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estates of the monastery, to be followed by the books of household, &c., in alphabetical order. For this also he had made very extensive preparation, and some of the seals attached to the deeds had been placed in the engraver's hands. The following is the breviate of the points on which it was his intention to dilate in the Preface to the present volume. It begins, as the reader will observe, where its predecessor closes, and carries on the history of Fountains to its abrupt termination. The Editor is unwilling to alter a single word.



After the death of John de Cancia, little or nothing is known of the monastery until the time of Edw. I. In the meantime, however, circumstances must have occurred which materially affected the House. Tithes and parochial matters settled. Donations of land ceased. Abbots summoned to Parliament. Another sphere of action developed. Building ceased. Great social changes.

The maxim, "Happy is the people which has no history," cannot perhaps be applied in this instance. When some light is let in, temp. Abbot Otley, it shews the House in disgrace and debt. No such days as those depicted by Serlo. Either the abbot was in fault or some party of the monks had laid blame on him, for he is not inserted in the Catalogue of the Abbots, neither is his suc


Beck's Furness about silver vessels given to F. by John, p. 171, anno 1206.

Towards the end of the century, much important church work was in hand. York Minster, Vide Addit. MSS. Gisbrough. Howden, Vide vol. F., p. 17, from Vavasor Charters, 1277. St. Mary's Abbey, Ripon, D(eputy) K(eeper) 27 Rep. p. 83, 12 Hen. III.

Temp. Hen. III. Articles objected by the French prelates against the Friars, Preachers, and Minors.

Ch(apter) H(ouse) Miscell.

King at York, Christmas, 12 Hen. III. See D. K., 27 Rep.

Earl of Albemarle sheltered here (Fountains). Chron. of.



1290. Abbey in debt £6,373; reduced to £1,293. Reg. B. M. de F. in Bodl.

Titus A. xix.

Prior of Malton took refuge here. Abbot summoned to Parl. See Vol. I.
Scenes and matters in which they took part.

1298. Corbridge about to visit. Regist. Corbr.

1306. Trouble about a vagabond monk.

1307. Chancellor Hamelton died here. Note from Fine Roll about clerks of Edward I.

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Still farming kept up. Archbishop wants horses.

Soon after he writes about adultery of Conversi.

1310. Ripon parish interdicted. Monks would celebrate nevertheless.

1311. The Templars afflicted. (Wilkins' Conc. II.) Brethren of the Cist. 1313. Scots' incursion. (Coram Rege Roll, Pasch., 15 Edw. II., 20, 70. Battle of Boro'bridge, 16 Mar., 1322. Abbey attacked. Chron. Lanercost. Knaresbrough castle devastated, etc., 8

1344. Some Granges invaded.

1316. Pat. Roll., 9 Edw. II., n. 25 d. Rep. 184.

1317. Ruins of Granges, Rot. Pat. ii., Edw. II., m. 6. Tax. P. Nich., 8th Rep. D. K., Appendix, 2, 189. Papal Extortions, Pat. ii. Edw. II., m. 9, and 31 part 2.

General remarks on violence.

Middleton's Raid, Vol. 8, p. 180. Dods., etc. Vatican Papers, tom. xvi., 15365, or 6. Many curious Letters to Cardinals in England, and an attack made on them by Gilb. de Middleton, son of Belial, fo. 212, etc., 152, 469. Long letter from the Pope to Thomas of Lancaster, 7 Nov., 1317, fo 350 and 409.

1363. Effects of war on the granges.

Cellarer gives evidence on the Scrope and Grosvenor matter. Coming of Henry IV., from the Chron. in the Bodl. Dodsw., 140, fol. 98.

Richard II. in Scotland, 6 Rep. D. K., Appendix, p. 14.

1410. Roger Frank appointed and consequent row.

1413. 1, 2, 3, 4, Henry 5. Assize Rolls, Ebor. Rolls, Plea Rolls. In mem. vi, p. 419, 1 H. 5., mention is made of suits then "in curiis nostris." 1416. 3, H. 5. Coram reg. Commiss. to try treason at Masham.

Vat. Papers. Vesp., F. 13, fol. 29.

Rom. Roll and Franc. for king's letter to pope.

1422. Circa 10 H. 5 or 1 Hen. 6. A plea betw. Ratclyffe and abbot of F. before the Council.

1 H. 6. Assize and coram rege rolls.

1428. Year Book, circa 7 H. 6. Pasch. Rot. 18. 9 Hen. 6, Trinit. Rot. 21. Ibid. Michis No. 3. 11 H. 6, Pasch. rot. 11. Ibid. Pasch. rot. 15. Vid. Tanner, and then the Coram rege rolls.

1443. Row betw. Sir J. Nevill and F., 21 H. 6. Assize and coram rege.

1444. Another row, parties not named. Gaol deliv. rolls, for illustrating these

and rolls of parl.

Greenwell elected.


1454. Act of Parl. 33 H. 6, to relieve F.

1454. 36 H. 6, Lord Clifford's son here ill.

1454. 2 writs, "ne exeat," sued out to restrain a monk from leaving the king dom (Swinton).

1454. A trial at Lent assizes, York, and rest of year. (Swinton, 32).

1456. Divers suits. Esby in prison in London on suit of W. Hull. Coram rege and ass. rolls. Exchequer rec. "Materia de Banke."

1455-6. 34 H. 6. Privy Seals had. Vid. 5 Rep. appx. 2, 34, 10 Rep. 8.
Duke of York at Swanley. Compot. 28. Companagium.
Counsel's fees paid at York about Crosthwaite ch. in Eccles. Court.
Chancery petitions. One paid for speaking to the chancellor. 5 Rep.,
No. 12, 16, 20, 21. Cal. 10 Rep. 8.

Monks were at York assizes in this year.

Monks at Knaresbrough court.

1457-8. A privy seal brought by king's messenger.

Banks' affairs in court in London.


Litigation continued.

1468. Servants maltreated at Galphay. Assize rolls, 8 and 9 Edw. 4. 1482. Fulshaw pulled down by the foresters. Comp. Stauri, 154, 174. Edward Prince of Wales here.

1486. Huby evilly entreated.

Building commenced again at abbey and granges.

Frankland sends men to abbey lead works. Hutch. Dur.; 499, from
Cott. MS., Titus B. 1, f. 295. Fiddes' Wolsey.

1530 circa. E. of Northumberland complains to Wolsey about Thirsk. Burnet says (vol. book, 3, 175), that Wolsey ordered a visitation of the north. Qy., as legate or as abp. See his Regr. As to favour see Vesp. F. 13, fol. 75, 77, 79, 109.

Brewer's Cal. State Paper publications.

1534. Acknowl. of supremacy made by rel. houses (7 Rep.), F. not included.

Vide Hutch. Dur. i., 511; Strype.

Cromwell made vicar genl., but com. is lost or not enrolled, Burnet, vol. 1, 173. Proved all wills above £200.

Annuities paid temp. Leo. X. Harl. MS., 1850, 1 T.

Harl. Cat. 2, 262. (Exam. with val.

1534-5. 26 H. 8. Act directing Val. eccl. to be taken.

after diss., Hen. 8, and instructions for knowing yearly income of all monast., coll. ch., &c. Orig. on vellum). Also a commission for same purpose, 30 Jany., 1535. Cleop. E. iv., fo. 167. See also Harl. MS., 791, fol. 5-18, 23. Very important. N. E. of Burnet.

Rich., Ld. Latimer, and W. Ld. Conyers, to Hen. 8. Report of proceedings as commissioners for the N. and W. Ridings. Snape, April 28. Vesp., F. 13, fol. 110. See also fol. 1186.

1535. Abp. Lee and commiss. to Cromwell about valuations and objections. Cleop. E. iv., fol. 308 and 9.

Burnet, i., 174, quoting Cleop. iv., Vid. N. E. of Burnet.

Layton advises Cromwell to visit. but there is no such letter there. 1535. July, Abp. Lee's letter to Henr. 8. Cleop. E. vi., 234, 239, 245, 250b. Layton wishes Self and Legh to be employed in visiting. Had made a boke of articles for Cromwell's visit this tyme 12 months. Cleop. E. iv. Wright's Letters, p. 175. (Qy., if not same articles as partly in Layton's hand in Cleop. E. iv.)

1535. October. Visitation of Mon. begun. Burnet, i., 175.

Articuli kegiæ inquisitionis in monasticam vitam agentes, with additions in Layton's hand. Cleop. E. iv., fo. 11. Printed in Burnet, vol. i., appendix. Gent. Mag., 1804. West's Furness, p. 143.

1535. General injunctions to be given in all monasteries. Cleop. E. iv., fol. 21. Burnet, i., appendix. West's Furness, 143.

"Crimina comperta in variis monasteriis." Cleop. E. iv., fol. 147-161. Compendium compertorum per D. Legh and D. Layton in visitatione regia domorum religiosorum in comit. Northf., Derb., Nott., Ebor., Dur., West., Cumb., Lanc., and Ches., from a book lately found in the Duke of Devonshire's library, at Hardwick, which had been copied for the use of the Earl of Shrewsbury, temp. E. 6, from the original, which was destroyed in Q. Mary's reign. Tr. for York, lent to Thoresby by De la Prime. D. L. 89, 8vo. 1535-6. 27 H. 8, cap. 27. 27 H. 8, cap. 28. 19 Jany., 26 H. 8.

20 Jany. Visitors inform Cromwell of the fact.

"Articles wherein the visitors have not made sufficient allowances."

Cleop. E. iv., fol. 306.

Court of Aug. erected. Miscell. Books, Aug. off. Lesser mon. dissolved. Vide M. A. vi., ad finem. Thirsk resigns to the visitors.

Pilgrimage of Grace, 1536-7.

Letters relating to Aske's reb., from Miscell. State Papers, 1501-1726, London, 1778, 4to, from Harl. 6989. See letters of Hen. 8, Harl. 283. fol. 76-80. Complains of York gentry, 83 and 85. See also Harl.. 604,

fol. 58.

1536. July. Cromwell appointed vicegerent (Burnet i., 174). Lord Herbert saw the commission. His papers are in liby. of Corp. Xti., Oxon. (Barnard, 69).

1537. 28 and 29 H. 8. July Assize at York, when Robert Moresby A. of Whitby, and A. of Salley were tried.

Council of the North report their proc. at York assizes, 22 Aug., 1537.
Calig. B. 3, fol. 280. Ibid. 274.

1538. Nov. and Dec. Valuation of certain abbeys surrend. co. York and Notts.

Cleop. E. iv., fol. 300.

Pensions granted to divers before diss. of F. Addit. MS., 9781.

Leases granted by A. of F. before diss.

Form of a king's letter for taking surrender. See D. K., 8 Rep. Appx. 2, for a privy seal. 1539-40. 31 Hen. 8, cap. 18. How leases made of manors belonging to mon Called Stat. of diss.,

ast. diss. and assured to the king shall take effect. 8 Rep. D. K. p. 13. Hy. Jenkins at F. 1539. 26 Nov. 31 Hen. 8. and monastic names.

His dep. as to age. Copied, p. 73. Strype.
Surrender of Fountains. See 8 Rep. about local

Cleop. E. iv. fol. 192. Commission of this kind.

Col. of Close rolls at and before this period, and other surrenders. Opinion that Houses were forfeited by breach of trust, see 9 Rep. appx. p. 246.

Decline of popish feeling at Ripon in giving to St. Wilf. Shrine. Add.
MS., 24, 837.

Cromwell appointed general steward.
His account book and presents. Ibid.
Fountains proposed as a cathedral.

Those in Peck long after.
Cleop. E. 5, fol. 293, 327.

Chap. Ho. Rec., v. 232.

Quote letters to show state of

Masham court. Dep. York Fabric Rolls. Cleop. E. 6, Hy. 8 to York clergy, 234, 239,

1 Oct., 1540.

Fountains granted out. Beckwith's dishonesty, Prior dep. Aug. office. Order and dec. C. of Aug., 31 H. 8-7 E. 6. Order for payment of

As to grants, 9 Rep.

a debt due from the A. and C. of F., vol. 12, p. 436.
D. K. p. 21.

1543. 34 and 35 H. 8. Gaol deliv. York about the men who stole the lead

from Fountains.

36 H. 8. Commission under great seal to enable abp. of York to dispose of the government of St. M. M. and St. John's Hospital at Ripon, and to visit and reform the coll. ch.

Deeds brought into court of Aug. to be examined. Leases. How necessary, see a forgery case, Harl. 2095, fol. 171, and a bill in Parl. Journals H. of Com., vol. 1. Privy council books.

1546. 14 Feb., 1546, 37 H. 8. Commission to abp. of York to survey all coll. churches, chantries, &c. Lansd. 830. Printed in Stevens.

A draft of an act for keeping hospitality at the places of the diss. abbeys.
Monks to be closely confined to their abbeys. Cleop. E. iv., fol. 182.
Printed in West, 173.

Discourse on the destruction of abbeys, Cleop. E. IV., fol. 172. See also
Addit. MS., 5813.

Value of church property generally. M. A. vol. 1, ad finem.

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