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Major E. Madden, Bengal Artillery. (Journal ofr

. Iv.-

Agricultural and Horticultural Society.) Calcutta


5. Narrative of a Journey to Cho Lagan (Rakas Tal), Ch.

Mapan (Mánaserówar), and the valley of Pruang i


Gnari, Húndés, in September and October, 1846

By Henry Strachey, Lieut., 66th Bengal N. 1

tish 1

(Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal.) 1848

of the

6. Description of the Glaciers of the Pindúr and Kuphin Bucha

Rivers in the Kumaon Himalaya.

By Lieut. R of For

Strachey, Bengal Engineers. (Journal of the Asiatic tic So

Society of Bengal.) 1847.

7. Note on the motion of the Glacier of the Pindúr in Ku the C

máon. By Lieut. R. Strachey, Engineers. (Journal of Indies

the Asiatic Society of Bengal.) Calcutta, 1848..

8. On the Snow-line id.the Hinalaya, by Lieut. R. Stra, Bisho

chey, Engineers,... Communicated by order of th 4 Charg

Hon'ble the Eveit. :Governor, N. W. Province cese o

(Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal.) 1849


9. On the Geologj: of: Part of the Himálaya Mountair and )

and Tibet: By Capt: R: •Strachey, Bengal Engineer

F. G. S. (Proceedings of the Geological Society ( Nos.

London.) June, 1851

10. On the Physical Geography of the Provinces of KT

máon and Gurhwal in the Himalaya mountains, and a

the adjoining parts of Tibet. By R. Strachey, Esg The Pot

Bengal Engineers. Read before the Royal Geograph

cal Society of London, on the 12th of May, 1851

11. Report on the Cultivation and Manufacture of Tea

Kumaon and Gurhwál. By William Jameson, Es

Superintendent, Botanical Gardens, N. W. P:

vinces. (Journal of Agricultural and Horticultu

Society, Vol. IV.) Calcutta, 1845

12. Report on the Progress of the Culture of the China I

Plant in the Himálayas, from 1835 to 1847. By

Forbes Royle, M. D., F. R. S. (Journal of Roy,

Asiatic Society) London, 1849

13. Report upon_the Tea Plantations in the N. W. Pri sery

vinces, by Robert Fortune. Printed by the Goverr By

ment, N. W. P. Agra, 1851 .


14. Suggestions for the Importation of Tea-makers, Imple

ments, and Seeds, from China into the N. W. Pro

vinoes. By W. Jameson, Esq., Superintenden

Botanical Gardens, N. W. Provinces. Printed Lapers


the Government, N. W. P. Agra, 1852




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