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hopes and fears, the weakness and resist such assailants. Some evil
the strength of his nature. From they have done, and greater evil they
time to time some individual appears, will do ; but all evil brings with it
who, whether inspired or infatuated, its portion of good, and is permitted
resigns himself to the impulse, and only as it is ultimately subservient to
laying aside all human motives at his good. That spirit of enthusiasm by
outset, acts with a contempt of world, which Europe was converted to Chris-
ly maxims and wordly prudence, tianity, they have in some measure
which ensures him success in what revived, and they have removed from
the maxims and the prudence of the protestantism a part of its reproach.
world would have withheld him from The efforts which they are making
attempting. Such was St. Bernard; to disseminate the Gospel are un-
such were Francesco and Domingo,' doubtedly praiseworthy, and though
who saved the Romish church from not always wisely directed, not more
revolution in the 13th century; such, erroneously than was to be expected
in later ages, were Loyola and his from their inexperience in the ardu-
mightier contemporary Luther; and ous task which they have undertaken,
such, in times which may almost be and from the radical errours of their
called our own, were Wesley and system of belief.
Whitefield. These men are the Loy. The first of these missionary asso-
olas of protestantism. It is easy to re- ciations in point of time, and the only
vile, it is easier still to ridicule them. one which has become the subject of
The sanest mind will sometimes feel controversy, is that designated by the
indignation as well as sorrow at pe- name of the “ Particular Baptist So-
rusing their journals--but he must ciety* for propagating the Gospel
have little foresight who does not among the Heathen.” Its efforts at
perceive, that of all men of their ge- present are directed exclusively to-
neration they were the most efficient. wards India.
The statesmen and the warriours of This mission, which is represent-
the last reign are in the grave, and ed by its enemies as so dangerous to
their works have died also. They the British empire in India, and
moved the body only, and the motion thereby, according to a logick learnt
ceased with the impulse. Peace un- from Buonaparte, to England also,
did their work of war, and war again originated in a man, by name Wil-
unravelled their finest webs of peace. liam Carey, who, till the 24th year
But these fanaticks set the mind and of his age was a working shoemaker.
the soul in action. The stirring which Sectarianism has this main advantage
they excited continues to widen and over the established church, that its
increase, and to produce good and men of ability certainly find their staa
evil; and future generations will long tion, and none of its talents are ne-
continue to feel the effects.

glected or lost. Carey was a stuciIt cannot here be necessary to at

ous and pious man, his faith wrong, tend to the classification of sectarian. his feelings right. He made him. ism. The Wesleyans, the orthodox self completely versed in Latin, dissenters of every description, and Greek, and Hebrew, and was then the evangelical churchmen may all be ordained among the Calvinistick Bapcomprehended under the generick tists. For many years his heart was name of Methodists. The religion set upon the conversion of the heawhich they preach is not the religion then. This was the favourite topick of our fathers, and what they have altered they have made worse : but

* The Particular Baptists are Calvin

ists. The General Baptists are those of they proceed with zeal and perseverance; and the purest forms, when practice of baptizing adults by immer.

any other description, who agree in the they are forms only, are little able to sion.

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of his conversation, his prayers, and which in our own entitle him to rehis sermons; and from the earnest- spect and admiration. He had preachness with which he seemed to feel ed to the natives in Bengal, and prothe subject, and the remarkable ap- duced effect enough to convince him titude which he possessed in acqui- that much might be done there. ring languages, his friends were in- Here then was a way opened for the duced to think that he was peculiarly society. They engaged him as a misformed for some such undertaking. sionary: Carey consented to accomIn the year 1791, being at a meeting pany him with his whole family, and of his brother ministers at Clipstone. in 1793 they sailed in a Danish Indiain Northamptonshire, he proposed man. this question for discussion : “ Whe. Thomas, who was a'surgeon, inther it were not practicable, and our tended to support himself by his probounden duty to attempt somewhat fession. Carey's plan was to iake towards spreading the Gospel in the land and to cultivate it for his mainheathen world.” He was ther. re- tenance. After many difficulties they quested to publish an inquiry which accepted the superintendance of two he had written upon the subject; and indigo factories in the neighbourat a subsequent minister's meeting hood of Malda, and covenants were (as these convocations are called) this granted them by the British govern. society was formed, and a subscrip- ment. Fountain, another missionary, tion begun for carrying its object was sent to join them here, and he into effect. The money then raised and Carey, having acquired the comamounted only to 131. 28. 6d. but want mon language of the country, proof money in such cases, is a molehill ceeded with a translation of the Scripin the way of zeal.

tures into Bengalee, which Thomas Before any plan had been formed, had begun during his former resior any place fixed for their opera. dence in Bengal. In 1799, a reentions, they found that John Thomas, forcement of four brethren came out; a member of their own church, late- permission to settle in the British ly returned from Bengal, was endea- territory was refused them, and Cavouring to establish a fund in London rey and Fountain, therefore, found it for a mission to that country. This expedient to remove to Serampore, is the person who is called a madman where the Danish governour protectby Major Scott Waring, and said by ed and favoured them. Here they him to have died raving mad. That purchased a house, and organized gentleman has been misinformed themselves into a family society, reOnce during his life Thomas was solving that whatever was done by deranged for some weeks, and the any member should be for the benefit ardour and constitutional irritability of the mission. They opened a school of his mind evinced in him a tenden- in which the children of those nacy to madness, from which religion tives who chose to send them were might have contributed to preserve instructed gratuitously. The translahim, by giving that ardour a steady tion was by this time nearly compledirection towards one worthy object. ted. Ward, one of the last misThere are passages in his letters and sionaries, understood printing. They journals which may make a jester formed a printing office, and advertimerry, and a wise man sorrowful. sed for subscribers to a Bengalee Bi. They spring from the insanity of the ble. system, not of the individual. But Hitherto convert had been there are also abundant proofs of a made ; but now, when some of the zeal, a warmth of heart, a genius- missionaries could converse fluently which in the Romish church would in the language of the people, and have obtained altars for him, and portions of the Scripture and religi




ous tracts were provided for distribu- witness this first triumph of the faith. tion. Their preaching in the town Carey addressed the spectators in and neighbourhood soon produced Bengalee, declaring that he and his considerable effect. They entered fellows did not hold the river sacred: into controversy with the Brahmans, it was only water, and the person ridiculed their fables, and confuted about to be baptized, professed by their false philosophy; nor did the this act to put off all their deities, numerous bystanders discover any and all sin, and to put on Christ. displeasure at seeing these impostors The ceremony was impressive. The silenced and confounded. But when Danish governour could not restrain the first Hindoo, though in no higher his tears, and all the beholders seemnstation than that of a carpenter, was

ed to be struck with the solemnity truly converted, declared his inten- of the rite. “ Ye gods of stone and tion of receiving baptism, and by eat- clay," says one of the missionaries, ing with the missionaries publickly "did ye not tremble when in the name

“ broke his cast a great uproar arose,

of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and Kristno the convert, and his one of your votaries shook you as the whole family, were seized and drag- dust from his feet !" ged before the Danish magistrate. Three months after Kristno's bapThe senseless mob, when they had tism, Golak, his daughter, was seized carried them there, had no accusa- at some little distance from his house, tion to make against them; and the and carried off by two men, one of magistrate commended the new Chris- whom was the person to whom she tians for having chosen the better had been contracted in marriage. part, and dismissed them. They The father overtook them. He was were brought back again upon a beaten unmercifully, and she forced charge, that Kristno refused to deli- across the river to Calcutta, and beat. ver up his daughter to a man with en also. As they passed by a police whom she was contracted in marri. station she cried out. The master of üge. This charge was true. She had police called them before him. Gobeen espoused to him four


be. jak said she had heard of the love fore, being then ten years of age, and sufferings of Christ; these things and after the espousals had returned had laid hold of her mind ; she was to her father's house, there to reside become a Christian from choice, and till she was marriageable. The par. was not willing to go with this man. ties appeared before the Danish go- They were detained for further inquivernour, and the girl declared she ry, and the next day appeared again would become a Christian with her before the magistrate, together with father. The bridegroom was then Kristno. The man claimed her as asked, whether he would renounce his lawful wife, and the magistrate heathenism ; and on his replying no, said he could not separate them ; but the governour told him that he could would take care that she should pronot possibly deliver up a Christian fess what religion she chose. This woman to a heathen. The next day promise he did not perform, and the Kristno was publickly baptized, after father, after one visit to his child, was the manner of the Baptist church, not allowed to see her again. Appli. by immersion in the Ganges, and cation was made to the magistrate with him Felix Carey, the mission- that this might be permitted. No ary's eldest son. The governour and answer was vouch safed ; and when a number of Europeans, native Por- Kristno spoke to him upon the subtuguese, Hindoos and Moslem were ject, he past on without making the present, and one of the brethren, slightest reply. Kristno was exceed. ihen labouring under a mortal dis- ingly fond of this daughter, and no

, ease, was brought in a palankeen to circumstance could be conceived

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more distressing to one in his state opinion, that it is impossible to con. of mind. His little children were vert a Hindoo. Here is a whole famicrying about the house for their sister, ly converted, not nominally as many and he, in the sincerity and fervour of the Catholick converts have been, of his belief affirmed, that if she were but actually and thoroughly persuadead he could better bear that afflic- ded that it was their duty and etertion than that she should be dragged nal interest to renounce a senseless to the worship of idols. The bus. idolatry, and be baptized into the faith band must have been greatly attach- of Christ, which they understand as ed to this girl. She had already lost well as any person of their own rank cast, and he paid fifty rupees to the in England; better indeed than most, Brahmans as the first step towards because they have been more carerecovering it; but she absolutely re- fully instructed, and which faith fused to cohabit with him, saying, Kristno is at this time zealously and that living or dead she would be successfully preaching to his country. Christ's. Ill usage was tried to make her change her faith, without effect. One other instance occurred in The father, taking Carey with him, which the magistrate was called upon. obtained admittance to her, and Ca- The mother of a young convert narey had reason to believe his life med Ghorachund, came weeping, and was then in danger-He left the almost distracted to claim her son. house in time. Kristno was taken Ward, the missionary, told him to before the magistrate, when the fa- go aside and comfort her; and another of the husband deposed, with ther convert explained to her the reathat contempt of truth for which the son why he was there that he was Hindoos are so infamous, that he had happy, and learning the way to Heabrought three or four Europeans to She, however, was not to be take away his son's wife by force. reconciled. Ward then went to her, The magistrate, not believing this, and told her no force should be used refused to take his deposition ; but on either side: the youth should go told him, if Kristno went again to his or stay at his own will; and he askhouse, to beat him away. Twelve ed him which he would do. Ghoramonths wearied out the husband's chund replied, he would stay and be obstinacy, and after having often beat baptized, and then return to her ; the girl for not eating food which and they requested her to come and had been offered to idols, and for call- see him whenever she pleased. She, ing on the name of Jesus, he suffer- however, threatened to drown herself ed her to return, and she was bap- in the Ganges, and went immediately tized. His own mind, however, was to the Danish niagistrate, and to some impressed by the constancy which of the principal Bengalese. The lad he had witnessed, and after an in- was sent for. He affirmed that he beterval of nearly three years, he fol- came a Christian of his own free lowed her to her father's house, em- choice. The mother and her friends braced the faith which he had so were questioned what they intended violently opposed, and is at this time to do with him if they took him away. a Christian.

Put him in irons, they answered, and This case has been plainly and confine him in the house. This answer briefly stated, because the civil autho- determined the magistrate not to sufrity was appealed to on both sides; fer force to be used, and he told the and surely the English magistrate mother that her son must be left cannot be accused of not having suffi- wholly to his own choice. The next ciently favoured the established su- day, as Ghorachund was going to the perstitions. It is given also as one mission house, he was seized. He fact in confutation of the absurd cried out bitterly; a scuffle ensued;


the mob and the soldiers on guard deny that Ghorachund was right in assisted the idolaters, and he was his preference. If the governour forced into a boat. Two of the native general had been called on, could he brethren were taken before a magis. have acted otherwise than the Danish trate on the charge of having beaten magistrate did, to whom both parties a Brahman in the struggle. They with strict propriety appealed, bewere committed to prison, and re: cause the affair took place within his ceived some injury from the mob on jurisdiction ? Could any Christian their

way there. Meantime some of governour have consented and enactthe missionaries pursued the boat, ed, that a Christian convert might be came up with it, and rescued the forcibly carried off and put in conconvert, whom they brought back in finement,* for the avowed purpose triumph ; but the mother, when she of making him relapse into idolatry? saw him going back, struck her head “ The unfortunate mother,” says Maagainst the boat and was almost dis- jor Scott Waring, “came like Chrytracted. Application was immediately seis to Agamemnon, praying the remade to the Danish governour on be- lease of her dear child; but the half of the two prisoners, and they missionaries were as inexorable as were liberated.

the king of men. Had the woman Great stress is laid upon this story applied by petition to a provincial by Major Scott Waring, who says court of justice, she must have rethat a more disgraceful scene never

ceived instant redress." It is someoccurred in a civilized country.“ The thing worse than absurd thus to emcase," he adds, “ought instantly to ploy such terms as redress and rehave been submitted to the gover

lease! nour general in council. It was not During the administration of marfor the missionaries, nor for a Danish quis Wellesley, the missionaries magistrate to determine at what age were permitted to travel in the the authority of a parent over a child British territory; and Carey,t who is to cease.

It is difficult to discover is now probably a far more learned what there is disgraceful in the case ;

orientalist than any European has distressing it certainly was, as all

ever been before him, was

apeases must be in which a sense of pointed Professor of Bengalee and duty, real or imaginary, is opposed Sanscrit at the college of Fort Wilto the ties of natural affection; but, liam. But latterly, when the sucwhenever and wherever any struggle cess of their preaching had alarmed of opinion takes place, such cases must. occur. What would Major

Major Scott Waring says there are

no irons in any private house in Bengal, Scott Waring have ? A lad comes to and that the mention of them must there. the missionaries for instruction, who fore be a fabrication. But any person who is old enough to think and act for reads the accounts of this mission must be himself. It is the distinguishing te little able to appreciate human characnet of the Baptists to receive none

ter, and the value of human testimony, into their church as members till They relate in English what was said in

if he can suspect these men of falsehood. they have arrived at years of discre- the language of Bengal, and an Englishman tion. He attends their school; is con- would naturally use this familiar expres. vinced that the idolatry in which he sion, though it might not literally reprehas been brought up, is a system of

sent the Bengalee word. The restraint fraud and falsehood; is taught to be. being the same, it is of little import whelieve that it is damnable, and that his ther the instrument used was a chain or

a yoke. Who ever supposed that irons eternal bliss or misery depends upon were kept in private houses ? They are to his renouncing it, and embracing the be had when wanted in Bengal as well as doctrines of Christ. The boldest in- in England. fidel will not be impudent enough to † The author of the Sanscrit Grammar:

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