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in Elegant Method of obtaining very a garden reduced to a state of poverty,

exact and pleasing Representations of very unfriendly to vegetation. An invi. Plants.

gorating manure was necessary; but such

a stimulus could not easily be procured. TAKE the plant of which you


Considering upon the means, it occurred to obtain a representation, and lay it on that possibly some trivial advantage might some sheets of blossom or blotting paper, be derived from the oil and alkali, remainand having properly displayed the leaves

ing in the water after washing, commonly and flowers, so as to lie in the most ad.

called soap-suds. Pits were immediately vantaşeous manner, lay some more of the dug, and the contents of the washing same kind of paper upon it, and a large tubs, after they were done with, emptied book, or some other convenient weight into them. As washing succeeded washing upon it, in order to press it with a gentle other pits were dug and filled, so that a degree of pressure. In this state let it

whole garden, a small portion excepted, remain two or three days, then remove

was watered and enriched.

Upon the the upper paper, and see whether the plant be sufficiently firm or stiff to bear spot purposely neglected, vegetation, says

the writer, is still languid, while the reremoving. When this is the case, smear

sidue of the garden, invigorated by suds over every part of the plant with ink, only, annually exhibits a luxuriance almade by dissolving a quantity of Indian

most equal to any thing this fertile neighink in warm water; then carefully lay the smeared side on a piece of clean and this kind of manure, and even another kind

bourhood can produce. We have known strong white paper, and covering it with of domestick lie, applied with success to a piece of the blossom, or soft paper, the roots of the vine. press with the hand on every part, and But the mixture of an oil and an alkali rub it uniformly over. After remaining has been more generally known than some time longer, remove it from the adopted as a remedy against the insects paper, and a distinct and beautiful im.

which infect wall fruit trees. It will de. pression will remain, far exceeding, in

stroy the insects which have formed their softness of appearance, if well conducted,

nests and bred among the leaves. Used and justness of representation, even the

in the early part of the year it will premost elaborate and highly finished engra

vent insects from settling upon the leaves. ving. It is only to be lamented, that, in

It is also preferable to the lime water, this method of figuring plants, some of

or wood ashes and lime, because lime the minuter characters of the flower must unavoidably be expressed indistinctly. the air. The only difficulty is in the

loses its causticity by being exposed to These, however, as well as any other mi.

mode of applying it. Mr. Specchley, in nute parts, which may not have been im.' his treatise on the vine, directs it to be pressed with sufficient sharpness, may poured from a ladder out of a watering be added with a pencil and Indian ink. Sometimes a small press is made use of pot, over both trees and wall, beginning

at the top of the wall, and bringing it in this process; and various compositions

on, in courses, from top to bottom. The may also be used, as well as Indian ink:

Rev. Mr. Falconer thinks a considerable viz. a kind of fine printer's ink, composed extent of wall may be washed by means of lamp-black, with linseed oil, &c. The figures may occasionally be coloured af- time, as often as a supply of suds, &c.

of a common garden pump, in a short terwards, in the manner of engravings.

can be had; or a quantity of potash of Their great merit consists in so happily expressing what botanists term the habit, substituted. Washing the trees and the

commerce dissolved in water may be or true general aspect of the natural

wall twice a week for three or four weeks plants; a particular in which even the in the spring will suficiently secure the best and most elaborate engravings are

fruit from the injuries of insects. This found defective.

Your's, &c.

upon the whole, he thinks a valuable manure, as it can be easily obtained, at a

small expense and in large quantities ; An Experiment on Soapsuds as a Manure. and when its nature is understood, will

By Mr. G. Irwin, of Taunton, with re- probably be no less esteemed than horse marks by the rev. Thomas Falconer. dung. To the gardener as well as the far

A FEW years since, says this writer, mer, mixed with mould, it is also useful my attention was attracted by the soil of as a fertilizing compost.


Mr. Andrew Brown has obtained a patent improvement, to presses now in common for Improvements in the Construction of a use, by means of a fly-wheel and traddle, Press, for printing Books and other Ar- which give motion to the two barrels or ticles, part of which may be applied to cylinders, and distribute the ink over the Presses ini common use.

types, to feed them with ink either by the THESE improvements are on the motion of the hand or fly-wheel, or by press itself; on the use of barrels or cylin- other methods well known to every me. ders for feeding the types with ink; and chanick. in the loose frisket and manner of using it. The press is made of cast iron, as is

Frederick Bartholomew Folsch and William also the bed which must be accurately

Howard have obtained a patent for a cerfaced for the types to lie on. A follower

tain Machine, Instrument, or Pen, calgives pressure on the types, and is fixed to

culated to promote Facility in Writing : the screw. In using this press, the cast

and, also a certain Black Writing Ink iron bed slides out below the roller or cy

or Composition, the Durability whereof linder, which revolves round and feeds the

is not to be affected by Time, or change types with ink. It is covered with flannel,

of Climate. or any other elastick substance, and then is

THE pen is made of glass, enamel, or covered with parchment or vellum, or

other substance capable of admitting a other proper materials to prevent the ink

bore. The pointis small and finely polished; from soaking too far in, and likewise to give it a spring, and afterwards is covered enough to hold as much or more ink than

but the part above the point is large with superfine wollen cloth, for the pur

a common writing pen. The composition pose of receiving the ink to supply the types. There is a large barrel, or cylinder, black and fresh butter, which is smeared

is a mixture of equal parts of Frankfort and also a smaller one ; the former hav

over paper and rubbed off after a certain ing received the ink from the trough un

time. The paper thus smeared is to be derneath it, the latter rolls on the other,

pressed for some hours, taking care to and distributes or spreads out the ink on the face of it; or it may be necessary, with

have sheets of blotting paper between each the small barrel er cylinder, occasionally use, the paper is put between sheets of

of the sheets of black paper. When fit for to use a brush to distribute the ink, or lay the ink on the large barrel. The large is to be written on with common ink with

this blackened paper, and the upper sheet barrel feeds the other with ink, and that revolves and feeds the types by the mo

the glass or enamel pen. By this method tion of the spindle, which moves the bed. write, but also two or more made by means

not only the copy is obtained on which you Mr. B. is able to apply the barrels or cy; of the blackened paper. linders, which he reckons his principal


LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. Q COMMUNICATIONS for this head, from authors and booksellers, post paid, will be inserted free of expense. Literary advertisements will be printed upon the covers at the usual price.

Evangelists, Generally disposed after the By Hopkins and Earle, Philadelphia, Pulim manner of the Greek of William New. lished,

come, Arch-bishop of Armagh : with a Reflections upon the administration of map of Palestine, divided according to the Justice in Pennsylvania. By a citizen. twelve tribes; Explanatory notes and inPrice 37 1-2 cents.

dexes. By J. Nichols, Philadelphia, Republished, By Benjamin and Thomas Kite, PhiladelObservations on the Epidemical Disea

phia, Republished, ses of Minorca. By H. Cleghorn, M. D.

The Bible in quarto-Price $8 dollars. Professor of Anatomy in the University of Dublin. With Notes, intended to accom- By C. and A. Conrad and Co. Philadelphia, modate them to the present state of Me

Republished, dicine, and to the climates and diseases of

The Plays of William Shakspeare: with the U. States. By. B. Rush, M. D. Pro- the Corrections and Illustrations of vafessor of the Institutes and Practice of rious commentators to which are added Medicine in the university of Pennsylvania. Notes by Samuel Johnson and George By Kimber and Conrad, Philu: Republished, Stevens.' Revised and augmented-By

An English Harmony, of the Four Isaac Reed. With a classical Index 17

volumes Crown octavo.-Price 28 dollars Dier's Assistant, extracted from the phi. in boards—30 do in plain binding—45 do losophical and chymical works of those in extra calf gilt binding.

most eminent authors, Ferguson, Dufay, By Collins and Perkins, New York, Re

Hellot, Geoffry, Colbert, and that reputapublished,

ble French dier, Mons. De Julienne,

Translated from the French, with addi. A treaties on Febrile diseases. By A. Philips Wilson, M. D. F. R. S. Ed. Fellow tions and practical experiments. By James of the Royal College of Physicians, Ed.

Haigh, late silk and muslin dier, Leeds.

Also to republish-The Physician's By Williams and Whiting, New York, Re- Vade-Mecum : containing the symptoms, published,

causes, diagnosis, prognosis, and treat Thornton Abbey; a Series of Letters on

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terms. By Robert Hooper, M. D. licentiate Published-Price 37 1-2 cents. A dis

in physick of the University of Oxford, sertation on Christian Baptism and the

and the Royal College of Physicians of subjects therewith immediately connected, London ; Physician to the St. Mary-le&c. By David Porter, Pastor of a church

bone Infirmary, and lecturer on medicine of Christ in Catskill.

in London. This Philadelphia edition is By E. Sargeant, New York, Republished, improved by a translation of all the Latin

The Identity of Napoleon and Anti- prescriptions, and is enlarged by an alphaalırist completely demonstrated; or, a betical list of all the medicines now in use Commentary on the Chapters of the Scrip- with their names in both Latin and Enture which relates to Antichrist; where glish, and by other valuable addenda. all the passages are shown to apply to Na. Benjamin and Thomas Kite, Philadelphia, poleon, in the most striking manner, and To republish-Animal Biography, or where especially the prophetick number Anecdotes of the lives, manners, and eco666, is found in his name with perfect ex. nomy of the animal creation, arranged actness, in two different manners.

according to the system of Linnaeus. By Letters from a Late Eminent Prelate to the rev. W. Bingley, A. B. Fellow of the one of his friends.

Linnaean Society, and late of St. Peters By T. and J. Sworils, New York, Puch College, Cambridge. To be contained lished,

in three octavo volumes, at two dollars The New York Medical and Philosophi- each. cal Journal and Review, No. II.--for Au. Also to republish-A Voyage round the

World, in the years 1800, 1801, 1802,

1803, and 1804, in which the author vi. By Robert M Dermat, New York, Repub- sited the principal islands in the Pacifick

lished, The fifth volume of new Reports of Port Jackson and Norfolk Island. By John

ocean, and the English settlements of Cases argued and determined in the Turnbull. To be contained in one duo. court of Commen Pleas, and other courts, decimo vol. price one dollar. from Michaelmas Term. 45 Geo. 9, 1805,

John Hoff, Charleston, South Carolina, to Trinity Term, 47 Geo. 3, 1807, both

To publish-The Works of the Rev. inclusive. By J. B. Bosanquet, and C. Puller, Barristers at Law-price five dol- Independent or Congregational Church,

Daniel M’Çalla, D.D. late pastor of the lars,

at Wappetaw, in the parish of Christ

Church, South Carolina. Consisting of Hopkins and Earle, Philadelphia, propose

Sermons and Essays, moral and literary;

to which will be prefixed, some accouut To republish—The Principles of Mid

of the author's life and character, in a wifery; including the diseases of women and children. By John Burns, lecturer

sermon occasioned by his death. By the

rev. William Hollinshead, D. D. of Midwifery and member of the faculty of physicians and surgeons, Glasgow.

Samuel Armstrong, Charleston, S. C. With copious notes, by an American phy- various subjects divine and moral. Designed

To republish by subscription, Sermons on sician.

for the use of Christian families as well as Also, to republish-Young's Latin Dic

for the hours of devout retirement. By tionary. Also, to republish--Travelling Sketches

Isaac Watts, D. D. To which will be prein Russia and Sweden during the years

fixed, memoirs of the author. By an emi. 1805, 1806, 1807, 1808. By Robert Ker

nent hand. Porter.

John Kingston, Baltimore, James Humphreys, Philadelphia,

To publish by subscription, in an ele

gant pocket volume, price $ 1. 50.- The To republish by subscription-The New American Biographical Dictionary i

gust, 1809.


containing brief sketches of the lives and The Principles of Midwifery, including writings of about six hundred of the most the diseases of women and children. By eminent persons and remarkable charac- John Burns, lecturer of Midwifery, and ters in every age and nation.

member of the faculty of physicians and N.B. In the course of this work more surgeons, Glasgow. 8vo. ` 12s. attention will be paid to the American Archives of Universal Science. By Alex. worthies than any ever yet published.

ander Walker, Esq. vol. ii. James Oram, Trenton, New Jersey,

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Richard Steele, illustrated with literary

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odical publications. By John Pern Tin. Also to publish-The Journal of an

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and Limosen; made by permission of the E. Sargeant, New York,

French government in 1807, and 1808. To republish-The third American edi. tion of The Plays of William Shakspeare, North American Native Rangers.

By lieutenant colonel Pinkney, of the

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to 1800. By Drs. Hutton, Slaw, and Pear. Acid, and Nitrogen Gas, on the Animal son, 18 vols. 4to. Price 38l. 6s. 6d. boards, Economy. By R. Farmer. Price 2s.

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Observations on the Historical Work of the British Empire, and for rendering the the late right hon. C. J. Fox. By the right Vaccine Inoculation general and effectual, hon. G. Rose. With a Narrative of the

By James Bryce, F.R.S. E. 8vo. 9s. boards. Events which occurred in the enterprise An Essay on the earlier part of the of the earl of Argyle, in 1685. By sir Life of Swift. By the Rev. John Barret Patrick Hume. Price 11. 5s.

D. D. vice provost of Trinity college, DubReports of Cases, Argued and Ruled lin. Price 5s. at Nisi Prius, in the courts of king's bench

Memoirs of Robert Cary, earl of Mon. and common pleas, and on the home cir

mouth; written by himself, published cuit, in Trinity and Michaelmas terms,

from an original manuscript, in the cus. 48, 49 George III. 1808, with Indexes, tody of the earl of Cork and Ossory. To completing the first volume. By John

which is added, Fragmenta Ragalia, beCampbell, Esq. Vol. 1. part 3. Price ing a history of queen Elizabeth's favour. 7s. 6d.

ites. By sir Robert Naunton. Svo, price An abridgment of the Law of Nisi Prius.

10s. 6d. By William Selwyn, Esq. Part 3 and Memoirs of Frederick and Margaret last. Price 10s. 6d.

Klopstock. Translated from the German. Sermons preached before the universi

8vo. price 6s. ty of Oxford, in the year 1806, at the

The Chronicles of Hollinshed, comBampton lectures. By John Browne, M. A. late fellow of C. C. C. 8vo. price 9s.

prising the description and history of The History of the Church of Christ.

England, Scotland, and Ireland, with a By the Rev. Isaac Milner, D. D. Vol. iv.

general Index. 6 vol. royal 4to. price

121. 12s. part 2. 8vo. price 10s.

A Monody on the Death of sir John Moore. By M. G. Lewis. Recited at the

PROPOSED BRITISH PUBLICATIONS. late Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, by Mrs. The rev. Joseph Samuel C. F. Frey, miPowell. Prohibited on the third night by nister of the gospel to the Jews, will the lord chamberlain, and quoted by Mr. shortly publish a Narrative, containing an Tierney in the house of commons, on account of his descent, education, offices, Tuesday, May 9, 1809. Octavo, price &c. among the Jews, to his union with the Is. 6d.

London Society for promoting ChristianiA Series of Discourses on the Princi. ty among the Jews. Mr. Frey has also ples of Religious Belief, as connected with prepared an English Hebrew Grammar, human happiness and improvement. By

which will soon appear. the Rev. R. Morehead, A. M. of Baliol A Narrative of the Campaign of the college, Oxford, and junior minister of British Army in Spain, commanded by the Episcopal chapel, Cowgate, Edin- lieutenant general sir John Moore, by bis burgh. 8vo. price Os.

brother James Moore, Esq. from authenA Practical Treatise on brewing, dis- tick documents, is expected to appear tilling, and rectification, with the doctrine next month. It will be accompanied with of Fermentation : in which the London illustrative plates, and a head of sir John practice of brewing porter, ale, table Moore, engraved by Heath. beer, &c. is given ; with the genuine pro- The Rev. James Wilmot Ormsby, chacess of making good and wholesome rum, plain on the staff of the army, will shortly brandy, and Hollands gin, undistinguisha- publish, in two octavo volumes, an Acble from foreign ; the preparation of made. count of the Operations of the British wine, cider, vinegar, &c. By R. Shannon, Army in Spain and Portugal, and of the M. D. 4to. 21. 12s. 6d.

state and sentiments of the inhabitants The life of princess Louisa, a carmelite during the campaigns of 1808–9, in a senun, daughter of Louis XV, and aunt to ries of letters. Louis XVI, kings of France. Translated In a short time will be published from the French of Abbé Proyard. 2 vol Cromwelliana, or Anecdotes, from au12s.

thentick documents, illustrative of the Practical Observations on the Inocula. characters of Oliver Cromwell, Protector, tion of the Cow Pox; pointing out a new and his Family; with a view of the BatMode of obtaining and Perserving the In- tle of Worcester, from an original inte. fection ; ond also a certain test of Perfect resting picture ; also, representations of Vaccination, illustrated by Cases and Cromwell's standing and lying in state at Plates. The second Edition. With Somerset House, &c.—The above will be Appendix, containing additional Observas printed in one volume small folio: large tions, together with a Plan for extinguish- paper copies price 21. s. and small paper ing the Contagion of the Small Pox in 11. 11s, 6d.

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