The Metropolitan, Zväzok 37

Predný obal
James Cochrane, 1843

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Strana 69 - O strange indifference! — low and high Drowsed over common joys and cares: The earth was still — but knew not why; The world was listening — unawares; How calm a moment may precede One that shall thrill the world for ever!
Strana 162 - O, it is monstrous ! monstrous ! Methought the billows spoke, and told me of it ; The winds did sing it to me ; and the thunder, That deep and dreadful organ-pipe, pronounced The name of Prosper ; it did bass my trespass. Therefore my son i' the ooze is bedded ; and I'll seek him deeper than e'er plummet sounded, And with him there lie mudded.
Strana 298 - The web of our life is of mingled yarn, Good and ill together : pur virtues would be Proud, if our faults whipped them not ; and our Crimes would despair if they were not Cherished by our virtues.
Strana 299 - Like tidings to King Henry came Within as short a space, That Percy of Northumberland Was slain in Chevy-Chace. Now God be with him, said our king, Sith 'twill no better be, I trust I have within my realm Five hundred good as he.
Strana 448 - We have independent mobs, that have nothing to do with Wilkes, and who only take advantage of so favourable a season. The dearness of provisions incites, the hope of increase of wages allures, and drink puts them in motion. The coal-heavers began, and it is well it is not a hard frost, for they have stopped all coals coming to town.
Strana 333 - had something in it more charming than I have found in any other man. But this was only when familiar: before strangers or perhaps a single stranger, he preserved his dignity by a stiff silence.
Strana 61 - Manchester, engineer, for certain improvements in locomotive steam-engines and carriages to be used upon railways, in marine engines and vessels, and in the apparatus for propelling the same ; and also in stationary engines, and in apparatus to be connected therewith, for pumping water, raising bodies, and for blowing or exhausting air.
Strana 114 - He who has once stood beside the grave, to look back upon the companionship which has been for ever closed, feeling how impotent, there, are the wild love, and the keen sorrow, to give one instant's pleasure to the pulseless heart, or atone in the lowest measure to the departed spirit, for the hour of unkindness, will scarcely for the future incur that debt to the heart, which can only be discharged to the dust.
Strana 448 - Chronicle among the calamities at the end of a reign. The last mob, however, took an extraordinary turn ; for many thousand sailors came to petition the Parliament yesterday, but in the most respectful and peaceable manner ; desired only to have their grievances examined ; if reasonable, redressed ; if not reasonable, they would be satisfied. Being told that their flags and colours, with which they paraded, were illegal, they cast them away. Nor was this all : they declared for the King and Parliament,...
Strana 367 - I know not how I was worked up to it, or had courage to make the proposal, but I did so, that if she thought herself in danger, my services were at her command, and that she could come with me to England in the disguise of my maid, whom I could easily dispose of by sending her under some pretext to her friends at St. Germain. She thanked me, and smiled faintly, but said nothing would induce her to leave her family. She added, that she had refused other offers of the same sort. ' Besides,' and she...

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