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gol. Song. 2.c.8y.

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It is the voice of the Bridegroom.
Behold he is come,
Leaping upon the mountains,
And skipping

on the hills.

He brought his Bride into the banquet-

ing house.
And his banner over her was love.
While the king sitteth at his table,
The Spikenard of the Bride sendenh forth

the smell thereof.

2c. 4 v.

Ic. 12v


Ic. 15 v

The Bride is fair,
She has doves eyes,
She is fairer than the children of men;
Grace is poured into her lips.

Psalm 45.2 v


Sol. Song. 2c. 6v.

The left hand of the Bridegroom is under

her head, And his right hand doth uphold her,

1 How much better is his love than wine, And the smell of his ointments than all


Ac. 10v

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The flowers appear on the earth;
The time of the singing of birds is come;
And the voice of the turtle is heard,
In the garden of the Bride.

Sol. Song. 2c. 12v


14 yer.

The Bridegroom unvaileth his face,
And sheweth to the Bride his counte-

He causeth her to hear his voice; for

sweet is his voice; and his counte-
nance is comely.


4 c. I v

Behold, the Bride is fair and lovely,
She has doves' eyes within her locks :
Her hair is as a flock of goats,

from Mount Gilead.


The branches are in the vine, and he in

John them.

15 c.5 v He feeds among the lilies.

Song, She sat down under his shadow with great 2c. 3 v

delight. And his fruit was sweet unto her taste.

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1 Thou hast ravished my heart, My brother and my

husband; Thou hast ravished my heart with one of

Sol. Song, 4c. 9 v

thine eyes,

With one chain of thy neck.

11 ver.

Thy lips O my husband,
Drops as the honey-comb:
Honey and milk are under thy tongue,
And the smell of thy garments is like the

smell of Lebanon.

3 How much better is thy love than wine, 10 ver. And the smell of thy ointments than all

spices. A fountain of gardens, a well of living

waters, And streams from Lebanon.

15 ver.

2c. 3v.

As the Apple-tree amongst the trees of

the wood,
So art thou among the Brides.
Thou art all fair my love
There is no spot in thee.

4 c.7v.

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