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by its perfect transparency wheu melted : at tions.

the tenperature of boiling water beithet The following circumstavce, related on the bubbles nor clouds are discernible This tal authority of an vfücer of his Majesty's slip !ow, it is affirmed, inay lve kept without any Dædalus, occurred while that vessel was riscolouration or mucidity for two years. lying at Samana, St. Domingo:- Early in The candles made of it are extremely whilen the forenoon of the goth of November, 1908, their liglit is very pure, they emit little or no several sharks were seen swimming about the sinoke, they do not gutter or run, and require ship, in expectation of prey. A look and snutting less frequently than others. They baji were put overboard, which one of them are about five per cent. dearer than thosc ol immediately seized with the grentest voracity: 1 common manufacture. A rope being passed over its fins, it required About cighteen months ago, a detachment no less than twenty men to boist it on board. set out from the Cape of Good Hope, consistIn its maw was found a calf that had been ing ut Captain Donovan, of the 3.3d, a Surgeon, thrown overboard a few hours before. Its and some Hottentot soldiers ; but the object length from the snout to the extremity of of their inission was for a long time kept se. the tail was ten feet, and the circumference of cret. These travellers, after meeting many of the body proportionate. Three vtbers of those accidents which usually retard the proequal size were successively cangit; in the gress of a dangerous and difficult enterprize, last were found sixty two living young ones, a had beco traced as far as Leetiku, a very con turkey, and a live hawk's-bill turtle, two feet siderable village, which had been discovered six inches in length, and one foot uine inches some years ago, and which is fully described broad, which, immediately after its release, in Mr. Barrow's Travels to China. Since their swam ahout in a tub of water, apparently not departure from that village the fate of the misin the least injured by its continewent. sion was uukuown, and its success despaired

A remarkably large burning glass was re. ot, when the news of its arrival in the vicinity cently purchased at Vienna for the French of the Portuguese settlements on the Musun Government.

It was made at Grani, ili bique cvast arrived at the Cape. Those trim Styria, by Ruspini, a celebrated mechanist, fi vellers have not in the course of their procecafor some alchemists. It was not cast, buting of more than a thousand leagues, discoversoftened by heat, and bent over a nould. Sel canviral savayes, except the Dutch inhalia veral pieces were broken before it succeedel, dans of the frontier provinces of the cotronv. so that it cost originally from eight bundred Everywhere else they were received with kinda to twelve buudred guineas. It is three feet vess; they have found wild camels and camps three inches in diameter, amcight feet four lopards, and bave observed verv singular rit. incles focus; it is composed of two pieces of rangentuts in the entablishments of the nu glass united together by an iron hook, su as tives, their property, the furniture of ibeir to form a hollow ressel, capable of holding houses, and the systenu of slavery wbich existe eighty or pineiy quarts of spirit of wine. M. throughout the interior of Africa ; and try Jacquin, of Vicona, and several men of science, li will probably give the public, one day, the who wilnessed the experiments, declare that very curious details of their journey in a it burned a diamond in a few seconds, and country where no other European had ever fused platina in a few minutes. A ballon of penetrated. They were proceeding to che town platina, weighing twenty-nine grains, was of Slonitinique, where it was intended tu seud melted by it and made in part to boil. The a slip to firing their back to the Cape Capa diameter of the focus does not appear to ex tain Donovan is the son of a gentleman of conta ceed four lines. It weighis five hundred andsiderable fortune in Ireland. He is about fifly pounds avoirdupoise.

twenty-five years of age, is full six feet bigli, of M. Vauquelin, of Paris, has lately reported a robust constitution, and is an excellent to the Committee of Chemical Arts, on a ma. draftsman. nufacture of tallow for candles, professed to A vew way of curing opileptic tits bias buren be parified from all animal substances of an discovered in France. It cousists in causing injurious uature, to be free from all moisture, the person attacked with abis dreadful malay and not at all discoloured “ The tallow,” | to spend a sufficient number of days and nights says he, " which I carefully examiued, is in a cow-bouse, to inhale the biath of cows. semi-transpareut, perfectly dry and sonorous. Many patients have in this manner been reIt is indeed su very dry, that when a badle of covered during Itre course of last year, in seiron is passed over it, only slightly touching, veral departmevis of France. it gives an extremely lively sphoric ligtil, A rlergyman of the name of Hailstove, oecasioned, according to ail appearance, by was lately the substitute of a Mr. KAIN, 111 an electric motion; for when this tallow is

preaching a scrmon; and what reuders ihir recently melted, and the surrounding air is ex fact the more extraordinary, he preached fioin tremely dry, the nere passing of the band on the text,-co's Aud he gave them forstures for it is sufficient to produce sparks. The dryness rain." of this allow is still further denionslrutert



JAN. 15. About two o'clock this morning, | sistency in his conduct, and contradiction in his a column of fire was discovered bursting through discourse, which occasioned the landlord to sus. the roof the workshop of Messrs. lioltzaille and spect that he laboured wder a derangement of C. machine-mekers, in Long Acre, which com- intellect. On Thursday he was rery importunate municated to and soon consumed their house, and in his solicitations to a waiter and a boy who atthe adjoining lionse, Messrs. Fairburn and Co.'s, tended him, to procure a large sharp knite to leather-sellers. The Crown public-house (on the shave the leaves of a book which, he said, he had west side of Messrs. Holtz:filc's premises) nearly just bought, near the Garrick's Head. Upon inshared the same fate as the two other houses, tiie quiry, however, it was found that no person of liis greater part of which is destroyed. The most description had bought any book that day in the iniraculous escape ibat perhaps ever occurred, was neighbourhood. The knife was peremptorily rethe saving of Messrs. Hacchett and Co.'s pre- fused to be given liim, and be quitted the house; mises, and the circunstances attending it deserve observing that the people seemed to be extreinely to be recordedi. Mi. Farley, of Covent Gars:spicious of him, but that he would go and buy dra Theatr, was passing at the time the fire i, hiniselta kuite. "The landlord thought of giving broke out, and with great presence of inind went him in charge to a police offiers, but whilst one of imunediately to the Theatre for one of their en- his servants wantin quest of Donaldson, the congines, and with the two tiremen, assisted by stable, the deceased disappeared, and the witness three of the waicheen that are kepi constantly

hearil' no more about him until nine o'clock at in waiting, some arrived, and having placed it might, when a watchman toli liin of the melanwear it ppp in Messrs. Ilintchett and Co.'s pre- choly' eront which had taken place. By subse. mines, where it was supposed with water by the quent evidence it appeared that he went to a entgreat activity or Wri di Cracę, of Long Ame, ller's shop in Bessel-court, where he bought a who took an axe and want to his own premises | knife for the avowed purpose of sticking a pig hard by, and knocked down a water-trunk, and with it; he had it well sharpened, as he said be fixed olje enal into the month of the pump, and had a very large pig to kill. He then paid a shilthe other into the engine, by which means water ling for it, and upon getting it into his possession, was constantly supplied, though the tire was com- told the woman of ihe house that be intended to poletely around. Indeed, it would not be justice cut his own throat with it.-She said " I hope iu Mr. Cruce, if his exertions were not inen- you won't let the devil get such hold of you as tioned, for, by his example in attacking the most that.”—He answered, "It is no matter; things dangerous parts during the tire, he kept the nien have gone too far." -After a vain endeavour to fonstantly about him; bis intre picity and ex- coax him to let ber have the knife again, sbe as. putions not only caved the whole of Messrs. Hat- sured him that she would not for all the money in rhett's premises, which, if they had been de- England have sold him the knife if she had known prosed, misi inevitably have burnt Grtiord's the use he was going to make of it. He said that braubouse, and one side of Mercer's-street. was of no consequence, for if she had not sold it

Fob. 3. An Inouest wes this day held before another would. 'Hc looked wild, cut some capers Anthony Gell, Esq. Corover for lestminster, in the shop, and durted ott. He then went to the on the body of a young man, me unknown, Northumberland 1213, where he said be bad just olen lying lead at the Fouse of J. Norris, the come out of Lincolnshire, and had not slept a wink Norimberland Srnis, Great Russell-street, Co- for two nights, and required a bird directly. He vent Garden.

was furnished with a bed immediately; and in a From tlim ti stimony Mr. Thomas Harris, few ininutes after the servant had left him, the puster of the Gerrick's Head Tavern, in Bows suntit appeared, thout the deceasca la come to one of the house, avere ularned with His moans. his luse on the presediny Tuesday, in company the bed with his threat desperately con, the bed with ansiber perman who appeared to the witness and foor being almost covered with bloed. Hr.

!. le a stranges to the deceased, and whom the Cole, a surgeon, was bronght in: but the winda pitress ; pesen to be a lew. They had break- pipe was entirely severed, and all signs of life fast, and ii leresd puidior it. He continued were gone. leifpeared to be about twoniy-six at the Carrick's Head the greater part of Tues- years of age; held 105. 6id. in his pocket, and day, Wednesiay, ?u Thmasday, only going out ihere was also in one of liis pockets dont tuo si intervals to seetle tow, as he said, and also yards of rope, the size of bed-cord.-Verdict luto go to the Oratorio and the Play. The Jew was sanity. Diabove twice or three times in his company; A melancholy instance of ihr pflects of fright ti:e deceased vas alone the greater part of the occurred in Salisbury squale lately. A woman, tine, still, bonerer, continuing to live in the who appeared very much ogitated, sat down at the moştextamagant style, caring uncommonls hearty door of Sr. Jones; upon inquiry into the cause, and drinking very freely in all hours of the day of it was unudustood from ber, that hier daughter was the 2017 costis wines, but constantly paying for missing in the dreadinl tire look which place in pieriniving as he had it. Though liebe very Water-lane. Sie was invited into the house, but mechile demeanourofa gentleman, vet still there having resisted repeates solicitations, the door was was something in his dress which induced the shut. A short time after, one of the servants opeurd Jandlord to think that he moved in some of the in- the door, and discovered ibe unfortunate person ferior walks of lie; his court was a course brown dead on the steps. It afterwards proved that no franck, like that generally worn by stablezen. He accident had happened to the daughter. &torie time, however, spoke about his lasing re- Feb. 7. The dicunt Miss Elwes, daughter of

eetbluconneriere in the country, but at an- George Flues. Esm. eloped with a young gentlealiquise denied his laring a tricel in the world. men of Oxford, of ihe name of Duffield, who 118 UwMile wlule, there was a good deal or jucou- assisted in the plot by two othcro. dir. Elues in


perhaps, the richest ready-monied commoner in. lady of only tifteen years of age, whose father England. He is heir to the peculiar virtues of was incarcerated in the same walls, and by her be his economical father, and is estimated to be worth | has left five interesting childien. Of his behavinear a million of Avating disposable cash, and our to this amiable companion in bis adversities, she is his only child. She is under age, but was the ancient inaxinn,“ de mortuis nil nisi bonum, uot made a ward of Chancery. The plan devised silences the pen. Mr. Bowes, however, with by the three gentlemen was well concerted. One much persnasion, by the few friends left him, hus of them, under pretence of paying his addresses settled one hundred a year upon her for life; and to a lady on a visit to Mrs. Elwes, contrived to be he has made a small provision for the children received into the fainily in the character of her out of his estates, which, although enenbered lover, where he was treated with the utmost re- with mortgages, are of very cousiderable value. spect; and this gave him opportunities of arrang- | His only legitinate son, by Lady Strathmore, viz. ing the matter for his friend Mr. Duffield. In William Johnstone Bowes, who was a Lieutenant Wednesday moruing he prevailed on Mrs. Elwes in the navy, is supposed to have perished with to accompany his own intended wife a shopping ; Sir Thomas Trowbridge, on board ibe Blenbeim, and in their absence, he handed with the utmost in the East Indies.-In Charles-street, St. James's opeaness, Miss Elwes to the door, near which a square, Johu Hoppner, Esq. R. A. whose excel. chaise and four was drawn up. He met Mr. Elwes lence as a painter is attested by his numerous and in the hall, who asked them where they were go- valuable productions. The inerits of Hoppner iug; she was without a hat or bonnet, and said were not confined to his profession; he was a man she was only going to her mamma, who was wait- of general taleuts, with great natural strength of ing for her. The geutleman proceeded with her, I understanding, and many of the attainments of placed her in the chaise, by the side of her gallant, | cultivation. In literature his taste was good, and and returned to the house with the utmost uncon- he has often exercised his pen, both in poetry and cern. Mr. Elwes had inquired in the mean time, how long Mrs. Elwes had been out, and seeing

prose, with conspicuous ability. He touched the

piano-forte, and sung with great feeling, and her couductor return, inquired where his daugh- was well skilled in the principles of music.mn ter was. He with perfect sangfroid, told him he Argyle-street, Caleb Whitefoord, Esq. He was had delivered her to the man destined to make her well known in the first polite and literary circles, happy; and that she was off to Gretna Green, and possessed great talents and information. Mr. where he advised him to follow, and assist in the Whitefoord was the author of many works of apceremony. The distress of Mr. Elwes, and still proved merit, though he never put his name to more of Mrs. El wes, on her return, may be con. any of his productions. He struck out a new ceived. They both' set off in a post-chaise and species of humour, which was known by the name four, on the north road; but proceeded no farther of “ Cross Readings,” and wben he first conthan St. Alban's, where not having, heard the municated it to the public, he gave the apt signa. least account of their route, they resolved to re- ture of “ Papyrius Curso." Upon the whole he

was a man of distinguished talents, a zealous MARRIED.-At Mary-le-bone, Captain Spicer friend to his country, a loyal subject, and a rery of the ad regiinent of Life Guards, to Miss Pres- respectable member of society. His friend Goldcot, sister of Sir George Prescot, Bart.-John smítla winds up bis character in “ Retaliation,'? Blenkarne, Esq. of Cheshunt, to Miss Colclough, with the following appropriate lines :of Beaconfield Notts, niece to General Wynyard. At St. George's, Hanover-sqnare, James Marsh

Merry Whitefoord, farewell! for thy sake I admit, Weldon, Esq. of Kentish Town, to Miss Oliphant

That a Scot may have humour, I had almost said

wit: only daughter of Lancelot Oliphant, Esq. late of Stonfield Lodge, Cumberland. --At Camberwell,

This debt to thy memory I cannot refuse, Edward Buller, Esq. of Southampton, to Anna

Thou best natür'd man, with the worst humour'd

Muse. Maria Frances, eldest daughter of Stephen Catt

John Lynch, Esg. Barrister of the Middle Bied.-In the London-road, St. George's Temple, aged 33. He was the author of several Fields, Andrew Robinson Bowes, Esq. This useful and ingenious publications, and though geatleman's name was originally Stoney, but he many have been so well received by the public as assumed the name of Bowes, on his inarriage with to call for repeated editions, he would never wilthe late Countess of Strathmore. He was a very

lingly avow himself their author, even to his most singular character, and of an Irish family of re- intimate friends.-In John-street, Bedford-row, spectability. The last twenty-two years of his John Roberts, Esq. many years one of the Direc? life, were spent in the King's Beuch, or within tors of the East India Company, aged 71.- At the rules of that prison. He commenced life with Camden Town, Mrs. Byam, wife of Edward a fashionable extravagance, that laid the founda- Byam, Esq. President of his Majesty's Council, tion for all the disappointinent be afterwards met Antigua.--In Hanover-street, Hanover-square, with. He was first known in public by bis duel, | Lorengo, youngest son of Lorengo Stable, Es4.or rather pretended duel, with the Rev. Mr. Bate At Blackheath, aged 75, James Moore, Esq.-In Dudley, in consequence of this gentleman speak- | Horusey-lane, in her 75th year, Mrs. Penton, reing too lightly in his newspaper of the character I lict of George Penton, Esq.-In Islington-road, of the late Countess of Strathmore, to whom Mr. in her 84th year, Mrs. Shell.-In Baker-street, B. (till then Mr. Stoney) was afterwards married, I North, Mrs. Hankin, relict of George Haukin, and from whom he separated in the course of a Esq. of Hanstead, Herts.-At Hackney, in his few years. Mr. Bowes represented Newcastle in 85th year, David Powell, Esq.-In bis 68th year, Parliament, and the trick he played his adversary, || Mr. Gilbert Pidcock, proprietor of the Menageries, by getting his voters on board a ship, and brib| Exeter Change.--In Tenterden-street, the Hon. ing the Captain to run into Ostend" (as if by ad. C. L. Dundas, second son of Lord Dundas, and Ferse wind), will never be forgotten. Mr. Bowes M.P. for Richmond, Yorkshire-At Twickenham, was of an untractable and irascible temper, but the Dowager Viscountess Dudley and Ward.-At perfectly well bred, and abounded in elegant her house in Lower Grosvenor-street, the Right anecdote. In the early part of his imprisonment, Hon. Lady Catharine Stanhope, at the advanced he formed an intimacy with an agreeable young age of 85. No II Vold, N 9.


ley, Esq.






Dien.--At Gatehouse of Fleet, Alexander Mr. Holt of Greenham, when digging in his Birkwhistle, Fsq. aged 6). This gentleman built garden, lately found, about a foot and a half be the cotton mill ai Gatehouse, when that place did low the suriace, a curionsly wrought earthen pot not contain more than thirty houses. Owing to containing a large quantity of ancient coins, soine the employment given to workmen it has increas. of as early a date as Henry ll. and many supposed | ed, in the course of twenty years, to upwards of to be much older. They are deposited in Dr. three hundred houses. It Holin Rook, near Lamb's Museum at Reading.

Whitehaven, Mrs Lurwidge, wife of Admiral DIED.-- At Gay's House, Maidenhead, aged | Lutwidge:--At Brampton, aged 87, Mr. John 97, Lady Antonia Leslie, mother of Lord Lin Halliburton.-- It Bank house, in Kinnyside, Mrs. dores.At Willow House, Hurst, Mrs. Round, Elizabeth Boadle, aged 92.-10 Workingtou, daughter of the late Rev. Mr. Skelton, rector of Mrs. Grisdale, aged 87:--In his 83d year, Mr. Wartield.

John Hayton.It Whitehaven, Mrs. Dorothy CAMBRIDGE.

Thompson, aged 85.-At Penrith, aged 87, Mr. Mr. Spencer Smith, late Minister Plenipoten- Robert Langley-At Dalston, Mrs. Mary Richtiary at the Ottoman Porte, and brother of Sirardson, aged 03.- 11 Woodside, uear Wigton, in Sidney, has presented the University of Cam her esth year, Mrs. Wood. bridge with two valuable Greek marbles, the

DEVONSHIRE. hody of an Amphora, about three feet in length, MARRIED.--Mr. T. Tucker, of Morton. from the shores of Propuntis; and a votive tablet, hampstend, to Mrs. Britton, second daughter of or Cippus, froin Cyricus. The first exhibits á Andrew Kinsman, Esq-40 Modbury, Lient. bis relief in a very high style of ancient sculp- il D'Arev, of the 13th Light Dragoons, to Viss ture ; which is remarkable for the Pileus, or Mary Bartlett, daughter of N. Adanıs Bartlett, Athenian hat, still worn by Patriarchs of the Esg. of Lodbrooke. Greek church; and of which only one other re DIED.-At Weston House, near Sidmouth, presentation is preserved in ancient sculpture. aged 25, John Stuckley, Esq. He was a gentle.

DIED.--At Vratting Park, aged 85, General man of superior understanding, ability, and inHall, Colonel of the Old Butts, a brother of the tegrity. He has left the bulk of his fortune, Jate John Hall Stevenson, Esq. of Skelton Castle, above six thousand pounds per annum, to his Yorkshire, and grand nephew of the first Lord relative, B. Bartlett, Esq. of the General PostLowther, Viscount Lonsdale. He was one of the Office, nephew to Mr.' Palmer, of Bath, to oldest officers in his Majesty's service, and Aid whom the publie are so much indebted for the du Camp to the Marquis of Grauby at the battle great improvements in that department. Mr. of Minden,

Sturkley has likewise left three thousand pounds CHESHIRE.

per onuum to another relative, Vincent Stuchley, Married.- 11 Prestbury, Thomas Tipping, Esq. of the Treasury.- 10 Exeter, John Gould, Exq. of Fulshaw Hall, to Anna, eldest daughter Esq. of Derbyshire-Aged 81, Mrs. Mary News of Robert. Hilbert, Esq. of Birties.

bery.-At Sidmouth, Joho Latouche, one of the Dien.-- At Chester, in his 34th year, Gabriel firm of Messrs. Latouche's bank in Dublin, and Smith, Esq. an Alderman of that city.-At Nant father of the two Members of Parliament of this wich, aged 100, Mr. Spencer. -41 Congleton, nanie.-.1t Exmouth, in her 94th year, Mrs the Kers. Wilson, Vicar of Biddulph, and hend Mary Willis, late of Bath ; a widow lady of exmaster of the free grammar school, Congleton. ernpinry benevolence, liberality, and picty. She CORNWALL,

survived but a few weeks her only daughter, MARRIED.-At Crowan, Captain Handeork, Mrs. Mary Cure, also a widow. to Miss Fowl.-It Helston, Samuel John, Esq.

DURHAM. of Penzanec, iu Mary Millett, eldest danghter of During the last frost at Sunderland, some diss Thomas Grille, Esq.

ciples of adult baptirm, and total iminersion, hava Dien. At leleton, Caroline, daughter of the ling to go through the cereinony, on aj.proaching late Hender Mounsteven, Esq --- At Marazion, the water, did not altogether like its appraiance, Jane, daughter of the late William Cornish, ! it being covered with ice; upon a little consule Esq-At Poughill, the Rev. Digory Jose, Vienr tation the objection was soon obviated, by obof that place, an eccentric character, but sincerely tuining an indulgence from their pastor (of pese devout man, aged 78. CUMBERLAND.

haps recollecting the liberty taken by the pilgrin

to Loretto, in boiling the peas in his shoes) to MARRIED.-.At Corney, Mr. J. Jackson, of i thaw the ice with a quantity of comfortably warm Park Nook, to Miss M. Benn, of Middleton-place, water. This is whai Dean Swift called " duckdaughter of the late J. Benn, Esq. --At Dlaryport, ing and diving for salvation." Captain Buttermere, of the Lavinia, to’ Niss MARRIED.-At Sunderland, Marmaduke Jane Dempsey-There was a marringe solemn Featherstonehaugh, Esq. to Miss Hill, sister of nized on the 27th November, in the parish church | Sir C. Hill, Fsq comproller of the customs of of Crosthwailte near Keswick, ai which were that port.- Warren Lamh, Esq. of Newcastle, to present; two brothers, two sisters, and two Miss Hunter, danghter of the late Robert llunter, cousins; threr husbands and three wives; four Isy. of Medomesly, in this county: fathers and four mothers ; four sons and four DED.-At Durham, William Benjamin Shute, daughters ; two uncles and two aunts; two the infant son of William Thompson, Esq.-At pephews and two nieces ; and yet the party con Sunderland, Mrs. Orwin, wife of Captain Ortiin. sisted of no more than six persuis.

At Darlington, aged 84, Mrs. Stamper.

It ap:


for the excellent purpose of affording gratuitons Some time since, a dog having symptoms of education to 50 children, or relations of such freehydrophobia, was pursued, and pussing in the men as may be unable to pay fortheir instruction. street, at Coggeshall, in this county, was observ- Dir.d.- At lereford, the Rev. W.II. Barry, ed to bite a bread barrow, which was standing at Vicar of All Saints.-At Whitchurch, uear Runs, the door of a baker in that town. The barrow Colonel Anderson. was actually chained up in the yard for six weeks

KENT. to prevent its being used, and a carpenter was Jan. 12.--This morning, a fire broke out in sput for to cut out that part which was scized by the City of London Inn, in Dover. the dog.

pears it was occasioned by a foreigner, who, it MARRIED.-It Walthain Abbey, Mr. N. is said, went to bed intoxicated, seuing fire to the Davis, Attorney of London, to Cuibarive, daugh- bed in which he slept, having left a candle in a ter of Tbomas Wallis, Esq.-.It Writtle, Sarouel chair by the bed-side. The flames communicated Simpson, Esq. of Isleworth, Middlesex, to Mary, to another bed in the same room, and soon spreud dau'rhter of the late Nr. Parnell, of Grays. to every part of the house. Most of the rooms

Did - At Colchester, aged 80), Mr. Martin being wainscoated, in the short space of iwo Riddel!sdell. He was attending divine service in hours and a half the whole was consumed, leava Holy Trinity church, apparently in good healih; ling only the bare walls standing. So rapid was but fell suddenly into the arms of the persons in the progress of the flames, that not a single tue pew with him, and expired without a struggle. article of furniture could be savedl, and it wils -Vry, Craven wife of Benjamin Craven, Esq. with difficulty that the landlord, who was awoku and daughter of the late William Kersteman Esq. by the person who was ile cause of this dreadful

- It koxwell, aged 78, Mrs. Birch, wite of the disaster, with the various inmutes (one alone exRiv. Richard Birch.-.At Sible Hedinghain, Mrs. cepted) could escape, with their night clothes Maria Sedgwich, relict of Thomas Sedgwick, only upon thein. At the back of the inn was the Esq. of Hackney?

range of stables full of lay, straw, dc. and adGLOUCESTERSHIRE.

joining a large tallow-house, and nothing but The improvements recently begun at Chelten- the most unwuried exertious prevented the coinbain are proceeding with great spirit. The foun- munication of the flames to these buildings; bad tions of the eight houses required to complete the they taken fire, the consequences, from the conCrescent, are now laying, and the new road froin fined situation of the neighbourhood, would have thence to the Colonade is begun. The proprietors been truly dreudrul. Must fortunately, at the of the Crescent, have purchased the meadow- moment, the water was up in the harbour, und ground in front, which is to be enclosed with iron the wind moderate, and a number of engines bepalisades and 'planted. These embellishments | ing procured, were worked by the inhabitants, asand additions, will render that elegant pile of sisted by the military, who proved themselves building one of the first ornaments of the town. of the greatest service in extinguishing the The New Public Asseinbly Rooms are in great | tlames, and in preserving order. 'I he houses in forwardness. Some adjoining houses have been

front of the inn (the street being very narrow) taken down to make room for the enlarged plan were much scorched, and the adjoining, bouse of these buildings, which, when completed, will of Mr. Philpott,, partially damaged. Several be unrivalled for elegance, couvenience, and ex- other persons in the vicinity also sutiered in their

windows and furniture, which they were in DIED.--. It Berkeley, Edward, eldest son of haste to remove. The premises were insured in Dr. Jenner, aged 21.- 1 Stroud, aged 95, Mrs. in the Plianix Fire Office for £1500, not more, Grazebrook'; and a few days afterwards her hus- however, than a quarter of the loss which band, B. Grazebrook, Esq. banker, aged 30.- At the proprieter, Mr. William Crow, will susGloucester, James Sadler, Esq.one of the Alder- tuin; the furniture, the property of the landa men of the Corporation, and who had twice sery- lord, Mr. G. Gimber, who had lately taken the ed the office of Mayor.-- At Overbury, James inn, was uninsured, and is valned at £500). The Iartin, Esq. many years the upright and in- stock of wine and spimts, it is said, was nearly all dependent representative in Parliament for preserved ; but the principal sutierer on this Tewkesbury. He was born on the same day as dreadtal occasion was Mr. James Robinson, a our venerable Sovereign.-At Tewkesbury, aged

cork-cutter of Canterbury. Having gone to lui, Mrs. Cole.

Dover on business, which he was in ihe habit of HAMPSHIRE.

duing at stated periods, he had for the tirst and MARRIED.-It Ringwood, N. Combe Comp- last time, fixed his lodginys at the above inn, and ton, Esq. of Manor House, to Charlotte, second on this fatal night, alter supping with the sunddaughter of William Hills, Esq. M. P.--Williain lord, with whom he had a previous acquaintance, Dyke, Esq. of Vernham, to Miss Elizabeth Steel, he retired to rest in a lower room. In the conof Ashmondsworth.--At' Cheriton, the Rev. John fusion incident to the event, it would seem be Courtney, to Miss Ferrers, only daughter of the was forgotten, und all recollection of him buried, Rev. Ellmond Ferrere.

till on the Sunday his wife becoming alarmed at Died.- It Southampton, Mrs. Alloutt, wife is not returning from his journey, as was exof John Allnutt, Esq. of Clapham Commons- pected on Friday morning, sent il messenger to Mrs. Jolliffe, wife of William Jolliffi, Esq; Dover to make inquiry respecting hiin, when seuior, bailiti-At Winchester, Mrs. Hall, aged after digging in the ruins for severaj hours, about 94. -Vr. Downes, solicitor.–At Portsmouth, four on that day, bis body was fouod yet smoking Captain Marmaduke Bailey, of the Wanderer of and dreadfully mangled. The person who was Hlull, in the Jamaica trade. While adjusting the cause of this disaster, representing himself the jih-halliards of his boat, at the mast-head, he to be a Russian gentleman, turns out to be was washed away by a heavy sea and vever seen a Frenchman, in the character of supercargo to afterwards.- Iged 84, Lieutenant Richardson, a brig called the Elizabeth Alexevina, under formerly in the 1st Veieran Battalion.

Russian colours, and which has been detained HEREFORDSHIRE.

there for a considerable time. He was a good A new school is forming at Hereford, under deal burnt, but had no bones broken. The Ma. the innediate patronage of the Duke of Norfolk, gistrates have siace cupimitted him to prison.


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