Obrázky na stránke

The clock struck one,

could'st thou ? yet thou knowest we are all are the Children of the Mist, and perhaps they sinful in His eyes, and thou knowest on whose will favour us with a running commentary on merits is the reliance of our hopes of Heaven. Ossian. Stout, grim, heather-legged bodies Thank you, Christian. Three minutes from they are, one and all, and luckily we are protwo by your house-clock--she gives a clear vided with snuff and tobacco sufficient for the warning--and three minutes from two by our whole crew. Were they even ghosts they will watch--rather curious this coincidence to such not refuse a sneeshin', and a Highland spirit a nicety-we must take up our Crutch and go. will look picturesque puffing a cigar!-Hark! Thank thee, bonnie wee Christian--in wi' the we know them and their vocation. These are bannocks intil our pouch-but we fear you the Genii of the Mountain-dew; and their hidmust take us for a sad glutton.

den enginery, depend on't, is not far off, but

buried in the bowels of some brae. See !-a “Zicketty, dicketty, dock, The mouse ran up the clock;

faint mist dissipating itself over the heather!

There--at work, shaming the idle waste, and
Down the mouse ran,
Zicketty, dicketty, dock."

in use and wont to break even the Sabbath-day,

is a STILL! Come closer, Christian-and let us put it to Do we look like Excisemen? The Crutch thine ear. What a pretty face of wonder at has indeed a suspicious family resemblance to the chime! Good people, you have work to do in the hay-field-let us part-God bless us, may well be mistaken for the Supervisor

a gauging-rod; and literary characters, like you-Good-by-farewell!

himself. But the smuggler's eye knows his Half an hour since we parted—we cannot enemy at a glance, as the fox knows a hound; help being a little sad—and fear we were not and the whispering group discern at once that so kind to the old people--not so considerate we are of a nobler breed. That one fear disas we ought to have been-and perhaps though pelled, Highland hospitality bids us welcome, pleased with us just now, they may say to one even into the mouth of the malt-kiln, and, with another before evening that we were too merry a smack on our loof, the Chief volunteers to for our years. Nonsense. We were all mer- initiate us into the grand mysteries of the Worm. ry together—daft Uncle amang the lave-for

The turf-door is flung outward on its lithe the creature came stealing in and sat down on hinges, and already what a gracious smell! his own stool in the corner; and what's the In we go, ushered by unbonneted Celts, genuse of wearing a long face at all times like a tlemen in manner wherever the kilt is worn! Methodist minister? A Methodist minister! for the tartan is the symbol of courtesy, and Why, John Wesley was facete, and Whit- Mac a good password all the world over befield humorous, and Rowland Hill witty-tween man and man. Lowland eyes are apt though he, we believe, was not a Methody; to water in the peat-reek, but erelong we shall yet were their hearts fountains of tears_and have another “ drappie in our e’e,” and drink ours is not a rock-if it be, 'tis the rock of to the Clans in the “unchristened cretur." Horeb.

What a sad neglect in our education, among Ha, Hamish! Here we are beneath the all the acquired lingoes extant, to have overMerlin Crag. What sport? Why, five brace looked the Gaelic! Yet nobody who has ever is not so much amiss-and they are thumpers. heard P. R. preach an Earse Sermon, need Fifteen brace in all. Ducks and flappers ? despair of discoursing in that tongue after an Seven leash. We are getting on.

hour's practice; so let us forget, if possible, every word of English, and the language now

needed will rise up in its place. That look not like th' inhabitants o' the earth, And yet are on't? Live you ? or are you aught

And these figures in men's coats and woThat man may question. "You seem to understand me, men's petticoats are females? We are willing By each at once her choppy finger laying

to believe it in spite of their beards. One of Upon her skinny lips :-you should be women, And yet your beards forbid me to interpret

them absolutely suckling a child! Thank you, That you are so !"

my dear sir, but we cannot swallow the conShakspeare is not familiar, we find, among tents of that quech. Yet, let us try.--A little the natives of Loch-Etive side-else these too warm, and rather harsh; but meat and

drink to a man of age. That seems to be figures would reply,

goat-milk cheese, and the scones are barley ; “ All hail, Macbeth! hail to thee, Thane of Glammis!" and they and the speerit will wash one another But not satisfied with laying their choppy fin- down in an amicable plea, nor quarrel at close gers on their skinny lips, they now put them quarters. Honey too-heather-honey of this to their plooky noses, having first each dipped blessed year's produce. Hecate's forefinger fore and thumb in his mull, and gibber Gaelic, mixes it in a quech with mountain-dew-and to us unintelligible as the quacking of ducks, that is Athole-brose ? when a Christian auditor has been prevented There cannot be the least doubt in the world from catching its meaning by the gobbling of that the Hamiltonian system of teaching lanturkeys.

guages is one of the best ever invented. It will Witches at the least, and about to prophesy enable any pupil of common-run powers of atten. to us some pleasant events, that are to termi- tion to read any part of the New Testament in nate disastrously in after years. Is there no nook Greek in some twenty lessons of an hour each. of earth perfectly solitary--but must natural or But what is that to the principle of the worm ? supernatural footsteps haunt the remotest and Half a blessed hour has not elapsed since we most central places ? But now we shall have entered into the door of this hill-house, and we our fortunes told in choice Earse, for sure these offer twenty to one that we read Ossian, ad

“But what are these, Se pither'd and so wild in their attire

aperturam libri, in the original Gaelic. We feel ycleped “The Despatch," now retired to the as if we could translate the works of Jeremy Braes of Balquhidder, and breathing strongly Bentham into that tongue-ay, even Francis the spirit of his youth. With that heatherMaximus Macnab's Theory of the Universe. houghed gentleman, fiery-tressed as the God of We guaranty ourselves to do both, this iden- Day, we were, for the quarter of a century that tical night before we go to sleep, and if the we held a large grazing farm, in the annual printers are busy during the intermediate practice of drinking a gill at the Falkirk Tryst; hours, to correct the press in the morning. and wonderful, indeed, to think how old Why, there are not above five thousand roots— friends meet, we were present at the amputabut we are getting a little gizzy-into a state tion of the right leg of that timber-toed hero of civilation in the wilderness--and, gentlemen, with the bushy whiskers in the Hospital let us drink-in solemn silence-the“ Memory of Rosetta --- having accompanied Sir David of Fingal.”

Baird's splendid Indian army to Egypt. O St. Cecilia! we did not lay our account Shying, for the present, the question in Powith a bagpipe! What is the competition of litical Economy, and viewing the subject in a pipers in the Edinburgh Theatre, small as it is, moral, social, and poetical light, what, pray, is to this damnable drone in an earth-cell, eight the true inluence of Tue Still? It makes feet by six! Yet while the drums of our ears people idle. Idle? What species of idleness are continuing to split like old parchment title- is that which consists in being up night and deeds to lands nowhere existing, and all our day-traversing moors and mountains in all animal economy, from finger to toe, is one weathers--constantly contriving the most skilagonizing dirl, Æolus himself sits as proud ful expedients for misleading the Excise, and as Lucifer in Pandemonium; and as the old which, on some disastrous day, when dragoons soldiers keep tending the Worm in the reek as suddenly shake the desert-when all is lost if all were silence, the male-looking females, except honour-hundreds of gallons of wash and especially the he-she with the imp at her (alas! alas! a-day!) wickedly wasted among kreast, nod, and smirk, and smile, and snap the heather roots, and the whole beautiful Aptheir fingers, in a challenge to a straspey-paratus lying battered and spiritless in the sun and, by all that is horrible, a red hairy arm is beneath the accursed blows of the Pagans-reround our neck, and we are half-choked with turns, after a few weeks set apart to natural the fumes of whisky-kisses. An hour ago, we grief and indignation, with unabated energy, to were dreaming of Malvina! and here she is the selfsame work, even within view of the with a vengeance, while we in the character former ruins, and pouring out a libation of the of Oscar are embraced till almost all the Low-first amalgamated hotness that deserves the land breath in our body expires.

name of speerit, devotes the whole Board of And this is STILL-LIFE?

Excise to the Infernal Gods? Extraordinary it is, that, go where we will, The argument of idleness has not a leg to we are in a wonderfully short time discovered stand on, and falls at once to the ground. But to be Christopher North. A few years ago, the Still makes men dishonest. We grant that the instant we found our feet in a mine in there is a certain degree of dishonesty in cheatCornwall, after a descent of about one-third sing the Excise; and we shall allow yourself the bored earth's diameter, we were saluted by to fix it, who give as fine a caulker from the name by a grim Monops who had not seen the sma' still, as any moral writer on Honesty upper regions for years, preferring the interior with whom we have the pleasure occasionally of the planet; and forthwith, “Christopher to take a family dinner. But the poor fellows North, Christopher North,” reverberated along either grow or purchase their own malt. They the galleries, while the gnomes came flocking do not steal it; and many is the silent benein all directions, with safety-lamps, to catch a diction that we have breathed over a bit patch glimpse of the famous Editor. On another of barley, far up on its stoney soil among the occasion, we remember when coasting the hills, bethinking that it would yield up its presouth of Ireland in our schooner, falling in cious spirit unexcised! Neither do they charge with a boat like a cockle-shell, well out of for it any very extravagant price-for what is the Bay of Bantry, and of the three half-naked twelve, fourteen, twenty shillings a gallon for Paddies that were ensnaring the finny race, such drink divine as is now steaming before two smoked us at the helm, and bawled out, us in that celestial caldron ! “Kitty go bragh!" Were we to go up in a Having thus got rid of the charge of idleballoon, and by any accident descend in the ness and dishonesty, nothing more needs to be interior of Africa, we have not the slightest said on the Moral Influence of the Still; and doubt that Sultan Belloo would know us in a we come now, in the second place, to consider jiffy, having heard our person so frequently it in a Social Light. The biggest bigot will described by Major Denham and Captain Clap- not dare to deny, that without whisky the perton. So we are known, it seems, in the Highlands of Scotland would be uninhabitable Still-by the men of the Worm? Yes--the And if all the population were gone, or extinct, principal proprietor in the concern is a school- where then would be your social life? Smugmaster over about Loch-Earn-Head-a man of glers are seldom drunkards; neither are they no mean literary abilities, and an occasional men of boisterous manners or savage disposicontributor to the Magazine. He visits The tions. In general, they are grave, sedate, Shop in breeches--but now mounts the kilt-peaceable characters, not unlike elders of the and astonishes us by the versatility of his ta- kirk. Even Excisemen admit them, except on lents. In one of the most active working bees rare occasions, when human patience is ex we recognise a caddy, formerly in Auld Reeky | hausted, to be merciful. Four pleasanter men

do not now exist in the bosom of the earth, Lamentations of Jeremiah over the sinful mul. than the friends with whorn we are now on the titude of Small Stills! Hypocrisy! hypocrisy ! hobnob. Stolen waters are sweet-a profound where shalt thou hide thy many-coloured sides? and beautiful reflection-and no doubt origi- Whisky is found by experience to be, on nally made by some peripatetic philosopher at the whole, a blessing in so misty and moun. a Still. The very soul of the strong drink eva- tainous a country. It destroys disease and baporates with the touch of the gauger's wand. nishes death; without some such stimulant An evil day would it indeed be for Scotland, the people would die of cold. You will see a that should witness the extinguishment of all fine old Gael, of ninety or a hundred, turn up her free and unlicensed mountain stills! The his little finger to a caulker with an air of pacharm of Highland hospitality would be wan triarchal solemnity altogether scriptural; his and withered, and the doch an dorras, instead great-grandchildren eyeing him with the most of a blessing, would sound like a ban.

respectful affection, and the youngest of them We have said that smugglers are never toddling across the floor, to take the quech from drunkards, not forgetting that general rules are his huge, withered, and hairy hand, which he proved by exceptions; nay, we go farther, and lays on the amiable Joseph's sleek craniology, declare that the Highlanders are the soberest with a blessing heartier through the Glenlivet, people in Europe. Whisky is to them a cor- and with all the earnestress of religion. There dial, a medicine, a life-preserver. Chief of the is no disgrace in getting drunk in the Highumbrella and wraprascal! were you ever in lands_not even if you are of the above standthe Highlands? We shall produce a single day ing--for where the people are so poor, such a from any of the fifty-two weeks of the year that state is but of rare occurrence; while it is felt will outargue you on the present subject, in all over the land of sleet and snow, that a “ drap half-an-hour. What sound is that? The rush-lo' the creatur" is a very necessary of life, and ing of rain from heaven, and the sudden out- that but for its “ dew" the mountains would be cry of a thousand waterfalls. Look through a uninhabitable. At fairs, and funerals, and chink in the bothy, and far as you can see for marriages, and suchlike merry meetings, sothe mists, the heath-covered desert is steaming briety is sent to look after the sheep; but, ex. like the smoke of a smouldering fire. Winds cept on charitable occasions of that kind, sobiting as winter come sweeping on their invi- briety stays at home among the peat-reek, and sible chariots armed with scythes, down every is contented with crowdy. Who that ever glen, and scatter far and wide over the moun- stooped his head beneath a Highland hut would tains the spray of the raging lochs. Now you grudge a few gallons of Glenlivet to its poor have a taste of the summer cold, more dan- but unrepining inmates? The seldomer they gerous far than that of Yule, for it often strikes get drunk the better—and it is but seldom they “aitches" into the unprepared bones, and con- do so; but let the rich man-the monied mogeals the blood of the shelterless shepherd on ralist, who bewails and begrudges the Gael a the hill. But one glorious gurgle of the speerit modicum of the liquor of life, remember the down the throat of a storm-stayed man! and doom of a certain Dives, who, in a certain place bold as a rainbow he faces the reappearing that shall now be nameless, cried, but cried in sun, and feels assured (though there he may vain for a drop of water. Lord bless the Highbe mistaken) of dying at a good old age. landers, say we, for the most harmless, hospi

Then think, oh think, how miserably poor table, peaceable, brave people that ever deare most of those men who have fought our spised breeches, blue pibrochs, took invincible battles, and so often reddened their bayonets in standards, and believed in the authenticity of defence of our liberties and our laws! Would | Ossian's poems. In that pure and lofty region you grudge them a little whisky? And, de- ignorance is not, as elsewhere, the mother of pend upon it, a little is the most, taking one vice-penury cannot repress the noble rage of day of the year with another, that they imbibe. the mountaineer as “he sings aloud old songs You figure to yourself two hundred thousand that are the music of the heart;" while superHighlanders, taking snuff

, and chewing tobac- stition herself has an elevating influence, and co, and drinking whisky, all year long. Why, will be suffered, even by religion, to show her one pound of snuff, two of tobacco, and two shadowy shape and mutter her wild voice gallons of whisky, would be beyond the mark through the gloom that lies on the heads of the of the yearly allowance of every grown-up remote glens, and among the thousand caves man! 'Thousands never taste such luxuries of echo in her iron-bound coasts dashed on for at all-meal and water, potatoes and salt, their ever-night and day-summer and winteronly food. The animal food, sir, and the fer- by those sleepless seas, who have no sooner mented liquors of various kinds, Foreign and laid their heads on the pillow than up they British, which to our certain knowledge you start with a howl that cleaves the Orcades, have swallowed within the last twelve months, and away off in search of shipwrecks round would have sufficed for fifty families in our the corner of Cape Wrath. abstemious region of mist and snow. In the third place, what shall we say of the have known you drink a bottle of champagne, poetical influence of Stills ? What more a bottle of port, and two bottles of claret, fre- poetical life can there be than that of the men quently at a sitting, equal, in prime cost, to with whom we are now quaffing the barleythree gallons of the best Glenlivet! And You bree? They live with the moon and stars. (who, by the way, are an English clergyman, All the night winds are their familiars. If a circumstance we had entirely forgotten, and there be such things as ghosts, and fairies, and have published a Discourse against Drunken- apparitions--and that there are, no man who Dess, dedicated to a Bishop) pour forth the has travelled much by himself after sunset will


This-this is solitude-this is to be alone!"


deny, except from the mere love of contradic- ! attack your corpse from the worm-holes of the tion--they see them; or when invisible, which earth. Corbies, ravens, hawks, eagles, all the they generally are, hear them-here-there- feathered furies of beak and bill, will come everywhere-in sky, forest, cave, or hollow- flying ere sunset to anticipate the maggots, and sounding world immediately beneath their carry your remains-if you will allow us to feet. Many poets walk these wilds; nor do call them so over the whole of Argyleshire in their songs perish. They publish not with many living sepulchres. We confess ourselves Blackwood or with Murray--but for centuries unable to see the solitude of this—and begin on centuries, such songs are the preservers, to agree with Byron, that a man is less often the sources, of the oral traditions that go crowded at a masquerade. glimmering and gathering down the stream of But the same subject may be illustrated less years. Native are they to the mountains as tragically, and even with some slight comic the blooming heather, nor shall they ever cease effect. A man among mountains is often surto invest them with the light of poetry—in defi- rounded on all sides with mice and moles. ance of large farms, Methodist preachers, and What cozy nests do the former construct at the Caledonian Canal.

the roots of heather, among tufts of grass in People are proud of talking of solitude. It the rushes, and the moss on the greensward ! redounds, they opine, to the honour of their As for the latter, though you think you know great-mindedness to be thought capable of a mountain from a molehill, you are much living, for an hour or two, by themselves, at a mistaken; for what is a mountain, in many considerable distance from knots or skeins of cases, but a collection of molehills--and of their fellow-creatures. Byron, again, thought fairy knolls ?-which again introduce a new he showed his superiority, by swearing as so- element into the composition, and show, in lemnly as a man can do in the Spenserian still more glaring colours, your absurdity in stanza, that

supposing yourself to be in solitude. The To sit alone, and muse o'er flood and fell,"

“Silent People” are around you at every step, has nothing whatever to do with solitude-and You may not see them—for they are dressed that, if you wish to know and feel what soli- in invisible green; but they see you, and that tude really is, you must go to Almack's.

unaccountable whispering and buzzing sound one often hears in what we call the wilderness,

what is it, or what can it be, but the fairies His Lordship's opinions were often peculiar- making merry at your expense, pointing out but the passage has been much admired; to each other the extreme silliness of your therefore we are willing to believe that the meditative countenance, and laughing like to Great Desert is, in point of loneliness, unable split at your fond conceit of being alone among to stand a philosophical, much less a poetical a multitude of creatures far wiser than your comparison, with a well-frequented fancy-ball. self. But is the statement not borne out by facts ? But should all this fail to convince you, that Zoology is on its side-more especially two of you are never less alone than when you think its most interesting branches, Entomology and yourself alone, and that a man never knows Ornithology.

what it is to be in the very heart of life till he Go to a desert and clap your back against a leaves London, and takes a walk in Glencliff. Do you think yourself alone? What a Etive-suppose yourself to have been leaning ninny! Your great clumsy splay feet are with your back against that knoll, dreaming bruising to death a batch of beetles. See that of the far-off race of men, when all at once the spider whom you have widowed, running up support gives way inwards, and you tumble and down your elegant leg, in distraction and head over heels in among a snug coterie of despair, bewailing the loss of a husband who, kilted Celts, in the very act of creating Glenhowever savage to the ephemerals, had al- livet in a great warlock's caldron, seething to ways smiled sweetly upon her. Meanwhile, the top with the Spirit of Life! your shoulders have crushed a colony of small Such fancies as these, among many others, red ants settled in a moss city beautifully were with us in the Still. But a glimmering roofed with lichens—and that accounts for the and a humming and a dizzy bewilderment sharp tickling behind your ear, which you hangs over that time and place, finally dying keep scratching, no Solomon, in ignorance of away into oblivion. He re are we sitting in a the cause of that effect. Should you sit down glade of a birch-wood in what must be Gleno —we must beg to draw a veil over your hur- -some miles from the Still. Hamish asleep, dies, which at the moment extinguish a fear- as usual, whenever he lies down, and all the ful amount of animal life-creation may be dogs yowffing in dreams, and Surefoot standsaid to groan under them; and, insect as you ing with his long beard above ours, almost the are yourself, you are defrauding millions of same in longitude. We have been more, we insects of their little day. All the while you suspect, than half-seas over, and are now are supposing yourself alone! Now are you lying on the shore of sobriety, almost a wreck. not, as we hinted, a prodigious ninny? But The truth is, that the new spirit is even more the whole wilderness-as you choose to call it dangerous than the new light. Both at first -is crawling with various life. London, with dazzle, then obfuscate, and lastly darken into its million and a half of inhabitants—includ-temporary death. There is, we fear, but one ing of course its suburbs—is, compared with word of one syllable in the English language it, an empty joke. Die—and you will soon be that could fully express our late condition. picked to the bones. The air swarms with Let our readers solve the enigma. Oh! those sharners--and an insurrection of radicals will quechs! By

“What drugs, what spells,


What conjurations, and what mighty magic,

UP LOCH. was Christopher overthrown! A strange con

Let us inspect the state of Brown Bess. fusion of sexes, as of men in petticoats and Right barrel empty-left barrel—what is the women in breeches-gowns transmogrified meaning of this ?--crammed to the muzzle! into jackets-caps into bonnets—and thick Ay, that comes on visiting Stills. We have naked hairy legs into slim ankles decent in been snapping away at the coveys and single hose-all somewhere whirling and dancing by, birds all over the moor, without so much as a dim and obscure, to the sound of something pluff, with the right-hand cock-and then, groaning and yelling, sometimes inarticulate. imagining that we had fired, have kept loading ly, as if it came from something instrumental, away at the bore to the left, till, see! the ramand then mixed up with a wild gibberish, as rod absolutely stands upright in the air, with if shrieking, somehow or other, from living only about three inches hidden in the hollow! lips, human and brutemfor a dream of yowl. What a narrowa miraculous escape has the ing dogs is over all-utterly confounds us as world had of losing Christopher North! Had we strive to muster in recollection the few last he drawn that trigger instead of this, Brown hours that have passed tumultuously through Bess would have burst to a moral certainty, our brain--and then a wide black moor, some- and blown the old gentleman piecemeal over times covered with day, sometimes with night, the heather. “ In the midst of life we are in stretches around us, hemmed in on all sides by death!" Could we but know one in a hunthe tops of mountains, seeming to reel in the dred of the close approachings of the skeleton, sky. Frequent flashes of fire, and a whirring we should lead a life of perpetual shudder. as of the wings of birds--but sound and sight | Often and often do his bony fingers almost alike uncertain-break again upon our dream. clutch our throat, or his foot is put out to give Let us not mince the matter-we can afford us a cross-buttack. But a saving arm pulls the confession--we have been overtaken by him back, ere we have seen so much as his liquor-sadly intoxicated-out with it at once! shadow. We believe all this—but the belief Frown not, fairest of all sweet-for we lay our that comes not from something steadfastly calamity, not to the charge of the Glenlivet present before our eyes, is barren; and thus circling in countless quechs, but at the door it is, since believing is not seeing, that we of that inveterate enemy to sobriety—the Fresh walk hoodwinked nearly all our days, and Air.

worst of all blindness is that of ingratitude But now we are as sober as a judge. Pity and forgetfulness of Him whose shield is for our misfortune-rather than forgive our sin. ever over us, and whose mercy shall be with We entered that Still in a State of innocence us in the world beyond the grave. before the Fall. Where we fell, we know not

By all that is most beautifully wild in ani. in divers ways and sundry places between mated nature, a Roe! a Roe! Shall we slay that magic cell on the breast of Benachochie, him where he stands, or let him vanish in and this glade in Gleno. But,

silent glidings in among his native woods? “There are worse things in life than a fall among What a fool for asking ourselves such a

question! Slay him where he stands to be Surefoot, we suppose, kept himself tolerably in his leafy lairs, a life of leisure, delight, and

sure—for many pleasant seasons hath he led sober—and.O'Bronte, at each successive cloit

, love, and the hour is come when he must sink must have assisted us to remount-for Hamish, down on his knees in a sudden and unpainful from his style of sleeping, must have been as death-fair silvan dreamer! We have drawn bad as his master; and, after all, it is wonder, that multitudinous shot—and both barrels of ful to think how we got here-over hags and Brown Bess now are loaded with ball-for mosses, and marshes and quagmires, like those Hamish is yet lying with his head on the rifle. in which “armies whole have sunk.” But the Whiz! whiz! one is through lungs, and another truth is, that never in the whole course of our through neck and seemingly rather to sleep lives—and that course has been a strange one than die, (so various are the many modes of -did we ever so often as once lose our way. expiration!) Set us down blindfolded on Zahara, and we

“In quietness he lays him down will beat the caravan to Timbuctoo. Some

Gently, as a weary wave thing or other mysteriously indicative of the Sinks, when the summer breeze has died, right direction touches the soles of our feet in

Against an anchor'd vessel's side." the shape of the ground they tread; and even Ay-Hamish-you may start to your feetwhen our souls have gone soaring far away, and see realized the vision of your sleep. or have sunk within us, still have our feet What a set of distracted dogs! But O'Bronte pursued the shortest and the safest path that first catches sight of the quarry--and clearleads to the bourne of our pilgrimage. Is not ing, with grasshopper spangs, the patches of that strange? But not stranger surely than stunted coppice, stops stock-still beside tno the flight of the bee, on his first voyage over roe in the glade, as if admiring and wondering the coves of the wilderness to the far-off heath- at the beauty of the fair spotted creature! Yes, er-bells or of the dove that is sent by some dogs have a sense of the beautiful. Else how Jew stockjobber, to communicate to Dutchmen can you account for their loving so to lie the rise or fall of the funds, from London to down at the feet and lick the hands of the Hamburgh, from the clear shores of silver virgin whose eyes are mild, and forehead meek, Thames to the muddy shallows of the Zuyder- and hair of placid sunshine, rather than act Zee.

the same part towards ugly women, who,


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