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I have done the job! I have taken good care that her profligate courses, and it is to be feared, that the landwann I took should do the business," mortification and violence of passion, concurring

The witness was instantly alarmed, knowing with intemperance, upon a mind wholly vacant that the deceased had ordered her to get some and unimpressed with moral and religious priuci. Lantas aplin for her before then. She ran up stairs ples, induced her to shorten her course and terin the uriuost consternasion, and saw one small minate her career of profiigacy by poison. battle full of laudanum, and two others empty. It is, however, but charitable to conclude, that which evidently had contained the same sort of her mind was disordered. Her person was extremepoisonous liquid. Medical assistance was sent ly beautiful; ber age seventeen; her figure light for immediately, three professional gentlemen at- and delicate, and hier manners truly prepossess. tended, but they could attord ber no relief. The ing; she sang, and understood music well, and witness endeavoured to get some explanation from | possessed many of the customary accomplishments ber as to what induced her to commit such an act of females; but of real solid education, of inental of desperation, but in vain---she looked wild, and improvement, of moral and Christian knowledge, continued raving for some time, said she kuew slie had not the faintest vestige---never was sa voge tłnt she had done wrong, and in disjointed sen- in this respect more unenlightened. tenee sand broken accents raved something about This statement is made, from personal knowber loving a yonng man.

ledge, in justice to those who survive her. The Jury, without a moment's hesitation, re- With respect to her death, the circumstances turned their verdict--- INSANITY.

are truly dreadful. This young lady was the daughter of Monsieur On Thursday, Jan. 18, Mr Lyon Levi, a dia. Paris, a French emigrant of rank, who, together mond merchant, of about fifty years of age, precipiwith his wife and chuld, was protected by the be- tated himself from the top of the Monument, and pevolence and liberality of Mr. Pearce, Member was literally dashed to pieces. Mr. Levi attend. for Northallerton. Her father has been dead ed to several appointments in the city alsout ele. sone years: her mother died lately.

ven o'clock, aiid transacted uis usual business; Miss Paris was placed by this gentleman in a and at twelve obtained admission to view the respectable school near Brunswick-square, and Monument. He walked several times roud the one evening at the Founding formed an ac- ! outside of the iron railing before be sprung oli, quaintance with a gentleman of the name of and in falling, the body turned over and over lieJones, a very, respectable young man, serving in fore it reached the ground. When near the botthe Navy. Having found out liis lodgings, with- tom it came in contract with one of the griffins out invitation on bis part, she cloped to him in which ornamented the lower part of the building. the dead of night.--- He received her, but respect. A porter, with a loud on his back, narrowly escaping her situation, and with a tenderness which is led the body of the deceased, which fell a few creditable to hiin, restored her to her governess. paces from him in Monumeut-yard. Mr. Levi Shortly afterwards he visited in the family, made has left a wife and eight grown-up children. proposals of marriage; was accepted by Mr. The only evidence before the Coroner was,

that Parve, and, in his presence, and by his corsent the deceased bad paid for admission into the as her guardian, he was married to Miss Paris. Monuinent, observing to the keeper, that some Some tritting settlement, rot exceeding £60 per ladies were shortly to join him, upon which the annum, was made by Mr. Pearce upon received

young man said, “Sir, had not you better wait until lady, and we believe that Mr.

the ladies come " The deceased, however, proscarcely any pecuniary advantage by the marriage. || ceeded onwards directly; and on reaching the He was in ihe Navy, and the sou of a wealthy and gallery, precipitated himself over the railing, and respectable tradesman, we believe an army talling on his head, expired without a groan. He clothier. He took his wife to his father's house, was one of the most extensive dealers in diawho received her with parental attention, and monds, pearls, rubies, topazes, emeralds, and offered to contribute every thing to her happiness. iother precious stones, in England. He had been, Bat such was the perverseness and unhappy in- however, unfortunate in several very extensive discretion of this young woman, that she soon speculations, and having spent many years in the quarrelled with her husband's family, and obliged most honourable afluence, his altered circumhiu to reinove her to lodgings, cither in Camden stances made a deep impression on his mind; he Town or Edgeware-ruad. They lived here about was observed to be frequently of a gloomy babit, a month; when, having reason to be dissatistied was totally absorbed in thonght, and absent from with her extravagance and conduct, he procured every thing that was the topic of conversation her to be watched, one evening, out of the house, around bin. Under all these circumstances, the and she was traced, in company with a young Jury returned a verdict of ---Insanity. ocer, whose arm she appears to have seized hold Other two instances of this kind have happened of casually in the street, to a notorious brothel. in the last 60 years. The first is mentioned in In these circumstances, Mr. Jones proceeded | Chamberlain's History of London. with remarkable tenderness; but, upon taxing “June 25, 1750, about four o'clock in the afterhis wife with her intidelity, she made no justifica- | noon, a man, supposed to be a weaver, fell from ton, acknowledged it without reserve or hesita- the top; he struck the pedestal, and pitched on a tion; protested her insuperable hatred and con- post which laid open bis skull, and he was othertempt of her husband; slighted her proferred con- wise most terribly shattered.” ditional forgiveness ; 'eloped from his house, and Second, July, 7, 1789, Thomas Craddock, a iubediately went upon the town.

baker, threw himself over the Nortb side; he 1

Her prostitution was undisguised and promis- cleared the pedestal and the iron rails, but fell evous ; she became, with respect to personal vir- just outside of them, near the N. W.corner. tee, wholly abandoned; and the consequence The fall from the top of the gallery inclosure was, that she was compelled, very lately, to take to the ground, is about 175 feet.

The extreme refuge in an bospital,--the asylum of criminal height of the Monument is 202 feet.---The galdisease, and indigent’indiscretion. ---U pon being lery is 32 feet below the top of the vase ; it leaves restored to health, she disdained all invitation to 170 feet for the height of the floor of the gallery, repentance, which the kindness of her friends in- to which add five feet for the height of its inclodaced them to make.---She agaiu broke out into sure, it makes 175 feet fall. No. I. Vol. I.-NS,




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January 3d, about seven o'clock at night, a Esq. Alderman of the City of London, and young lady, without a protector, was insulted Colonel of the West London Militia. His in the most outrageous manner in Prince's. ' abilities, integrity, and firmness, brought street, Drury-lane, by a ruffian, who held in him early into public notice, and raised him bis hand a sharp instrument, apparently like to situations of the highest trust and dignity a cork catter's knife. He was tall, well made, , in the City. In 1774 he was elected Alderman and genteelly dressed. He first attacked a fe- of Vintry Ward; in 1776, he served the office male iv Drury-lane, by cutting a long slip in of Sheritt; in 1780, he was returned one of her gown. Fortunately at the moment he gave the Members for the City; in 1783, be was the blow, the woman, alarmed at his appear- chosen Lord Mayor; in 1784, he was again ance, endeavoured to avoid him by running off returned for the City of Loudon; and in the the foot-path, otherwise she might have re- next Pariiament, he sat for Ludgershall, in ceived a severe world. When he approached Wiltshire. He afterwards withdrew entirely the lady in Prince's street, she observed himni from parliamentary business, and divided his take the weapon betore described from bis il atteution between his regiment and the exten. pocket, and immediately avoided him, but ! sive concerns of his banking house. In every was not able to escape without her pelisse domestic relation, he was endeared by sweet. being cut. This unmanly ruffian has com- uess of disposition, generosity, benevolence, mitted several assaults of a similar descrip- and the warmth and steadiness of his attach. tion in other quarters of the town.

ments.-At Ham Common, Mary, Countess of A gentleman lately died in London, who Courtown, wife to the Earl of Courtown, and had attained the advanced age of 85. Some danghter and co. heiress of Richard Punys, years ago he entered the holy state of matri. Esq. of Hintlesham Hall, in Suffolk, hy Lady mony with a young lady, with whom he made Mary Brudenell, sister of the late uke of the following singular agreement :-He gave Montague; she has left issue, Viscount Stop. her to understand ihat she would have nothing ford, Comptroller of the King's Household, to expect at his death, but that as long as he and three other sons.-In St. George's watchlived, her allowance should increase with his house, to which he was conveyed on being years; the experiment succeeded admirably, || taken in an act of felony, in a garden near the as it thus became the interest of the wife to Wooden Bridge at Chelsea, Richard Watsoli, take every care of him. Let old men similarly a lamp-lighter. At nine o'clock the following disposed take the lint.

morning, the watch-house-keeper inquired of MARRIED.--At Chiswick, Lord Granville the prisoner, if he wanted any thing, but alLeveson Gower, brother of the Marquis of though he wished for refreshment, be had not Stafford, to Lady Harriet Cavendisk, laughter the means of obtaining it, and at eleven o'clock of the Duke of Devonshire.-At St. George's, he was found dead. The Surgeon who examiHanover-square, Charles Shirreff, Esq. tó ned the body, was of opiuiou that the poor Mary Ann, daughter of Mr. Wm. Brown, of mau died for want of food, and it bas been Greek-street, Grosvenor-square. -At Mary le- since ascertained that he ate a quantity of bone, George Hannam, Esq. of Bromston hay the day before.-In Wells street, OxfordHouse, Isle of Thanet, to Charlotte Louisa, li street, Tiberius Cavallo, Esq. This gentleyoungest daughter of the late John Bristow, | man, a native of Naples, and son of an emiEsq. of Calculia. - Joseph Mivet, Esq. to Eli- vient physician of that city, was born in 1749. zabeth, second daughter of the late Jobu Bris- | His original destination was to be initiated at sault, Esq. of Southampton.-John Goodford, | London into the mercantile profession, and Esq. of Yeovil, Somersetshire, to Charlotte, | he came to England with that view in 1771. fourth daughter of the late, and sister to the But the study of nature presenting superior present Sir Montague Cholmeley, Bart. Wm. uttractions, he was seduced from the compting. Payne George, Esq. of Foley-place, to Julia house to embrace the leisure of a pliilosophical Ano, daughter of the late Captain Tupper. - retreat; and acquired a well inerited repuStephen Oliver, Esq. of Keisby, Lincolnshire, tation as a digester and elucidator of philosoto Miss Roberts, of Leatherhead, Surrey.-- || phical discoveries. His remaius were interred Robert Metcalfe, Esq. to Jane, youngest in St. l'ancras churcb-yard, in a vault con. daughter of Samuel Wharton, Esq. of Scar- structed for the purpose, close to the monuborough.-Robert Smyth, Esq. of Upper ment of bis intimale friend, General Paoli. Guildford-stret, to Miss Julia Pemberton, of The funeral was attended by a number of the Gough House, Chelsea.

philosophical friends of the deceased, among DIED.-Aged 87, George Swaffield, Esq.f whom were Dr. Pearson, Messrs. Prothers, Jate cashier of the Victualling department of Gloster Wilson, Prince Hoare, Racket, and the Navy Office, the duties of which situation Impey. he most faithfully performed upwards of sixty In Prince's-court, Duke street, St. James's, years.--lu Stanhope-street, Vice-Admiral Da- Mrs. Vanryne, aged nearly 80. This unforcres.coin Hill-street, Berkeley-square, Sir tunate old lady had lived in her house upwards Henry Strachey, master of the King's House. of forty years, and whe, on being left alone hold.-Jo Abingdun-street, Mrs. Ashley, relict one Sunday evening, was found, on the reof the late, and mother of the present Mana- turn of her daughter who usually attended ber, ger of the Oratorios.mlu John-street, Bedford- a complete mass of cinders, ihe back-bone row, in bis Osth year, Nathaniel Newnham, | alone remaining uncousuwed.






!! merfield, by Mr. Anderson, of Ullswater. The A custom prevails througb this kingdom at wings of this royal bird measure, when excertain periods, of parishioners going in pro tended, from point to point, six yards ten cession to ascertain the boundaries of their inches. It is likely to live, having been only respective parishes; at which time the pro- slightly wounded in one of his pinions. Cession is generally composed of young people, DIED.-At Carlisle, Mr. James Richardson, and many of the respectable inhabitants, who aged 82 years, 36 of which he had been parish are most convivially inclined; and it has been clerk of St. Cuibbert's. a received opinion, that they had a right to stop all persons, except the king, a mail coach,

DEVONSHIRE. or a funeral! at which time the party exer The following singular advertisement lately eised a gentle mode by way of remembrance appeared in one of the Exeter Papers:--(but perhaps not very congenial to the feelings Wanted immediately, for a Gentleman, who of an irritable man) called bumping! Not long is neither a Lawyer, a Parsoll, or London ago, the iu habitants of Caddington parish, Sbarper, desirous of entering into the blissful near Luton, in this county, after exercising state of matrimony, a WIFE, of an accomtheir prescriptive right on a number of persons plished mind and lovely disposition. The in their way from Dunstable to Luton, they gentleman possesses at least 2501. a year, met Yr. Hill, a celebrated auctioneer of the landed property, and every quality belonging latter place; they accosted bim, and told him to a docile animal. As the above gentleman their intentions. Mr. Hill violently resisted: lives in the neighbourhood of Sidmouth, let. however, the hamourous good-natured folks, ters addressed to J.J. C. at the Post-uftice, auxious and determined to support a character Sidmoutli, will be duly attended to, and by so gratifying and familiar to John Bull, seized, i him every information, as to the matrimonial and iu a trice uo horsed the Knight of the preliminaries, will be furnished with all posivory hammer, and with a

one, two, and sible dispatch.-PS. Daughters of Newthree! a-going, a-going, a-going !" they made foundland Captains will be entitled to a prethe same use of his seat of houour, as he did ference. at tiines of the before-mentioned ivory ham. MARRIED.-At Lodiliswell, John George nier, or, in plain English, they bumped him.- Children, Esq. of Tunbridge, to Caroline, elMr. All brought an action against the parties, | dest daughter of George Furlong Wise, Esq. and obtained five pounds damages and costs. of Woolstone, near Kingsbridge.

MARRIED.-At Cardington, Johu Johnston, DIED.-At Stoke, near Plymnouth, BenjaEsq. M.D to Miss Curtis, only daugbter of min Cosway, Esq. His death was awfully George Curtis, Esq.

sudden. He had been spending the evening DIED.--At Bedford, Alderman Campion, in a circle of friends, and retired to rest about surgeon.

ten o'clock; shortly after which, finding him.

self unwell, he rung the bell, and called for CORNWALL.

Mrs. Cosway. Medical assistauce was imme. A rat lately visited a tub of oysters, at the diately sent for, but before its arrival he was a Post-office in Falmouth; and whisking bis corpse. tail between the open shells of one of them, it closed upon him, and held on so firmly, that

DORSETSHIRE. he was prevented from escaping through his MARRIED.-At Glanville's Wootton, J. B hole, and was found in the morning with the Knight, Esq. of Anderston, tu Elinor, youngest oyster still bolding fast of his tail at the en daughter of the Rev. H. Evans. trauce of it.

DIED.-At Wimborne, Mr. James Barfoot, MARRIED.-At Truro, Richard Smith, Esq. watch-maker. His death was attended with of Chaddock Hall, near Manchester, to Miss circumstances peculiarly distressing: He was Betsey Turner, daughter of Mr. Edward Tur in good health on the morning of the day on ner, banker.

which he died, but having a son dangervasly DIED.-At Camelford, Catherine, wife of ill, he had sent to Shaftesbury for his daughter. Charles Carpenter, Esq. She was a lady of When the young lady reached home to visit uncommon talents, spoke French and Italian ber sick brother, she had the still greater with fuency, sung with taste, and made affliction of finding her father a corpse. After Every thing her own which she bad once read. sending for ber, he had been seized with an

apoplexy, of which he expired. His son sur. CUMBERLAND.

vived him only two days. An eagle was lately shot in a field near Cum.


beth, eldest danghter of Sir H. Hawley, Bart, of In Lord Ducie's park, at Tortworth, in this Leybourne Grange ---The Rev. Richard Osborn county, there is a chesnut-tree of most extra Tylden, Vicar of Chillam, to Miss Frances Fairordinary age and dimensions. At five feet from man, of Millars Luosted.---At Ospringe, Lieuthe ground its circumference is fifty feet, and at tenant Iunis, of the 4.d regiment, to Miss three feet, fifty-two; the body is only ten feet from || Fraser, danghter of t'apt. F. of the same regiment. the base to the fork, yet that part alone measures DIED.--- At Rochester, Mr. Borcher, in couse1,000 feet solid measure. In the reign of Stephen, l) quence of the wounds he received of some villaing this tree was so remarkable for its magnitude, 1 when walking near that city about a month bethat it was called the Great Chesnut Tree of fore: the perpetrators of this murder remain at Tamworth (now Tortworth.) From this circum present undiscovered.---It Bromley, I lomas stance it is calculated that the tree must have | Soane, Esq.--- At Boughton House, after being been planted in the reign of Egbert, anno 800; delivered of twins, Jane, wife of William Henry and this calculation is founded on the supposition Douce, Esq.---At Chatham, Mr. Peter P:addon, a that a chesnut tree is 300 years before it is in man of uncommon stature, his coffin measuring its prime: so that, allowing this conjecture to be seven feet in length. correct, the tree is no less than 1000 years old! MARRIED.---At Down Hatherly, Captain Wil

LANCASHIRE. son,' of the 19th regiment of light dragoons, to A

man of the name of Satterthwaite, aged 82 Jane, third daughter of John Turner, Esq. of

years, residing at Cool-house, in the north part Hatherly House.---The Rev. J. Sanger, A.M Fel

of this county, has five children living, aged low of Oriel College, Oxford, and Chaplain to 257 years ; thirty-six grand-children, ayed 712 Earl Grey, to Miss Symes, eldest daughter of years; and seven great grand-children, aged 18 Richard Symes, Esq. of Brandon-Hill House.

years. Their united ages amounted to 1059! Died.---At Huntley, aged 100 years, Mr. A few days ago, as two sawyers were employed James Dobbs.---At Temple Guiting, aged 64, the in cutting up an ook tree, about 13 inches' in Rev. Francis Pryce, perpetual Curate of that diameter, for the use of the Earl of Derby's col. place.-.-At Charton, near Cheltenham, John liery, in Rainford, the man in the pit perceived Nettleship, Esq. of Basinghall-street, London. something to move in the cut they were then

cutting, which, on examination, proved to be a HAMPSHIRE.

full-grown toad. The aniinal was quite alive MARRIED.---At Southampton, John Mills when taken up, potwithstanding one of the legs Jackson, Fsq. to Miss Littie.--- In Jersey, Cap had been cut off by the saw. The cavity in which tain Irwin, of the 74th regiment of foot, to Miss it was found, was exactly in the centre of the Smith, niece to General Leighton, cominanding tree, just large enough to contain the body, and officer in that island.---Dr. Carnegie, to Miss measured three cards and a half from the root or Hemery ---At Guernsey, R. Maunsell, Esq. of botloin. The tree was perfect!y sonnd in every the Royal African Corps, to Sophia, danghter of part, and not the least crack or a perture could be the late Rev. Peter Paul Secretan, of the island of discovered that had a coinmunication with the Sark.

atmosphere. DIED.---At Winchester, Dr. John Littlehales, MARRITD.--- At Liverpool, R. Pickering, Esq. a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians: bé to Miss ann Downward, daughter of Thomas was a gentleman of extensive practice and un Downward, Esq.--- At Walton, John, second son bonnded charity, and, by his death, his friends of John Hosken, Esq. of Carines, Cornwall, to and society have sustained an irreparable loss --- Miss Harper, daughter of Wm. Harper, Esq. of At Portsmouth, by poison, Richard W bitbread, Everton. apprentice to Mr. Wikiason, surgeon: on the Died ---At Wavertree, Mary, second danghter coroner's inquest, it appeared in evidence, that of John Myers, Esq ---At Rochdale, in his 74th this youth had conceived a violent affection for a year, Mr. John Leech, upwards of thirty years young woman, a servant to Mr. Wilkinson. He

an indefatigable preacher among the methodists. had for the last five weeks appeared in a lowspirited and dejected state of mind, often uttering

LINCOLNSHIRE. strange and incoherent expressions. On the day MARRIED.---At Fotherly, Mr: Matthew Shaw, he committed the rash act, he said all his hopes aged 26, to Mrs. Ostler, aged 76. ---At Stallingwere blasted of being married to the girl, and be borough, Mr. Bull, aged 70, to Miss Mears, appeared greatly agitated and depressed. In the aged 25. afternoon he sought an opportunity of taking DIED.---At Withern, near Louth, Miss Holabout two onnces of the timeture of opium: it land, eldest daughter of John Holland, Esq.---At was soon discovered that he had taken it, and he the Deanery Honse, Lincoln, aged 72, the very was forced to take snch medicines as his case re Rev. Sir Richard Kaye, Bart. LL.D. Dean of quired, but they all proved ineffectual. He died Lincoln, Rector of Mary-la-bonne, Middlesex, in three-quarters of an hour afterwards, without and Kirby and Clayworth, Notis ; a Prebendary assigning any other motive for bis rashness. Ver

of the collegiate church of Southwell, Archdeacon dict---Lunacy. The deceased was related to the

of Nottingham, a Governor of Christ's Hospital, Jate Mr. Martin, pastry-cook, of Portsea, by London, and member of other charitable corwhose will he would have soon become possessed porations. The family of Sir Richard Kaye was of upwards of loovl.---Ai Overton, Eliza Frances, of very high antiquity in the county of York, youngest daughter of Dr. Ludlow, late of Rings being descended from Sir Kaye, one of the wood.

Knights of the warlike table of King Arthur.

Sir John, in the reign of William the Conque. KENT.

ror, married the daughter and heiress of Sir John MARRIED.---At Goodnestone, Mr. R. Hay Woodesham, of Woodesham, Knight, on ancient ward, to Elizabeth Bayley, both of that place : Briton : from bim the 27th in lincal'descent was their united ages amounted to one hundred and Sir Jobn the first Baronet, a Colonel of a regi. fifty-six years, the bridegroom eighty, and the ment of horse in the service of Charles the First bride seventy-six.---At Leybourn, Sir Brook W. in the civil wars, in which he suffered much both Bridges, Bart. of Goodnestone, to Dorothy Eliza in person and estate.


NORTHUMBERLAND, DIED.---At Chepstow, in the 620 year of his A few days since, Mr. Tate, of Newcastle, cabi. age, Samuel Jenkins, Esq. As a parent, he was net-maker, was surprized in his warehouse, which most affectionate and indu gent, as a friend, is up two flights of narrotv bigh winding stairs, strady and zealous in his att: chments, as a master, | by a visit from a dragoon horse, wlich had con kind and generous.---TH : Rev. John Davies. || trived to march up without displacing any of the At langattock Vibonaven House, near Mon. numerous pieces of timber with which his passage mouth, the seat of her brother, Thoinas Evans, was incommoded. The poor animal, when lie Esq.) Mrs. Phillips, relict of 'Herbert Phillips, I found himself among the looking glasses and Esq. of Moninouth.

chairs, trenibled excessively; but be was got down without injury to bimself or bis host.

The following Epitaph is inscribed on a tomb NORFOLK

stone in All Saints' church-yard, at Newcastle,

upon-Tyne A person who has amassed by his industry some

Here lies Robin Wallis, property, and wishing to bestow it in the educa.

Clerk of All-hallows, tion of his only dangliter, sent her to a school of

King of good fellows, considerable distinction in this county, wishing

And maker of bellows. her to be taught every thing. On his going for He bellows did make till the day of liis death ; the young lady last Christmas vacation, he told

But he that made hellows could never wake breath. the governess that a friend of his had observed, (the preceding holidays) that his daughter had not

MARRIAGN.---At Newcastle, James Dixon, Esq. made that progress in music which she ought, || Miss Dale, late of Doncaster.---The Rev. Mr.

Lieutenant in the third West York Militia, to considering the time she hid been tanght. The Hayton, or Sunderland, to Miss Elizabeth Mason. goverpess replied, that great pains had been taken with her yonng pupil, but added, as delicately as

DieD.---At Bolam, Robert Horsley Esq:---At she could, that all persons were not equally gifted Esq.--- A Nunlands, near Berwick, Iirs. Wood

Morpetlı, Mrs. Midfórd, wife of Gorge Midford, with talents, and she believed that for that peculiar stndy she wanted capacity to make greater

relict of James Wood, Esq. and mother of Dr. proficiency. The honest farmer directly replied, William Loraine, Bart. aged 60.

Wood of Newcastle, aged 79.---At Kirkharle, Sir ko well ma'am, but then why did you not buy her a capacity, for you know I do not grudge auy money to make her a complished girl.”.

OXFORDSHIRE. We are assured that the quantity of turkies sent MARRIED.---At Watlington, Thomas llamble. up last Christmas to London from Norwich with

ton, aged 32, to Ann White, aged 05. This happy in ten days, did not amount to less than 30 tons pair were attended by two friends, in the characweight; which, averaging each bird and package ters of father and bride's maid, the former of whom at jelbs, the number would amount to 6000! Sir Thomas Beauchamp Proctor, Bart. has Egerton, eldest son of Egerton Leigh, Esq; of

is 92, and the latter 60 years old. -At Charlbury, erected a lodge at the end of his park in this | High Leigh and Twemlow, Cheshire, to Wilhelcounty, and in the masonry are displayed the fa- | mina Sarab, only daughter of the late George mily arins, supported by a brace of greyhounds, | Stratton, Esq. of Great Tew Park. with the motto “toujours fidele,”---always faith DIED ---At Henley, William Augustus, second ful. Two countrymen passing that way, one of son of Thomas Willatts, Esq. them observed, “what beautiful dogs, I dare say they run some stainmen great matches, or their pictures would not have been put up here by the

SOMERSETSHIRE. road side. Aye, and there seem to be some writ. A general meeting of the Proprietors of the ing below them, I wish I could read what it is Kennet and Aron Canal, and of gentlemen in. about." His companion replied he could spell a terested in the trade of South Wales, was lately little, and letter by letter at last accomplished the held at Bath, wben, in addition to 206,0001. retask, exclaiming, “why it is nothing but the two ported at a former meeting, 100,0001. were subdogs' narues, Towzer and Fiddle"> . Aye, said the scribed for effecting a junction between the Kenother, what a fine thing now learning is, I shall net and Avon and Basingstoke Canals, and other often think of Towzer and Fiddle."

purposes connected therewith ; also 100,0001. MARRIED.---Robert Emersov, Esq. of Titch towards extending the Kennet and Avon to Briswell, to Elizabeth, daughter of Mathew Nelson, tol ; and 30,2001. for making docks at Newport in Fsq. of Holme, by the Sea.---At Norwich, Jobn Monmouthshire. Brown, Esq. vf Mattishall, to Mrs. Sarah' Hud Mrs. Shew, the mother of Mr Shew, of Bath, son.--- At Yarmouth, the Rev. Mr. Benyon, dis- || dentist, is now living at Yeovil, in this county, senting ininister, to Miss Mary Stewart.

and at the age of 38, is healthy and strong, and Died -- At Long Stratton, Mrs. D'Urban, retains all her faculties. She has now living liva mother of Lieut. Col. D'Urbán.--- Aged 93, Mr children, thirty-three grand-children, 48 great William Moore...-At Harleston, aged 72, Mr. I grand-children, and two great great grand-chil. Henry Tiluey, master of the Mathematical Aca- åren, whose ages together amount to 1417 yeurs, demy in thai town, which he conducted for many and all without a single intermarriage. The genyears with great credit. It reflects no small ho. tleman who favoured us with this account has noar on this worthy man, and the seminary which lately seen the five generations---viz. this truly be snperintended, that the Rev. Professor Vince, good woman and her children's children's chil. of the University of Cambridge, and the Rev. Dr. | dren's children. Brinkley, Astronomer Royal at the University of MARRIED.---At Clifton, William Hale SynDublin, received from him the rndiments of their monds, Esq. of Chaddlewood House, Devon, to mathematical kuowledge.---At Gilderstone, in his Milly, youngest daughter of the late William trd year, Thoams Kerrich, Esq. He was an act Miles, Esq.---Hugh Hughes, Esq. of Haddesdon, ing Magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant for this Herts, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late J. F. county, and served the office of High Sheriff in Kemp, Esq.---At Bristol, the Rev. J. Sangar, the years 1988 and 1789.

A. M. Fellow of Oracle College, Oxford, and

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