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LORD BARNARD, Raby Castle, Darlington.
SIR THOMAS BROOKE, Bart., Armitage Bridge, Huddersfield.
Rev. WILLIAM BROWN, Old Elvet, Durham.
S. J. CHADWICK, Lyndhurst, Dewsbury.
J. W. Clay, Rastrick House, Brighouse.
FRANCIS COLLINS, M.D., Pateley Bridge.
F. W. Dendy, Osborne Road, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
Rev. Dr. Gee, Durham.
THE VERY REV. W. G. HENDERSON, Dean of Carlisle.
THOMAS HODGKIN, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
J. G. HODGSON, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
The Very Rev. G. W. Kitchen, Dean of Durham.
Rev. J. M. MARSHALL, Croft Rectory, Darlington.
W. W. MORRELL, West Mount, York.
THE VERY REV. A. P. PUREY-Cust, Dean of York.
Rev. CHARLES Slingsby, Scriven Park, Knaresborough.
RICHARD WELFORD, Gosforth, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
Rev. F. G. WESLEY, Hamsteels Vicarage, Durham.

WILLIAM BROWN, Whitehouse, Northallerton.


JOHN GEORGE GRADON, Durham. MEMBERS, WITH THE DATES OF THEIR ADMISSION.* Rev. C. E. Adamson, Westoe, South Shields. 4th December, 1898. Laurence W. Adamson, Linden House, Acklington. 3rd December, 1901. Lord Aldenham, St. Dunstan's, Regent's Park, London. 15th December,

Lord Amherst of Hackney, Didlington Hall, Brandon, Norfolk.

December, 1868.
Andrews and Co., Sadler Street, Durham. 5th March, 1896.


* The number of three hundred and fifty members, to which the Society is limited, is generally full. Judging from past experience, there will be ten or twelve vacancies every year, and these will be regularly filled up. New members will be elected by the Council according to priority of application, unless the son or representative of a deceased member wishes to be chosen in his place. This list is corrected up to March, 1903.

W. Watson Armstrong, Cragside, Rothbury. 3rd December, 1901.
Sir George Armytage, Bart., F.S.A., Kirklees, Brighouse. 2nd June,

Sir J. E. Backhouse, Bart., Darlington. 5th June, 1877.
F. M. T. Jones Balme, High Close, Ainbleside. 3rd December, 1897.
Thos. H. Barker, 36, The Judges' Drive, Newsham Park, Liverpool.

4th December, 1902. Lord Barnard, Raby Castle, Darlington. 6th December, 1892. (Vice

President, 1900-1903). Edward Bateson, 12, Oxford and Cambridge Mansions, N.W. 4th Decem

ber, 1894. Edward Bell, York Street, Covent Garden, London. 3rd March, 1891. John Bilson, Hessle, Hull. 5th March, 1895. Edmund Bishop, 4, Great Ormond Street, W.C. ist December, 1877. Thomas M. Blagg, 25, Cartergate, Newark-on-Trent. 4th December, 1898. Lord Bolton, Bolton Hall, Wensley. 5th March, 1889. Viscount Boyne, Brancepeth Castle, Durham. 4th June, 1873. Thomas Boynton, Norman House, Bridlington Quay. 2nd December, 1884. Sir Thomas Brooke, Bart., F.S.A., Armitage Bridge, Huddersfield. 14th

December, 1860. (Vice-President, 1881-1903.) Rev. William Brown, Old Elvet, Durham. 3rd December, 1889. (Vice

President, 1897-1903.) William Brown, Whitehouse, Northallerton. 3rd December 1889.

(Secretary, 1897-1903.) Sir Gainsford Bruce, Yewhurst, Bromley, Kent. 6th December, 1892. The Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry. 7th December, 1886. George Buchanan, Whitby. 6th June, 1876. Rev. E. Buckler, Maitland Park, Haverstock Hill, London. 5th March,

1889. The Prince of Bulgaria, Sophia Palace, Bulgaria. 4th March, 1902. Robert Anthony Burrell, Fairthorne, Botley, Hants. 17th June, 1861. The Earl of Carlisle, Castle Howard, York. 2nd December, 1879. William Carr, M.A., Ditchingham Manor, Bungay. 5th December, 1865. S. J. Chadwick, Lyndhurst, Oxford Road, Dewsbury. 6th December, 1881.

(Vice-President, 1901–1903). William Chadwick, Arksey, Doncaster. 5th December, 1865. Col. R. Chaloner, Guisborough Hall, Guisborough. 3rd March, 1903. J. E. Champney, Abchurch Chambers, London, W. 3rd December, 1895. H. M. Chapman, St. Martin's Priory, Canterbury. 6th June, 1882. Oswin J. Charlton, 37, Eldon Street, Newcastle. 5th March, 1895. Thomas Chorlton, 32, Brazenose Street, Manchester. 2nd December, 1879. Edward Thomas Clark, Cowick, Selby. 7th December, 1880. G. D. A. Clark, Belford Hall, Belford. ist December, 1874. John Willis Clark, M.A., Scroope House, Cambridge. 5th June, 1902. J. W. Clay, Rastrick, Brighouse. 2nd June, 1868. (Vice-President, 1900

1903). Mrs. Clayton, The Chesters, Hexham. 2nd December, 1890. E. F. Coates, c/o E. Almack, 99, Gresham Street, London, E.C. 4th

March, 1901. Rev. Carus Vale Collier, Burton Agnes, Bridlington. 3rd December, 1897. Francis Collins, M.D., Grassfield, Pateley Bridge. 7th December, 1886.

(Vice-President, 1897-1903.)
John B. Cookson, Meldon Park, Morpeth. 3rd March, 1902.
Lady Cowell, Clifton Castle, Bedale. 5th March, 1895.
Joseph Crawhall, Beacon Bank, Easingwold. ist December, 1896.
The Earl of Crewe, Fryston Hall, Pontefract. 30th December, 1858.
Lord Crewe's Trustees, c/o C. Rowlandson, The College, Durham. 2nd

June, 1891.
Ralph Creyke, Rawcliffe Hall, Selby. 7th December, 1880.


Rev. Matthew Culley, Esh Laude, Durham. 5th June, 1902.
Robert Richardson Dees, Wallsend, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 15th December,

F. W. Dendy, Eldon House, Osborne Road, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

December, 1894. (l'ice-President, 1897-1903.) S. Denison, 32, Clarendon Road, Leeds. 7th June, 1892. Lewis T. Dibdin, D.C.L., Chancellor of Durham, 15, Old Square, Lincoln's

Inn. 3rd March, 1891, James Norton Dickons, Heaton, Bradford. 4th June, 1873. E. R. Dodsworth, York. 3rd March, 1885. Earl of Durham, Lambton Castle, Fence Houses. ist December, 1901. Slingsby D. Eden, Beamish Park, Chester-le-Street. 4th December, 1900. R. H. Edleston, D.C.L., Khadegund Buildings, Cambridge. 3rd December,

1895. John Eland, 12, New Court, Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 6th March, 1900. Rev. H. Ellershaw, Bishop Hatfield's Hall, Durham. Ist March, 1892. Mrs. Elliot, Elvet Hill, Durham. 6th March, 1883. C. E. Elmhirst, York. 4th December, 1894. H. D. Eshelby, 80, Shrewsbury Road, Birkenhead. 7th June, 1887. Rev. Chancellor Espin, D.D., Wolsingham Rectory, Darlington. 3rd

December, 1889. T. M. Fallow, Coatham, Redcar. 4th December, 1883. Chr. J. F. Fawcett, 8, King's Bench Walk, Temple, London. 5th December,

1882. George Anthony Fenwick, Bywell Hall, Stocksfield-on-Tyne. 3rd

December, 1889. Mrs. Hugh Fenwick, Brinkburn Priory, Morpeth. 3rd June, 1897. Rev. Canon Fowler, M.A., D.C.L., F.S.A., Bishop Hatfield's Hall, Durham,

4th June, 1872. (l'ice-President, 1872-1903. Treasurer, 1883-88.) Alfred Scott Gatty, York Herald, Heralds' College, London. 7th March,

1876. Rev. H. Gee, D.D., University College, Durham. 3rd June, 1902.

(Vice-President, 1903.) The Right Rev. Bishop Gordon, Bishop's House, Leeds. 3rd March,

1891. John George Gradon, Lynton House, Durham. 3rd March, 1891.

(Treasurer, 1891-1903.) Rev. William Greenwell, D.C.L., F.R.S., &c., Durham. 28th September,

1813. (Treasurer, 1843-19. Vice-President, 1894-1903.) Earl Grey, Howick Hail, Northumberland. ist December, 1901. Charles Haigh, Elm Court, Temple, London. 6th March, 1883. Viscount Halifax, Hickleton Hall, Doncaster. 5th March, 1895. C. O. Hall, Whitwell Hall, York. 4th December, 1900. William Harding, Darlington. 7th June, 1892. Lord Hawkesbury, Kirkham Abbey, York. 7th December, 1886. The Very Rev. W. G. Henderson, D.D., Dean of Carlisle. 31st May, 1849.

(Secretary, 1849-52. Vice-President, 1872-1903.) Richard Oliver Heslop, Akenside Hill, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 6th June, 1899.

(Vice-President, 1903). Rev. A. E. Hillard, The School House, Durham. 2nd December, 1902. Thomas Hodgkin, D.C.L., Newcastle-on-Tyne. 5th June, 1883. (Vice

President, 1890-1903.) J. C. Hodgson, Abbey Cottage, Alnwick. 6th December, 1892. (Vice

President, 1899-1903.) J. G. Hodgson, Northern Counties Club, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 14th

August, 1885. (Vice-President, 1897-1903.) Rev. Henry Holden, D.D., Boscobel, Streatham Common, London, S.W.

16th June, 1858. Rev. H. C. Holmes, Birkby Rectory, Northallerton. 4th December, 1877.

W. H. St. John Hope, Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House, Piccadilly,

London, W. 4th December, 1883. Lord Hotham, Dalton Holme, Hull. 3rd December, 1872. R. Hovenden, Heathcote, Park Hill Road, Croydon. 5th March, 1889. Henry Arthur Hudson, Clifton, York. 7th March, 1865. William Essington Hughes, 89, Alexandra Road, St. John's Wood, London.

7th March, 1865. Edward Hutchinson, Darlington. 7th December, 1869. Sir Henry Ingilby, Bart., Ripley Castle, Ripon. 15th December, 1859. W. A. James, 1, Fleet Street, London. 2nd March, 1897. Sir Hubert Jerningham, K.C.M.G., Longridge Towers, Berwick-on-Tweed.

6th June, 1899. Rev. J. Johnson, Hutton Rudby, Yarm. uth December, 1856. Sir James Joicey, Bart., M.P., Longhirst Hall, Morpeth. 5th December,

1882. Thomas Jones, Durham. 7th December, 1880. A. B. Kempe, K.C., Chancellor of Newcastle, 2, Paper Buildings, Temple,

London. 5th March, 1889. C. E. Kempe, 28, Nottingham Place, London. 5th December, 1893. H. F. Killick, King's House, Thetford. 5th December, 1899. R. L. Kirby, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough. 51h March, 1889. The Very Rev. G. W. Kitchin, Dean of Durham. 5th March, 1895. (Vice

President, 1895-1903.) A. L. Knight, Water Lane Works, Leeds. 4th December, 1900. W. T. Lancaster, 35, Caledonian Road, Leeds. 4th December, 1883. The_Hon. and Rev. Stephen Willoughby Lawley, M.A., Spurfield,

Exminster, Exeter. 8th December, 1863. (Vice-President, 1888–1901.) Andrew S. Lawson, Aldborough Manor, Boroughbridge. 5th December,

1893. Arthur F. Leach, Charity Commission Office, Whitehall, London. ist

December, 1891. Thomas Francis Leadbitter, Auckland House, Brondesbury, London. 3rd

December, 1889. William Lees, 10, Norfolk Street, Manchester. ist December, 1877. J. Wickham Legg, M.D., F.S.A., 47, Green Street, Park Lane, London.

2nd December, 1890. Rev. Robert Lippe, LL.D., The Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen. 3rd December,

John Lister, Shibden Hall, Halifax. 7th December, 1886.
The Marquess of Londonderry, Wynyard, Durham. 7th December, 1886.
Matthew Mackey, Jun., 8, Milton Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 3rd June,

Messrs. Macmillan and Bowes, Cambridge. 7th March, 1865.
Samuel Margerison, Calverley Lodge, Leeds. ist March, 1881.
Sir Clements R. Markham, K.C.B., Eccleston Square, London.

December, 1891.
Thomas W. Marley, Netherlaw, Darlington. 4th June, 1895.
Rev. J. M. Marshall

, Croft Rectory, Darlington. 5th March, 1889. (Vice-
President, 1889-1903.)
James Melrose, Clifton Croft, York. 7th December, 1875.
J. T. Micklethwaite, F.S.A., 15, Dean's Yard, London. ist December,

1874. R. Middlemas, Alnwick. 2nd December, 1873. James Mills, Beverley. 5th December, 1893. Joseph M. Moore, Harton, South Shields. 7th March, 1893. John William Morkill, Austhorpe Lodge, Whitkirk, Leeds. ist December,

1891. W. W. Morrell, York. 3rd March, 1868. (Vice-President, 1899-1903.) Walter Morrison, M.P., 77, Cromwell Road, London. ist March, 1864.

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Lord Northbourne, Betteshanger, Sandwich. 7th March, 1893.
The Duke of Northumberland, Alnwick Castle. 6th June, 1865.
Wm. Page, The White House, St. Peter's, St. Alban's. ist December,

1885. Howard Pease, Arcot House, Cramlington. 3rd December, 1901. Sir Joseph Whitwell Pease, Bart., M.P., Hutton Hall, Guisborough. 6th

June, 1876. John S. G. Pemberton, M.P., Hawthorn Tower, Seaham. 3rd December,

1901. Sir Francis S. Powell, Bart., M.P., Old Horton Hall, Bradford. 7th June,

1864. John Proud, Bishop Auckland, Durham. 6th June, 1871. The Very Rev. Arthur P. Purey-Cust, D.D., Dean of York. 7th December,

1880. (Vice-President, 1887-1903.)
Frederick Raimes, Hartburn, Stockton. 3rd December, 1901.
Rev. James Raine, Snainton, Yorkshire. 3rd December, 1897.
Sir J. W. Ramsden, Bart., Byrom Hall, South Milford, Yorkshire. 14th

March, 1862.
Mrs. Redpath, Montreal. 5th March, 1895.
Col. Godfrey Rhodes, Westhaugh, Pontetract. ist March, 1864.
Viscount Ridley, Blagdon, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 3rd March, 1891.
The Marquess of Ripon, Studley Royal, Ripon. 15th December, 1859.
W. P. Robinson, New York. 4th December, is

Simpson Rostron, 1, Hare Court, Temple, London. 6th March, 1883.
Christopher Rowlandson, Durham. 5th June, 1883.
W. H. Rylands, F.S.A., 11, Hart Street, Bloomsbury, London. 5th June,

1883. Philip Saltmarshe, Lt.-Col., R. A. House, Sheerness. 4th December, 1894. J. B. Sampson, York. 6th December, 1887. Rev. H. E. Savage, St. Hilda's, South Shields. 3rd December, 1897. Michael Sheard, Sutton, Isle of Ely. 7th June, 1887. G. R. Sheraton, M.D., Sedgefield. 4th June, 1901. J. B. Simpson, Bradley Hall, Wylam-on-Tyne. 3rd December, 1901. Rev. C. S. Slingsby, Scriven Park, Knaresborough. (Vice-President, 1903.) F. W. Slingsby, Thorpe Underwood Hall, Ouseburn, York. 3rd December,

1878. Henry Sotheran, 140, Strand, W.C. 3rd March, 1903. John T. Spalding. 22, Villa Road, Nottingham. 5th December, 1899. John Stansfeld, Woodville, Clarendon Road, Leeds. 4th March, 1890. Joseph Henry Straker, Howden Dene, Corbridge-on-Tyne. ist March,

1892. The Earl of Strathmore, Streatlam Castle, Barnard Castle. 2nd March,

1866. H. P. Surtees, 35, Bedford Row, W.C. 6th June, 1899. Siward Surtees, Somnersham, Maidenhead. 3rd December, 1895. Sir John Swinburne, Bart., Capheaton, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 5th June, 1866. Thos. Taylor, Chipchase Castle, Wark-on-Tyne. 3rd March, 1902. A. C. Tempest, Coleby Hall, Lincoln. 3rd June, 1879. Sir Tristram T. Tempest, Bart., Tong Hall, Dudley Hill, Bradford. 7th

March, 1893. F. J. Thairlwall, 12, Upper Park Road, Hampstead, Lol.100). 3rd

December, 1875. Legh Tolson, Elm Lea, Dalton, Huddersfield. 7th December, 1836. G. J. F. Tomlinson, Woodfield, Huddersfield. 4th June, 1838. Rev. Canon Tristram, D.D., Durham. 6th June, 1876. (Vice-President,

1897-1903.) Robert B. Turton, Kildale Hall, Grosmont, York. 2nd March, 1897. Robert Charles De Grey Vyner, Newby Hall, Ripon. 3rd December, 1895.

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