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c. 1600.

Roll, did also supporte the vppmost stone, the said stones* lyeth

nowe bothe together (as is afforsaid) endway before [near, H. 45) where Jesus alter did stande.

(LIII.) The Rite or Auncyent Custome of

Prossession within the Abbey
curche of Durhā Before

ye Suppression as

hereafter followth. Prossessio by ye Prior & ye

mounckes on S“cte Marks Day.* Vpo Sacte Markt daie after easter, wch was comonly fasted* thorowe all ye countrie & no flesh etē vpo it, the por wth ye mounckt had a solemne pssession as that daie & went to ye Bowe church* wth yer psessio & did verie solemne 'svice ther, and one of ye mounckes did make a smond to all ye people of ye pishe & of ye towne that came thether.

(LIV.) Prosessió of ye iij cross daies* by

the prior and ye mounckes. Likewise, on moundaie in cross weake they had also an other solemne psessio & did goe to Sacte Oswalde church in elvett & there did verie solemne svice and had (88) a Smont yt one of ye mounckl did make before ye audyence of many people of ye towne./

Likewise ye morowe after beinge Tewsdaie they had an other solemne psessió to Sacte Margaretl church in framwelgate & did solemne svice there & one of ye mounckes did make a smont to ye audient of much people of ye said pishe.

Likewise on ye morowe after being wedinsday they had an other solemne psession to Sacte Nicholas church in the mkett place and there did devyne svice very sollemly and had a sermont made by one of ye mounckes before ye great Audyence of many people.

(LV.) Prossessio of Hallower thursdaie, whitsonday, Roll,

& Trinitie Sonnday, by the P’or & ye mounckes.

c. 1600.

[The manner of ye Lord Prior & his monckes goeing in

Procession vpon Assenc'on day Whitsonday & Trinytie
Sonday, H. 45).

The next morninge being Hallowe thursdaie they had also a generall pssessio wth two crosses borne before theme, [Vpon theis great festivall daies the Prior hadd two great Crosses borne before hym, H. 45] the one of ye crosses the stafe and all of gould, the other of sylver and pcell gilt both ye crose and the staffe, wth Sacte Cuthb: Banl* that holy Reliquie, wch was borne formest in the pssession wth all the Riche copes that was in ye church, euy mouncke had one, and the prio? had a niveilous Riche cope on, of clothe of ffyne pure gould, the which he was not able to goe vp right wth it, for the weightines therof, but as mē did staye it [but as some did goe by hym, H. 45), & holde it vp of eủy side, when he had it on, (he went, H. 45) wth his crutch in his hand wch was of sylver and Duble gilt, with [a rich, interlined] myter* on his head, also Sacte Beedes shrine* yt holy Reliquie [& reliques, H. 45), was caryed in the said pssessio wth iiij mounckes on there shoulders, and Sertain other Mouncke did cary about wth theme in ye saide pssessió dyvers other holy Relickl, as the picture of Sacte Oswald* of sylver and gilt, and Sacte Margarettf Crosse,* of sylver & duble gilt, wch pssessió did goe furth of the north dore of the abbey church, and thorowe ye church yeard, & down Lyegaite* by ye Bowe church end, and up the south baley* and in at ye abbey gates [& soe to the Abbey gates, H. 45), where a grete number of people did stand both men, women, & childrine, wth great reverence and devoc'on, wch was a goodly & a godly sight to behold, and so went thorowe ye abbey garth* & a number of men following yt, but no women was suffred (89) to goe further then the abbey yeattl (in ye Baylie, H. 45), & so thorow ye cloister into ye church./


[blocks in formation]

Roll, c. 1600.

Also vpone Witsonndaie was a generall pssessió likewise, wch was done wth great Solennytie after this foresaid pssessió as it was on hallow thursday, wth Sacte Beedel shrine and Sacte Cuthb: Bany and all the holie Reliques, as ye Image of Sacte Oswald, and the Image of Sacte Adian* (sic) and the holie Relique of Sacte Margarette Cross wth dyul holie Reliques besides.

Lykewise, on trinitie Sonndaie there was an other generall pssessió after this sorte aforesaid wth all the aforesaid Reliques and wente all ye same sircuit that all ye aforesaide pssessiones dyd goe before. .

Many was the goodly riche Jewelll and Reliques* that did apptaine to that same churche, yt was accoumpted to be the richest churche in all this land so greate was the Rich Jewelle & ornamil that was gevē & bestowed of that holie mā Sacte Cuth: Besydp that kyng Richard* did geve his plamente Robe of blewe vellet wrowght wth great lyons of pure gould a mveilouse rich Cope, and an other Cope of clothe of gould gevē to ye same church, in the worship of that holie mā Sacte Cuthb: by an other prince, so great was the godly mynde of Kingť, quenes, and other great estaits for the great devoc'on & love that they had to god and holy Sacte Cuthbert in that Church./ [Many rich and pretjous Jewells and holy reliques did belonge and apptayne vnto this Church Itt was held to be one of ye richest Churches in all England, soe great was ye rich Jewells and ornamts Copes Vestmts and plaite presented to holy St Cuthbert by Kinges Queenes Princes & Noblemen as in theis daies is almoste beyond beleife Kinge Rich: did geive his Parliam Robe of blew Velvit richly wrought wth great Lyons of pure gould and another Cope of Cloth of gould geiven to St. Cuthbert by another Prince soe great was ye love of Princes in those daies to religious & holy workes towards ye church. H. 45).

Looke what is further to be desyred in yei enerration (generation, Cos.; Enarration, L. ; ennarac'on, C.) of this Auncyent Church and godly ceremonyes therin frequented, yow shall Reade at large in the historie of the church* wch

I “ Looke,” etc., repeated on a joining.

coulde not be conveynyently sett downe in these pticuler Roll,

c. 1600. notes beinge but as yt weare a glass for ye vewers and beholders therof.

(LVI.) The Auntient solemnytie of pscession vpõ corpus christi day wthin ye church and citie of durham.

before2 ye suppressió of ye said abbey Churche. There was a goodly pssessió vpo ye place grene* on ye thursday after Trinitie sonndaie in ye hono' of corpo Christi daie ye wch was a pryncipall feast at that tyme. The baley of the towne [did stand in ye towle bowth* and interlined] did calle ye occupac'ons that was inhabiters wth in ye towne eưy occupatio in his degre to bring forthe ther Ban wth all the lightes appteyninge to there seưall Banne & (90) to repaire to ye abbey church Doure euly banner to stand a Rowe [in ranke, Cos.] in his Degree from ye abbey church Dour to Wyndshole yett,* on ye west syde of ye waye did all ye Bannt stand, and on ye easte syde of ye way dyd all ye Torges [torches, Cos.] stand pteyninge to ye sayd Bannares.

Also there was a goodly shrine in Sacte Nicholas church, ordey ned to be caryed ye sayd daie in Prossession cauled Corpus Christi shrine all fynlye gilted a goodly thing to behould, and on ye hight of ye sayd shrine was a foure Squared Box all of christall, wherin was enclosed the holy sacramt of thaulter and was caryed ye said daie with iiij preistes vp to ye place grene & all ye hole prossessió of all ye churches in ye said towne goyng before ytt and when it was a litle space wthin Wyndshole yett yt dyd stand still, then was S“cte Cuthb: Bann browghte fourth wth two goodly faire crosses to meete yt and ye por & covent wth all ye whole companye of ye Quere all in there best copes dyd meet ye said shrine sytting on there kneys* and prayinge. The prior did sence yt* [fetch it, Cos.) and then caryinge yt forward into the abbey church ye por and covent wth all the quere following yt. It was sett in ye quere & solemne svice don before ytt and Te Deum

[blocks in formation]

c. 1600.

Roll, solemnly songe and plaide of ye orgayns eủy mā praysinge

god and all ye Banne of ye occupac'ons* dyd followe ye said shrine into ye church goyng Rownde about Saincte Cuthb: fereture lyghtinge there Torches & burning all ye svice tyme. then yt was caryed frome thence wth ye said pssessio of ye towne back againe to ye place from whence it came & all the Baill of ye occupac'ons following it, & setting yt againe in ye church, eủy mã maiking his prayers to god did depte, and ye said shrine was caryed into ye Revestrie* where yt Remayned vntill that tyme Twelvemonthe.

Then afterward in ye first yere of Kyng Edwardes Reigne there was certaine comyssioners appoynted to deface all suche ornamente as was lefte in ye pishe churches in Durhm vndefaced in ye form visitacion, ye names of ye comyssioners was Docter Harvye and Docter Whitby* ye said docter Harvie did call for ye said shrine, and when it was browght before him he dyd tread vpo it* wth his feete and did breake yt all in peces withe dyul other ornamente pteyninge to ye church.

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