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Invitat ad frugalem canam, et ut anxias de rebus futuris curas omittat, fapienter admonet.


YRRHENA, regum progenies, tibi
Non ante verfo lene merum cado,
Cum flore, Mæcenas, rofarum, et
Preffa tuis balanus capillis,

Jamdudum apud me eft. Eripe te more:

Ne femper udum Tibur et


Declive contempleris arvum, et

Telegoni juga parricida.

Faftidiofam defere copiam, et

Molem propinquam nubibus arduis :

Omitte mirari beatæ

Fumum et opes ftrepitumque Roma.

Plerumque gratæ divitibus vices;

Mundæque parvo fub lare pauperum

Conæ, fine aulæis et oftro,

Solicitam explicuere frontem.

Jam clarus occultum Andromeda pater
Oftendit ignem; jam Procyon furit,
Et ftella vefani Leonis,

Sole dies referente ficcos,

Jam paftor umbras, cum grege languido,
Rivumque, feffus, quærit, et horridi
Dumeta Silvani; caretque
Ripa vagis taciturna venti



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He invites him to a frugal entertainment, and wifely admonishes him to lay afide all anxious cares about futurity.



Macenas, thou progeny of Tufcan kings, there has been a long while for you in my house fome mellow wine in an unbroached hogfhead, with rofe-flowers and expreffed effence for your hair. Difengage yourself from any thing that may retard you, nor continually contemplate the marthy Tibur, and the floping fields of Aefula, and the hills of Telegonus the parricide. Leave abundance, which is the fource of daintinefs, and yon pile of buildings approaching near the lofty clouds; ceafe to admire the fmoak and opulence and noife of flourishing Rome. A change is frequently agreeable to the rich, and a cleanly meal in the little cottage of the poor hath finooth'd an anxious brow without carpets or purple. Now the bright + father of Andromeda difplays his hidden fire; now Procyon rages and the conftellation of the frantic lion, as the fan caufes the thirty feafon to revolve. Now the weary fhepherd, with his languid flock, feeks the fhade, and the river, and the thickets of rough Silvanus; and the filent bank is free from the wavering Telegonus, the founder of Tufculum, accidentally killed his father. t Cepheus.

Tu, civitatem quis deceat ftatus
Curas; et Urbi folicitus times,
Quid Seres, et regnata Cyro
Bactra parent, Tanaifque difcors.

Prudens futuri temporis exitum

Caliginofa nocte premit Deus;

Ridetque, fi mortalis ultra


Fas trepidat. Quod adeft, memento

Componere æquus: cætera fluminis
Ritu feruntur, nunc medio alvéo
Cum pace delabentis Etrufcum
In mare, nunc lapides adefos,
Stirpefque raptas, et pecus, et domos
Volventis una, non fine montium
Clamore, vicinæque filvæ;
Cum fera diluvies quietos

Irritat amnes. Ille potens fui
Lætufque deget, cui licet in diem
Dixiffe, Vixi: cras vel atra
Nube polum Pater occupato,

Vel fole puro; non tamen irritum,
Quodcunque retro eft, efficiet; neque
Diffinget, infectumque reddet,
Quod fugiens femel hora vexit

Fortuna fævo læta negotio, et
Ludum infolentem ludere pertinax,
Tranfmutat incertos honores,
Nunc mihi, nunc alii benigna.

Laudo manentem. Si celeres quatit.
Pennas, refigno quæ dedit, et mea
Virtute me involvo, probamque
Pauperiem fine dote quæro.

Tanaifque diffors. Bentl









vering winds. You regard what conftitution may beft fuit the ftate, and are in an anxious dread for Rome, what preparations the Seres, and the Bactrians fubject to Cyrus, and the factious Tanais, are making. The wife Gods involve in obfcure darknefs the events of the time to come, and laugh if a mortal is over and above folicitous. Be mindful to manage duly that which is prefent. What remains goes on in the manner of the river, at one time calmly gliding in the middle of its channel. to the Tufcan fea, at another rolling along corroded ftones, and ftumps of trees forced away, and cattle, and houfes, not without the noife of echoing mountains and neighbouring woods, when the mercilefs deluge enrages the peaceful waters. That man is mafter of himself and fhall live happy, who has it in his power to fay, I have lived to-day to-morrow let father Jupiter inveft the heaven, either with a black cloud, or with clear funfhine; neverthelefs he shall not render ineffectual what is paft, nor change nor annihilate what the fleeting hour has once carried off. Fortune, happy'in the execution of her cruel office, and perfifting to play her infolent game, changes uncertain honours, now to me, and by and by indulgent to another. I praife her while fhe abides by me.


But if the moves her fleet wings, I refign what he has beftow'd, and wrap myfelf up in my virtue, and court honeft poverty without a portion. 'Tis no bufinefs of mine, if the mait groan with the African ftorms, to have recourfe to piteous prayers, and to make a bargain with my


Non eft meum, fi mugiat Africis
Malus procellis, ad miferas preces
Decurrere, et votis pacifci,

Ne Cypria Tyriæque merces

Addant avaro divitias mari.
Tunc me biremis præfidio fcaphæ

Tutum per

gæos tumultus

Aura ferat, geminufque Pollux.


Fama perennitatem fibi ab fuis verfibus pollicetur.


XEGI monumentum ære perennius,,

Regalique fitu pyramidum altius ;

Quod non imber edax, non Aquilo impotens
Poffit diruere, aut innumerabilis

Annorum feries, et fuga temporum.
Non omnis moriar; multaque pars mei
Vitabit Libitinam. Ufque ego poftera

am laude recens; dum Capitolium

Scandet cum tacita virgine pontifex.
Dicar, qua violens obftrepit Aufidus,
Et qua pauper aquæ Daunus agreftium.
Regnavit + populorum, ex humili potens,
Princeps Æolium carmen ad Italos
Deduxiffe modos. Sumè fuperbiam
Quæfitam meritis, et mihi Delphica

Lauro cinge volens, Melpomene, comam.






Regnator populorum.

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