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of their plays could he take an active share; of the bold and daring that Lawrie Logan was but sitting a little way off, still attached to the not, in our belief, able to perform? We were merry brotherhood, though in their society he all several years younger–boys from nine to had no part to enact, he read his book on the fifteen-and he had shot up into sudden manknoll, or, happy dreamer, sunk away among hood---not only into its shape but its strength the visions of his own thoughts. There was -- yet still the boyish spirit was fresh within poetry in that child's spirit, but it was too es- hiñ, and he never wearied of us in such exsentially blended with his whole happiness in cursions. The minister had a good opinion life, often to be imbodied in written words. of his principles, knowing how he had been A few compositions were found in his own brought up, and did not discountenance his small beautiful handwriting after his death visits to the Manse, nor ours to Logan Braes. hymns and psalms. Prayers, too, had his Then what danger could we be in, go where heart indited--but they were not in measured we might, with one who had more than once language--framed, in his devout simplicity on shown how eager he was to risk his own life the model of our Lord's. How many hundred when that of another was in jeopardy ? Genetimes have we formed a circle round him in rous and fearless youth! To thee we owed the gloaming, all sitting or lying on the greens- our own life-although seldom is that rescue ward, before the dews had begun to descend, now remembered-(for what will not in this listening to his tales and stories of holy or turmoiling world be forgotten ?) when in pride heroic men and women, who had been greatly of the newly-acquired art of swimming, we had good and glorious in the days of old! Not un ventured-with our clothes on too-some ten endeared to his imagination were the patriots, yards into the Brother-Loch, to disentangle our who, living and dying, loved the liberties of line from the water-lilies. It seemed that a the land-Tell-Bruce—or Wallace, he in hundred cords had got entangled round our whose immortal name a thousand rocks rejoice, legs, and our heart quaked too desperately to while many a wood bears it on its summits as suffer us to shriek-but Lawrie Logan had his they are swinging to the storm. Weak as a hand on us in a minute, and brought us to reed that is shaken in the wind, or the stalk of shore as easily as a Newfoundland dog lands a flower that tremblingly sustains its blossoms a bit of floating wood. beneath the dews that feed their transitory But that was a momentary danger, and lustre, was he whose lips were so eloquent to I.awrie Logan ran but small risk, you will say, read the eulogies of mighty men of war riding in saving us; so let us not extol that instance mailed through bloody battles. What matters of his intrepidity. But fancy to yourself, it that this frame of dust be frail, and of tiny gentle reader, the hideous mouth of an old size-still may it be the tenement of a lordly coal-pit, that had not been worked for time imspirit. But high as such warfare was, it satis- memorial, overgrown with thorns, and briers, fied not that thoughtful child--for other war- and brackens, but still visible from a small fare there was to read of, which was to him a mount above it, for some yards down its throat far deeper and more divine delight--the war--the very throat of death and perdition. But fare waged by good men against the legions can you fancy also the childish and superof sin, and closed triumphantly in the eye of stitious terror with which we all regarded that God-let this world deem as it will-on ob- coal-pit, for it was said to be a hundred fathom scurest death-beds, or at the stake, or on the deep-with water at the bottom--so that you scaffold, where a profounder even than Sab- had to wait for many moments-almost a bath silence glorifies the martyr far beyond minute-before you heard a stone, first beating any shout that from the immense multitude against its sides-from one to the other-plunge would have torn the concave of the heavens. at last into the pool profound. In that very

What a contrast to that creature was his field, too, a murder had been perpetrated, and elder brother! Lawrie was eighteen years old the woman's corpse flung by her sweetheart when first we visited Logan Braes, and was a into that coal-pit. One day some unaccountperfect hero in strength and statureBobable impulse had led a band of us into that Howie alone his equal—but Bob was then in interdicted field—which we remember was not the West Indies. In the afternoons, after his arable—but said to be a place where a hare work was over in the fields or in the barn, he was always sure to be found sitting among the had pleasure in getting us Manse-boys to ac- bin weeds and thistles. A sort of thrilling company him to the Moor-Lochs for an hour's horror urged us on closer and closer to the angling or two in the evening, when the large mouth of the pit-when Wee Wise Willie's trouts came to the gravelly shallows, and, as foot slipping on the brae, he bounded with we waded midleg-deep, would sometimes take inexplicable force along-in among the thorns, the fly among our very feet. Or he would go briers, and brackens-through the whole hangwith us into the heart of the great wood, to ing mat and without a shriek, down-downshow us where the foxes had their earths—the down into destruction. We all saw it happen party being sometimes so fortunate as to see -every one of us—and it is scarcely too much the cubs disporting at the mouth of the briery to say, that we were for a while all mad with aperture in the strong and root-bound soil. Or horror. Yet we felt ourselves borne back we followed him, so far as he thought it safe instinctively from the horrible pit-and as aid for us to do so, up the foundations of the castle, we could give none, we listened if we could and in fear and wonder that no repetition of hear any cry--but there. was none--and we the adventurous feat ever diminished, saw him all flew together out of the dreadful field, and take the young starling from the crevice be- again collecting ourselves together, feared to neath the tuft of wall-flowers. What was there separate on the different roads to our homes.

“Oh! can it be that our Wee Wise Willie has their sweet cousin too, Annie Raeburn, the this moment died sic a death-and no a single orphan, were lying embraced in speechlessane amang us a' greetin' for his sake ?" said almost senseless trances; for the agony of one of us aloud; and then indeed did we burst such a deliverance was more than could well out into rueful sobbing, and ask one another by mortal creatures be endured. who could carry such tidings to Logan Braes ? The child himself was the first to tell how All at once we heard a clear, rich, mellow his life had been miraculously saved. A few whistle as of a blackbird and there with his shrubs had for many years been growing out favourite colley, searching for a stray lamb of the inside of the pit, almost as far down as among the knolls, was Lawrie Logan, who the light could reach, and among them had he hailed us with a laughing voice, and then been entangled in his descent, and held fast. asked us, “Whare is Wee Willie ? hae ye For days, and weeks, and months, after that flung him like another Joseph into the pit?” | deliverance, few persons visited Logan Braes, The consternation of our faces could not be for it was thought that old Laurence's brain misunderstood—whether we told him or not had received a shock from which it might what had happened we do not know-but he never recover; but the trouble that tried him staggered as if he would have fallen down- subsided, and the inside of the house was again and then ran off with amazing speed-not quiet as before, and its hospitable door open towards Logan Braes—but the village. We to all the neighbours. continued helplessly to wander about back and Never forgetful of his primal duties had forwards along the near edge of a wood, when been that bold youth—but too apt to forget the we beheld a multitude of people rapidly ad- many smaller ones that are wrapped round a rancing, and in a few minutes they surrounded life of poverty like invisible threads, and that the mouth of the pit. It was about the very cannot be broken violently or carelessly, withend of the hay-harvest-and many ropes that out endangering the calm consistency of all its had been employed that very day in the lead- ongoings, and ultimately causing perhaps great ing of the hay of the Landlord of the Inn, who losses, errors, and distress. He did not keep was also an extensive farmer, were tied to evil society- but neither did he shun it: and gether to the length of at least twenty fathom. having a pride in feats of strength and activity, Hope was quite dead-but her work is often as was natural to a stripling whose corporeal done by Despair. For a while there was con- faculties could not be excelled, he frequented fusion all around the pit-mouth, but with a all meetings where he was likely to fall in white fixed face and glaring eyes, Lawrie with worthy competitors, and in such trials of Logan advanced to the very brink, with the power, by degrees acquired a character for rope bound in many firm folds around him, recklessness, and even violence, of which and immediately behind him stood his gray- prudent men prognosticated evil, and that headed father, unbonneted, just as he had sorely disturbed his parents, who were, in risen from a prayer. “ Is’t my ain father that's their quiet retreat, lovers of all peace. With gaun to help me to gang doon to bring up what wonder and admiration did all the ManseWillie's body? 0! merciful God, what a boys witness and hear reported the feats of judgment is this !

Father-father-Oh! lie Lawrie Logan! It was he who, in pugilistic down at some distance awa' frae the sight o' combat, first vanquished Black King Carey this place. Robin Alison, and Gabriel Strang, the Egyptian, who travelled the country with and John Borland, 'll haud the ropes firm and two wives and a wagon of Staffordshire potsafe. O, father-father-lie down, a bit apart tery, and had struck the “ Yokel,” as he called frae the crowd; and have mercy upon him, Lawrie, in the midst of all the tents on Led. O thou, great God, have mercy upon him!" | drie Green, at the great annual Baldernoch But the old man kept his place; and the only fair. Six times did the bare and bronzed one son who now survived to him disappeared Egyptian bite the dust-nor did Lawrie Logan within the jaws of the same murderous pit, always stand against the blows of one whose and was lowered slowly down, nearer and provincial fame was high in England, as the nearer to his little brother's corpse. They head of the Rough-and-Ready School. Even had spoken to him of foul air, of which to now-as in an ugly dream-we see the combreathe is death, but he had taken his reso- batants alternately prostrate, and returning to lution, and not another word had been said to the encounter, covered with mire and blood shake it. And now, for a short time, there All the women left the Green, and the old men was no weight at the line, except that of its shook their heads at such unchristian work; own length. It was plain that he had reached but Lawrie Logan did not want backers in the the bottom of the pit. Silent was all that con- shepherds and the ploughmen, to see fair play gregation, as if assembled in divine worship. against all the attempts of the Showmen and Again, there was a weight at the rope, and in the Newcastle horse-cowpers, who laid their a minute or two, a voice was heard far down money thick on the King; till a right-hander the pit that spread a sort of wild hope-else, in the pit of the stomach, which had nearly why should it have spoken at all--and lo! been the gipsy's everlasting quietus, gave the the child—not like one of the dead-clasped victory to Lawrie, amid acclamations that in the arms of his brother, who was all covered would have fitlier graced a triumph in a better with dust and blood. “Fall all down on your cause: But that day was an evil day to all at knees-in the face o' heaven, and sing praises Logan Braes. A recruiting sergeant got Lawto God, for my brother is yet alive!"

rie into the tent, over which floated the co During that Psalm, father, mother, and both lours of the 42d Regiment, and in the intoxicatheir sons--the rescuer and the rescued—and | tion of victory, whisky, and the bagpipe, the


young champion was as fairly enlisted into his family within to themselves, and then walked Majesty's service, as ever young girl, without away, without speaking, down to the Bridge. almost knowing it, was married at Gretna- After the lapse of an hour or more, and Green; and as the 42d were under orders to while we were all considering whether or no sail in a week, gold could not have bought off we should return to the house, the figure of such a man, and Lawrie Logan went on board Annie Raeburn was seen coming down the a transport.

brae towards the party, in a way very unlike Logan Braes was not the same place-in- her usual staid and quiet demeanour, and deed, the whole parish seemed altered-after stopping at some distance, to beckon wi her Lawrie was gone, and our visits were thence- hand more particularly, it was thought, on forth any thing but cheerful ones, going by ourselves, as we stood a few yards apart from turns to inquire for Willie, who seemed to be the rest. “ Willie is worse," were the only pining away—not in any deadly disease, but words she said, as we hastened back together; just as if he himself knew, that without ailing and on entering the room, we found the old much he was not to be a long liver. Yet nearly man uncertainly pacing the floor by himself, two years passed on, and all that time the but with a composed countenance. “He exprinciple of life had seemed like a flickering pressed a wish to see you--but he is gone!" flame within him, that when you think it ex. We followed into Willie's small bedroom and piring or expired, streams up again with sur- study, and beheld him already laid out, and his prising brightness, and continues to glimmer mother sitting as calmly beside him as if she ever steadily with a protracted light. Every were watching his sleep. “Sab not sae sair, week-nay, almost every day, they feared to Lawrie-God was gracious to let him live to lose him-yet there he still was at morning this day, that he might dee in his brither's and evening prayers. The third spring after arms." the loss of his brother was remarkably mild, The sun has mounted high in heaven, while and breathing with west-winds that came soft- thus we have been dreaming away the hours ened over many woody miles from the sea. --a dozen miles at least have we slowly wanHe seemed stronger, and more cheerful, and dered over, since morning, along pleasant byexpressed a wish that the Manse-boys, and paths, where never dust lay, or from gate to some others of his companions, would come gate of pathless enclosures, a trespasser fearto Logan Braes, and once again celebrate May- less of those threatening nonentities, springday. There we all sat at the long table, and guns. There is the turnpike-road--the great both parents did their best to look cheerful north and south road--for it is either the one during the feast. Indeed, all that had, once or the other, according to the airt towards been harsh and forbidding in the old man's which you choose to turn your face. Behold looks and manners, was now softened down a little WAYSIDE INN, neatly thatched, and with by the perpetual yearnings at his heart to-white-washed front, and sign-board hanging wards the distant far and absent long,” nor from a tree, on which are painted the figures less towards him that peaceful and pious child of two jolly gentlemen, one in kilts and the whom every hour he saw, or thought he saw, other in breeches, shaking hands cautiously awaiting a call from the eternal voice. Al across a running brook. The meal of all though sometimes sadness fell across us like meals is a paulo-post-meridian breakfast

. The a shadow, yet the hours passed on as May-day rosiness of the combs of the strapping hens is hours should do; and what with our many- good augury ;-hark, a cackle from the barn-toned talk and laughter, the cooing of the another egg is laid-and chanticleer, stretching pigeons on the roof, and the twittering of the himself up on claw-tip, and clapping his wings swallows beneath the eaves, and the lark-songs of the bonny beaten gold, crows aloud to his ringing like silver bells over all the heavens, sultana till the welkin rings. “Turn to the it seemed a day that ought to bring good left, sir, if you please," quoth a comely matron; tidingsmor, the Soldier himself returning from and we find ourselves snugly seated in an armthe wars to bless the eyes of his parents once chair, not wearied, but to rest willing, while more, so that they might die in peace. “ Hea- the clock ticks pleasantly, and we take no note ven hold us in its keeping, for there's his of time but by its gain; for here is our jourwraith!" ejaculated Annie Raeburn. “It passed nal, in which we shall put down a few jottings before the window, and my Lawrie, I now for Mar-Dar. Three boiled eggs-one to each know, is with the dead!”-Bending his stately penny-roll--are sufficient, under any circumhead beneath the lintel of the door, in the dress, stances, along with the same number fried and with the bearing of a soldier, Lawrie Lo- with mutton-ham, for the breakfast of a Gengan stepped again across his father's threshold tleman and a Tory. Nor do we remember-and, ere he well uttered“ God be with you all!" when tea-cups have been on a proper scaleWillie was within his arms, and on his bosom. ever to have wished to go beyond the Golden His father and his mother rose not from their Rule of Three. In politics, we confess that chairs, but sat still, with faces like ashes. But we are rather ultra; but in all things else we we boys could not resist our joy, and shouted love moderation. “Come in, my bonny little his name aloud-while Luath, from his sleep lassie-ye needna keep keekin' in that gate in the corner, leapt on his master breast-high, fra ahint the door”-and in a few minutes the and whining his dumb delight, frisked round curly-pated prattler is murmuring on our knee. him as of yore, when impatient to snuff the The sonsie wife, well pleased with the sight, dawn on the hill-side. “Let us go out and and knowing, from our kindness to children, play," said a boy's voice, and issuing some that we are on the same side of politics with what seriously into the sunshine, we left the her gudeman-Ex-sergeantin the Black Watck. and once Orderly to Garth himself—brings out tiled, and partly open to the elements, with its her ain bottle from the spencema hollow square, naked rafters. Broken windows repaired with and green as emerald." Bless the gurgle of its an old petticoat, or a still older pair of breeches, honest mouth! With prim lips mine hostess and walls that had always been plastered and kisses the glass, previously leiting fall a not better plastered and worse plastered, in frosty inelegant curtsey-for she had, we now learned, weather--all labour in vain, as crumbling been a lady's maid in her youth to one who is patches told, and variegated streaks, and stains indeed a lady, all the time her lover was abroad of dismal ochre, meanest of all colours, and in the army, in Egypt, Ireland, and the West still symptomatic of .want, mismanagement, Indies, and Malta, and Guernsey, Sicily, Por- bankruptcy, and perpetual flittings from a tenetugal, Holland, and, we think she said, Corfu. ment that was never known to have paid any One of the children has been sent to the field, rent. Then what a pair of drunkards were where her husband is sowing barley, to tell old Saunders and his spouse! Yet never once him that there is fear lest dinner cool; and the were they seen drunk on a Sabbath, or a fastmistress now draws herself up in pride of his day_regular kirk-goers, and attentive observnoble appearance, as the stately Highlander ers of ordinances. They had not very many salutes us with the respectful but bold air of children, yet, pass the door when you might, one who has seen some service at home and you were sure to hear a squall or a shriek, or abroad. Never knew we a man make other the ban of the mother, or the smacking of the than a good bow, who had partaken freely in a palm of the hand on the part of the enemy charge of bayonets.

easiest of access; or you saw one of the Shenstone's lines about always meeting the ragged fiends pursued by a parent round the warmest welcome in an inn, are very natural corner, and brought back by the hair of the and tender-as most of his compositions are, head till its eyes were like those of a Chinese. when he was at all in earnest. For our own Now, what decency what neatness what part, we cannot complain of ever meeting any order-in this household—this private public! other welcome than a warm one, go where we into which customers step like neighbours on may; for we are not obtrusive, and where we a visit, and are served with a heartiness and are not either liked, or loved, or esteemed, or good will that deserve the name of hospitality, admired, (that last is a strong word, yet we all for they are gratuitous, and can only be repaid have our admirers,) we are exceeding chary in kind. A limited prospect does that latticedof the light of our countenance. But at an window command--and the small panes cut inn, the only kind of welcome that is indis- objects into too many parts little more than pensable, is a civil one. When that is not the breadth of the turnpike road, and a hunforthcoming, we shake the dust, or the dirt, dred yards of the same, to the north and to the off our feet, and pursue our journey, well as- south, with a few budding hedgerows, half a sured that a few milestones will bring us to a dozen trees, and some green braes. Yet could humaner roof. Incivility and surliness have we sit and moralize, and intellectualize, for occasionally given us opportunities of behold- hours at this window, nor hear the striking ing rare celestial phenomena-meteors-fall-clock. ing and shooting stars—the Aurora Borealis, There trips by a blooming maiden of middle in her shifting splendours--haloes round the degree all alone—the more's the pity-yet permoon, variously bright as the rainbow-elec- fectly happy in her own society, and one we trical arches forming themselves on the sky in venture to say who never received a love-leta manner so wondrously beautiful, that we ter, valentines excepted, in all her innocent should be sorry to hear them accounted for by days. A fat man sitting by himse in a gig! philosophers--one half of the horizon blue, and somewhat red in the face, as if he had dined without a cloud, and the other driving tempes- early, and not so sure of the road as his horse, tuously like the sea-foam, with waves mountain- who has drunk nothing but a single pailful of high-and divinest show of all for a solitary water, and is anxious to get to town that he night-wandering man, who has any thing of a may be rubbed down, and see oats once more. soul at all, far and wide, and high up into the Scamper away, ye joyous schoolboys, and, for gracious heavens, Planets and Stars all burn- your sake, may that cloud breathe forth rain ing as if their urns were newly fed with and breeze, before you reach the burn, which light, not twinkling as they do in a dewy or a you seem to fear may run dry before you can vapoury night, although then, too, are the see the Pool where the two-pounders lie. Mesoftened or veiled luminaries beautiful_but thinks we know that old woman, and of the large, full, and free over the whole firmament first novel we write she shall be the heroine. -a galaxy of shining and unanswerable argu- Ha! a brilliant bevy of mounted maidens, in ments in proof of the Immortality of the Soul. riding-habits, and Spanish hats, with “swaling

The whole world is improving; nor can there feathers”-sisters, it is easy to see, and daughbe a pleasanter proof of that than this very ters of one whom we either loved, or thought wayside inn-ycleped the SALUTATION. What we loved; but now they say she is fat and vula miserable pot-house it was long ago, with a gar, is the devil's own scold, and makes her rusty-hinged door, that would neither open nor servants and her husband lead the lives of shut-neither let you out nor in-immovable slaves. All that we can say is, that once on a and intractable to foot or hand-or all at once, time it was tout une autre chose ; for a smaller when you least expected it to yield, slamming foot, and a slimmer ankle, a more delicate to with a bang; a constant puddle in front waist, arms more lovely, reposing in their during rainy weather, and heaped up dust in gracefulness beneath her bosom, tresses of dry-roof partly thatched, partly slated, partly I brighter and more burnished auburn-such starlike eyes, thrilling without seeking to reach (poltroon; two of the Seven Young Men-all the soul-But phoo! phoo! phoo! she mar- that now survive-impatient of the drudgery ried a jolted-headed squire with two thousand of the compting-house, and the injustice of acres, and, in self-defence, has grown fat, vul- the age-hut they, we believe, are in the band gar, and a scold. There is a Head for a painter! —the triangle and the serpent; twelve cottonand what perfect peace and placidity all over spinners at the least; six weavers of woollens; the Blind Man's countenance! He is not a a couple of colliers from the bowels of the beggar, although he lives on almsthose sight- earth; and a score of miscellaneous rabble less orbs ask not for charity, nor yet those flunkies long out of place, and unable to live withered hands, as, staff-supported, he stops on their liveries-felons acquitted, or that have at the kind voice of the traveller, and tells his dreed their punishment-picked men from the story in a fer words. On the ancient Dervise shilling galleries of playhouses and the élite moves, with his long silvery hair, journeying of the refuse and sweepings of the jails. Look contentedly in darkness towards the eternal how all the rogues and reprobates march like light. A gang of gijisies! with their numer- one man! Alas! was it of such materials that ous assery laden with horn-spoons, pots, and our conquering army was made ?—were such pans, and black-eyed children. We should not the heroes of Talavera, Salamanca, Vittoria, be surprised to read some day in the newspa- and Waterloo ? pers, that the villain who leads the van had

Why not, and what ihen? Heroes are but been executed for burglary, arson, and murder. men after all. Men, as men go, are the maThat is the misfortune of having a bad physi- terials of which heroes are made; and reognomy, a sidelong look, a scarred cheek, and cruits in three years ripen into veterans. Cowa cruel grin about the muscles of the mouth; ardice in one campaign is disciplined into to say nothing about rusty hair protruding courage, fear into valour. In presence of the through the holes of a brown hat, not made for enemy, pickpockets become patriots--memthe wearer-long, sinewy arms, all of one bers of the swell mob volunteer on forlorn thickness, terminating in huge, hairy, horny hopes, and step out from the ranks to head the hands, chiefly knuckles and nails—a sham-storm! Lord bless you! have you not stubling gait, notwithstanding that his legs are died sympathy and l'esprit de corps? An army finely proportioned, as if the night prowler fifty thousand strong consists, we shall supwere cautious not to be heard by the sleep- pose, in equal portions of saints and sinners; ing house, nor to awaken-so noiseless his and saints and sinners are all English, Irish, stealthy advances—the unchained mastiff in Scottish. What wonder, then, that they drive his kennel.

all resistance to the devil, and go on from vicBut, hark! the spirit-stirring music of fife tory to victory, keeping all the cathedrals and and drum! A whole regiment of soldiers on churches in England hard at work with all their their march to replace another whole regiment organs, from Christmas to Christmas, blowing of soldiers and that is as much as we can be Te Deum? You must not be permitted too expected to know about their movements. curiously to analyze the composition of the Food for the cannon's mouth; but the maw of British army or the British navy. Look at war has been gorged and satiated, and the them, think of them as Wholes, with Nelson or glittering soap-bubbles of reputation, blown by Wellington the head, and

Wellington the head, and in one slump pray windy-cheeked Fame from the bowl of her God to bless the defenders of the throne, the pipe, have all burst as they have been clutched hearth, and the altar. by the hands of tall fellows in red raiment, The baggage-wagons halt, and some refreshand with feathers on their heads, just before ments are sent for to the women and children. going to lie down on what is called the bed Ay, creatures not far advanced in their teens of honour. Melancholy indeed to think, that are therea year or two ago, at school or serall these fine, fierce, ferocious, fire-eaters are vice, happy as the day was long, now mothers, doomed, but for some unlooked-for revolution with babies at their breasts-happy still perin the affairs of Europe and the world, to die haps; but that pretty face is wofully wan-that in their beds! Yet there is some comfort in hair did not use to be so dishevelled and bony, thinking of the composition of a company and clammy, and blue-veined is the hand that of brave defenders of their country. It is, we lay so white, and warm, and smooth, in the shall suppose, Seventy strong. Well, jot down grasp of the seducer. Yet she thinks she is three ploughmen, genuine clodhoppers, chaw- his wife; and, in truth, there is a ring on her bacons sans peur et sans reproche, except that the marriage-finger. But, should the regiment overseers of the parish were upon them with embark, so many women, and no more, are orders of affiliation; and one shepherd, who suffered to go with a company; and, should made contradictory statements about the num- one of the lots not fall on her, she may take ber of the spring lambs, and in whose house had of her husband an everlasting farewell. been found during winter certain fleeces, for The Highflier Coach! carrying six in, and which no ingenuity could account; a laird's twelve outsides—driver and guard excluded son, long known by the name of the Ne'er- rate of motion eleven miles an hour, with stopdoweel ; a Man of tailors, forced to accept the pages. Why, in the name of Heaven, are all bounty-money-during a protracted strike, people now-a-days in such haste and hurry? not dungs they, but flints all the nine; a bar- Is it absolutely necessary that one and all of ber, like many a son of genius, ruined by this dozen and a half Protestants and Catholics his wit, and who, after being driven from pole -alike anxious for emancipation--should be to pole, found refuge in the army at last; a at a particular place, at one particular moment bankrup: butcher, once a bully, and now a l of time out of the twenty-four hours given to

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