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-one into a painter, before whose thunderous Lurcher--though a' fowr be let lowse on her heavens the storms of Poussin“pale their inef- at ance, and ye surround her or she rise." fectual fires”-another into a poet composing What are your great, big, fat, lazy English and playing, side by side, on his own peculiar hares, ten or twelve pounds and upwards, who harp, in a concert of vocal and instrumental have the food brought to their very mouth in music, with Byron, Scott, and Wordsworth-preserves, and are out of breath with five one into a great soldier, who, when Welling- minutes' scamper among themselves—to the ton is no more, shall, for the freedom of the middle-sized, hard-hipped, wiry-backed, steelworld, conquer a future Waterloo-another legged, long-winded mawkins of Scotland, that who hoisted his flag on the “mast of some tall scorn to taste a leaf of a single cabbage in the ammiral,” shall, like Eliab Harvey in the Te wee moorland yardie that shelters them, but meraire, lay two three-deckers on board at prey in distant fields, take a breathing every once, and clothe some now nameless peak or gloaming along the mountain-breast, untired promontory in immortal glory, like that shining as young eagles ringing the sky for pastime, on Trafalgar.

and before the dogs seem not so much scourWell, then, after cat-killing comes Coursing. ing for life as for pleasure, with such an air Cats have a look of hares-kittens of leverets of freedom, liberty, and independence, do they -and they are all called Pussy. The terriers fling up the moss and cock their fuds in the are useful still, preceding the line like skirmish- faces of their pursuers. Yet stanch are they ers, and with finest noses startling the mawkin to the spine-strong in bone, and sound in from bracken-bush or rush bower, her sky-bottom-see, see how Tickler clears that light garret in the old quarry, or her brown twenty-feet moss-hag at a single spang like a study in the brake. Away with your coursing bird—tops that hedge that would turn any on Marlborough downs, where huge hares are hunter that ever stabled in Melton Mowbrayseen squatted from a distance, and the sleek and then, at full speed northward, moves as dogs, disrobed of their gaudy trappings, are let upon a pivot within his own length, and close slip by a Tryer, running for cups and collars upon his haunches, without losing a foot, off before lords and ladies, and squires of high within a point of due south. A kennel! He and low degree-a pretty pastime enough, no never was and never will be in a kennel all doubt, in its way, and a splendid cavalcade. his free joyful days. He has walked and run But will it for a moment compare with the -and leaped and swam about at his own sudden and all-unlooked-for start of the “auld will, ever since he was nine days old-and he witch" from the bunweed-covered lea, when would have done so sooner had he had any the throat of every pedestrian is privileged to eyes. None of your stinking cracklets for cry “halloo-halloomhalloo”-and whipcord- him-he takes his meals with the family, sittailed greyhound and hairy lurcher, without ting at the right hand of the master's eldest any invidious distinction of birth or bearing, son. He sleeps in any bed of the house he lay their deep breasts to the sward at the same chooses; and, though no Methodist, he goes moment, to the same instinct, and brattle over every third Sunday to church. That is the the brae after the disappearing Ears, laid flat education of a Scottish greyhound-and the at the first sight of her pursuers, as with re- consequence is, that you may pardonably mistroverted eyes she turns her face to the moun- take him for a deer dog from Badenoch or tain, and seeks the cairn only a little lower Lochaber, and no doubt in the world that he than the falcon's nest.

would rejoice in a glimpse of the antlers on What signifies any sport in the open air, the weather gleam, except in congenial scenery of earth and heaven? Go, thou gentle Cockney! and angle To his hills that encircle the sea.” in the New River ;-but, bold Englishman, This may be called roughing it--slovenlycome with us and try a salmon-cast in the old coarse-rude_artless-unscientific. But we Tay. Go, thou gentle Cockney! and course a say no—it is your only coursing. Gods! with suburban hare in the purlieus of Blackheath ; what a bounding bosom the schoolboy salutes -but, bold Englishman, come with us and the dawning of the cool-clear-crisp, yes, course an animal that never heard a city-bell, crisp October morn, (for there has been a by day a hare, by night an old woman, that slight frost, and the almost leafless hedgerows loves the dogs she dreads, and, hunt her as are all glittering with rime;) and, little time you will with a leash and a half of lightfoots, lost at dress or breakfast, crams the luncheon still returns at dark to the same form in the into his pouch, and away to the Trysting-hill turf-dike of the garden of the mountain cottage. Farmhouse, which he fears the gamekeeper The children, who love her as their own eyes and his grews will have left ere he can run --for she has been as a pet about the family, across the two long Scotch miles of moor besummer and winter, since that chubby-cheeked tween him and his joy! With steps elastic, urchin, of some five years old, first began to he feels flying along the sward as from a swing in his self-rocking cradle-will scarcely spring-board; like a roe, he clears the burns care to see her started-nay, one or two of the and bursts his way through the brakes ; pantwickedest among them will join in the halloo; ing, not from breathlessness but anxiety, he for often, ere this, “has she cheated the very lightly leaps the garden fence without a pole, jowlers, and lauched ower her shouther at the and lo, the green jacket of one huntsman, the lang dowgs walloping ahint her, sair forfa- red jacket of another, on the plat before the quhen, up the benty brae—and it's no the day door, and two or three tall rawboned poachers that she's gaun to be killed by Rough Robin, and there is mirth and music, fun and frolic, or smooth Spring, or the red Bick, or the hairy and the very soul of enterprise, adventure, and

"Where the hunter of deer and the warrior trode

desperation, in that word while tall and church. Then hares shift the sites of their graceful stand the black, the brindled, and the country seats every season. This month they yellow breed, with keen yet quiet eyes, pro- love the fallow field-that, the stubble; this, phetic of their destined prey, and though mo- you will see them, almost without looking for tionless now as stone statues of hounds at the them, big and brown on the bare stony upland feet of Meleager, soon to launch like lightning lea--that, you must have a hawk's eye in your at the loved halloo !

head to discern, discover, detect them, like Out comes the gudewife with her own bottle birds in their nests, embowered below the from the press in the spence, with as big a bunweed or the bracken; they choose to spend belly and broad a bottom as her own, and they this week in a wood impervious to wet or wind are no trifle—for the worthy woman has been that, in a marsh too plashy for the plover; making much beef for many years, is more- now you may depend on finding madam at over in the family way, and surely this time home in the sulks within the very heart of a there will be twins at least-and pours out a bramble-bush or dwarf black-thorn thicket, canty caulker for each crowing crony, begin- while the squire cocks his fud at you from the ning with the gentle, and ending with the top of a knowe open to blasts from all the semple, that is our and herself; and better airts ;-in short, he who knows at all times speerit never steamed in sma' still. She offers where to find a hare, even if he knew not one another with “hinny,” by way of Athole brose; single thing else but the way to his mouth, but it is put off till evening, for coursing re- cannot be called an ignorant man--is probably quires a clear head, and the same sobriety a better-informed man in the long run than the then adorned our youth that now dignifies our friend on his right, discoursing about the old age. The gudeman, although an elder of Turks, the Greeks, the Portugals, and all that the kirk, and with as grave an aspect as suits sort of thing, giving himself the lie on every that solemn office, needs not much persuasion arrival of his daily paper. We never yet to let the flail rest for one day, anxious though knew an old courser, (him of the Sporting he be to show the first aits in the market; and Annals included,) who was not a man both of donning his broad blue bonnet, and the short- abilities and virtues. But where were we?est-tailed auld coat he can find, and taking his at the Trysting-hill Farmhouse, jocularly kent in his hand, he grufily gives Wully his called Hunger-them-Out. orders for a' things about the place, and sets

Line is formed, and with measured steps we off with the yonkers for a holyday. Not a man march towards the hills--for we ourselves are on earth who has not his own pastime, depend the schoolboy, bold, bright, and .blooming as on't, austere as he may look; and 'would be the rose--fleet of foot almost as the very antewell for this wicked world if no elder in it had lope-Oh! now, alas ! dim and withered as a a "sin that maist easily beset him," worse stalk from which winter has swept all the than what Gibby Watson's wife used to call blossoms-slow as the sloth along the ground his “awfu' fondness for the Grews !"

--spindle-shanked as a lean and slippered And who that loves to walk or wander over pantaloon! the green earth, except indeed it merely be “O heaven! that from our bright and shining years some sonnetteer or ballad-monger, if he had

Age would but take the things youth needed not!" time and could afford it, and lived in a toler- An old shepherd meets us on the long sloping ably open country, would not keep, at the very rushy ascent to the hills—and putting his least, three greyhounds? No better eating brown withered finger to his gnostic nose, inthan a hare, though old blockhead Burton-timates that she is in her old form behind th and he was a blockhead, if blockhead ever dike-and the noble dumb animals, with there was one in this world—in his Anatomy, pricked-up ears and brandished tail, are aware chooses to call it melancholy meat. Did he that her hour is come. Plash, plash, through ever, by way of giving dinner a fair commence- the marsh, and then on the dry furze beyond, ment, swallow a tureen of hare-soup with half you see her large dark-brown eyes-Soho, a peck of mealy potatoes? If ever he did-soho, soho—Holloo, halloo, halloo--for a moand notwithstanding called hare melancholy ment the seemingly horned creature appears to meat, there can be no occasion whatever for dally with the danger, and to linger ere she now wishing him any further punishment. If lays her lugs on her shoulder, and away, like he never did—then he was on earth the most thoughts pursuing thoughts-away fly hare unfortunate of men. England as you love and hounds towards the mountain. us and yourself-cultivate hare-soup, without

Stand all still for a minute-for not a bush for a moment dreaming of giving up roasted the height of our knee to break our view and hare well stuffed with stuffing, jelly sauce being is not that brattling burst up the brae a beautihanded round on a large trencher. But there ful exceedingly," and sufficient to chain in adis no such thing as melancholy meat-neither miration the beatings of the rudest gazer's fish, flesh, nor fowl-provided only there be heart? Yes ; of all beautiful sights--none enough of it. Otherwise, the daintiest dish more, none so much so, as the miraculous drives you to despair. But independently of motion of a four-footed wild animal, changed spit, pot, and pan, what delight in even dauner- at once, from a seeming inert sod or stone, into ing about the home farm seeking for a hare? flight fleet as that of the falcon's wing! InIt is quite an art or science. You must con- stinct against instinct! fear and ferocity in sult not only the wind and weather of to-day, one flight! Pursuers and pursued bound but of the night before-and of every day and together, in every turning and twisting of their night back to last Sunday, when probably you career, by the operation of two headlong pas. were prevented by the rain from going to sions! Now they are all three upon her-and

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she dies ! No! glancing aside, like a bullettoral or silvan heights. If old or indolent, take from a wall, she bounds almost at a right angle your station on a heaven-kissing hill, and hug from her straight course-and, for a moment, the echoes to your heart. Or, if you will ride, seems to have made good her escape. Shooting then let it be on a nimble galloway of some fourheadlong one over the other, all three, with teen hands, that can gallop a good pace on the erected tails, suddenly bring themselves up-road, and keep sure footing on bridle paths, or like racing barks when down goes the helm, upon the pathless braes—and by judicious and one after another, bowsprit and boom horsemanship, you may meet the pack at many almost entangled, rounds the buoy, and again a loud-mouthed burst, and haply be not far out bears up on the starboard tack upon a wind at the death. But the schoolboy and the shepand in a close line, head to heel, so that you herd—and the whipper-in-as each hopes for might cover them all with a sheet-again, all favour from his own Diana-let them all be on open-mouthed on her haunches, seem to drive, foot—and have studied the country for every and go with her over the cliff.

imaginable variety that can occurin the winter's We are all on foot--and pray what horse campaign. One often hears of a cunning old could gallop through among all these quage fox-but the cunningest old fox is a simpleton mires, over all the hags in these peat-mosses, to the most guileless young hare. What deceit over all the water-cressy and puddocky ditches, in every double! What calculation in every sinking soft on hither and thither side, even to squat! Of what far more complicated than the two-legged leaper's ankle or knee-up that Cretan Labyrinth is the creature, now hunted hill on the perpendicular strewn with flint for the first time, sitting in the centre! a listenshivers down these loose-hanging cliffs—ing the baffled roar! Now into the pool she through that brake of old stunted birches with plunges, to free herself from the fatal scent stools hard as iron-over that mile of quaking that lures on death. Now down the torrent muir where the plover breeds-and-finally-course she runs and leaps, to cleanse it from up-up-up to where the dwarfed heather dies her poor paws, fur-protected from the sharp away among the cinders, and in winter you flints that lame the fiends that so sorely beset might mistake a flock of ptarmigan for a patch her, till many limp along in their own blood. of snow ?

Now along the coping of stone walls she crawls The thing is impossible--so we are all on and scrambles and now ventures from the foot-and the fleetest keeper that ever footed wood along the frequented high-road, heedless

in Scotland shall not in a run of three miles of danger from the front, so that she may escape give us sixty yards. “Ha! Peter the wild the horrid growling in the rear. Now into the boy, how are you off for wind ?”—we exult- pretty little garden of the wayside, or even the ingly exclaim, in giving Red-jacket the go-by village cot, she creeps, as if to implore protecon the bent. But see-see-they are bringing tion from the innocent children, or the nursing her back again down the Red Mount-glancing mother. Yes, she will even seek refuge in the aside, she throws them all three out-yes, all sanctuary of the cradle. The terrier drags her three, and few enow too, though fair play be a out from below a tombstone, and she dies in jewel-and ere they can recover, she is a-head the churchyard. The hunters come reeking a hundred yards up the hill. There is a beauti- and reeling on, we ourselves among the numful trial of bone and bottom! Now one, and ber-and to the winding horn that echoes reply then another, takes almost imperceptibly the from the walls of the house of worship and lead; but she steals away from them inch by now, in momentary contrition, inch--beating them all blindmand, suddenly “Drops a sad, serious tear upon our playful pen!" disappearing-Heaven knows how-leaves

and we bethink ourselves-alas! all in vain them all in the lurch. With out-lolling tongues,

for hanging heads, panting sides, and drooping tails, they come one by one down the steep, of these solemn lines of the poet of peace and

Naturam expellas furcâ, tamen usque recurretlooking somewhat sheepish, and then lie down

humanity : together on their sides, as if indeed about to die in defeat. She has carried away her cocked

“One lesson reader, let us two divide,

Taught by what nature shows and what conceals, fud unscathed for the third time, from Three Never to blend our pleasure and our pride of the Best in all broad Scotland-nor can With sorrow of the meanest thing that feels." there any longer be the smallest doubt in the It is next to impossible to reduce fine poetry world, in the minds of the most skeptical, that to practice—so let us conclude with a paneshe is-what all the country-side have long gyric on Fox-Hunting. The passion for this known her to be a Witch.

pastime is the very strongest that can possess From cat-killing to Coursing, we have seen the heart-nor, of all the heroes of antiquity, that the transition is easy in the order of na- is there one to our imagination more poetical ture—and so it is from coursing to Fox-Hunt- than Nimrod. His whole character is given, and ing-by means, however, of a small interme- his whole history, in two words—Mighty Hundiate step-—the Harriers. Musical is a pack ter. That he hunted the fox is not probable; of harriers as a peal of bells. How melo- for the sole aim and end of his existence was diously they ring changes in the woods, and not to exterminate--that would have been cutin the hollow of the mountains ! A level ting his own throat-but to thin man-devourcountry we have already consigned to merited ing wild beasts—the Pards—with Leo at their contempt, (though there is no rule without an head. But in a land like this, where not even exception; and as we shall see by and by, a wolf has existed for centuries—nor a wild there is one too here, and commend us, even boar—the same spirit that would have driven with harriers, to the ups and downs of the pas- the British youth on the tusk and paw of the


the cover,

Lion and the Tiger, mounts them in scarlet on tracts, but for the triumphs of the Turf? Blood such steeds as never neighed before the flood, -blood there must be, either for strength, or nor “summered high in bliss" on the sloping speed, or endurance. The very heaviest capastures of undeluged Ararat—and gathers valry—the Life Guards and the Scots Greys, them together in gallant array on the edge of and all other dragoons, must have blood. But

without racing and fox-hunting, where could “When first the hunter's startling horn is heard

it be found ? Such pastimes nerve one of the Upon the golden hills."

arms of the nation when in battle; but for them What a squadron of cavalry! What fiery eyes

'twould be palsied. What better education, and flaming nostrils-betokening with what too, not only for a horse, but his rider, before ardent passion the noble animals will revel in playing a bloodier game in his first war camthe chase! Bay, brown, black, dun, chestnut paign? Thus he becomes demicorpsed with sorrel, gray-of all shades and hues-and the noble animal; and what easy, equable every courser distinguished by his own peculiar motion to him is afterwards a charge over a character of shape and form-yet all blending

wide level plain, with nothing in the way but harmoniously as they crown the mount; so

few regiments of flying Frenchmen! The that a painter would only have to group and hills and dales of merry England have been colour them as they stand, nor lose, if able to the best riding-school to her gentlemen-her catch them, one of the dazzling lights or deep- gentlemen who have not lived at home at ease ening shadows streamed on them from that and Cotton, and Somerset, and Vivian, have

-but, with Paget, and Stewart, and Seymour, sunny, yet not unstormy sky. You read in books of travels and romances,

left their hereditary halls, and all the peaceful of Barbs and Arabs galloping in the desert pastimes pursued among the silvan scenery, and well doth Sir Walter speak of Saladin at to try the mettle of their steeds, and cross the head of his Saracenic chivalry; but take swords with the vaunted Gallic chivalry; and our word for it, great part of all such descrip- witness the skirmish that astonished Napoleon

still have they been in the shock victorious; tions are mere falsehood or fudge. Why in the witness the skirmish that astonished Napoleon. devil's name should dwellers in the desert at Saldanha--the overthrow that uncrowned

him at Waterloo ! always be going at full speed? And how can that full speed be any thing more than a slow have said, Mr. North, I cannot understand the

Well, do you know, that, after all you heavy hand-gallop at the best, the barbs being up to the belly at every stroke? They are passion and the pleasure of fox-hunting. It always, it is said, in high condition-but we,

seems to me both cruel and dangerous.” who know something about horse-flesh, give

Cruelty! Is their cruelty in laying the rein that assertion the lie. They have seldom any on their necks, and delivering them

up to the thing either to eat or drink; they are as lean transport of their high condition-for every as church mice; and covered with clammy throbbing vein is visible--at the first full burst sweat before they have ambled a league from of that maddening cry, and letting loose to their tne tent. And then such a set of absurd riders, delight the living thunderbolts ? Danger! with knees up to their noses, like so many

What danger but of breaking their own legs, tailors riding to Brentford, viã the deserts of necks, or backs, and those of their riders? Arabia! Such bits, such bridles, and such And what right have you to complain of that, saddles! But the whole set-out, rider and rid- lying all your length, a huge hulking fellow, den, accoutrements and all, is too much for snoring and snorting half-asleep on a sofa, one's gravity, and must occasion a frequent though it be but a smallish, reddish-brown,

sufficient to sicken a whole street? What laugh to the wild ass as he goes braying unharnessed by. But look there!

Arabian sharp-nosed animal, with pricked-up ears, and blood, and British bone! Not bred in and in, passionately fond of poultry, that they pursue ? to the death of all the fine strong animal spirits till he is run in upon-once, perhaps, in the

After the first Tally-ho, Reynard is rarely seen, but blood intermingled and interfused by whole run, skirting a wood, or crossing a comtwenty crosses, nature exulting in each successive produce, till her power can no further go, wind of horses, to a storm of canine music

mon. It is an Idea that is pursued, on a whirland in yonder glorious grey,

worthy, both, of the largest lion that ever leaped “Gives the world assurance of a horse !"

among a band of Moors, sleeping at midnight Form the Three Hundred into squadron, or by an extinguished fire on the African_sands. squadrons, and in the hand of each rider a There is, we verily believe it, nothing Foxy in sabre alone, none of your lances, all bare his the Fancy of one man in all that glorious field breast but for the silver-laced blue, the gorge- of Three Hundred. Once off and away-while ous uniform of the Hussars of England-con- wood and welkin rings--and nothing is feltfound all cuirasses and cuirassiers !_let the nothing is imaged in that hurricane flight, trumpet sound a charge, and ten thousand of but scorn of all obstructions, dikes, ditches, the proudest of the Barbaric chivalry be op- drains, brooks, palings, canals, rivers, and all posed with spear and scimitar-and through the impediments reared in the way of so many their snow-ranks will the Three Hundred gorejoicing madmen, by nature, art, and science, like thaw-splitting them into dissolution within an inclosed, cultivated, civilized, and Christhe noise of thunder.

tian country. There they go-prince and peer, The proof of the pudding is in the eating of baronet and squire the nobility and gentry of t; and where, we ask, were the British cavalry England, the flower of the men of the earth, ever overthrown? And how could the great each on such a steed as Pollux never reined, north-country horse-coupers perform their con- nor Philip's warlike son-for could we imagine

Bucephalus here, ridden by his own tamer,
Alexander would be thrown out during the

FYTTE SECOND. very first burst, and glad to find his way dismounted to a village alehouse for a pail of We are always unwilling to speak of ourmeal and water. Hedges, trees, groves, gar- selves, lest we should appear egotistical for dens, orchards, woods, farmhouses, huts, halls, egotism we detest. Yet the sporting world mansions, palaces, spires, steeples, towers, and must naturally be anxious to know something temples, all go wavering by, each demigod of our early history—and their anxiety shall seeing, or seeing them not, as his winged steed therefore be now assuaged. The truth is, that skims or labours along, to the swelling or we enjoyed some rare advantages and opporsinking music, now loud as a near regimental tunities in our boyhood regarding field sports, band, now faint as an echo. Far and wide and grew up, even from that first great era in over the country are dispersed the scarlet run- every Lowlander's life, Breeching-day, not only ners-and a hundred villages pour forth their a fisher but a fowler; and it is necessary that admiring swarms, as the main current of the we enter into some interesting details. chase roars by, or disparted runlets float wea- There had been from time immemorial, it ried and all astray, lost at last in the perplexing was understood, in the Manse, a duck-gun of woods. Crash goes the top-timber of the five very great length, and a musket that, according barred gate-away over the ears flies the ex- to an old tradition, had been out both in the rough-rider in a surprising somerset-after a Seventeen and Forty-five. There were ten succession of stumbles, down is the gallant boys of us, and we succeeded by rotation to Grey on knees and nose, making sad work gun or musket, each boy retaining possession among the fallow_Friendship is a fine thing, for a single day only; but then the shooting and the story of Damon and Pythias most season continued all the year. They must affecting indeed—but Pylades eyes Orestes on have been of admirable materials and workhis back sorely drowned in sludge, and tenderly manship; for neither of them so much as once leaping over him as he lies, claps his hands burst during the Seven Years' War. The musto his ear, and with a “hark forward, tantivy!” ket, who, we have often since thought, must leaves him to remount, lame and at leisure-surely rather have been a blunderbuss in disand ere the fallen has risen and shaken him- guise, was a perfect devil for kicking when self, is round the corner of the white village- she received her discharge; so much so indeed, church, down the dell, over the brook and that it was reckoned creditable for the smaller close on the heels of the straining pack, all a- boys not to be knocked down by the recoil. yell up the hill crowned by the Squire's Folly: She had a very wide mouth--and was thought “ Every man for himself, and God for us all,” by us “an awfu' scatterer;" a qualification is the devout and ruling apothegm of the day. which we considered of the very highest merit. If death befall, what wonder ? since man and She carried any thing we choose to put into horse are mortal; but death loves better a wide her—there still being of all her performances soft bed with quiet curtains and darkened win a loud and favourable report-balls, buttons, dows in a still room, the clergyman in one chucky-stanes, slugs, or hail. She had but corner with his prayers, and the physician in two faults-she had got addicted, probably in another with his pills, making assurance early life, to one habit of burning priming, and doubly sure, and preventing all possibility of to another of hanging fire; habits of which it the dying Christian's escape. Let oak branch was impossible, for us at least, to break her by smite the too slowly stooping skull, or rider's the most assiduous hammering of many a new back not timely levelled with his steed's; let series of flints; but such was the high place faithless bank give way, and bury in the brook; she justly occupied in the affection and admira let hidden drain yield to fore feet and work a tion of us all, that faults like these did not in the sudden wreck; let old coal-pit, with briery least detract from her general character. Our mouth, betray; and roaring river bear down delight, when she did absolutely and positively man and horse, to cliffs unscalable by the very and bonâ fide go off, was in proportion to the Welch goat; let duke's or earl's son go sheer comparative rarity of that occurrence; and as over a quarry twenty feet deep, and as many to hanging fire-why we used to let her take high; yet “Without stop or stay, down the her own time, contriving to keep her at the rocky way,” the hunter train flows on; for the level as long as our strength sufficed, eyes shut music grows fiercer and more savage-lo! all perhaps, teeth clenched, face girning, and head that remains together of the pack, in far more slightly averted over the right shoulder, till dreadful madness than hydrophobia, leaping Muckle-mou'd Meg, who, like most other Scotout of their skins, under insanity from the tish females, took things leisurely, went off at scent, for Vulpes can hardly now make a last with an explosion like the blowing up of crawl of it; and ere he, they, whipper-in, or a rock. any one of the other three demoniacs, have The “ Lang gun," again, was of much gentime to look in one another's splashed faces, tler disposition, and, instead of kicking, ran he is torn into a thousand pieces, gobbled up into the opposite extreme on being let off, inn the general growl; and smug, and smooth, clining forwards as if she would follow the and dry, and warm, and cozey, as he was an shot. We believe, however, this apparent hour and twenty-five minutes ago exactly, in peculiarity arose from her extreme length, his furze bush in the cover-he is now piece which rendered it difficult for us to hold her meal in about thirty distinct stomachs; and is horizontally—and hence the muzzle being atnot, pray, well off for sepulture ?

tracted earthward, the entire gun appeared to leave the shoulder of the Shooter. That such

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