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The Compiler of this little Volume offers it to an indulgent Public, not as a scientific work, but one of moral amusement, which may possibly lead the reader to the study of botany; feeling convinced there is no study that possesses so many charms, nor any that can exceed it, in raising our curiosity, gratifying our taste, or expanding our powers of discrimination. It excites the student to elevated feelings; for the more we study the works of the Creator, the more His wisdom becomes manifest. With these sentiments, the Editor offers her little Work, hoping it may be a means of calling

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forth those ideas which all should possess when they contemplate nature, “always pleasing, everywhere lovely."

The care and attention bestowed on the moral and poetical department, will, she hopes, insure, at least, a small share of approbation.

The coloured plates which illustrate the poetry, were taken from nature; and are as botanically correct as so small a work will admit. The descriptive part is from Woodville, Sir James Smith, Rousseau, the Hortus Cantabrigiensis, and other scientific works of later date.

King's Road, Chelsea.

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