The natural influence of speech in raising man above the brute creation [by J. Flamank].

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Strana 10 - Up springs the lark, Shrill-voic'd and loud, the messenger of morn; Ere yet the shadows fly, he mounted sings Amid the dawning clouds; and, from their haunts, Calls up the tuneful nations. Ev'ry copse Deep-tangled, tree irregular, and hush, Bending with dewy moisture o'er the heads Of the coy
Strana 172 - Close behind his heel Now creeps he slow; and now, with many a frisk Wide scampering, snatches up the drifted snow With ivory teeth, or ploughs it with his snout; Then shakes his powder'd coat, and barks for joy.
Strana 124 - in an astonishing manner. Thus the mountaineers are heard to say, ' I will not give you the mule whose step is the easiest, but him who reasons best; la mas rational.' This popular expression, dictated by long experience, combats the system of animated machines better, perhaps, than all the arguments of speculative philosophy.
Strana 119 - O'er the boughs Dancing about, still at the giddy verge Their resolution fails ; their pinions still In loose libration stretched, to trust the void Trembling refuse, till down before them fly The parent guides, and chide, exhort, command, Or push them off."
Strana 134 - on board, the Spaniards could not but wonder at their untamed spirit and fierce demeanour. Their hair was long and coarse, their eyes encircled with paint, so as • to give them a hideous expression; and they had bands of cotton bound firmly above and below the muscular parts of the
Strana 208 - our fields, our woods, and our streams, we are less astonished at the vast solitude through which we pass. Here, in a fertile country, adorned with eternal verdure, we seek in vain the traces of the power of man; we seem to be transported into a world different from that which gave us birth
Strana 154 - I expected he would instantly spring upon me, and instinctively pulled my feet from my stirrups, to throw myself on the ground, that my horse might become the victim rather than myself. But it is probable the lion was not hungry, for he quietly suffered us to pass, though we were fairly within his reach
Strana 210 - These are so many voices proclaiming to us, that all nature breathes; and that, under a thousand different forms, life is diffused throughout; the cracked and dusty soil, as well as in the bosom of the waters, and in the air that circulates around us.
Strana 136 - best, of cock purloined From his accustomed perch. Hard-faring race ! They pick their fuel out of every hedge, Which, kindled with dry leaves, just saves unquenched The spark of life.
Strana 12 - The man to solitude accustomed long, Perceives in every thing that lives a tongue; Not animals alone, but shrubs and trees, Have speech for him, and understood with ease.

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