Statistical Survey of the County of Donegal,: With Observations on the Means of Improvement; Drawn Up in the Year 1801, for the Consideration, and Under the Direction of the Dublin Society,

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Graisberry and Campbell, no. 10, Back-lane., 1802 - 126 strán (strany)

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Strana 6 - Nature of fences, Mode of hedge-rows, and keeping hedges, Mode of draining, Nature of manures. GENERAL SUBJECTS. Population, Number and fize of villages and towns, Habitation, fuel, food and cloathing of the lower rank...
Strana 49 - ... it, the cave was closed up, and another was opened in a lesser island, about half a mile from the shore. Some people have given the invention of this pur=gatory to the great St. Patrick ; but others, with more probability, ascribe it to Patrick, who was prior here about the year 850.
Strana 6 - PASTURE. Nature of it, Breed of cattle — how far improved, < • • how far capable of further improvement, Markets or Fairs for them, . • • * General prices, Modes of feeding — how far...
Strana 5 - Markets for grain, Ufe of green food in winter. PASTURE. Nature of it. Breed of cattle — how far improved, • how far capable of further improvement, Markets or Fairs for them...
Strana 45 - The cloyster consists of small arches, supported by couplets of pillars on a basement : in one part are two narrow passages one over...
Strana 48 - ... Inis-Caoil, pronounced Iniskeel. It is a great resort for pilgrims, who come here in large numbers during the summer months to beg the intercession of St. Connell.' Archdall also mentions the ancient church of Iniskeel, of which he says St. Conald Coel was Abbot, and gives May 12 as his festival. ' St. Dalian wrote a work in his praise; he was killed by pirates about the year 590, and was interred with his friend.'3 The tradition at present in the west of Donegal is that St.
Strana 50 - Irish poet and musician, recollected the feel of a lady's hand he had been in love with twenty years before. In 1630, the government of Ireland thought fit to have it finally suppressed, and it was accordingly dug up, to the no small distress and loss of the RC clergy. — War.

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