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c. 1620.


Christ all of siluer of goldsmiths worke all pcell gilt uerye Ms. Cos., fine to behould, wch booke did serue for the pax* in the

The epistoler when he had sung the epistle did lay the booke againe on the altar and after when the gospell was sunge the gospeller did lay it downe on the altar, untill the masse was done. And the masse beinge ended they went all 3 into the reuestrie from whence they came and caryed the (8) booke with them, and one of the uergers meetinge them at the south quire dore after the same sort they came and went before them into the uestrie.

Also there was perteininge to the high Altar 2 goodly Chalices one was of gold, the other of siluer, and double gilt, and all the foote of it (them, H. 45) sett full of precious stones, that of gold was for principall dayes and the other was to serue euerye day, likewise there was perteininge to the high altar, two goodly gilt basons of siluer,* one for principall dayes double gilt a great large one, and the other bason for euerye day, not so large beinge parcell gilt and grauen all ouer, and two gilt Cruitts* that did hold a quart a peece parcell gilt and grauen all ouer, and other 2 lesser Crewetts for euerye day all of siluer, one payer of siluer Censors for euerye double feast double gilded, and 2 paire of siluer censors parcell gilt and the cheines also for euery day with 2 shipps* of siluer parcell gilt for principall dayes, and other two of siluer ungilt for euerye day, to carrye frankincence in

(one pair of silver Censors for every day, and two pair of silver Censors for every feast double guilted [for euery double feaste ungilted. C.] And two pair of silver Sensors pcell guilt and the chaines also for every principal day, with two shipps of Silver pcel guilt for principal dayes, and other two of Silver unguilt for every day, to carry frankincense in. L., C., Dav.),


and 2 siluer double gilded candlesticks* for 2 tapers uery finely wrought of 3 [two, H. 45] quarters* high to bee taken in sunder with wrests, * other two siluer candlesticks for euerye dayes seruice pcell gilt with rich and sumptuous furnitures for euerye festiuall day of Changeable suites,

MS. Cos., diuers of the uestments was sett all round about both c. 1620.

stooles and fannels,* there was also other uery rich and costly iewells & ornaments that was pteininge to the sd high Altar.

Also there was 2 (faire, H. 45] Crosses to bee borne* [to be carryed in pcession, H. 45] on principall dayes, the one of gold, and the staffe that it did stand on to beare it withall was all of siluer, and goldsmiths worke uerye curiously and finely wrought and double gilt, and the other crosse was of siluer and double gilt and the staffe of it was of wood that it did stand on after the same workmanshipp and double gilt: [fare guilt, L. ; faire gilt, C.].

(IV. THE QUIRE—THE PASCHAL.) Also there was a goodly monument pertaininge to the Church called the pascall* wch was wont to bee sett upp in the quire (9) and there to remaine from the thursday called Maundye thursday* before Easter untill wednesday after the assention day that did stand uppon a foure square thick planke of wood against the first grees or stepp hard behind the 3 basons of siluer that hung before the high altar, in the midst of the sd greese is a nick* wherein on of the corners of the sd planke was placed, and at euerye corner of the planke was an iron ringe wherunto the feete of the pascall were adioyned, representinge the pictures of the foure flyinge dragons, [att each Corner one, H. 45) as also the pictures of the 4 Euangelists (wth six faire Candlesticks for six tapers to stand in, H. 45] aboue the tops of the dragons underneath the nethermost bosse, all supportinge the whole pascall and [in] the 4 quarters haue beene foure Christall stones, and in the 4 small dragons 4 heads 4 christall stones as by the holes doe appeare and on euerye side of the 4 dragons there is curious antick worke as beasts and men uppon horsbacks with bucklers bowes and shafts, and knotts with broad leaues spred uppon the knotts uery finely wrought all beinge of most fine and curious candlestick mettall [or Latten* Mettal glistring as ye Gold it self having six Candlesticks or

i No break here in the MS.

Flowers of Candlestick mettall, added by Dr. Hunter, in MS. Cos.,

c. 1620. the margin) cominge from it three of euerye side wheron did stand in euerye of the sd flowers or candlestick a taper of wax and on the height of the sd candlestick or pascall of lattine was a faire large flower beinge the principall flower wch was the 7 candlestick,* the pascall in latitude did containe almost the bredth of the quire in longitude that did extend to the height of the [Lower, H. 45) uault* wherein* did stand a long peece of wood* reachinge within a mans length [height, H. 45] to the uppermost uault roofe of the church, wheron stood a great long square tap* of wax sa lardge square wax tap, H. 45) called the pascall a fine conueyance through the sd roofe* of the church to light the tap withall in conclusion the pascall was estimated to bee one of the rarest monuments in all England.

(V. THE QUIRE)—The Passion.* Within the Abbye Church of Durhă uppon good friday [theire was, H. 45) maruelous solemne seruice, in the wch seruice time after the passion was sung* two of the eldest (Ancient, Dav.] monkes did take a goodly large crucifix all of gold of the picture* of our sauiour Christ nailed uppon the crosse lyinge uppon a ueluett cushion, hauinge St. Cuth(10)berts armes uppon it all imbroydered wth gold bringinge that betwixt them uppon the sd cushion to the lowest greeces (stepps, H. 45] in the quire, and there betwixt them did hold the sd picture of our sauiour sittinge of euery side (on ther knees, H. 45) of that, and then one of the sd monkes did rise and went a prettye way from it sittinge downe uppon his knees with his shooes put of uerye reuerently did creepe away uppon his knees unto the sd crosse and most reuerently did kisse it, and after him the other monke did so likewise [all ye other Monckes, H. 45), and then they did sitt them downe on euery (of eyther, H. 45) side of the sd crosse and holdinge it betwixt them, and after that [them, H. 45] the prior came forth of his stall, and did sitt him downe of his knees with his shooes of and in like sort did creepe also unto the sd crosse (and all the monkes after him one after an nother, in the same

c. 1620.

MS. Cos., order, and not in H. 45), in the meane time all the whole

quire singinge an Himne,* the seruice beinge ended the two (two not in H. 45] monkes did carrye it to the sepulchre wth great reuerence, wch sepulchre was sett upp in the morninge* on the north side of the quire nigh to the high altar before the seruice time and there did lay it within the sd sepulchre, with great deuotion with another picture of our sauiour Christ, in whose breast they did enclose with great reuerence the most holy and blessed sacrament of the altar senceinge (singinge, H. 45) and prayinge vnto it uppon theire knees a great space settinge two taper lighted before it, wch tapers did burne unto Easter day in the morninge that it was taken forth.

(VI. THE QUIRE)-The resurrection. * There was in the abbye church of duresme uerye solemne seruice uppon easter day betweene 3 and 4 of the clocke in the morninge in honour of the resurrectio where 2 of the oldest monkes of the quire came to the sepulchre, beinge sett vpp upon good friday after the passion all couered with redd ueluett and embrodered with gold, and then did sence it either monke with a paire of siluer sencors sittinge on theire knees before the sepulchre, then they both risinge came to the sepulchre, out of the which wth great reverence they tooke a maruelous beautifull Image of our sauiour* representinge the resurrectio with a crosse in his hand in the breast wherof was enclosed in bright (moste pure, H. 45] Christall the holy sacrament of the altar, throughe the wch christall the blessed host was conspicuous, (11) to the behoulders, then after the eleuation of the sd picture carryed by the sd 2 monkes uppon a faire ueluett cushion all embrodered singinge the anthem of christus resurgens* they brought to the high altar settinge that on the midst therof whereon it stood the two monkes kneelinge on theire knees before the altar, and senceing it all the time that the rest of the whole quire was in singinge the foresd anthem of Xpus resurgens, the which anthem beinge ended the 2 monkes tooke up the cushines and the picture from the altar supportinge it

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c. 1620.

betwixt them, proceeding in processió from the high altar MS. Cos.,
to the south quire dore where there was 4 antient gentle-
men* belonginge to the prior appointed to attend theire
cominge holdinge upp a most rich cannopye of purple
ueluett tached* round about stashed about, L., C.) with redd
silke, and [a goodly, Dav.] gold fringe, and at euerye
corner did stand one of theise ancient gentlemen to beare
it ouer the sd Image, with the holy sacrament carried by
two monkes round about the church the whole quire
waitinge uppon it with goodly torches and great store of
other lights, all singinge reioyceinge and praising god
most deưoutly till they came to the high altar againe,
wheron they did place the sd Image there to remaine
untill the assencion day.

There was a nother crosse of Xpall* that serued for euerye day in the weeke, there was borne before the crosse euerye principall day â holy water font [fatt, H. 45] of siluer* uery finely grauen and pcell gilt, which one of the nouices* did carrye.

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In the north side of the quire there is an almerye neere to the high altar fastened in the wall for to lay any thinge in ptaininge to the high altar. Likewise there is another almerye in the south side of the quire nigh the high altar enclosed in the wall to sett the challices the basons and the crewetts in that they did minister withall at the high masse with locks and keys for the said almeryes.

At the north end of the high altar, there was a goodly fine letteron (Lettern, H. 45] of brasse where they sunge the epistle and the gospell,* with a gilt pellican on the height [Topp, H. 45] of it* finely gilded pullinge hir bloud out hir breast to hir young ones, and winges spread abroade wheron did lye the book that they did singe the epistle and the gosple, it was thought to bee the goodlyest (fairest, H. 45] letteron of brasse (12) that was in all this cuntrye it was all to bee taken in sunder* with wrests euery ioynt from other. (it went all in hernes* to take asonder att plesure, H. 45).

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