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one of the comedy stars on the fraud Home-work schemes, appealing to order stage. The advertisement reads : needy widows and the infirm, are in

THE GREAT SECRET. How you can make favor with swindlers. A great many of your lover or sweetheart love you; they just these operating in New York City were must love you; they can't help themselves. This secret is based on scientific principles Lace Company advertised that $15 could

suppressed last spring. The Majestic Prof. A. H. Thole, McCook, Neb.

be earned weekly by working at odd The proposed secret is thus divulged: times at home. An order for $50 worth

$ Your letter of recent date at hand, and in

of medallions was sent, but the applicant reply will say that to win the woman you was required to remit $2 for a machine love you must constantly think with your which cost thirty-six cents.

The com.whole soul's intensity that you want her to

pany offered two cents a medallion ; it love you; in addition to that you must not drink. Keep clean and neat in your dress.

was, however, impossible to make over Be polite and attentive to her. Be generous, three an hour. The result was that, out for women hate stinginess in men, but dearly of 1,250 persons remitting the $2, only love generosity. Be brave, for women hate $150 was received by them as recomcowards and love bravery: Be firm; women hate triflers. Walk with your head and pense, the victims becoming tired of shoulders well thrown back; be dignified; their work soon after starting. be courteous, and every inch a gentleman. Twenty dollars per thousand for copyFlattery goes a long ways to win a woman, ing letters at home is another inducebut don't overdo it. Don't be bashful, as

ment. A dollar must be remitted for women hate bashfulness in men, but love bold men.

Yours for suckers, Prof. A. H. the outfit, which consists of a pen and Thole.

penholder worth five cents. Not until A few years ago an advertisement remitting is the person enlightened as to appeared in religious papers that the the letter, and then appears to be of writer, a minister, on his visit to the such a nature that no one would care to Holy Land, chanced upon some seeds copy it, or is much longer than repreof Jonah's gourd of Bible fame, and sented. Mushroom-growing has been secured a few to bring back with him. advertised in a similar manner. RemitThese few he desired to distribute among tances of $4 are required for spawn Bible students, and on receipt of a dollar costing about ten cents, and their culwould send one. Among the thousands tivation, pictured by the company as of orders was one from a well-known being very easy, is found a tedious Connecticut authoress. She wrote the task. seller that she had tried the seed, but Numerous advertisements appear in feared the severe climate was account- • all kinds of publications offering a preable for its failure to grow, and so she mium of a rifle, a solid gold brooch or sent another dollar, hoping she might be ring with genuine diamond, a gold watch successful with the second one.

It was

or sewing-machine for a few hours' sent her with the remark that, true to work” in selling a dozen boxes of pills the Bible description, it “ came up in a for twenty-five cents each. When the night and perished in a night,” and $3 from the sale of the pills is received probably escaped her observation. She

She by the company, it sends a letter saying was advised to watch this one closely. the person could not have read the adInvestigation developed that the story vertisement correctly, as it is necessary of the alleged minister was entirely false, to sell a hundred or more boxes to secure and that pumpkin seeds, boiled so as to the premium desired. The task disdeprive them of their germinating power, gusts the duped person, and the comwere sent. A scheme, the converse of pany, having received $3 for the goods, this, was to advertise “A Book for Gam- hears nothing further from him. blers, $1.00,” and send a Bible. One To a limited extent the Department individual claimed to send directions and can protect the public against fraudulent material for drawing a tooth without mining and oil companies, and has issued pain for fifty cents. Paper and pencil a number of orders against such conwere sent, with instructions to draw the cerns in the last year, But the extreme tooth on the paper,

difficulty of procuring sufficient evidence,

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and the fact that such evidence as can ring, will be sent. To complete the be obtained consists largely of opinions, deception, the signature of the party, mitigates against action.

obtained from letters purchased from A number of alleged brokers in Wall concerns conducting prize or premium Street who claim to finance corporations, contests, is inclosed. The so-called float bonds, etc., have been investigated prize or premium is a cheap article on by the Department and their fraudulent which the company makes a large profit. methods found to be the cleverest met Numerous articles have appeared in with.

the press relative to the Department's An old scheme has been to secure action against patent medicines. Most amounts of from $5 to $50 as “good of these have been greatly exaggerated faith " money for outfits to be used by and are without foundation in fact. agents employed, the agency being pic- Last winter a constantly increasing tendtured in rosy colors by the company. ency was noticed to cover the pages of The outfits and agency would be found newspapers and periodicals with offento be worthless, so that the work, if sive and obscene advertisements of albegun at all, would soon be abandoned. leged cures for lost manhood, vitality,

Another plan successfully operated by etc. It was a growing abuse, and the a number of New York concerns is to Department directed its attention to their send a letter expressly or impliedly suppression. It developed that these stating that the recipient is entitled to a were mostly quack medicines of the prize or premium by virtue of some con- worst type and that good administration test entered into by him, and that, upon demanded that fraud orders be issued. receipt of a dollar or so to cover boxing Of course each case has been treated and packing charges, the article won, separately. Eighteen orders have been which is stated to be a silver dessert issued in the last year in these cases set or fruit-dish, gold watch or diamond where fraud clearly appeared.

God's Gift, the Air

By Richard Burton
Now, is there anything that freer seems

Than air, the fresh, the vital, that a man
Draws in with breathings bountiful, nor dreams

Of any better bliss, because he can
Make over all his blood thereby, and feel

Once more his youth return, his muscles steel,
And Life grow buoyant, part of God's good plan!
Oh, how on plain and mountain, and by streams

That shine along their path ; o'er many a field
Proud with pied flowers, or where sunrise gleams

In spangled splendors, does the rich air yield
Its balsam; yea, how hunter, pioneer,

Lover and bard have felt that heaven was near
Because the air their spirit touched and healed !
And yet—God of the open -look and see

The millions of Thy creatures pent within
Close places that are foul for one clean breath

Thrilling with health and hope and purity;
Nature's vast antidote for stain and sin,

Life's sweetest medicine, 'this side of death !
How comes it that this largess of the sky

Thy children lack of, till they droop and die?

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By the Rt. Rev. James Heartt Van Buren, D.D.

Missionary Bishop of Porto Rico
HE population of Porto Rico is this end, so that the highest offices may

953,000, but there are probably be filled by their own people instead of

not more than two thousand by Americans, and thus remove any Americans on the island. Of these sources of irritation. What the citizens perhaps fifteen hundred are in or near of Porto Rico seem to want is more San Juan, the seat of government. election and less appointment. In other Others are scattered over the island in words, they want no office to which a the capacity of crop-growers, merchants, native Porto Rican may not aspire, and missionaries, teachers, physicians, law- I think that is right from the American yers, and Government officials.

standpoint. It must be galling to a I think I may say, without fear of sensitive people to see the principal contradiction, that no State or Territory offices held by strangers. On the other in the Union is more wisely, patiently, hand, the Porto Ricans show, by the and efficiently governed than the island quality of their officials in municipal of Porto Rico. I am glad to pay this life, where the offices are elective, that tribute to the men who are administering they have much yet to learn before it the United States Government there; would be safe to intrust them with entire for I have many warm friends among autonomy. Americans have few tricks them. I believe they are men of hon- of politics in which the Porto Ricans esty and integrity, representing a high cannot give them higher education. order of American citizenship. One They know all the tricks of the worst day a Republican party leader came type of ward politics; and I am told that to Mr. Garrison, the auditor of Porto Porto Rican business men are up to all Rico, and said: “Mr. Garrison, you do the things that are necessary for a man not seem to care whether a man is a in business to know in order to be sucFederal, a Republican, or what he is, cessful. However, my relations with whether he has a pull or whether he has them have led me to regard them as not, whether he is white or black; all honorable, straightforward, gentlemanly you want to know is whether his claim is business men, and I have had considerright, fair, and just. We are not accus- able to do with them, having bought real toined to that kind of dealing, but I estate, and having had builders and want you to understand that we ap- many workmen in my employ. preciate it."

There is a good deal of poverty in Some of the officers are appointed, Porto Rico. It is largely attributable to including the Governor and six American (1) the depression of the coffee industry, members of the Executive Council; the which throws many people out of emother five members of the Council, also ployment; (2) the absent Spanish landappointed, are native Porto Ricans. owner, who holds his property by means Governor Taft's idea about Canada and of an agent and spends his income in the Philippines—that is, to make the Spain; and (3) the general commercial Philippines a little Canada-seems to depression which has arisen partly from be exactly right; but in Porto Rico I the change of currency, and partly from think territorial conditions should lead the fact that American capital does not to real Statehood. It should become a seek Porto Rican investment. State ultimately, but along the lines of The coffee depression would be ended the merit system and civil service, if Americans should learn to like Porto whereby every official of proved integrity Rican coffee; and they would like it, too, and ability finds himself in the line of if they made it in the Porto Rican manpromotion. Our duty is to encourage

That is to say, give it what is the Porto Ricans to look forward to called the high roast, roasting it until it




is on the point of burning, then grind it As to the amount of property held in very fine and put it in a flannel bag in Porto Rico by Spaniards, a statement the mouth of the coffee-pot and pour was made in the San Juan “ News” last boiling water through it; thus obtaining winter to the effect that sixty per cent. of drip coffee, which is perfectly black, and everything in Porto Rico worth owning which is thinned with boiling milk or was owned by Spaniards. Every mer

This “high roast” burns out the chant on the island, with the exception deleterious properties, and the coffee is of a few American commission merthen an article of food rather than a chants, is a Spaniard, and he brings his stimulant, and may be taken three times clerks with him from Spain—he does not a day or oftener with impunity. Ameri- care to employ Porto Ricans. This, of cans owe it to Porto Rico to cultivate a course, closes one avenue of industry to taste for Porto Rican coffee. Not only the native. Furthermore, Spain exerted is it the best coffee in the world, as a repressive power amounting to tyranny President Roosevelt has said, but we in refusing to allow certain industries have partially closed the Spanish market, to be carried on, as, for instance, the which used to take a good deal of it. raising of grapes (for which the island While free trade exists between Porto is admirably adapted) and the fishing Rico and the rest of the United States, industry. The native Porto Ricans live yet the United States does not buy very on rice, codfish, and beans. While they much Porto Rican coffee. It has a los- do raise some rice, they import their ing fight in competition with the cheaper codfish and their beans from Cape Cod grades of coffee from Brazil.

and Gloucester. Yet, according to the Aside from coffee, the principal prod- report of the Fisheries Commission, the ucts of the island are tobacco and sugar. fishing industry might be carried on with Tobacco has had a hard time because great profit in Porto Rico. New indussome Americans have gone there and tries such as cotton-raising and the trading on the reputation of Porto Rican culture of pineapples, oranges, and other tobacco, have flooded the United States native fruits to send to the New York market with an inferior grade of cigars. market are being introduced, and there But there are fine cigars to be had in will be returns later. This should be Porto Rico—as' fine as can be found especially true of the lumber-mill indusanywhere and I think in time the try. Nearly all the lumber in Porto tobacco market will recover, I can buy Rico is imported and is very expensive. a very good cigar for $2.80 per hundred. For instance, for flooring I paid $80 per Of course they can be bought for a thousand; in America it would cost far lower sum, but I would not encoạr- about $17. The great obstacle to the age any one to smoke the cigars sold at lumber-mill industry is the bad roads, $1 per hundred. Porto Rican cigars which make it difficult to bring lumber brought into the United States must from the highlands to the seacoast. pay 30 cents per hundred as internal The Board of Public Works is doing revenue tax; but even with this tax everything it can in this direction, but it added, a very good cigar can be bought cannot do everything at once. for a low figure.

say here, however, that since the AmeriThe sugar industry ought to be en- can occupation more good roads have couraged, but of course it requires con- been built than were built in four hunsiderable capital to carry that on profit- dred years previous. The Spaniards ably. We ought also to be able to raise had one splendid highway, the famous cotton in Porto Rico in a paying way. military road, eighty-eight miles long, We have a good agricultural station, from San Juan to Ponce. That was established and maintained by the their one engineering feat of any imUnited States for the dissemination of portance. Though a remarkably well information and for experimental work; built road, it needs constant care; it and men in the cotton business there would be impossible for any road to say that the staple is fine and as good withstand the torrents without some 2c can be grown anywhere in the world. repair,

I may

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Our an

The island is self-supporting. It does were 25,000 children in the schools. Of not cost the United States anything. these schools, one-half were public and The internal revenue raised by taxation the other half were parochial or private on property and by direct taxation is schools. We have been in Porto Rico about two million dollars a year; of this six years; and the last report shows one million is spent for the running of 70,000 children in the public schools. the insular government, and the other To this number must be added the pumillion for roads, schools, and other pils of parochial, mission, and private public works.

schools, so that it is probably safe to say The island's great need is for more that to-day 100,000 children in Porto and better school accommodation. This Rico are receiving school instruction, as is not appreciated by the so-called higher against 25,000 six years ago. But, graticlass in Porto Rico. They are Spanish fying as this is, it is not a point at which in their sympathies, and their idea is, in we may rest satisfied, for the reason that regard to the lower classes, “What is there are 350,000 children of school age the use of educating these people out of without educational facilities. their station? If you do, they will not In our schools not only reading, writmake good servants, and they can nevering, and arithmetic are taught, but Engbe ladies and gentlemen. So you are lish also. Besides the primary schools turning out a set of loafers.”

we have agricultural, manual training, swer to that is to compare the conditions cooking, and industrial schools.

The of the country where ignorance prevails normal school is under the control of with the country where intelligence pre- American teachers of a very high order; vails. Now, in providing new school they are inspiring Porto Rican teachers buildings, American energy has not with American ideas, and teaching them always been wisely directed. Public the American language and literature. school buildings should be object-lessons Four hundred teachers spent some of architectural beauty, not extravagant months at Harvard and two hundred at or unnecessarily expensive, but at least Cornell last summer. Coming up on good to look at. Most of the American the steamer they sang one evening in public school buildings in Porto Rico English the words of the national hymns are blemishes on the face of nature. of many nations, although there was not They are as distasteful to the eye as any a book in the crowd. shoe factory two stories high, with fire- We need to develop the university escapes for stairs. The Normal School idea in the Normal School, but we need building is an especially cheap-looking far more to spread primary education affair. With a large open space and a throughout the land, and especially to splendid opportunity for a quadrangle increase the facilities in manual training. and fountain in the center and flowers In 1898, at the time of our occupation, to be had for the picking, the Americans four-fifths of the Porto Ricans were illitin charge have put up a great ugly struc- erate. There are still 250,000 children ture, the only hope of which is that vines of school age for whom no provision and foliage will ultimately succeed in has been made--altogether too large an hiding it. A specially glaring case amount of ignorance to add to the ignowhere an American architect has over- rance which we already possess on the looked his opportunities is in the town mainland. As a measure of self-protecof Caguas, one of the dirtiest, most God- tion, the American Government should forsaken places in the island ; and yet make an appropriation to increase the the school-house has three windows fac- amount of educational facilities over and ing this miserable town, whereas on the above what the island can supply out of other side, where there is a charming its own resources. Looking at the matview of beautiful country, there is not ter from the standpoint of self-preservaone window. Cultivated Porto Ricans tion, to say nothing of philanthropy, I note all these things, and shrug their am confident that this is just. A friend shoulders. en, in 18 the Ameri- of mine once said: “If the United States can troops landed in Porto Rico, there is a missionary society, then your point

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