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raigned for his unprecedented malice and calumnies.

I shall conclude these quotations with an extract from a copious Confession of Faith, consisting of 35 articles, which Sir Richard Musgrave publishes as the genuine Creed of Catholics, assuring his readers that one copy of it was found in a priest's box at Gorey, and is now in the possession of a clergyman whom he names at Arklow, that a second was found some where at Carlow, a third in the pocket of a drunken priest in the county of Meath, and a fourth in the pocket of a robber I am who was killed in the liberty of Dublin *. sure, Sir, after perusing these quotations, you will not wish for any more of them, nor require any more documents to pronounce upon the character of Sir Richard's huge volume, or upon the conscience and honour of its author.

1. "When we assemble we all cross our"selves, saying: "We acknowledge these our "articles in the presence of Christ's Vicar, THE "LORD GOD THE POPE, and in the presence of the holy primates, bishops, monks, fri“ars, and priests.

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2." We acknowledge they can make vice "virtue, and virtue, vice, according to their pleasure. They all falling down flat on their faces, beginning the articles, and speaking to "the host, &c. we must all fall down before the "great effigy of our Lord God Almighty.

* See Hist. of Diff. Rebel. pp 442, 443.


"We are bound to believe that the holy massacre was lawful, lawfully put in execu "tion against Protestants, and likewise to con"tinue the same, provided with the safety of our "lives.

8. "We are bound to believe a heretic can"not be saved unless he partake of extreme "unction.

10. "We are not to keep our oaths with he"retics, if they can be broken: for, says our "Holy Father, they have followed damnation, "and Luther, and Calvin.

12. "We are bound to drive heretics out of "the land with fire, sword, faggot, and confu"sion as our Holy Father says, if their here"sies prevail, we will become their slaves! O, "dear Father, keep us from that: (here the holy "water is shaken, and they say Hail Mary three "times.)

13. "We are bound to absolve for money or "price those that imbrue their hands in the blood " of a heretic.

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"We are bound to celebrate the holy mass in Latin, having ourselves cloathed in a holy vestment and a shirt.


"We maintain seven sacraments essen"tial to salvation, baptism, eucharist, penance, extreme unction, holy orders, and matri

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Such, Sir, is this most curious Confession of Faith, the authenticity of which Sir Richard Musgrave so stifly maintains; and thus far I believe in his narration, namely, that different copies of it were dispersed throughout the kingdom, and actually found in the situations he mentions; one of them in the confession box of an absent priest, another in the pocket of a drunken priest, and the third in that of a dead robber : but the questions which remain to be solved, are, first, who drew up this master-piece of erudition and orthodoxy? secondly, who placed copies of it in those situations, or caused them to be placed there? If you, Sir, and I, and a hundred other persons of common sense and information, were required to fix upon some que Orangeman in preference to all others, for these bold though unsuccessful attempts upon Papists, I am confident there would be no difference of opinion amongst


If I had the unwished for honour of Sir Richard Musgrave's acquaintance, I would seriQusly advise him the next time he publishes.a forged creed for the Catholics, to consult with Dr. Duigenan, who is a shrewd man, and well acquainted with their doctrine and discipline, Methinks this learned gentleman, on such an occasion would address him as follows: "I do

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not find fault, Sir Richard, with the nonsense ❝ of this creed; for as our great predecessor, Lord "Shaftsbury, used to say of his popish plot (the

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"credit of which has been given to Dr. Oates), "The more nonsense the better; if we cannot "make the people swallow greater nonsense than "this, we shall never do any good with them*; "still there is a prudence necessary in adapting "our nonsense ad captum vulgi; and there is some deceptions, which, falling under their senses, "it is impossible to make them swallow; in "which case by attempting too much we shall spoil all. Thus, to instance the most indis"pensable, because the most irritating of all "charges against the Papists; I, like you, have "maintained that they are bound to murder all

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persons of a religion different from their own: "but I did not pretend, as you unadvisedly do, "that they are conscious of such an obligation, "and have a written creed to this effect; for "the Protestants, who have those popish cate"chisms in their hands, which I learnt in my

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youth, and who have conversed and lived with "Papists in these islands, and at Rome itself, would never have believed me, if I had said so. "My method was very different: I mounted

up to the Council of Lateran, held six hun"dred years ago, and maintained that a certain "temporary ordinance of it, regarding the feu"dal titles of the Albigenses, required their

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murder, and binds Catholics with respect to "all persons of a different communion from them "till the end of time; notwithstanding they

* North's Examen, p. 95. Sir John Dalrymple's Memoirs, p. 43.

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know nothing at all of the matter. Now here "I was out of the reach of the vulgar, both "well dressed and ill dressed; and thus I suc"ceeded in my object in raising a clamour "against these Papists.-But above all things, "Sir Richard, it is necessary, in fabricating a new set of articles for the Papists, that you "should be acquainted with those which they "are universally known to hold, as also with "the terms they make use of in their faith and liturgy. How ridiculous, for example, is it "to make them talk as you do, of saying Mass "in a holy vestment and a shirt, when their very "infants will tell their Protestant playmates, "that it is not a shirt, but an alb, which the priest puts on for that purpose!-How glar

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ingly absurd is it to ascribe to them an opinion "that heretics are to be saved by means of "extreme unction! How inconsistent with the ar

guments and ridicule which you yourself constantly make use of against the popish laity "for respecting their priests, and against the "priests themselves for not marrying like the

laity, is that article in which you make them "profess that both holy orders and matrimony are "essential to salvation, and of course absolutely "necessary for all Christians indiscriminately!"

But my heart is sick, and I am ill disposed to laugh, while the following awful reflections present themselves upon the perusal of this creed. If there are men in Ireland who are capable of deliberately forging such diabolical articles of

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