis aptior et jocis
Ludoque dictus, non fat idoneus
Pugnæ ferebaris ; fed idem

Pacis eras mediusque belli.
Te vidit insons Cerberus aureo
Cornu decorum, leniter atterens
Caudam ; et recedentis trilingui
Ore pedes tetigitque crura.





N°Penna, biformis, per liquidum æthera,

Æternam fibi ex fuis carminibus famam pollicetur. TON usitata, nec tenui ferar

Penna, biformis, per liquidum æthera, Vates; neque

in terris morabor Longius; invidiaque major, Urbes relinquam. Non ego pauperum

5 Sanguis parentum, non ego, quem vocas, Dilecte Mæcenas, obibo,

Nec Stygia cohibebor unda. Jam jam residunt cruribus asperæ Pelles ; et album mutor in alitem

SuperNon tenui feras,


moist with wine, in selected mountains, bind the hair of your Thraciap priesteffes with a knot of vipers without hurt. You, when the impious band of giants scaled the realms of father Jupiter, thro' the sky repelled Rhætas, with the paws and horrible jaw of the lion-shape you had affumed. Tho' reported to be better adapted fordances, and jokes, and play, you were accounted insufficient for fight; Yet it then appeared you had the same common talent for peace and war. Thee, ornamented with thy golden horn, Cerberus innocently gazed at, gently waging his tail, and with his triple tongue, licked your feet and legs as you returned.



He promises himself eternal fame from his verses.

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two-formed poct, will be conveyed thro'the , liquid air with no vulgar nor humble wing: nor will I loiter upon carth any longer; and, supe. rior to envy, will I quit cities. Not I, even 1, whom my rivals itile the blood of low parents, my dear Mæcenas, snall die ; nor will I be restrained by the Stygian wave. At this inftant, a rough skin settles upon my ankles, and all upwards I am transformed into a white bird *, and the downy plu.

O mags * The poets allegorically represented themselves as trarf: formed into freams,


Superne * ; nafcunturque leves

Per digitos humerosque plume.
Jam, Dædaleo ocior + Icaro,
Visam gementis litora Bosphori,
Syrtesque Gætulas, canorus

Ales, Hyperboreosque campos.
Me Colchus, et, qui diilimulat metum
Marsæ cohortis, Dacus, et ultimi
Noscent Geloni: me peritus

Difcet Iber, Rhodanique potor. Absint inani funere næniæ, Luctusque turpes, et querimoniæ : Compefce clamorem, ac fepulchri

Mitte supervacuos honores.


+ Dædalco tutior Icaro. Bentl.


mage arises over my fingers and shoulders. Now, having become a melodius bird, more expeditious than the Dædalean Icarus, I will visit the shores of the inurmuring Bofphorus, and the Getulean Syrtes and the Hyperborean plains. Me, the Colchan, and the Dacian, who pretends not to fear the Marfian cohort, and the remotest Gelonians, small know: me, the learned Spaniard, shall study, and he that drinks the waters of the Rhone. Let there be no dirges, or shameful lamentation, or bewailings at my only seeming funeral : suppress your crying, and forbear the superfluous honours of a sepulchre.


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