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He takes occafion to infult her for her former haughtimefs, and tells her, that he is now grown old, and, in return for her former infolence, forfaken by all the young men.


HE wanton fparks lefs violently fhake your faften'd windows with their redoubled

raps, nor do they rob you of your reft: : and your door, which formerly moved much its yielding hinges, now fticks lovingly to its threshold. Lefs and lefs do you now hear this ferenade, "My Lydia, "do you fleep the live-long night, while I your "lover am dying?" Now you are an old woman, it will be your turn to bewail the infolence of rakes, when you are neglected in a lonely alley, while the Thracian wind rages at the Interluni* when that hot defire and luft, which is wont to render furious the dams of horses, shall rage about your ulcerous liver, not without complaint, that fprightly youth rejoice rather in the verdant ivy and growing myrtle, and dedicate faplefs leaves to Hebrus, the companion of



The intermediate space between new and full moon.




Se, omni cura folutum ac metu, Lamiæ laudes ad


Usis amicus, triftitiam et metus

M Tradam protervis in mare Creticum

Portare ventis; quis fub Arcto
Rex gelidæ metuatur oræ,
Quid Tiridatem terreat, unice
Securus. O quæ fontibus integris
Gaudes, apricos necte flores,
Necte meo Lamiæ coronam,
Pimplea dulcis*: nil fine te mei
Profunt honores. Hunc fidibus novis,

Hunc Lefbio facrare plectro
Teque, tuafque decet forores.

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Rixas inter convivia prorfus intempeftivas effe.
ATIS in ufum lætitiæ fcyphis


Pugnare Thracum eft. Tollite barbarum Morem; verecundunique Bacchum ‡ Sanguineis prohibete rixis.

Vino et lucernis Medus acinaces
Immane quantum difcrepat! impium

Lenite clamorem, fodales,

Et cubito remanete preffo.




Pimplei dulcis. Bent!. Cunn. † Poffunt. verecundumque Bacchum. Bentl. Verecundique Cunn.




That free from all care and anxiety, he celebrates the praifes of Lamia.


Friend to the Mufes, I will deliver up grief and fears to the wanton winds, to waft into the Cretan fea: being fingularly carelefs, what king of a frozen region is dreaded under the pole," or what may give apprehenfions to Tiridates. O fweet Mufe, who art delighted with pure fountains, weave together the funny flowers, weave a chaplet for my Lamia. Without thee my praises profit nothing. To render him immortal by new ftrains, to render him immortal by the Lesbian lyre becomes both you and your fifters.



That it is perfectly unfeafonable to wrangle over their liquor.

To quarrel in your cups, which were made for joyous purposes, is downright Thracian. Away with the barbarous custom, and protect modeft Bacchus from bloody frays. How immenfely difagreeable to wine and candles, is the fabre of the Medes! O my companions, reprefs your horrible vociferations, and reft quietly on bended elbow.


Vultis feveri me quoque fumere
Partem Falerni? dicat Opunti
Frater Megille, quo beatus

Vulnere, qua pereat fagitta.
Ceffat voluntas? non alia bibam

Mercede. Quæ te cunque domat Venus,
Non erubefcendis adurit

Ignibus; ingenuoque femper

Amore peccas. Quidquid habes, age,
Depone tutis auribus.-Ah mifer!
Quanta laboras in Charybdi,.


puer meliore flamma!

Quæ faga, quis te folvere Theffalis

Magus venenis, quis poterit Deus?
Vix illigatum te triformi
Pegafus expediet Chimera..






Inflituto nautam inter et Archyte umbram dialogo, Pythagoreorum hærefin infectatur, et fepulture curam commendat.

TE maris et terræ, numeroque carentis arena

Menforem cohibent, Archyta,

Pulveris exigui prope littus parva Matinum
Munera: nec quidquam tibi prodeft
Aerias tentaffe domos, animoque rotundum
Percurriffe polum, morituro.

Occidit et Pelopis genitor conviva Deorum,
Tithonufque remotus in auras,

Et Jovis arcanis Minos admiffus: habentque



o take r

Would you have me alfo my fhare of ftout Falernian? Let the brother of Opuntian Megilla then declare, with what wound he is happy, with what dart he is dying.-What, do you refufe?I will not drink upon any other condition. Whatever kind of paffion rules you, it fcorches you with flames you need not be afhamed of, and you always go a raking after an ingenuous love. Come on, whatever is your cafe, truft it to faithful ears. Ah, unhappy! in how great a Charybdis are you ftruggling, a youth worthy of a better flame? What witch what magician with his Theffalian incantations, what deity can free you? Pegafus himself will fearce deliver you, fo intangled, from this three-fold chimæra.

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Under the form of a dialogue between a failor and the gheft of Archytas, he ridicules the opinion of the Pythagoreans, and recommends the care of the burial of the dead.

THE "vant of tinian

avant of the fmall prefent of a little fand

near the Matinian fhore, confines thee, O Archytas, the furveyor of fea and earth, and the innumerable fand: nor is it of any advantage to you, a mere mortal, to have explored the celestial regions, and to have traverfed the round world in your comprehenfive imagination. Thus alfo did the father of Pelops, the guest of the Gods, die; and Tithonuslikewife was tranflated to the fkies, and Minos the admitted to the fecrets of Jupiter; and the Tartarean

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