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SINCE the last Report was printed, five volumes have been issued to Members. Thanks to the liberal assistance of the Hostmen of Newcastle, Mr. Dendy has been able to prepare a volume of extracts from their records, throwing much light on the early history of the coal trade. Dr. Collins has made accessible the wills and administrations entered on the Knaresborough Manor Rolls, and Mr. Clay has edited a sixth volume of the “Testamenta Eboracensia," not inferior in

not inferior in varied interest to the preceding volumes of that series. To Canon Fowler's unwearied zeal the Society is indebted for two very valuable volumes. In the introduction to the third volume of the Durham “Account Rolls" is contained a most excellent account of the duties of the different officials in that great Benedictine House. The index and list of subjects are most complete, and in the elaborate glossary many words and phrases are explained for the first time. His other volume, the new edition of the “Rites of Durham,” is even more valuable. It has already been printed by this Society, many years ago, under the editorship of Dr. Raine, the late Secretary's father, but entirely unannotated. The volume has become very scarce, and in consideration of its great interest the Society resolved to break through its rule of printing only manuscripts, to republish this work. Canon Fowler has re-edited the text from the different manuscripts, including some that were not known to Dr. Raine, and has added an immense amount of information, bearing on the services in monastic churches throughout the middle ages. The attention of members is specially directed to the large number of prospective publications of very varied character,

many of them nearly ready to go to press : four episcopal registers, one of York, and three of Durham ; two liturgical works, both belonging to York ; wills from Knaresborough and London; Royalist Composition Papers for the two Northern Counties ; Quarter Sessions records from Durham ; the St. Bees and Percy Chartularies ; and a volume illustrative of the efforts of the Municipal Authorities at York to cope with the pauper element in the sixteenth and two following centuries.

Two of the Vice-Presidents of the Society have died since the last Report was published, the late Bishop of Durham and Mr. Pemberton. Their places have been filled by the election of Dr. Gee and the Rev. Chas. Slingsby.


ESTABLISHED IN THE YEAR 1834, In honour of the late Robert Surtees, of Mainsforth, Esquire, the author of the History of the County Palatine of Durham, and in accordance with his pursuits and plans; having for its object the publication of inedited Manuscripts, illustrative of the intellectual, the moral, the religious, and the social condition of those parts of England and Scotland included on the east between the Humber and the Firth of Forth, and on the west between the Mersey and the Clyde, a region which constituted the ancient Kingdom of Northumbria.

NEW RULES AGREED UPON IN 1849 ; REVISED 1863. I.—The Society shall consist of not more than three hundred and fifty members.

II.—There shall be a Patron of the Society, who shall be President.

III.-There shall be twenty-four Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, and two Treasurers.

IV.-The Patron, the Vice-Presidents, the Secretary, and the Treasurers, shall form the Council, any five of whom, including the Secretary and a Treasurer, shall be a quorum competent to transact the business of the Society.

V.-The twenty-four Vice-Presidents, the Secretary, and the Treasurers, shall be elected at a general meeting, to continue in office for three years, and be capable of re-election.

VI.-Any vacancies in the office of Secretary or Treasurers shall be provisionally filled up by the Council, subject to the approbation of the next general meeting.

VII.-Three meetings of the Council shall be held in every year, on the first Tuesday in the months of March, June, and December ; and the place and hour of meeting shall be fixed by the Council, and communicated by the Secretary to the members of the Council.

VIII.-The meeting in June shall be the Anniversary, to which all the members of the Society shall be convened by the Secretary.

IX.-The Secretary shall convene extraordinary meetings of the Council, on a requisition to that effect, signed by not less than five members of the Council, being presented to him.

X.-Members may be elected by ballot at any of the ordinary meetings, according to priority of application, upon being proposed in writing by three existing members. One black ball in ten shall exclude.

XI.-Each member shall pay in advance to the Treasurer the annual sum of one guinea. If any member's subscription shall be in arrear for two years, and he shall neglect to pay his subscription after having been reminded by the Treasurer, he shall be regarded as having ceased to be a member of the Society

XII.-The money raised by the Society shall be expended in publishing such compositions, in their original language, or in a translated form, as come within the scope of this Society, without limitation of time with reference to the period of their respective authors. All editorial and other expenses to be defrayed by the Society.

XIII.-One volume, at least, in a closely printed octavo form, shall be supplied to each member of the Society every year, free of expense.

XIV.-If the funds of the Society in any year will permit, the Council shall be at liberty to print and furnish to the members, free of expense, any other volume or volumes of the same character, in the same or a different form.

XV. --The number of copies of each publication, and the selection of a printer and publisher, shall be left to the Council, who shall also fix the price at which the copies, not furnished to members, shall be sold to the public.

XVI.-The armorial bearings of Mr. Surtees, and some other characteristic decoration connecting the Society with his name, shall be used in each publication.

XVII.-A list of the officers and members, together with an account of the receipts and expenses of the Society, shall be made up every year to the time of the annual meeting, and shall be submitted to the Society to be printed and published with the next succeeding volume.

XVIII.-No alteration shall be made in these rules, except at an annual meeting. Notice of any such alteration shall be given, at least as early as the ordinary meeting of the Council immediately preceding, to be communicated to each member of the Society

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