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c. 1600.

In the weste end of ye church in ye north allie and ou Roll, ye galleley dour ther in a Belfray called the galleley steple* did hing iiij goodly great Belllwch was neừ Rownge but at euy öncipall feast or at such other ty mes* as ye Bushop dyd come to ye towne. Euy sonnday* in ye yere there was a 'smo preched in ye gallely at after none from one of ye clocke till iij & at xij of ye clock ye great Bell of y" galleley was toulled euy sonndaie iij qyters of an how re & roung ye forth qzter* till one of ye clock, that all yo people of ye towne myght haue warnyng to come & here ye worde of god preached. There was certaine officers* pteyni'g to ye said howse wch was allwayes charged when so eu ye said Bellp was knowlede to be redy for ye Rynging of theme, viz ij men of ye kitching was charged wth ye Ringing of on Bell, & ye iiij men of ye church that dyd lye allwayes in ye church was charged wth ye Ringing of ye third Bell ; & vj othere was alwaies charged wth ye Rynging of the great Bell viz ij of the back howse, ij of the Brew house & ij of ye killne. And in ye latter dayes of kyng Henrie the eighte* ye house was supprest, & after that tyme ye said Belll was neừ Rounge. Then Deane Whittingham (34) pceyving theme not to be occupied* nor Rounge a great whyle before his tyme, was purposed to haue taiken them downe and broken them for other vses [and make his pfitt of them, H. 45). Then Tho: Sparke* the Bushopes Suffrigaine lying at Durhm & kepinge howse there, at ye same tyme havinge Intellegence what ye Deanes purpose was, dyd sende into Yorkshire wth all speade for a workeman & caused iij of ye said Belle, to be taiken downe (ye iiijth Bell Remaynes ther still & was neu Rounge synce yt was suspent»*) [ye other did remayne a longe season but yet after removed into ye Lantorne, H. 45] & caused them iij to be hoong vp in ye newe worke called ye lantren & maide a goodly chyme* to be sett, on ye said Belle, ye wch dyd coste hime in charges Thirtie or fortie pownde, wch chyme endureth to this daie, or els ye saide Belll had bene spoyled & defaced. [But in ye yeare 1650 : this Abbey church was made a prison for ye Scotts*

Opposite to this word in Cosin Dr. Hunter has placed the word “ Indicted" in the margin.

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Roll, c. 1600,

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H. 45.]

and quite defaced wthin, for ther was to ye Number 4500 wch most of them perished & dyed ther in a very short

were throwen into holes by great Numbers together in a most Lamentable manner; But in ye yeare 1655 ye Clocke & Chyme was repayred againe wch was taken downe & preserved from ye sd ruyne. (XX.) The South angle* of ye Bodie of ye churche.

Robert Neivell* Bushop of Durhm lyeth buryed in his aūcestors porch in ye south allie, [in ye South Alley of ye saide Church neare ye Earle of Westland his Ancest, [H. 45) nere vnto ye cloyster dour on ye south, & Jesus alter on ye northe, of the porch conteyning iij pillers & so moch of ye angle having in yt an alter wth a faire Allablaster table* above yt, where mess was daly selebrated for yer soules: and therin a seate or pew where ye por was accustomed to set to here Jesus mess, ye est end of the porche where ye alter stood was closed vp wth a litle stone wall sumwhat hier then ye alter & wainscotted aboue ye wall, the west end wth a litle stone wall & an Iron grait on ye topp of ye wall, & all ye north syd towardes ye body of ye church invyroned wth Irone. *

And also in ye backsyde behynde ye Neivelle alter from ye Neivells alter to ye mydes of ye piller behinde ye church doure* in Compasse from piller to piller ther was a chambre* (35) where one yt keapt ye church & Rownge ye Belle at mydnight did ly in, and also all oư ye church dour ye compasse of iiij pillers,* [two of either syde interlined) when one enteryd wthin ye church doure was all coued abouehead wth waynscott verie fynely paynted & Vnished blewe sazure, interlined] of the culler of ye Element, sett out wth starres of goulde. And [in interlined] ye forepte of ye wainscott from piller to piller wthin ye church ou ye holie water stone, ther was a brattishing on ye fore pte of ye wainscott or Rowffe very fynely & Curiouslie wrowght & all gilte (wth gold, interlined) as fynly as ye angell, & in ye mydes* of ye saide brattyshing yer was a great starre of a great Compasse like vnto ye sonne veri artifficially & most Curiouslie gilt &

1 Altered to “fyne " secunda manu.

Roll, c. 1600.

ennamyled veri goodly to all ye beholders therof, so that there coulde no duste nor fylthe faule into ye holy water stone yt was so close aboue head, & so close wthin ye church doure.

In the west end of this south allei [Angle, H. 45] Betwixt ye tow neithermost [lowest, H. 45) pillers oppositt to o? La: of Pieties Alter ther was an alter wth a Roode* repsenting ye passion [of o? Sauio”, H. 45) having his handes bounde, wth a crowne of thorne on his head, being comonly called ye bound roode, inclosed* on etch syde wth wainscott as was ye foresaid alter of o” La: of Pietie. [Near unto the said altar on the south side, adjoyning unto the Galily door, was the grate* wherein the sanctuary countrey men were wont to lie when they fled thither for refuge, L., C.] [came for refuge to St Cuthbert, H. 45).

(XXI. The Sanctuary.* H. Edd.) In the old tyme (ye florishinge tyme of this Abbey the Church wth the Church yard, H. 45) longe before ye house of Durhm was supprest the abei church & all ye church yard & all the circuyte therof* was a Saunctuarie for all maner of men yt had done or comytted any gret offence as killing of a mă in his own defence or any Psoners had broken out of pson & fled to ye said church dore & knocking & Rapping* at yt to haue yt opened there was sten më yt dyd lie alwaies in two chambers* [in a Roome, H. 45) ou ye (said north interlined) church dore, for ye same purpose that when any such offenders dyd come & knocke, streight waie they were letten in at any o’ of ye nyght & dyd Rynne streight waie to ye gallelei Bell* & tould yt to (36) thintent any mā yt hard it might knowe yt there was som mã yt had taken Sentrie, & when ye por had intellegence therof, then he dyd send word and comanding them yt they should keape theme selues wthin ye Saúctuarij yt is to saie wthin ye church & church yard & euy one of

i Here follows a line that has been erased and then pasted over in a former joining of the Roll, viz., “Neare vnto ye said alter on ye south syde adioyninge vnto ye." The rest of the paragraph is wanting in the Roli as

we have it.

Roll, c. 1600.

theme to haue a gowne of blacke cloth maid wth a cross of
yeallowe cloth called Sacte Cuthb: cross* sett on his lefte
shoulder of his arme to thintent ye euy one might se ye
there was such a frelige* graunted by God & Sacte Cuthb:
for eưy such offender to flie vnto for succour and safe gard
of there lyues, vnto such tyme as they might obteyne there
jnces pdone, & that thei should lie wthin ye church or
Saunctuarij in a grate* wch grate ys Remayni'ge &
standing still to this daie being maid onelie for ye same
purpose, standing and adioying vnto ye gallelei dore on ye
south syde and Likewise they had meite drinke & bedding
& other necessaries of ye house cost & charg for sten?
daies as was meite for such offenders vnto suche tyme as ye
Pior & ye covent could gett theme coveyed out of ye
dioces. This fredom was confirmed not onely by king
Guthrid, * but also by king Alvred. *3
In ye weste end of ye said Church ou

ye Gallelei yer is a moste fyne large wyndowe* of glass being ye holl storie of ye Rute of Jessei* in most fyne coulo”ed glas, verie fynely & artifficially pictured & wrowght in coulers, veri goodly & pleasantlie to behoulde wth mary & christ in her armes in ye top of ye said wyndowe* in most fyne coulored glas also.

(XXII.) The Galleley. Wherefore ye Chappell dedicated in ye honor of

St Mary was named & cauled yo galleley. And for the cum forth of all women & solace of yer soules there was an aūcyent Church in ye ferne4 Iland where the church of that towne nowe standeth wch was appoợted for women* to repaire vnto, both for ye hearing of masse for making there prayers, & receyving the sacramenti, for wch cause there was a chappell maide & dedicated to ye blessed virgin Marie nowe cauled ye galleley. Vpo ye (37)

1 A coæval pen has altered “ & Sacte Cuthb:" into “unto Sacte Cuthb: shrine."

"37" is placed in the margin, prima manu ; s'ten" is erased, and "certaiue" written over, secunda manu.

3 This sentence is an insertion, secunda manu. + So in all the MSS. (and editions, J. T. F.) but a mistake, no doubt, for Lindisfarne, or Holy Island, where there is a church so situated.--Ed.

Roll, c. 1600.

namyng wherof is to be noted, as yow may reade in the booke entituled. The actes of ye B. ca. 26. *

Hugo Bushop of Durhm* who was consecrated in ye yeare of our L: god M.C.Liij at Rome by Pope Athanasius (Anastatius IV, Ed.]* vpo ye feaste day of St Thom's ye Apostle considering ye deligence of his pdecessors in buylding the Cathedrall Church, weh was finished but a fewe yeres* before his ty me, no Chappell beinge then erected to ye blessed Virgin Marie, whereunto it should be lawfull for womē to haue accesse, began to erect a newe pece of woorke at ye east end* of ye said Cathedrall church, for weh worke there weare sundry pillers* of m'ble stone brought from beyonde ye seas but this worke being browght to a small height began throwghe great riftl apperinge* in ye same to fall downe, wherevpo yt manyfestlye appeared yt that worke was not acceptable to god* & holy St Cuthb: especially by reason of ye accesse wch women weare to haue so neare his fferreter. In consideratio wherof the woo'ke was left of, and a newe begun and finished at ye west angle* of ye said church, wherunto yt was lawfull for women to enter, having no holie place before where they mighte haue lawfull accesse vnto for there cum forthe and consolac'o.

In that it is called the galleley by reason* (accordinge as some thinke) of the translatinge of the same once begū and afterward removed, wherevpo it toke ye name of galleley : to wch place such as maid repaire vnto it had graunted vnto them sundry pdons, as more plainly appereth in a table there sett vp* conteyning ye said pdons.

With in ye said gallelei in ye Cantarie* being all of most excellent blewe nible stood our La : alter, * a verie sumptuous Monum fynly adorned wth curious wainscott woorke* both aboue ye head, at ye back & at either end of the said alter, ye wainscott being devised & furnished wth most heavenly pictures so lyuely in cullers & gilting as yt they did gretly adorne ye said alter wher o? La: masse was songi daly by ye m' of the song schole [cauled Mr. John Brimley,* interlined], wth certaine decons* & quiristers, the m' playing vpo* a paire of faire orgaines the ty me

Adorne--song," repeated in MS., at a joining of the paper.

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