On the Trail of Robert Service

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Dundurn, 1991 - 164 strán (strany)
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To many, the Scottish bank clerk who became the Bard of the Yukon is a figure solely associated with the Klondike. Lockhart reveals Service's vagabond years in North America, and his later travels in Tahiti and Russia as well as his response to success.

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Wandering Years
Call of the Yukon
The Inspired Rhymster
Characters of the Yukon
Paris and the War
Russian Traveller
The End of the Trail
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O tomto autorovi (1991)

G Wallace Lockhart, an expert on Scottish traditional folk music and dance, is the author of Highland Balls & Village Halls and Fiddles & Folk. His relish for a well-told tale in popular vernacular led him to fall in love with the verse of Robert Service and write his biography. He and his band Quern have created a musical presentation of Service's life which has been performed many times, including at the 1990 event commemorating the memory of Service in Brittany, and at the 1998 Klondike Centenary Conference at the Edinburgh University School of Canadian Studies.

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