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Illum, propofita mortis neceffitate, ad hilariter jucundeque vivendum invitat.

redeunt jam gramina



campis, Arboribufque come : Mutat terra vices; et decrefcentia ripas

Flumina prætereunt: Gratia cum Nymphis geminifque fororibus audet 5 Ducere nuda choros.

Immortalia ne fperes, monet annus, et almum Que rapit hora diem.

Frigora mitefcunt Zephyris; ver proterit æftas,, Interitura, fimul


Pomifer autumnus fruges effederit; et mox
Bruma recurrit iners.


tamen celeres reparant cœleftia lunæ: Nos ubi decidimus

Quot pius Æneas, quo Tullus, dives et Ancus, 15 Pulvis et umbra fumus.

Quis fcit an adjiciant hodiernæ craftina fummæ
Tempora Di fuperi?

Cuneta manus avidas fugient heredis, amico
Quæ dederis animo.

Et album,

+ Quo pater Aneas.





By reprefenting to him the certainty of death, be exhorts him to live in a cheerful and a joyous



HE fnows are diffolved away, the herbage now returns to the fields, and the leaves to the trees. The earth changes her viciffitudes, and the decreafing rivers glide along their banks: the elder grace, together with the nymphs, and her * two fifters, dares now naked lead up the dance. That you are not to expect things permanent here, the year, and the hour that hurries away the agreeable day, fufficiently convinces us. The colds are mitigated by the returning Zephyrs; the fummer follows close upon the fpring, fhortly to die itself, as foon as fruitful autumn fhall fhed its ftores: and anon fluggish winter returns again. Nevertheless the quick-refolving moons repair their wainings in the fkies: but when we defcend to thofe regions where the pious neas, where Tullus and the wealthy Ancus have gone before us, we become nothing but duft and fhade. Who knows whether the Gods above will add to this day's reckoning thefpace of to-morrow? Every thing which you fhall indulge to your friendly genius, fhall escape the greedy hands of your heir. When once, O TorVOL. I. Y quatus, There were three graces, Aglaia, Thalia and Euphrofyne,

Cum femel occideris, et de te fplendida Minos

Fecerit arbitria;

Non, Torquate, genus, non te facundia, non te Reftituet pietas.

Infernis neque enim tenebris Diana pudicum 25
Liberat Hippolytum:

Nec Lethaa valet Thefeus abrumpere caro
Vincula Pirithoo.



Immortalitatem penes poëtas effe.


ONAREM pateras, grataque commodus,
Cenforine, meis æra fodalibus:

Donarem tripodas, præmia fortium
Graiorum: neque tu peffima munerum
Ferres, divite me fcilicet artium
Quas aut Parrhafius protulit, aut Scopas;
Hic faxo, liquidis ille coloribus.
Solers nunc hominem ponere, nunc Deum.
Sed non hæc mihi vis; non tibi talium
Res eft aut animus deliciarum egens.
Gaudes carminibus: carmina poffumus
Donare, et pretium dicere muneri.
Non incifa notis marmora publicis,
Per quæ fpiritus et vita redit bonis



quatus, you fhall be dead, and Minos fhall have made his awful decifions concerning you; not your family, not your eloquence, not even your piety fhall reftore you to life. For neither can Diana free the 'chafte Hippolytus from infernal darknefs: nor is Thefeus able to break off the Lethaan fetters from his dear Pirithous.


To MARCIUS CENSORINUS. That the gift of immortality is in the power of the poets.

Cenforinus, with liberal heart I would perfent my acquaintance with goblets and beautiful vafes of brafs: I wou'd prefent them with tripods, which were the rewards of the brave Græcians: nor will you bear off the meanest of my donations, if ever I become rich in those pieces of art, which either Parrhafias or Scopas produced; the latter in ftatuary, the former in liquid colours, eminent to portray at one time the image of a man.. at another that of a God. But I have no ftore of this fort, nor do your* circumftances or inclination require any fuch curiofities as thefe. You delight in verfes: verfes I can give, and fet a value on the donation. Not marbles engraved with public infcriptions, by the means of which breath Y 2



Cenforinus was very wealthy, and confequently was fufficiently provided with elegant furniture,

Poft mortem ducibus; non celeres fugæ;
Rejectaque retrorfum Annibalis minæ ;
Non incendia Carthaginis impiæ,
Ejus, qui domita nomen ab Africa
Lucratus rediit, clarius indicant
Laudes, quam Calabræ Pierides: neque,
Si charte fileant, quod bene feceris
Mercedem tuleris. Quid foret Ilia
Mavortifque puer, fi taciturnitas.
Obftaret meritis invida Romuli ?
Ereptum Stygiis fluctibus acum
Virtus, et favor, et lingua potentium
Vatum divitibus confecrat infulis.
Dignum laude virum Mufa vetat mori
Colo Mufa beat. Sic Jovis interest
Optatis epulis impiger Hercules:
Clarum Tyndaride fidus ab infimis
Quaffas eripiunt æquoribus rates:
Ornatus viridi tempora pampino
Liber vota bonos ducit ad exitus.






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