Publications of the Surtees Society, Zväzok 112

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Surtees Society, 1906

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Strana 181 - Martone, with th' appurtenances in the couuntie of Yorke, with all my goods, furniture and howsholde stuffe at Selleby aforesaid, dureinge his liffe naturall, and, after his decease, to the heires of his body to be lawfully begotten. And for default of such issue, to my said daughter, Anne Hutton, full and sole sister to my said sonne Francis, and to th'eires of hir body lawfully begotten, and for default of such issue, then to the right heires of me the said Henry Brakenbury. I doe further give...
Strana 84 - Barwicke, in the diocesse of Durham, gentleman. I bequeath my soule to Almightie God, my Maker and Redemer, and my bodye to the earth. My will is that my house-stead in Barwicke shalbe sould by myne executors toward the payment of my debts. I also will that 30?. which is dew unto me for my pencou at Barwicke goe also towards the payment of my debts.
Strana 55 - Dentón, being off wholle mynd and perfect remebranc, praise be unto Almighti God, makethe and ordainethe this my present testament, conteining herein my last will, in maner and forme following, that is, first I commend my soull unto Almighti God, my Maker and Redemer, and my bodie to be buried in the churcheyard of Dentón.
Strana 23 - Ralph Dalton of West Auckland, by his first wife, . . . Strangeways. The following is an abstract of the will of the above-mentioned Elizabeth Hooton, widow : — 1566. To be buried in the hollowed grounde (of St. Andrew Auckland). My late husbande, Johne Hooton, esquier, deceised (whose sowie (Jod pardon), dyd bequieth all his land, etc., in Hunweake, Whitehall and Mansforth, etc., to me for thirty yeres for the payment of his debts and the preferment of his children, I give the order of the saide...
Strana 116 - Acts and Monuments of these latter and perilous days, touching matters of the church, wherein are comprehended and described the great persecutions and horrible troubles that have been wrought and practised by the romish prelates, especially in this realm of England and Scotland, from the year of our Lord one thousand unto the time now present.
Strana 23 - West-awkhmd in the countie of Duresme, gentleman. I bequithe my sowie into the hands of Almightie God emongst the holie companye of heaven and my bodie to be beryed where it shall please my executors, and I geve and bequithe unto my uncle, Sir Robert...
Strana 114 - I ordeyne, constitute and appoint exécuteurs of this my last will and testament, to se my debts paid and funerall costs discharged. Witnesses hereof, William Bramall, our curat ; John Carr, clarke : John Wilkinson, Robert Burton, George Henderson and others. WILL OF THOMAS WOUMPHREY. April 24, 1585. Thomas Wympraye of Dreridge. To be buryed in the chappell of Widdrington. To my brother, Wylliam Wympray, my jacke, steale capp and my speare. To my brother, John Wympray, my bowe and bagge with th'arrowes....
Strana 42 - Wivell, to his mercye, he havinge no ishew male before the entringe of the sayd yeres of the moietye of the rectorye of Sedbar, then I give itt to the other child my wiffe is with, yf itt be a sonne, so that he pay yerlye out of the same moytye of the rectorye to my dowghter, Margaret Wivell, 3/., and yf itt please God that the sayd child which my wiffe is with be a doughter, then yf boith my sonnes be as I have declared before (gone to the mercye of God) I will that Fayth Wivell, my wiffe, shall...
Strana 28 - I give the some of 3Í. 6s. Sd. Witnesses heareof nowe at his departure, Ambrose Lancaster, Richard Garthe, Richarde Crawforthe, [Pr. Jan. 14, 1580.] 1 WILL OF JOHN ALLAN. Aug. 21, 1564. John Allen of Bernard-castell. To be buryed in the chappell or churche of our Ladye of Barnard-castell aforsayde, with the dewties of holy churche nowe accustomed by the lawes. 1 This will is noticed in a footnote to the will of his son, John Burrell of Headlam, printed in IJWs
Strana 72 - Mergerye, and there assignes, in consideracion therof shall paye, or cause to be paid, unto John Thomson, my sister sonne, yerelie every yere during his life naturall, 10s. of lawfull Englishe money, and he to have an honest bedd-roome frelie at all tyme and tymes when and as often as shall convenientlie resorte and come thither. The resydew of all my goodes not legated nor bequested, my debts paid, legacie deducted, and funerall charges perfourmed, I geve and bequithe to the said Edward Wilkinson...

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