The Committee: Or, the Faithful Irishman. A Comedy. Written by the Honourable Sir Robert Howard

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J. and R. Tonson and S. Draper, 1753 - 83 strán (strany)

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Strana 48 - I will own so much kindness for you, that I repent not the civility I have done, to free you from the trouble you were like to fall into ; make me a leg, if you please, and cry, thank you ; and so the gentlewoman that desired to be left alone with you, desires to be left alone with herself, she being taught a right understanding of you.
Strana 14 - Lieu. Come, gentlemen, we must lose no more time; I'll carry you to my poor house, where you shall lodge : for, know, I am married to a most illustrious person, that had a kindness for me. Care. Pr'ythee, how didst thou light upon this good fortune ? Lieu. Why, you see there are stars in England, tho
Strana 9 - Busie one in hers, and Mrs Mayoress of Reading a chopping boy, as it proved afterwards, in hers, as like the father as if it had been spit out of his mouth; and if he had come out of his mouth, he had come out of as honest a man's mouth as any in forty miles of the head of him: for, would you think it?
Strana 28 - I desire this honourable board to understand, that my wife being at Reading, and to come up in the stage-coach; it happened that one Mrs. Arbella, a rich heiress of one of the cavalier party, came up also in the same coach. Her father being newly dead, and her estate...
Strana 40 - He looks as if he had some gifts to pour fortli ; those are Mr Day's own white eyes, before he begins to say grace. Now for a speech rattling in his kecher, as if his words stumbled in their way. Teague. Well, now I will tell thee, i'faith.
Strana 21 - I (have a great mind to go back and) tell him so. He asked me why he could not send one that could speak English. Upon my soul, I was going to give him an Irish knock. The devil's in them all, they 30 will not talk with me.
Strana 72 - Why, hark you, now ; do but swear nie into a pretence ; do but betray me with an oath, that thou wert not begot on the body of Gillian, my father's kitchen-maid.
Strana 51 - OBADIAH'S, too, one that the state trusts. 1 BAIL: With all our hearts, sir. — But there are charges to be paid. ARB: Here, OBADIAH, take this purse and discharge them, and give the bailiffs twenty shillings to drink.
Strana 57 - We'll send him home in a sedan, and cause him to be delivered in that good-natured condition to the ill-natured rascal, his master." "COL. B: It will be excellent. How I pray for TEAGUE to be victorious!
Strana 11 - Day ; and she accordingly will be call'd, your honour, and your ladyship ; " with a tongue that wags as much faster than all " other women's, as in the several motions of a watch, " the hand of the minute moves faster than that of

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