Ordines Coronationis Franciae, Volume 1: Texts and Ordines for the Coronation of Frankish and French Kings and Queens in the Middle Ages

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Richard A. Jackson
University of Pennsylvania Press, 1995 - 320 strán (strany)

The ordines coronationis are essentially the scripts for the coronation of Frankish and French sovereigns. Combining detailed religious, ceremonial, and political material, they are an extraordinarily important source for the study of individual rulers or dynasties, as well as for the study of kingship, queenship, and the evolution of political institutions. Complete in two volumes, Richard A. Jackson's is the first full edition of these texts, including all the ordines from the early thirteenth century through the end of the fifteenth century, a period during which the texts shift from Latin to the vernacular, and the institutions of kingship become distinctively French.


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O tomto autorovi (1995)

Richard A. Jackson was until his retirement Professor of History at the University of Houston and author of Vive le Roi!: A History of the French Coronation from Charles V to Charles X.

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