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Roll, C. 1600.


Johañes Aukeland prior.
Thomas Castell Por.

Hugo Whithead* died at London & lieth buried in ye church of ye mineres nyghe ye towre of Londo.

He was ye laste por of ye church of Durisme [and the first Deane. ]:

[Robert Horne,* d'c'or of Devinity Deane after hym. H. 45, secunda manu.]

The Bushopes of Durisme weare wounte in auncyent tyme to be interred and Buryed in ye foresaid Chapter house, standing in ye easte alley of ye cloysters 2 in that they would not psume to ly any nearer to holie Sacte Cuthb: whose naymes heare after ensewth [because they woold not presume to lye neere the holy body of St. Cuthb., theire names are ingrauen uppon the stones under wch they lye in the Chapter house, with the signe of the crosse annexed to the end of theire said names. Cos. 13 (47) (XXVI.) A Catalog of ye Bushops of Durhm*

whose bodies ar found buryed in ye chapter house of Durisme as appereth by ther names ingraven vpo stone wth ye signe of the crosse

annexed to eủy of there said names. [{ Aydanus Ep'us, H. 45] [qui obijt Anno Dom. 651. Cos.

[There were many betwixt this Aydanus & theis menc'ond who were bpps of Lindisfarne now called Holy Iland before they came to Durham but noe notable Acts done by them but I referr ye reader to my other booke where are at lardge. H. 45, secunda manul.

+ Aldunus ep’us (Aldwinus the first Bpp of Duresme and first founder of the Abby Church, Anno Domini: Cos.]

+ Eadmūdo ep'us. These two were buried under one + Eadredo ep'us.

stone. I "and the first Deane is in a different, but apparently a coæval hand. ? Dr. Hunter has written opposite to this paragraph in Cos., “ This is better related in Mrs. Milner's manuscript."

3 “Savncte Cuth, whose names hereafter ensewth ” here follows at a joining of the paper.



c. 1600.

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[Eadmundus, forte fortuna a monachis dissidentibus Roll, electus, who dyed at Gloster, and was translated thence to bee buryed in the chapter house. Anno Dom. 1048. Cos.)

+ Walchero ep’us. This Walter bishop was buried with Aldunus under one stone.* [Short read* good read slay yee ye bpp. H. 45, secunda manu).

[hee was slaine in the Church at Gateside in Newcastle, and was buryed priuatly in the Chapter house under the same stone with Aldwinus, without any inscriptio ouer him. 1081. Cos.]

* Will'm's ep'us."

[Guilielmus i ep's de Karlipho with Malcome kinge of Scotts,* and Turgott then prior of this church did pull downe the old church builded by Aldwinus and did lay the foundation of this church as it now is : theis three layinge the first three stones thereof in the foundation : July the 30: or as others say : Aug. 11 1093. Cos. ]

+ Ranulphus* ep'us. [Wm Rufus preferred him for
his owne ends. H. 45, secunda manu.]

+ Gaufrido ep’us.
+ Will's s'cdus ep’us.

+ Hugo de Puteaco,* ep'us. [King Steph. was his
vncie. *

H. 45, secunda manu). (47)
+ Philippo* ep’us.
+ Rich’us de marisco* ep'us.
+ Nichola's de farnh'm* ep’us.
+ Walter' de Kirkhä* ep'us.

+ Rob’to Stichell* ep'us. [Prior of Finckley founded
ye Hospitall of Greetham and gaue ye landes of Symon
Mounford wch was forfeited & he recoued them of ye king
& gaue them to ye Hospitall weh in Value att ye Dissoluc'on
97li. 6s. 5d. ob. p Ann. H. 45, secunda manu.]

+ Rob’t9 de Insula* ep'us. Both thes ly buried

+ Rich'us de Kellow* ep's. ) before ye bushops seat vnder two mble stones, wth ther immagť in brasse curiouslie graven [but now defaced.

Cos. ]


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Roll, C. 1600.

Ao 1086. About wch tyme king Malcolme caused* ye old church of Durisme to be plucked downe & buyldyd vp a newe, begininge evin at ye firste floore. In wch season, one Egelwyn* or Williā (as ye scotishe wryters haue) was bushop of that Sea, & por of the abbay was one Turgot, who afterward was maid Bushop of St Andrewes, and wrote ye lyves of quene Margaret* & Malcolme hir husband in ye scottishe tongue.

+ This Turgotus* prio? of Durisme [who laide one of the first 3 stones in the foundation of this church, Cos.] was afterward consecrated bushop [translated by Malcome Kinge of Scotts to the Bpprick, Cos.] of St Andree in scotland, Ao d'ni. M.C.ixo vpon whose request & petitio at his death he was carried to Durisme, & lyeth buried in ye chapter house of Durisme there emongf the rest of ye Bushops. *

In the wch chapter howse in ye upp end is a fair stall or seat of stone, * [chaire of stone, Cos.] where ye Bushopes haue bene [& are]" till this day installed being also a place where ye Bushope doth nowe keape his visitatio (when hee holds his Visitation for the Cathedrall church, and next to it is a chaire of wood fastened in the wall where the Priors did and the Deanes doe now sit at the sd uisitations. Cos. ]

. Within [adjoyninge, H. 45; in the south side of, Cos.) ye said chapter house was a psoune* for the Mounckes (wherunto those monkes were committed for a certaine space, Cos.] for all suche light offences as was done amonges them selves. 2


In the said Chapter house aboue the chapter house door (49) there is a faire glasse wyndowe* beinge the hole storie of the Rute of Jessei in most fyne coulo’ed glas, verie fynelie and artifficiallie picturd and wrowght in the said coulo’ed glasse verey goodlie & pleasantlie to behoulde wth marie & christ in her armes in ye top of ye said wyndowe in most fyne coulored glas also.

1 Interlined.
2 “ Amonges them selves " repeated at joining of the paper.

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Roll, c. 1600.

(XXVII.) The Ryte or Custume in

Buryinge of Bushoppes

in ye chapter house. The Bushopes of Durisme when as they dyed was browght to ye abbei church* of Durhm to be interred and buyried, the por and mounckes of Durham dyd meite hime at the abei church garth gate at ye place grene and Receyved hime there, & brought hime thorowgh the said church into ye chapter house to be buryed, at which Buriall there was vsede greate solempnytye and devoc'on by ye P'or and the Mounckes of that church of Durisme, according to ye Customable burying of ye Bushopes* in ye auncyente tyme. The accustomed burying of ye Bushopes in that tyme was to be buried as he was accustomed to say masse wth his albe & stole and phannell* & his vestmt* (and other uestments, Cos.], wth a myter on his heade, and his Crutch*1 wth him, and so laied in his Coffine, wth a litle challice* of sylver, other mettell, or wax ; wch wax challice was gilted verie fynly about ye edge & knoppe in ye myddes of ye shanke of ye challice, and aboute ye edge of ye patten or coư, & ye foote of it also was gilted which one of ye said challices (which Challice, Cos.] was sett or laide vpo his breast in ye coffine wth hime and ye coư therof nayled downe to yt, And verie solemne svice don at there funeralle.


The Prio” and ye mounckes had ye horsses, charette, and all other thinges wch came wth hime, [the deceased BPP, Cos.] being dewe vnto theme by ther Auncient Custoume, as mur plainly doth appeare in ye historie of ye church of Durisme at large.*


And afterward the Bushopes came to be interred and Buryed wthin the abbay church of Durisme, and not in the Chapter house in these latter daies as followth. (50)

“ Crosier

Struck out and “ Crosier staffe" interlined secunda manu ; staffe" in Cos., L., C., and H. 44 ; so in editions.

c. 1600.


The names of all the Bushops of Durisme as weare Sumpteouslye Buried out of ye chapter house, wthin the Abbaie churche of Durisme, in such forme and fashio as they weare accustomed to saie mass, wth all there furniture belonging therto as there ødicessors [Ancestors, H. 45) had in the chapter house as is afforesaid, in eưy respectes, as by there seưall monum's over theme & inscriptions therevpo may appeare.

All which Bushops were great benefacturs to the said church both duringe there lyves, and at there death as the historie of ye church more at large declareth.

Anthony Beeke* Bushop of Durisme and patriarche of Hierusalem was [buryed betwixt ye 2 Alters of St Adyan & St Ellen in ye vtmoste East end of ye Church on ye North side of St Cuthb: shrine in a faire Marble Tombe* vnder a lardge Marble stone beinge, H. 45) the first Bushop that eu attempted to be buried in the abbay church out of the chapter house, and to lye so neare the sacred shrine of Saete Cuthbert. [ye wall beinge broken* downe att ye end of ye Alley to bringe hym in wth his Coffin wch contynued vntill ye suppression of ye Abbey, H. 45.) [And ye first Layman yt ever had any lycense to be buried wthin ye sd Church was Raphe Lord Nevile* al’s Daw-Raby first Earle of Westland' and John Lord Nevile his sonne wth theire wives who was admitted to be buried in ye body of ye sd Church betwixt Two Pillers in ye South Angle of ye same Whose Tombes were standinge very lately vntill the Scottes were brought Prisoners from Dunbarr and ymprisoned wthin ye saide Church in ye yeare 1651 wch now are vtterlye defaced, they had the honno? to be buried for ye great battayle they wonn att Durham where they tooke David Kinge of Scots Prisoner and where his brother was slayne wth many More of ye Nobility of Scotland, soe itt may seeme yt ye Scotts defaced ther Tombes in remembrance of that, but more of this shall follow of the manner of yt battell. H. 45).

This is a mistake. The first Earl of Westmoreland was the grandson of the above.


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