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Roll, c. 1600.



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(51) Lodowicus Bellomonte* ep’us.

Ricardo de Berye* ep'us.
Thom's Hatfeilde* ep'us.
Walter9 Schirley* ep'us.
Thom's Langley* ep’us.

Roberto Neivell* ep'us.
Cuthbert9 Tunstall,* ep'us, being at Commandem' wth
tharchbushoppe of Canterbery, at Lambethe, there dyed a
professed Catholicke, and lyethe buryed in the Church of
Lambeth, where he was first maid Bushop.

[Cuthbert Tunstall Bpp, beinge depriued of his BPpricke by queene Eliz: was kept prisoner in the Archbpps house at Lambeth where hee dyed and was buryed under a faire marble in the Parish Church of Lambeth where hee was consecrated BPP 40 yeares before. Cos.]

(XXIX. THE CENTRY GARTH.) Att ye easte end of the said Chapter howse [At the south side of the quire, Cos, there is a garth called ye centrie garth* where all the pors & mounckes was buryed, in ye said garthe there was a vaulte all sett* wth in of either syd wth maisó wourke of stone (free stonn, Cos.), & likewise at eyther end, & ou ye myddes of ye said vaut, there dyd ly a faire throwgh stone & at either syde of the stone was open (was a place open, Cos.] so that when any of ye mounckl, was buryed Looke what bones was in his grave, they wer taiken when he was buryed & throwne in ye saide vault wch vaut was maid for ye same purpose [to be a Charnell house to cast dead mens bones in, * Cos.]

Also ther was dyule gentlemě of good wourship that was buryed in ye sạid centrie garth, because they would be buryed [they desyred to lye, Cos.] neare vnto yt holy mā Sáct Cuthb: and among all other there was one gentlemā of (52) good worh (sic) cauled Mr. Rackett* weh was buryed in ye said centry garth nigh vnto ye ix alters dour over against ye holy mā St Cuthb: [S+ Cuthberts shrine, Cos.] wch had à faire toumbe over him & a fair white mble stone aboue



"done amonges theme selves " at a joining of the paper.


c. 1600.


ye said toumbe, wheron was pictured very curyouslye ye pictur of ye said Mr. Rackett all in Brasse* in his cote arni wth his sword girdyd about him to his side, and at euy corn of ye said alble stone one of ye jiij evangeliste all in Brass likwise (cutt in brasse, Cos.]

There was an other gentleman called Mr. Elmden which was buryed in the said garth hard wthout the nyne alter Dure, [besides him, Cos.] wth a faire throwgh stone aboue hym: wth dyuse other gentlemē whiche was buryed there tyme out of memory all wch ar now defaced & gone(whose

: memoryes are now perished, Cos. ]

Also in the saide place where all the Priors and Mounckes was buryed in auncyent tyme called the Centorie garth all which Priors, when thei diede had eưy one a goodlie fair throwgh stone layd vpo their Toumbes or graves: Some of them of mble and some of free stone, [a tombestone either of marble or free stone, Cos.] which stones Deane Whittingh: did cause to be pulled downe (taken away, Cos.] and dyd breake and deface all such stones as had any pictures (of brass or other imagerie worke, interlined) or challices wrought vpo theme. And the Residewe he caried them all awaie, and did occupie theme to his owne vse & dide make a washinge howse* of many of them [at the end of the Centorye garth, Cos.] for women Landerers to washe in, so that it cannott be decernyd at this psent that eu any hath bene buried in the said Centorie garth yt is maid so plaine and streight (euen, Cos.] for he could not abyde anye auncyent monum't, nor nothing that appteyned to any godlie Religiousnes or monasticall liffe. [by which act hee shewed the hatred that hee bare to the memories of his predecessors in defacinge so rudely theire ancient and harmlesse monuments, Cos. ]

(XXX. HOLY-WATER STONES). And also wthin the said abbei church of Durisme yer was two Holy Water stones* of fyne mble very artificially maide and gravē and bost wth hollowe Bosses vpo ye outer

A heading, “The Cloysters,” here follows at a joining of the paper.

c. 1600.

sydes of ye stones verie fynly & curiouslie wrowghte. Roll, The stone at ye north dor [of the church, Cos.] was a fair grete large one, the other at ye south dor was not halfe so great nor so large, but of ye same worke that ye other was of, (53) wch two holie water stones was takē awaie* by Deane Whittinghà & caryed into his kitching & put vnto pfayne vses : and ther stoode during his liffe in wch stones thei dyd stepe yer beefe and salt fysh in havinge a conveiance in ye bottomes of them for letting furth ye water, as thei had* when they weare in the church. And [after his death, Cos.] the great holie water stone is

, . removed into the lower end of ye Deanes Buttrie where the Water Counditt is sett, & next vnto ye Wyne Seller, wher in now thei [that therein the seruants might, Cos.] wash and make cleane ther pottland cuppes before they sve theme at ye table. The foote of ye said greater holie water stone was laid wthout ye church dor, and now yt is [was afterwards, Cos.] placed in ye earthe in Lambes shop ye black smyth* vpo fframygaite brige end : and is there now to be sene.

Moreoư Mris Whittinghā* after the death of her husband toke awaie the lessor holie water stone out of ye Deanes kitching, and browght yt into her howse in ye bailye (north balye, Cos. ; North Bailey, H. 44 ; old bayly (in Durham), L. ; the (blank) Bayly, C. ; North Baily, Dav.] & sett it there in her kitchinge, & also did carrye awaie dyuse grave stones, of Blewe nlble & other throwgh stones, that did ly vpo ye pors & mounckes out of ye centrie garth when she buylded her house in the baley, wch stones some of theme ar laid in ye Threshold of ye dores, and two great ones lyeth wthout the doures où against the waule before her dor [before her front stead, Cos., H. 44), for the wch facte she was complayned vpo and so laid those two wthout ye dour that before was maid wall fast wthin her house (wch howse came after to Mr. Jo: Barnes and after to Mr. Jo: Richardson who lived theire a longe season but in his ty me ther came an olde man wth comly gray hayres to begg an Almes, and lookeinge


From this point to the end of the extract the writing of MS. H. 45 is different,

c. 1600.

Roll, aboute hym vpon ye Tombe stones wch lay in ye court

yard saide to ye pty ył came to hym that whilest those stones were theire nothinge wolde prosper aboute ye howse and after dius of his children & others dyed so he caused them to be removed into ye Abbey yard wher now they are* but before ye Almes came to serve ye man he was gone and never seen after weh saide howse is since sould by Mr. Jo: Richardson his grandchild to one Ambrose Myers,* à Plommer. this is verified by diùs nowe livinge. H. 45. Thus mai yow se how godli thingť, which ar

] maid for ye vse of gods 'svice in ye church ar put now to pfayne vses, wch were ordeyned affortyme for good & godly vses in ye church. (thus these sacred monumts which were erected to continue ye memories of good men here on earth shee rased and abused them by imploying them to prophane vses. H. 44.] (54)



There was in ye Centorie garth in vnder ye south end of ye church, cauled ye south end of ye ix alters [in ye Sanctuary yard att ye backe syde of ye ix Alters, H. 45] betwixt two pillers* adioyning to ye ix alter Dour, a song schoole buylded, for to teach vj children for to learne to singe for ye mayntenance of gods Divine svice in ye abbey church, wch Children had there meat and there drinke of ye house coste amonge the children of thalmarie, wch said schoole was buylded many yers since wthout memorie of man, before the suppression of ye house : and ye said schoole (was builded together with the church, and Cos.] was verie fynely bourded wthin Rownd about a mannes hight about ye waules and a long deske (did reache, Cos.] frome one end of ye scoole to thother to laie there bookes vpo, and all the floure Bourded in vnder foote for warmnes, and long formes sett fast in ye ground for ye Children to sitt on. And ye place where ye mr did sitt* & teach was all close bordede both behinde and of either syde for warmnes, And ye said mr was bownd [his office was to teach those 6 children to singe and Cos.] to plaie on ye orgains euy pncipall daie, when ye mouncke


did sing ther high messe & likewise at evinsong, but ye


c. 1600. mounckl when thei weare at there mattens & svice at mydnighte, thene one of ye said mounckt did plaie on the orgains themeselves & no other, so that ye mr was not bownd to plaie but on ye pncipall daies in ye high messe tyme & at evinsong as is afforsaide. Also ye m' of ye said Childrin had his chamber nyghe vnto ye said schoole a litle distant from it where he did live, having his meite & drinke in ye pors hall, emongť ye Pors gentleme" and all his other necessaries found of ye Bor & of ye house coste besydl, vntill such tyme as ye house was supprest, and shortlie after because ther was no techinge in that scoule any long”, but tawght in an other place or scoule appointed for ye purpose, so that ye foresaid scoole in ye Centorie garth is clene gone to decaie and pulled downe that one cannot tell almost* in what place yt did stand.

(XXXII.) The Cloysters. The xiijo yere (sic) of ye CallandP* of aprill •DC.lxxxvijo [684, Cos. and H. 44, wrongly; 687, L., C., rightly) Sacte Cuthbert endyd his liffe, and was buryed in Holy Eland (where he was buship iijo yeres) in Sacte Peters church, (55) by ye alter of ye east syde in a grave of stone that was for hime maid to be buried in, & also xjo yere after that he had bene beryed & lyne there, in Sacte Peters church in Holy eland, he was taken out of ye ground the xiijo of the callande of aprill in ye same Callende that he dyed in, whole lying like to a mã sleping, being found saife & vncorrupted & lyeth waike,* and all his masse clothes saife & freshe as they weare at ye first houre that they weare put on him, and inshryned him in a fereture light* [a little, Cos., H. 44, L., C., Dav.2] aboue the pavement, and there he stoode many aday, he was anckor xiijo yere, also he was mouncke xxxvijo yere and after xiiijo yeares abbot.

[he is said to be descended* of the blood Royal of the MS. L., kings of Ireland, being son of one Muriardach and

1656. Sabina his wife, that was daughter unto a King there,

· Below this heading, at a joining of the paper, “When Sacte Cuthb : was taiken vp at chester by aven," erased.

2 Omitted in later editions,

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