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turret windows conteyning the picture of our blessed MS. Rawl.,

1603. Lady, and the lillie before her, and her salutation in couloured glasse.

On the south side of St Cuthberts & St Bedes altar, was the altar of St Oswold king, & St Lawrence haueing aboue the same a like wyndow & light, the 2 higher lights hauing the picture of St Oswold with a scepter* in his right hand, & a golden crowne on his head, & a crosse & a ball in the left hand, & vnder hī the picture of Bishop Langley in his pontificall habitt, hauing written aboue hi, o s'ca m'r dei ora pro me, & vnder hi, orate pro Thoma Langley ep'o dunelm, & the picture of St Lawrence wth his girdirons in his left hand, & the armes & scutcheon of B. Langley vnder hi, viz a faire crowne of gold aboue his helmet, & within the crowne, the crest being a bush of ostrich feathers* excellently sett forth, in fyne greene & read painted glasse, the 2 lower lights conteyne the seưall storyes of Si Oswold beheaded (100) & lying on his beare accompanied with St Cuth: & others, & the sun beames shyning vpon hi, where he lay on his beare, & the story of St Laurence death & martyrdome, & in the middle deuision of the said window are 4 like lights, hauing 4 starres or millets in thē, & aboue all are 4 turrett windowes hauing the pictures of our sauiour Christ, and our blessed Ladie, & others in most curious glassoned worke.


The 2 was the altar of St Thomas of Canterburie, & st Katherine, a like window with like lights, conteyning the storie of St Thomas martirdome comming downe on the one side, & the storie of st Katherina* brought before the king & tormented on the wheeles, with 2 aungells seuering thee wheeles from torturing her, & after comitted to prison, looking foorth of the grate, and her beheading afterwards in the kings psence, coming downe on the other side, with certaine armes & scutcheons in 4 turrett windowes, vnder the midst of the said window deuided, & the pictures of 4 Bishops, in 4 little turret windowes, & the picture of o’ B. Lady aboue all in a blew habitt.

MS. Rawl.,

3. The 3 was the altar of St Iohn Baptist, & St 1603.

Margeret with a like wyndow & lights hauing the picture of St Iohn Baptist one the one syde, & the lambe, & a crosse in his hand, with these words written aboue him, ecce agnus dei, & vnder him, (a

him, (a monke called Thomas) in a bleu habitt, with these words aboue hi, adiurua [sic] me s'ce Cuthb'te Thom, & his baptizing of Christ in Iordan, being after brought before the King and Queene & soe consequently beheaded, & the picture of St Margaret* on the other syde, hauing o`come the dragon, with these words aboue her, S'ca Margareta, & being brought before the king was condemned, & hung by the head haire, drawen vp by wyndowes,* & put into a tunne of oyle, which would not kill her, because the [sic] would not consume it, & soe she was beheaded, aboue all are 4 turrett Wyndowes, conteyning & holding the pictures of St Iohn Baptist and our blessed Lady & others, & finely sett out in couloured glasse.

4. (f. 18b) The 4 was the altar of St Andrew, & Mary Magdelene, wth a like wyndow & lights, conteyning on the one syde, the picture of St Andrew, with his crosse ou his bodie, and these words oư his head, S'cus Andreas, on the other side, Mary Magdelene wth s’ca Maria Magdelena où her head, & the storie of her kneeling at her prayers, brought before the king and iudged to die, * & some pt of the storie of Xpt annoynting & visiting the sicke, & aboue all 4 turrett wyndowes, & the pictures of 4 doctors of the Church, St Augustine, Hierome, Ambrose, & Gregorie, in fyne couloured glasse. (101) 1. On the north syde of St Cuth: & St Bedes altar, was the altar of saint Martin, and saint Edmond, * hauing like wyndow, and ligts, conteyning the picture of St Martin in his blew vestmt, & his myter on his head, a staffe in his hand and a crosse on the topp, & these wordes ouer him, S'cus Martinus Archep'us, & vnder him the draught of Bishop Skerlawes armes holden vp with 2 aungells, & fadowmed* & coưed with the third, & the storie of St Martin & certaine armes drawen therein, especiallie the picture of a wicked spirite in the likenesse of a womam (sic)


who had gotten into the chamber of St Martin (Edmond Ms. Rawl.,

1603. interlined, and so H. 44), intending to tempt that holie man, (to lecherie, interlined) & his contempt of the sin, was sin of lecherie, [sic] who by the prayers & deuotion of that holy man & his contempt of the sin, was soe abhorred and detested, that he with a rod did switch & beate her forth of the bed, & the picture of St Edmond in his red episcopall attire, with a staffe hauing a crosse on the top, in his hand, & these words oừ him, S'cus Edmudus ep'us, with diuers & sundrie armes of men, both aboue in little turret wyndowes, & below, & the picture of B. Skeirlaw with the picture of 2 angells on eother syde, vnderneeth St Edmund B. with 4 turrett wyndowes conteyning the armes of diuers noblemen pfectly drawen in the breasts of 4 angells. The 2

was the altar of saint peter & saint paule, hauing like wyndow & lights, conteyning the picture of St peter with the crosse keyes in his hand, & vnderneath his beheading, * & pt of his myracles shewing his danger of drowning walking walking [sic] towards Xpt on the sea, vntill X pt helped hi, & tooke hi by the hand, wth ye picture of 4 armes in the little paines vnderneath the middle stoneworke, And the picture of saint paule psecuting the Church of Damascus, & therefore stricke blind, & after, became an ap'le vpon the appearing of Xpt vnto hi, hauing written vpon his breast, Saule, Saule, quid tu me psequeris, & after brought before thee emperour was beheaded, & aboue all 4 little towre wyndowes wth 4 fyne pictures fynely sett out in [sic] couloured glasse, that is to saie, of saint Ceadda, saint Cuthbert, saint Aydaine, and another Bishop Which is unknowen, & a little wyndow aboue all with ye picture of god almighty.

3. (f. 19) The 3 was the altar of St Aydaine, * with like wyndow & lights, with the picture of St Aydaine in his episcopall attyre, wth his crosier staffe in his hand, whose soule after his death is departed (in his hand and his Soul carried to Heaven by two Angells* in a Sheete with part of the Storie of Christ, C. ; reported, H. 44] to be caryed vp in a sheete into heauen by 2 angells, with

MS. Rawl., pcell of the story of Xpt, & the picture of a king & 2 other 1603.

saints, & the picture of St Elinor* (St Ellinor in a blew habit being a Prioresse with the Story of religious women of her order going to her Chappell, C. ; Helena, H. 44) in her blew habitt being a prioresse, conteyning the story [soverainty, H. 44] of the religious women of her order, resorting to there Churche & the picture of our Ladie & the angell Gabriell appearing to her, & the (102) holy Ghost ouershadowing her, the lilly springing forth of the lillie pott, and vnderneath the middle stoneworke are the pictures of angells in 4 little wyndowes, & aboue all are 4 towre wyndowes with the pictures of 4 ap'les, and thee picture of God almightie all in another wyndow, in couloured glasse, with our sauiour Christ in her* [his, H. 44) armes.

4. The 4 altar, was the altar of the archangell St Michaell, with like window & lights, conteyning the pictures of 8 seuerall orders* of angells, in 8 seưall pictures, viz one angell pictured & vnder hi written Cherubines & seraphines, another, & vnder him, Archangeli, another, & under hi, Angeli, another, & vnder him, principatus, another, & vnder him, dominac'oes, another, & vner [sic] him potestates.

And aboue all in 4 turrett windowes the pictures of 4 Archangells, winged with the wheele vnder there feet, & there names written in there winges, and aboue all in a little towre window, in the middest of it, is the picture of god Almighty.

ffinis. ffinis de histories of the glasse windowes in the Cathedrall Church of Duresme.

Ms. Cosin, (103)

II. De aduentu Regis Henr: 6 ad Eccl'iam B. II. 2,

Dunelm. 1660, p. 112.

Illustrissimus benignissimus graciosissimus et o'ibus eum intuentib9 amabilis. Rex noster Henricus sextus post conquestum visitauit Tumbam S'ti Cuthberti pontificis in Dunelmo. causa peregrinac'ois Anno Domini 1448.* Ano papatus D’ni Nicholai 5ti 20 Ao Regni Regis ejusdem Henrici 260 Ao ætatis ejusdem vicesimo 7mo An'o

B. II. 2,


pontificatus Domini Roberti Neuill Dunel' Ep'i undecimoms. Cosin, et Ano prioratus Dmi Mg'ri Will’mi Ebchester sacræ paginæ professoris in Theologia secundo, litera dominicalis F. C. vjo Kal: octobris.* et mansit in Castello Domini Ep'i in Dunelmo usq' in ultimum diem ejusdem mensis, hoc est pridie Kall: octobris in ffesto S’ti Jeronimi presbyteri, et in Die Dominica, in die S'ti Michaelis Arcangeli in propria persona erat. in primis vesperis, in processione, in Missa, in Secundis Vesperis.

Litera D'ni Regis Henrici sexti Mag'ro Joh'i p. 113. Somerset missa Anno D'ni 1448.

De premissis. Right trusty and well beloved. Wee greet you hartly well letting you witt, that Blessed be où Lord God we have been right merry in oừ pilgramage. considering iij Causes, one is how that the Church of ye province of Yorke & diocesse of Durham be as nobill in doing of Divine Service in multitude of Minists and in sumptuous & glorious buildinge, as anie in our Realme. And alsoe how our Lord has radicate in the people his faith and his Law. and yt they be as Catholicke people as ever wee came amonge and all good and holy. that wee dare say, ye i Comandemt may bee verified right well in them. Diligunt Dominū Deum ipsorum ex totis animis suis. et tota mente

Alsoe they have done unto us all great hertly Reverence and Worshipp. as ever we had, with all great humanity and meekness. with all Celestiall. blessed and honoble speech and blessinge as it can be thought and imagined. and all good and better than wee had ever in oư Life, eaven as they had beene celitus inspirati. Wherefore we dare well (104) say, it may be verified in them ye holy sayinge of ye prince of ye Apostles. S: Peter when he sayeth. Deum timete. Regem honorificate. Qui timent Dominum et Regem honorificant cum debita Reuerentia. Wherefore ye Blessing yt. God gave to Abraham Isack and Jacob descend upon them all. &c. Wryten in our Citty of Lincolne, in crastino Stæ (sic) Lucæ Euangelistæ 1448.



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