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followeth. First, I bequyth my sowll to Almightie God and my bodie to be buried within the church-yarde of Egglisclife aforesaid. I gyve to the blissed Sacrament 12d. I gyve to Martayn Paige my iron bounde wayne, the hedyocke and the oxen cleare . of parten.

I gyve to my six doughters, unto every one of them one ewe and a lambe owt of parte. To everye childe of Roland Burdon's a pecke of wheat. To my syster, Esabell Burdon, one bushell of wheat. To my syster Elsabith one bushell of wheat. To my bretherene, Richard Paige and Jamys Paige, two bushels of wheat. The rest of my goods, boith moveable and unmoveable, I give to my wife and seven children, whom I make all jointlie together my holl executors, and thay to pay my debts and funerall expences. Records, John Semer and Richerde Bell, and Sir William Burdon my curate. INVENTORY. 4 oxen, 53s. 4d. 3 kyne, 30s.

5 horses and mears, 538. 4d. 2 foils, 6s. 20 sheep, 20s. 4 lamis, 2s. 4 young beasts, 15s. 1 swyne, 2s. 4 swarmes, 10s. 1 bounde wayne, 26s. 8d. wayine, a cowpe pleighe with certayne teames and yocks, 24s. 8d. 8 acres of corne, 53s. 4d. 1 cowell and one ambrie, 4s. A table, a chair with stoles, 12d. 4 potts, a caidrene, a ketle, 2 panis, 10s. 10 pecis of pewder, 4s. 4d. Tubbes, skeils, bowils and 3 dishes, 2s. Tongs, rackencrooke and pott and kytles, 8d. 3 coverletts, 2 blanketts, 4 pair of sheitts and 2 skeils, 168. 4d. Total, 171, 4s. 8d.

A woyne


May 31, 1544. Thomas Bartram, late sone of William Bartram, marchaunte, of Newcastell. To be bured in Alhalloes chyrche besyd my mother. To my uncle, Georg Bartram, the tenement that lyes in the hed of the Syde. To my brother, Christofer Wylkeson, the best of my 3 sylver peces and a dosen silver spones. The resydew to my brethren, Robert and Christofer Wylkeson, they executors.


Aug. 7, 1545. Robert Shaldeforthe of Newcastle, baker. To be buryed within the churche yarde of All Sancts. To Thomas Shaldeforthe l of Newcastle, maryner, my two tenements in the Keysyde, paying to my pouer mother 10s. yerlye during hir lyfe. To Peter, son of John Chator, marchaunte, all my tenement in Pilgrime-strete in the teanor of Edwarde Davynson, mynstrell; remainder to Thomas Shaldeforthe, he executor.


Amongst the namys off the maryners that promysyd to provyde them harnez alle goode men, and able to do the kynge servyce,' is that of Thomas Schawdfforth, Newcastle. Muster Roll, 1539; Welford, Newcastle and Gateshead, vol. ii. p. 192. He was one of the elder brethren of the Trinity House in 1541, 1547, etc. Ibid. pp. 208, 251, etc.


Sept. 26, 1545. John Swynborne of Newcastle, tayllor. To be buryed within my paryche churche off Alhallowis so nye the fonte and my brother as may be. I wyll that ther shalbe celebrat for my sowlle the day of my buryall sallmes and derge after the most laudable custom. To John Raw of Hawkwell, for a tokene, an angell noble. To the reparacions of Stannerdell churche, 58. To the tow pore womene in the Masyngdew, 12d. To my brother Robert's sone in the sowthe parts, 12d. To every servante of George Swynborne, 12d. to pray for me. Residue to my sone Patryke Swynborne and my cossing George Swynborne. [Pr. 1549.]


Oct. 18, 1545. Johne Hedley, carischman, of Newcastell.1 To be buryit in Saunt Andro churche. To Esabeth, my wyffe, my seatehousse duryng hir lyffe, then to my dogther Alysone Gray and hir ears, then to my doghter Annes Dunne. To my doghters the silver beads that was their mother's. My house in Sedgaytte to Annes Dunne. To my sister, Elsebell Whetston, 10s. To Rychard Musgrave, my greyne jakkett. To Robert Colynwood, my jak. To Robert Colynwod sone, my bowe and schayfts. To William Dekesone, my best bonet with the George.


Oct. 20, 1545. Nycoles Carr, tanner, of the parish of Sainct John's, Newcastle. To be buryed in my pariche churche yarde nie my wyffe. To my sone Robert Carr all my howses and landes to him and his heirs, then to my two daughters Alison and Jane Carr. To Wylliam Carr wyffe, marchand in the Syde, 6s. 8d. To George Carr wyffe, sadlere, in the Syde, 6s. 8d. To Cuthbert Elyson, taylyor, 6s. 8d. To Esabell Carr, my brother's daughter, 6s. 8d. The rest to my three children. Maister Galpinge and Roger Carre, my sonne, supervysors. I wyll that Maister Gelpinge have thre angels in gold and the gryssinge of 3 oxinge yerelye in my close so longe as it is unlawfude [sic]. My son Roger Rawe and Elizabeth, his wife, and his five children ; to my daughter Mauglen Camber, 20s. To my syster Isabell Taylor, in Belsawe, 6s. 8d. Witnesses, William Salkeld, clarke, Roger Rawe, William Carr, merchant, etc.

1.Jhon Hedley,' furnished with 'a jak-stell bonnett, a bowe and a schayff of arrays,'appeared at the Newcastle muster of 1539. Welford, Newcastle and Gateshead, vol ii. p. 190.

WILL OF EDWARD GREY. Nov. 2, 1545. Edward Gray. To be buryed in Lowyk churche yarde. To Sir George Archer and Sir Lawrens Myll, 3s. 4d. to pray for me and my wyff. My brother William Gray exsector, and levys to him my doughter Elsapeth and all my goods.

WILL OF THOMAS SURTEES. Nov. 20, 1545. Thomas Surttes (parish of Ovingham). My wyfe and Wyllm Surttes, my son, executors; Agnes Surttees; the children of my son John Surttees. Supervisors, Rauffe Surttees, my cosynge, and John Surttees, my son. Witnesses, William Norton, vicar, etc.

Dec. 3, 1545. Cuthberte Rogerlie of Westow, yoman.

To be buried within the chapell of Sanet Hilde at Sheles. To the hight alter, one alter clothe and one towell, and to our Ladie alter, one towell. For my layrston, 3s. Id. To my curat, Sir Edward Yonger, 3s. 4d., to pray for me. To my sone, George Rogerlie, my velvett dublett, one stele bonnett with a cott of olepye. I will that a bowle of wheit be bakett in brede and dalt for my soule to pore folks at Sheles.

WILL OF JOHN WATSON. Jhesus, Mari. Oct., 1547. John Watson of Holy Iland, yoman.2 To be burred in the churche garthe of Holy Ilande with soull messes and dirge. Remainder to Agnes, my wyffe, and my childer, Thomas, Robert and Rauffe Watson.

Debts. To Agnes Neylson for to com to me and my wyff when we war infect, 10s. for clensynge my hous and beryng of my husband, my father and three childer, 13s. 4d. For costes in tyme of my vysytacione, 31. To Herre Ogle for farme, 2s.



13 capps, 13s. 4d. 17 yards wurstett, 17s. On quarter and halfe of welwet, 3s. 7 yerds whitt fustyon, 6s. 14 yards of lynnynge clothe, 11s. 4 reide nightt capps, 16d. 18 yards syndall, 6s.


Edward Younger's will is printed in Wills and Inventories, vol. i. p. 141. 2 This will of a member of the family of Watson, for many generations settled at Holy Island, has a pathetic interest from the list of debts exhibited by the widow, from'which it would appear that she lost her husband, her father and three of her children struck down one after the other by some epidemic.

A grose

7 dosen yerds brode sylke, 14s. 6 rounde sylke gyrdlls, 2s.
and a halfe sylk pontts, 38. Bobbyng sylke, 3s. 13 semys, 4s.

On quartrone of lasing sylke, 3s. 4d. On quartrone of suyng sylke, 38. 3 dosen layse, 12s. 3 dosen perchmentt lase, 28. Lasing croolls, 38. Ponde blake thrid, 16d. Skeine threide, 16d. 3 ponde whit ynkle, 3s. 4d. 6 purssas, 8d. Layse, 28.

6 purssas, 8d. Layse, 28. Pynns, 16d. On foxe skyne and a fowmeartt, 6d. Daker shethes, 8d. 4 dosen knyffes, 38. 2 ponde pouder, 160.

2 ponde pouder, 16d. On dosen sark colers, 18d. 8 payre playing cards, 16d. Playte and whissylls, 12d. Safrone, 12s. Spycys, 138. 4d. Bottons, 28. 3 dosen stryngs, 6d. 5 quare paper, 10d. Daker chaypps, 8d. 5 bronsts (?) 4d. On almery, one chimnay, on borde, 6s. A dosen graytts, halfe a ferkyng sope, 3s 4d. mayre, 8s. Sewger candy, 20d. All his rayment with a woode knyffe, 31s. 8d. Summa totalis, 111. 20d.


WILL OF WILLIAM REED. April 15, 1549. William Rede of Newcastle, draper. To be buried within the chyrche of Saynt Nicolas. My lannds and tenements in Newcastle to George Rede, my sone, and his heirs, then to Richard Rede, Johan and Ann Rede my children, then to Water and John Rede my brothers. To Richard Rede, my sone, my lease of the parsonages and tyethes cornes of Emylton and Ponte Ilond of the demission and graunte of the Maister and Fellowes of Marton College in Oxforde, providet that Margaret, my wyf, have the glebe lound and the tyeth cornes of Pontiland and Johannet Rede my daughter, the half of the tyethe corne of Kyrkley, and Anne Rede, my daughter, half the tiethes cornes of Highe Calleton. Το Anthonye Mytford, my brother-in-law, my gown fased with womes of foxes, one sleiveles jacket of silke camlet and one velvet dublet. To Jasper Mytford my gown fased with coney. The rest to my wife and children ; my brother in law, Anthony Mytford, and my wife to bring them up.

WILL OF GERARD SELBY. June 30, 1549. Gerard Selby of Pauston, gentleman.I To be buried in the church of Norham. To John Selby, 31. 6s. 8d. To Gawen Ourd and Margaret Selby, 61. 13s. 4d.


s Selbie's children, 61. 138. 4d. To Leonard Selbie's children, 61. 13s. 4d. To Katerine Selbie, 31. 6s. 8d. To my godsonne Gerard Selbie, 61. 138. 4d. My daughter to have 40 marks. William my sonne; Fortune my daughter; William my brother; Robert Selby, clerke,

"The testator had purchased the township of Pawston and built the tower there, 'without a barmekyn,' which was not quite finished when Sir Robert. Bowes made his survey of the Marches in 1541. Bates, Border Holds, p. 31.

vicar of Norham 1 (my brother) my executors, and my said two brothers to be guardians of my two children. Supervisors, George my brother and

of Twicell and Gilberte Swynnho. INVENTORY. In the handes of Sir Francise Leake, knight, to be paid for goodes of Sir Richard Maners, knight, taken, 491. 10s. Mony owid of Newcastell, 281. Sir Robert Selby, vicar of Norham, oweth 601.

WILL OF MARION ERRINGTON. Aug. 31, 1519. Marion Eryngton of Littylle Whetton, wedo. To be bured in the quere of Corbryge besyde my husband. I geve my place to Cuthbert and Jarard Eryngton my sons. My sons George and Geaspar. To Margaret Eryngton one dune brokytt wye.

Cuthbert's chylder. Randell Fennyk's chylder, 3 yowes. To Robert Eryngtons daughter and Marion Carnaby, a yow and a lamb. My sons, George and Jerard, executors. Witnesses, Harther and Robert Eryngton, Rundall Fennyke and Odnall Carnabye.

INVENTORY, 111. 13s.


Jan. 23, 1549/50. Henry Sanderson of Newcastell, marchaunte.3 My hooll ramente that longed to my bodye to be canted and solde, and of the money to be given to 13 poore naked children, 13 white cotes and 13 shertes and the reste shalbe putt in one pourse severall and my wif to have the custodeye of it, and at all tymes when as she shall chanshe for to see any indecente or naked bretheren or baubes, otherwise called poure naked folkes, men, women or children, that then shee shall releyve the sayd mesterfull and neadye with coote, sherte, hoos, dublett or shone, so longe as any of the money is remanente to the sayde use. To my vykker for my forgotte tethe, 3.s. To three old men to praye for my soull, 3s. To Peter Sanderson, my sone, this house I dwell in in the Syde (the white rent payed) to paye for his bringinge upe to he bee 18, and a payre of gylte sautes dowble with a cover, and a standinge persell gilte pese with a cover, and a dosson spunes gylte with lyones, and 300 marks. To Essabell Sanderson, my doughter, the house in the Clothe Market for her brenginge upe and 200 markes. To Jayne Sanderson, my dowghter, a house in the Syde, to bring her up, unto

Robert Selby was vicar of Norham from 1537 to 1565 ; and also vicar of Berwick from 1541 to 1565.

? Probably Little Whittington, in the parish of Corbridge.

Probably a member of the family of Sanderson of Brancepeth and Hedleyhope, whose pedigree was entered at the Heralds' Visitations of Durham in 1615 and 1666.


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