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Quid attinet tot ora navium gravi

Roftrata duci pondere
Contra latrones atque servilem manung

Hoc, hoc tribuno militum ?




Pueri in Canidiam veneficam dirą,



T 6 Deorum quidquid in cælo * regit

Terras et humanum genus,
Quid ifte ført tumultus ? et quid omnium

Vultus in unum me truces ?
Per liberos te, fi vocata partubusosad

Lucina veris adfuit,
Per hoc inane purpuræ decus, precor,

auf Per improbaturum hæc Jovem ; Quid ut noverca me intueris, aut uti

Petita ferro bellua ?
Ut, hæc trementi queftus ore, conftitit,

Infignibus raptis, puer,
Impube corpus, quale poffet impia

Mollire Thracum pectora:
Canidia brevibus implicata viperis

is 15 Crines, et incomtuin caput, Jubet fepulchris caprificos erutas, Beko

Jubet cupreffos funebres,
Et uncta turpis ova ranæ sanguine,

Plumamque nocturnæ ftrigis,
Herbasque, quas Iolcos, atque Iberia

Mittit venenorum ferax,

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Quidguid in coelo regis,


knight of distinction To what purpose is it tiřat so many brazen-beaked thips of immense bulk Mou'd be led out against pirates and a band of slaves, while this, this fellow is a military tribune?

O DE V. The imprecations of a boy against the witch Canidia. UT, oh whatever power of the Gods rules

the earth and human race, what means this tumult? and what the hideous looks of all these old hags, fixed upon me alone? I conjure thee by thy children (if invoked Lucina was ever prefert at any real birth of yours), I conjure thee by this xempty honour of my * purple, and by Jupiter,

who must disapprove these proceedings; why do you flook at me like a step-mother, or as a wild bea't stricken with a dart? While the boy made these complaints with a faultering voice, he stood, with his † badges of distinction taken from him, a deli, cate body, such as might-foften the impious breasts of the favage Thracians: Canidia, baving her hair and uncombed head interwoven with little vipers, orders wild fig-trees torn up orders funereal cypresses, and eggs besmeared with the gore of a loathsome toad, and feathers of the nocturnal forcech owl, and those herbs, which Iolchos, and Spain, fruitful in poisons, tranf.

mits, The toga prætexta, which the children of the nobility wore, was bordered with purple.

The toga prætext, and the bulla, which latter was a piece of gold or silver, made in the page of ar heart.

A lown in Theffaly.

from groves,

Bb 3


Et offa ab ore rapta jejunæ canis,

Flammis aduri Colchicis.
At expedita Sagana per totam domum

Spargens Avernales aquas,
Horret capillis, ut marinus, afperis,

Echinus, aut currens aper.
Abacta nulla Veia conscientia
Ligonibus duris humum

30 Exhauriebat, ingemens laboribus ;

Quo poffet infossus puer
Longo die bis terve mutata dapis

Inemori spectaculos
Cum promineret ore, quantum cxtant aqua 35

Sufpenfa mento corpora ;
Exfucta I uti medülla, et aridum jecur

Amoris effet poculum;
Interminato cum femel fixæ cibo
Intabuiffent pupula.

40 Non defuiffe masculæ libidinis

Arminiensem Toliam,
Et otiofa credidit Neapolis,

Et omne vicinum oppidum
Quæ fidera excantata voće Thessala,

45 Lunamque coelo deripit. Hic irrefectum sæva dente livido

Canidia rodens pollicem,
Quid dixit ? aut quid tacuit ? O rebus meis
Non infideles arbitræ,

50 Nox, et Diana, quæ filentium regis,

Arcana cum fiunt facra ;

Nunca inits, and bones, fuatched from the mouth of a hungry bitch, to be burnt in * Colchian flames. But Sagana, tucked up for expedition, sprinkling the waters of + Avernus all over the 'house, bristles up with her rough hair, like a fea-urchin, or a boar pursued. Veia, deterred by no remorse of conscience, groaning with the toil, dog up the ground with the sharp spade : where the boy, fixed in, might long be torrmented to death at the light of food varied two or three times in a day; while he stood out with his face, just as much as bodies fufpended by the chin in /wimming, project from the water, that his parched marrow and dry'd liver might be a charm for love; when once the pupils of his eyes

* Aut Laurens sper. Heins.

Exfecta, exetta. Exçfa uti medalla. Heinsa

had waited away by being fixed on the forbidden food. Both the idle Naples, and every neighbouring town believed, that Folia of Arminium, a witch of masculine lust, was not abfent from i befe rites: she who with her Thessalian incantations, forces the charmed conitellations and the moon from heaven. Here the f. ll Canidia, gnawing her unpaired thumb with her livid teeth, what said she? or what did she not fay? Oh ye faithful witnesses to my proceedings, Night, and Diana, who prefides o'er filence, when the secret inyftcries are celebrated; now, now be

present :

Colebian, fuch as Medea of Colcius made use of, that is, according to art.

Averrus was a lake in Camparia, whose waters were beid facred to the infernal Deities,




Nunc, nunc adeite: nunc in hoftiles domos

Iram atque numer vertite:
Formidolofis dum latent filvis feræ,

Dulci fopore languide:
Senem, quod omnes rideant, adulterum

· Latrent Suburranæ canes,
Nardo perunctum, quale non perfectius

Meæ laborarint manus.
Quid accidit ? cur dira barbaræ minus

Venena Medex valent?
Quibus fuperbam fugit ulta pellicem

Magni Creontis filiam;
Cum palla, tabo munus imbutum, novam

Incendio nuptam abstulit.
Atqui nec herba, nec latens in asperis

Radix fefellit me locis.
Indormit unctis omnium cubilibus

Oblivione pellicum.
Ah, ah! folutus ambulat veneficæ

Scientioris carmine.
Non ufitatis, Vare, potionibus

(O multa fleturum caput!)
Ad me recurrez : nec vocata mens tua

Marlis rcdibit vocibus.
Majus parabo: majus infundum tibi

Faftidienti poculum.
Priusque cælum fidet inferius mari,

Tellure porrecta super,
Quam non amore fic meo flagres, uti

Bitumen atris ignibus.

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