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present : and turn your anger


power against the houses of our eneinies: While the wild beasts lie hid in the gloomy woods, diffolved in sweet repose: let the dogs of the * Suburra, (which may be a matter of ridicule for

every body) bark at the old fornicator, bedaubed with effence, such as my hands never made

any .

exquisite. What is the matter? why are these compofitions less efcacious than those of that barbarian Medea? by the means of which she made her escape, after having revenged herself on Jason's haughty mistress, the daughter of the mighty Creon; when the garment, a gift that was infected with poison, took off his new bride by its inflammatory power. And yet no herb, nor root latent in inaccessible places ever escaped my notice. Nevertheless, he Deeps in the effenced bed of every harlot, from lis forgetfulness of me. Ha! ha! he walks in fecurity, set free from my power by the charms of some inore powerful witch. Varus, (oh you are a person that will shortly have much to lament!) Thou shalt come back to meby the means of unusual fpells: nor shall you return to yourself by all the power of t Marlian inchantments. I will prepare a stronger plilire: I will pour in that stronger philtre to you, disdainful as you are: and the heaven shall sublide below the sea, with the earth extended over it, sooner than you shall not burn with a love for me, in the same manner as this pitch burns in the footy flames. At these words

thic Suburra, a firect in Rome inhabited by thc lower class of people, and a noiorious nes for harlots.

Marsus was a son of the forcerer's Cir!!.




Sub hæc puer, jam non, ut ante, mollibus

Lenire verbas impias;
Sed dubius unde rumperet filentium,

Misit Thyeftras preces.
Venena * magnum fas nefasque, non valent

Convertere humanam vicem :
Diris agam vos : dira deteftatio
Nulla expiatur victima.

ubi perire jussus exspiravero, Nocturnus occurram furor; Petamque vultus, umbra, curvis unguibus ;

(Quæ vis Deorum eft Manium;) Et inquietis aflidens præcordiis,

Pavore somnos auferam.
Vos turba vicatim, hinc et hinc faxis petens,

Contundet obscænas anus.
Post, insepulta membra different lupi

Et Esquilinæ alites.
Neque hoc parentes, heu mihi fuperftites !

Effugerit spectaculum.

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* Verena magica fas nefasque non valent,

Non vertere humanas viecs, Benin,

tle boy no longer attempted, as before, to move impious hags, by foothing expressions; but doubt. ful in what manner he shou'd break silence, utter'd* Thyestean imprecations. Potions (says he) have a great efficacy in confounding right and wrong, but are not able to invert the condition and lot of human nature: I will persecute you with curses; and that execrating detestation is not to be expiated by any victim. Moreover, when doomed by you to death, I shall have expired, I will attend you as a nocturnal fury; and, a ghost, I will attack your faces with my hooked talons ; (for such is the power of these divinities, the Manest) and brooding upon your restless breasts, I will deprive you of repofe by terrible vifons. And then the mob, from village to village, assaulting you on every side with stones, shalì demolish all you filthy hags. Finally, the wolves and | Efquilian vultures shall scatter abroad your unburied limbs. Nor shall this spectacle escape the obser- ' vation of my parents, which, alas! must now livrvive me.


Thyestean, such execraticas as Ilgestes made use of to his brother Aircus. Vid. Sen. Trag.

+ Manes, th:c geriuses of the dead, who had a kind of divinity ascribed to ther.

# The Elquilice were the public burying places, and also where the criminals were exposed after execution, and compe. arendly ile resort of birds of prey.



Maledico nainitatur ultionem.


UID immerentes hofpites yexas, canis,

Ignavus adversum lupos ?
Quin huc inanes, si potes, vertis minas,

Et me remorsurum petis?
Nam, qualis aut Moloilus, aut fulvus Lacon, s

Amica vis pastoribus,
Agam per altas aure sublata nires,

Quæcunque præcedet fera.
Tu, cum timenda voce complesti nemus,

Projectum odoraris cibum.
Cave, cave: namque in nalos asperrimus

Parata tollo cornua;
Qualis Lycambæ spretus infido gener,

Aut acer hoitis Bupalo.
An, fi quis atro dente me petiverit, 15

Iaultus ut Aebo puer?



Against CASSIUS SEVERU S. Horace threatens to revenge bimself on him for

his maledictions.


HOU cur, that art a coward againk wolves,

why do you persecute innocent strangers ? why do you not, if you can, turn your empty yelpings hither, and attack me, who will bite again? for, like a mastiff, or tawny greyhound, that is a friendly assistant to shepherds, I will drive with erected ears thro' the deep snows every brute that shall go before me. As for you, whep you have fill'd the grove with your tremendous barking, you smell at the food that is thrown to you. have a care: for, very bitter against bad men, I' exert my horns ever ready for ascult ; like * him that was rejected as a son-in-law by the perfidious Lycambes, or the † fatiric enemy of Bupalus. What, if any cur attack me with malignant tooth, thall I only blubber like a boy that is incapable of revenging himself? VOL. I.



Have a care,

Lycambes broke his word with the poet Archilochus, with regard to his daughter Neobule; upon which Archilochus compoled po severe a satire against hiin, that both he and his daughter banged themselves in despair.

Bupalus, a celebrated painter, having ridiculed the person of ihe poet Hipponex, by a portraiture he made of him, the bard in return wrote a molt biller invidive agasajt hinio

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