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HE second Edition of the Collection entitled Foliorum


Silvula is not an exact republication of the first. It is formed, however, on the same plan, and cannot fail to possess, apart from its fitness for the main purpose of its publication, the same kind of value and interest as its predecessor, containing as it does a variety of choice passages culled by several hands, and exhibiting specimens of the taste and judgment of many eminent Scholars.

But while the original features of the Book, to which alone it owed a certain amount of popularity, have been preserved, an endeavour has been made to render it more generally serviceable for the use of Schools as well as academical Students, by the incorporation of a Forest of shorter and easier selections chiefly from English poets with Passages given as subjects for translation in various College and University Examinations since the year 1821. Moreover, an arrangement of the entire Collection has been made with reference as well to the length of each extract as to the variety of metre proposed.

The occasion of the several Exercises was before ex

plained by notices attached to them: it has been thought sufficient to substitute for these a general Table of Reference. An Index of Authors is added to that of first lines.

In acknowledgement of the favourable reception which this Collection has met with at the sister University, the Compiler has allotted a place in it to several pieces proposed in the Ireland and other Oxford Scholarship Examinations, most of which were furnished by his friend, the Rev. GEORGE BUTLER M.A. late Fellow of Exeter College, (now Principal of Liverpool College).


Jan. 23, 1857

IN the Third Edition upwards of three hundred and fifty new passages have been interspersed among those contained in the Second.

A few illustrative Notes and a complete Index of Subjects have been added; while to each Extract a descriptive

Heading has been prefixed.


July 16, 1862

THE Fourth Edition, which has been carefully revised, contains more than one hundred new passages incorporated with the old; a few pieces which appeared in former editions have been omitted. To obviate the inconvenience arising from the difference in this arrangement of the entire Miscellany caused by the introduction of new pieces and the omission of old, a comparative Table of the Sections in this and the third Edition has been drawn up, which will be found at the end of the Volume.

The Editor desires to thank MESSRS MOXON for permitting him to introduce several passages selected from books of which they possess the Copy-right.


Aug. 4, 1866

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