A Family and Friend's Guide to Sexual Orientation

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Psychology Press, 1996 - 273 strán (strany)

A Family and Friend's Guide to Sexual Orientation helps individuals and families to bridge the divide between gay and straight, to heal wounds that often accompany individuals and families' negative feelings about lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgendered persons. Consisting of thirty stories by individuals who have come to accept and embrace their own sexuality, twelve of the stories are by heterosexuals who, in addition to talking about their own sexuality, speak of the homosexuality of a loved one. The book also includes five personal stories from two families.


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A manager's guide to sexual orientation in the workplace

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Stories of Families and Friends
Gaining Knowledge
Deepening Knowledge
Stories of Spiritual and Religious Development
Taking Action
Using Resources
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Bob Powers is president of Bob Powers & Associates, Inc. Alan Ellis teaches psychology and human sexuality at San Francisco State University. They are the authors of AManagers Guide to Sexual Orientation in the Workplace also published by Routledge.

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