The Complete Works of Henry Fielding, Esq: Plays and poems

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Strana 276 - To think those greater who're above us ; Another instance of my glory, Who live above you, twice two story ; And from my garret can look down On the whole street of Arlington. Greatness by poets still is painted With many followers acquainted : This, too, doth in my favour speak ; Your levee is but twice a week ; From mine I can exclude but one day, My door is quiet on a Sunday.
Strana 294 - Dixit, et avertens rosea cervice refulsit, ambrosiaeque comae divinum vertice odorem spiravere, pedes vestis defluxit ad imos, et vera incessu patuit dea. Ille ubi matrem 405 adgnovit, tali fugientem est voce secutus : ' Quid natum totiens, crudelis tu quoque, falsis ludis imaginibus? cur dextrae jungere dextram non datur, ac veras audire et reddere voces?
Strana 275 - WHILE at the helm of state you ride, Our nation's envy, and its pride ; While foreign courts with wonder gaze, And curse those councils which they praise ; Would you not wonder, sir, to view Your bard a greater man than you ? Which that he is you can not doubt, When you have read the sequel out.
Strana 276 - Indo, Am never seen but at my window. If with my greatness you're offended, The fault is easily amended ; For I'll come down, with wondrous ease, Into whatever place you please. I'm not ambitious ; little matters Will serve us great, but humble creatures. Suppose a secretary o...
Strana 298 - Credo Pudicitiam Saturno rege moratam in terris visamque diu, cum frigida parvas praeberet spelunca domos, ignemque Laremque et pecus et dominos communi clauderet umbra...
Strana 63 - Henceforth I will know no degree, no difference between men, but what the standards of honour and virtue create : the noblest birth without these is but splendid infamy ; and a footman with these qualities, is a man of honour.
Strana 330 - Nulla unquam de morte hominis cunctatio longa est." "O demens, ita servus homo est? nil fecerit, esto: Hoc volo, sic jubeo, sit pro ratione voluntas.
Strana 238 - To confess the truth, my narrative is rather of such actions which he might have performed, or would, or should have performed, than what he really did; and may, in reality, as well suit any other such great man, as the person himself whose name it bears.
Strana 244 - I was last Winter laid up in the Gout, with a favourite Child dying in one Bed, and my Wife in a Condition very little better, on another, attended with other Circumstances, which served as very proper Decorations to such a Scene.
Strana 315 - Quid privata domus, quid fecerit Hippia, curas ? Respice rivales Divorum : Claudius audi Quae tulerit : dormire virum cum senserat uxor, (Ausa Palatino tegetem praeferre cubili, Sumere nocturnos meretrix Augusta cucullos,) Linquebat, comite ancilla non amplius una...

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