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c. 1600.

Roll, of ye clocke in ye morning, and at yt tyme he caused ye

said Doures to be opened, and delyued ye key of the
cloister to ye porter therof, & ye keyes of ye fratere & the
seller to ye yeomā of ye celler.
Dane Willam Watsonn* Alias Will'm Wyloume

[Wylome, H. 45, C. ; Wylom, L. ; Willonne, Cos.] mr
& kepper of ye fereture* and deece Prior* [& ye deputy

prior, H. 45 ; Dece prior, L., C.; Vice Prior, Cos.] The m' of ye feirture his chamber was in the Dorter, (79) he was ye kep of ye holy sacrede shrine of Sate Cuthb: his office was that when any mā of hono? or worshippe weere disposed to make there praiers to god & to Sacte Cuthb: or to offer any thinge to his sacred shrine, yf they requested to haue yt drawen & to se yt, then streight waie ye clarke of ye fereture* called George Baytes did give intellegence to his m' maister deece [Dece, H. 45, L., C.; vice, Cos.] por ye kepp of ye feiriture. And then ye said m' dyde bring ye keys of ye shrine wth him geving them to the clarke to open ye locks of ye shrine. His office was to stand by & to se it drawen, comaunding ye said clarke to

Also it was ev drawė in ye mattenes tyme* when ye Te deum was in singinge or in ye hie mess tyme,* or at evinsong tyme* when ye Magnificat was song And when they had maid there praiers & dyd offer any thing* to yt, yf yt weare either gould sylver or Jewels streighte way it was hoūge on ye shrine.* And if yt weyre any other thing, as vnicorne horne, Eliphant Tooth,* or such like thinge then yt was howng wthin the fereture at ye end of ye shrine, and when they had maid there praiers, the clarke did let downe ye coư therof & did locke yt at euy corner gyving the keies of ye shrine to ye deice [his m' ye Dece, H. 45; Vice, Cos. ; to ye Dece, L., prio? againe. Ther was many goodly Reliquies* that belonged to ye said shrine. The said George Baytes was Regester of the house* and did all that pteyned to ye register's office.

There was also a Ban that pteyned to ye sayd shrine in the keapinge of the said mr the deece (Vice, Cos.; Dece, L., C.) prio” called Sanet Cuthbertes Ban* [staffe,

drawe yt.



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interlined], which was iiij' yeardl in length. all ye Pippes Roll, of it* was of sylver to be sleavě on* a long speire staffe, (along the banner staff, L., C.] [and on the over most pype on the hight of yt was a ffyne lytle silver crosse, interlined] (crosse staffe, Cos.] and a goodly Ban cloth pteyned to yt. And in the mydes of the ban cloth was all of white velvett halfe a yerd squayre eủy way, and a faire crose of Read velvett oư yt, and wthin ye said white velvett was ye holy Relique ye Corporax (cloth, interlined] that ye holy man Sacte cuthb:2 sayd mess wthall. And the Resydewe of ye Bann clothe was [all, interlined] of Read [Crimson, H. 44] velvett imbrodered all wth [grene sylke &, interlined] goulde, [most sumtuousle, is aforesayd, interlined.]

The sayd bail was at ye wynyng of Brancke feilde* [Brankinfeild, Cos.; Branksfield, L., C.; Brankinsfeild, H. 44 ; Branfield, or Brankinfield Battel, Dar.] in kinge Henrie theightl tyme, and dyd (80) bring home wth it the kinge of Scottes Ban* and dyul other noble menes Auncyentes of Scotl and that was loste yt day. And did sett them vp at Sacte Cuthb: fereture where they dyd stand & hynge vnto the suppression of the house. (And at ye suppression of the house, ye aforesaid banner MS. L.,

1656. of Si Cuthbert & all Auntients of the noblemen of Scotland, as principally the King of Scotts his banner, and diverse noblemens Auntients of Scotland, were shortly after clearly defaced, to the intent there should be no memory of the said Battel, and of their Auncients being spoiled, which were won at the said battel at Branksfield, that there should be no remembrance left of them, within the Monasticall Church of Durham. L., C., Dav.]

And the said Sacte Cuthb: Ban was at manye other Roll, places besydes, * yt was thought to be one of the goodlyest Reliquies that was in England, and yt was not borne but of pncipall daies when ther was a generall prossession, as easter daie, the Assentió day, Whitsonday, Corpus christi

c. 1600.


· Erased, and “fyve” written over.

2 "wthall” erased, and “ did cover the chalyce with all when he " interlined.

3 Branxton, or Flodden field,

c. 1600.


Roll, daie, & Sacte Cuthb: day. And at other festivall daies it

was sett vp at ye easte end of the shrine because yt was so chargeable (weighty, Dav.]

Also when so eư yt was borne yt was ye clarke (of ye ferture, interlined] office to wayte vpo yt (wth his surplice on,* interlined] wth a faire reade paynted staffe, wth a forke or clove in ye upp end of the staffe, wch clove was lyned wth softe silke and softe downe in vnder ye silke for hurtinge or brusing of ye pipes of ye Ban being of sylver, to taike it downe & Raise yt vp againe for ye weightenes therof. therwas iiij men alwaies appoynted

to waite vpo it besydes ye clarke and he yt dyd beare yt. MS. L., [And there was a strong girdle* also of white leather, 1656.

that he that did bear St Cuthberts banner did wear it, when it was carried abroad, and also it was made fast to the said girdle, with two pieces of white leather, and at either end of the said two pieces of white leather a socket of horne* was made fast to them, that ye end of the Banner staffe might be put into it, for to ease him that did carry ye said banner of St Cuthbert, it was so chargeable and so heavy, there were four men alwayes appointed to wait upon it,

besides the Clarke and he that did bear it. L., C., Dav.] Roll,

The deace (so here in Cos.; Dece, L.] Por had ye keyes 6. 1600. & ye keaping of Sacte Beede shrine* wch dyd stand in ye

galleley, and when so eư there was any geňall prossessió then he commaunded his clarke (geving him ye keyes of Sacte Beedes shrine) to drawe ye cover of yt & to taike yt downe & dyd carry yt into the Revestrie.* then it was caryed wth iiij mounckes about in pssessio eưy Pncipali day, and when the pcessio was donne ytt was caryed into ye galleley & set vpe there againe, wth ye coừ letten downe

yt & lockte, the keyes browght by the clarke to the m of ye fereture againe.

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(81) Dane Richarde Crosbie Mr of ye novices.

Ther was alwayes vj novices* wch went daly to schoule wthin the house for ye space of vij yere [together, Cos.], and one of ye eldest mounckes that was lernede was appoynted to be there Tuter the sayd novices had no

c. 1600.


wages, but meite drinke and clothe for that space. The Roll, mr or Tuteres office was to se that they lacked nothing, as, Cowles, frockl,* stamyne, Beddinge, Bootes & sockl, and whene they did lacke any of thes necessaries, the mi had charge to caule of ye chamberlaynes for such thinges, for they neư Receyved wages nor handled any money in that space but goynge daly to there bookes* wth in the cloyster. And yf the m' dyd see that any of theme weare apte to lernyng & dyd applie his booke & had a prignant wyt wth all then the mr dyd lett ye prio haue Intellygence then streighte way after he was sent to oxforde* to schoole and there dyd lerne to study Devinity, and the resydewe of ye novices was keapt at there bookes tyll they coulde vnderstand there svice and ye scriptures, then at the foresayde yeres end they dyd syng there first messe. * The house was no longer charged wth fyndinge them appell, for then they entred to wages to Finde them selves appell, wch wages was xxs in ye yere. [& noe more, H. 45.] The eldest mouncke in ye house had no more except he had an office (yt did afford itt, H. 45). his chamber where he dyd ly was in the Dorter.


Dane Johann Porter, Alias Johan Smythe Callede

Maister Sagersten* (Saccraston, H. 45). The Sextens checker* was wth in the church* in ye north alley over against Bushop skirleys alter of ye lefte hand as yow goe vp the abbey to St Cuthb : fereture (which after was converted to a songe scoole but sence itt is pulled downe* by order of ye Bpp att ye cominge of Kinge Charles (in)' his progresse to Scotland and ye songe scoole made in ye Cloisters* vnder the Moncks lodginge wher Mr Green* now dwelleth, H. 45, secunda manu). His office was to se that there should nothing be lackinge wth in ye churche as to pyyde bread* & wyne for the church & to pvide for wax and lyght in wynter.

he had alwaies one Tonn of wyne lyinge in the said Checker for ye vse of ye sayd church, he had also seggersten hewgh* in keping it was his charge, and St Marga(82)rette waird* in his office.


i Not in the MS.

c. 1600.



Roll, Also his office was to se all the glass wyndowes repayred

& mendid and ye plumbers wourke of ye churche : wth mending of Bells & Belstringl [and leathering, * Dav. ], and (all interlined] other workes that was necessary to be occupied both wth in ye church & wth out ye church, and to se ye church to be clenly keapte, all thes thingl was alwaies to be called for at ye Sagerstens hande as neade requyred.

Also his office was to locke vp eủy day all the keyes of euy alter in ye church, (eưy alter havinge there seừall aumbree and some two) and to lye theme furthe eủy mornynge betwixt vij and viij of ye clocke vpo ye height (upon the Topp, H. 45] of ye aumbrie (being of waynscott), wherin they weare lockte standing wth in ye north quer dour* that euy mouncke myght taike ye key & appoynt what alter he was disposed to say mess at. Allso [And then, H. 45) yei went to ye chapter house* eưy day where all the Bushops in ye oulde tyme was buryed, betwixt viij & ix of ye clocke and there did pray for all [ye soules of, H. 45] there benefactors and founders wch had bestowed any thing of that church, and at ix of ye clocke ther Roung a Bell to mass called ye chapter messe, wch was soūg alwaies at ye heighe alter,* and he that song ye mess had alwaies in his Memento* all those that had geven any thinge to that church [all ye soules of theire benefc'ors, H. 45). the one halfe of ye mounckes did say masse* in ye chapter masse tyme, and the other halfe that song the chapter mess, seyd messe in ye high mess tyme.* There was at euy alter ij challices & ij sylver Crewettl, appteyninge to yt, both wth albes and vestments for ye principali feastes as also for all other Daies besydes. Eủy alter had ther duble furnitures* for adorni'ge all ptes of thaulter servinge both for ye holy Dayes and Pncypall feastl.

There founders and Benefactoures was prayed for euy Daie & had in Remembrance in ye tyme of the messe. his chamber wher he dyd lye was in ye Dorter. he had his meyt šved from ye great kitching to his checkre.

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