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" If we know the proper patterns of meaning and value, we can put these pages or parts together into a significant unity in which each page or fragment takes its proper place, acquires a meaning, and in which all together give the supremely integrated effect... "
Social and Cultural Dynamics - Strana 9
podµa Pitirim AleksandroviÄ Sorokin - 1962
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Culture and Agency: The Place of Culture in Social Theory

Margaret Scotford Archer, Margaret S. Archer - 1996 - Počet stránok 351
...integration is the 'Logico-Meaningful Integration of Culture'. This, like a superb work of art, is' "supremely integrated" because in such instances each...parts together form, as it were, a seamless garment' 3 It is this 'property1 which is ultimately sought for among the world's Cultural Systems: correspondingly...
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