Medicine, madness, and social history: essays in honour of Roy Porter

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Palgrave Macmillan, 15. 8. 2007 - 295 strán (strany)
Written in honour of eminent historian Roy Porter by twenty of his colleagues and students, the collection renders cutting edge scholarship accessible. Historians from the three fields that Porter made his own - the histories of medicine, madness, and the Enlightenment - illustrate his influence while tackling major themes ranging from disability rights to the popularization of science. In their accounts, artisan gardeners jostle with anarchists, dentists, and hypnotists in a lively, and very Porterian, parade.

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Roy Porter and the Persons of History
An Essay in the Social
Science Reform
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ROBERTA BIVINS is Wellcome Lecturer in the History of Medicine at Cardiff University, UK. She is currently researching the impact of postcolonial immigration on medical research programmes and healthcare delivery in the US and the UK for a monograph entitled Contagious Communities, Model Minorities: Immigration, Ethnicity and Medicine. Other work has examined the cross-cultural transmission of medical expertise: Acupuncture, Expertise and Crosscultural Medicine, and understandings of global medicine: Alternative Medicine? A History.

JOHN V. PICKSTONE has practised the history of medicine in UMIST and the University of Manchester, UK, since 1974. He is now a Research Professor in the Wellcome Unit and the Centre of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, which he directed from 1986-2002. His present work is mostly on the contemporary history of medicine, including cancer, medical technologies and the NHS. He is the author of Ways of Knowing. A New History of Science, Technology and Medicine and co-editor with Roger Cooter of the Companion to Twentieth Century Medicine.

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