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There is allusion, then, of some sort, and to now a Claude, now a Turner, now a Rubens, what does it amount? We cannot well tell. now a Danby, now a Salvator, now a Maclise. But if there is really a love in human hearts to Most people, nay, we suspect all people but these distant orbs—if there is an emotion of ourselves, make a point of sleeping in the tenderness to the fair, opening, breathing blos- same bed (that is awkwardly expressed) all som that we would not crush it—"in gentleness life through ; and out of that bed many of them of heart touch, for there is a spirit in the avow their inability to "bow an eye;" such is leaves”-it must be that we do not see them as the power of custom, of habit, of use and wont, they are, but “create a soul under the ribs of over weary mortals even in the blessing of death." We could not be touched, or care for sleep. No such slavish fidelity do we observe what has no affinity to ourselves-we make towards any one bed of the numerous beds in the affinity-we animate, we vivify them, and our mansion. No one dormitory is entitled to thenceforward,

plume itself, in the pride of its heart, on being “ Spiritus intus alit, totamque infusa per artus, peculiarly Ours; nor is any one suffered to Mens agitat molem, et magno se corpore miscet.”

sink into despondency from being debarred Now you do believe that we do love Silence the privilege of contributing to Our repose. -and every other thing worthy to be loved— They are all furnished, if not luxuriously, you and yours—and even that romp, your comfortably in the extreme; in number, nine shock-headed Coz, to whom Priscilla Tom--each, of course, with its two dressing-rooms boy was an Imogen.

--those on the same story communicating with All our ceilings are deadened-we walk one another, and with the parlours, drawingankle-deep in carpeting—nobody is suffered rooms, and libraries—"a mighty maze, but not to open a door but ourselves—and they are so without a plan,” and all harmoniously comconstructed, that it is out of their power to bined by one prevailing and pervading spirit slam. Our winter furniture is all massy- of quietude by day and by night, awake or deepening the repose. In all the large rooms asleep - the chairs being couch-like, the two fireplaces—and fires are kept perpetually couches bed-like, the beds, whether tent or burning day and night, in them all, which, re- canopy, enveloped in a drapery of dreams. tlected from spacious mirrors, give the man- We go to bed at no stated hour-but when sion quite the appearance of a Pandemonium. we are tired of sitting up, then do we lie down; Not gas always. Palm-oil burns scentless as at any time of the night or the day; and we moonlight; and when motion, not rest, in a rise, neither with the lark, nor the swallow, place is signified, we accompany ourselves nor the sparrow, nor the cock, nor the owl, with a wax candle, or taper from time im- nor the sun, nor the moon, nor the stars, nor memorial green. Yet think not that there is Lucifer, nor Aurora, but with Christopher a blaze of light. We have seen the midnight North. Yellow, or green, or blue, or crimson, heaven and earth nearly as bright, with but or fawn, or orange, or pinky light salutes our one moon and a small scatter of stars. And eyes, as sleep's visionary worlds recede and places of glimmer-and places of gloom-and relapse into airy nothing, and as we know of places “deaf to sound and blind to light” there a certainty that these are real web and woof are in this our mansion, known but to our damask curtains, that flock palpable on subselves--cells-penitentiaries where an old stantial walls. man may sit sighing and groaning, or stupified True wisdom soon accommodates itself even in his misery-or at times almost happy. So to involuntary or inevitable change—but to senseless, and worse than senseless seems then that which flows from our own sweet will, all mortal tribulation and anguish while the self- however sudden and strong, it instantly moulds communing soul is assured, by its own pro- itself in a novel delight, with all its familiar found responses, that “whatever is, is best.” and domestic habits. Why, we have not been

And thus is our domicile a domain--a king. in 99, Moray Place, for a week-nay, not for dom. We should not care to be confined to it two days and nights—till you might swear we all the rest of our days. Seldom, indeed, do had been all our life a Cit, we look so like a we leave our own door-yet call on us, and Native. The rustic air of the Lodge has enten to one you hear us in winter chirping like tirely left us, and all our movements are mea cricket, or in summer like a grasshopper. tropolitan. You see before you a Gentleman We have the whole range of the house to our of the Old School, who knows that the eyes of selves, and many an Excursion make we on the the town are upon him when he seeks the Crutch. Ascending and descending the wide open air, and who preserves, even in the winding staircases, each broad step not above privacy of the parlour, that dignity of dress two inches high, we find ourselves on spacious and demeanour which, during winter, befits landing-places illumined by the dim religious his age, his rank, and his character. Now, we light of stained windows, on which pilgrims, shave every morning; John, who in his boyish and palmers, and prophets, single, or in pairs days served under Barbarossa, lightly passes or troops, are travelling on missions through the comb through our “sable silvered;" and glens or forests or by sea-shores--or shepherd then, in our shawl dressing-gown, we descend piping in the shade, or poet playing with the about ten to our study, and sit, not unstately, tangles of Neæra's hair. We have discovered beside the hissing urn at our protracted breaka new principle on which, within narrow fast. In one little month or less, “or ere our bounds, we have constructed Panoramic Dio- shoes are old,” we feel as if we had belonged ramas, that show splendid segments of the to this house alone, and it to us, from our birth. great circle of the world. We paint all of them The Lodge is seen to be standing in its stillourselves—now a Poussin, now a Thomson, ness, far away! Dear memories of the ben 36

2 A 2

sive past now and then come floating upon the Pensive Public, of thy Grecian or Roman nose. cheerful present-like birds of fairest plumage Furs, at once, are all the rage; the month of floating far inland from the main. But there muffs has come; and round the neck of Eve, is no idle longing--no vain regret. This, we and every one of all her daughters, is seen say, is true wisdom. For each scene and sea- harmlessly coiling a boa-constrictor. On their son-each pleasure and place ought to be lovely cheeks the Christmas roses are already trusted to itself in the economy of human life, in full blow, and the heart of Christopher and to be allowed its own proper power over North sings aloud for joy. Furred, muffed, our spirit. People in the country are often rest- and boa'd, Mrs. Gentle adventures abroad in less to return to town--and people in town un- the blast; and, shouldering his Crutch, the happy till they rush away into the country-thus rough, ready, and ruddy old man shows how cheating their entire existence out of its natural widows are won, whispers in that delicate ear calm and satisfaction. Not so we. We give of the publication of bans, and points his gouty both their due-and that due is an almost un- toe towards the hymeneal altar. In the bracing divided delight in each while we live under its air, his frame is strung like Paganini's fiddle, reign. For Nature, believe us, is no jealous and he is felt to be irresistible in the piggicato. mistress. She is an affectionate wife, who, “Lord of his presence, and small land beside," being assured of his fidelity, is not afraid to what cares he even for a knight of the Gueltrust her husband out of her sight,

phic order? On his breast shines a star-may " When still the town affairs do call him thence,"

it never prove a cross-beyond bestowal by

king or kaisar; nor is Maga's self jealous or and who waits with cheerful patience for his envious of these wedded loves. And who return, duly welcomed with a conjugal shower knows but that ere another November snow of smiles and kisses.

sheets the Shotts, a curious little Kitt, with the But what is this we see before us? Winter word North distinctly traceable in blue letters -we declare-and in full fig with his pow. on the whites of his eyes, may not be playing dered wig! On the mid-day of November, antics on his mother's knee, and with the true absolutely show! a full, fair, and free fall of Tory face in miniature, smiling upon the indisputable snow.

guardian of the merry fellow's own and his Not the slightest idea had we, the day before, country's constitution ? that a single flake had yet been formed in the What kind of a Winter--we wonder-are atmosphere, which, on closing of our shutters, we to have in the way of wind and weather? looked through the clear-obscure, indicative of We trust it will be severe. As summer set in a still night and a bright morning. But we with his usual severity, Winter must not be had not seen the moon. She, we are told hy behindhand with him; but after an occasional an eyewitness, early in the evening, stared from week's rain of a commendably boisterous chathe south-east, “through the misty horizontal racter, must come out in full fig of frost. He air," with a face of portentous magnitude and has two suits which we greatly admire, combrazen hue, symptomatic, so weatherwise seers bining the splendour of a court-dress with the do say, of the approach of the Snow-king. On strength of a work-day garb-we mean his such occasions it requires all one's astronomi- garments of black and his garments of white cal science to distinguish between sun and frost. He looks best in the former, we think, moon; for then sister resembles brother in that on to about Christmas—and the latter become wan splendour, and you wonder for a moment, the old gentleman well from that festival seaas the large beamless orb (how unlike Dian's son, on to about the day sacred to a class of silver bow!) is in ascension, what can have persons who will never read our Recreations. brought the lord of day, at this untimeous Of all the months of the year, November nour, from his sea-couch behind the moun- in our climate-whether in town or country, tains of the west. Yet during the night-calm bears the worst character. He is almost uniwe suspected snowm-for the hush of the hea- versally thought to be a sour, sulky, sullen, vens had that downy feel to our half-sleeping savage, dim, dull

, dark, disconsolate, yet defancy, that belongs to the eider-pillow in which signing month-in fewer words, a month disappears our aged, honoured, and un-night- scarcely fit to live. Abhorring all personalities, caped head. Looking out by peep of day, we repent having sometimes given into this rather a ghostlike appearance in our long national abuse of November. We know him night-shirt, which trails a regal train--we be well--and though we admit at once that he is held the fair feathers dimly descending through no beauty, and that his manners are at the best the glimmer, while momently the world kept bluff

, at the worst repulsive, yet on those who whitening and whitening, till we knew not our choose to cultivate his acquaintance, his chahome-returning white cat on what was yester-racter continues so to mellow and ameliorate day the back-green, but by the sable tail that itself, that they come at last, if not to love, to singularly shoots from the rump of that phe- like him, and even to prefer his company “ in

We were delighted. Into the cold the season of the year," to that of other more plunge-bath we played plop like a salmon-brilliant visiters. So true is it with months and came out as red as a cut of that incompar- and men, that it requires only to know the able fish. One ply of leather--one of flannel most unpleasant of them, and to see them dur. -and one of the linen fine; and then the suit ing a favourable phasis, in order to regard of pepper and salt over all; and you behold them with that Christian complacency which us welcoming, hailing, and blessing the return a good heart sheds over all its habits. 'Tis of day. Frost, too, felt, at the finger and toe unlucky for November-poor fellow !--that he tips-and in unequivocal true-blue at the point, | follows October. October is a month so much admired by the world, that we often wonder he into the town-all its life seems to do 30-and has not been spoiled. “What a glorious Oc- to leave nothing behind but the bare trees and tober!” Why, you will surely not leave us hedges. Equipages again go glittering along till October comes !October is the month all the streets, squares, circuses, and crescents; of all months-and, till you see him, you have and one might think that the entire “nation of not seen the Lakes." We acknowledge his ladies and gentlemen ”—for King George the claims. He is often truly delightful; but, like Fourth, we presume, meant to include the sex, other brilliant persons, thinks himself not only in his compliment-were moving through their privileged to be at times extremely dull, but his metropolis. Amusement and business walk intensest stupidity is panegyrized as wit of the hand-in-hand-you hardly know, from their first water--while his not unfrequent rudeness, cheerful countenances, which is which; for of which many a common month would be the Scots, though a high-cheeked, are not an ashamed, passes for the ease of high-birth, or ill-favoured folk in their features-and though the eccentricity of genius. A very different their mouths are somewhat of the widest, their feeling indeed exists towards unfortunate No- teeth are white as well as sharp, and on the vember. The moment he shows his face, all opening of their ruddy lips, their ivory-cases other faces are glum. We defy month or man, are still further brightened by hearty smiles. under such a trial, to make himself even tol- | 'Twould be false to say that their figures are erably agreeable. He feels that he is no fa- distinguished by an air of fashion--for we have vourite, and that a most sinister misinterpre- no court, and our nobles are almost all abtation will be put on all his motions, manners, sentees. But though, in one sense, the men are thoughts, words, and deeds. A man or a month | ugly customers, as they will find so circumstanced is much to be pitied. Think, “Who chance to tread upon their freeborn toe," look, speak, act as he will-yea, even more yet, literally, they are a comely crew, and if like an angel than a man or a month-every formed into battalions in marching order, eyebrow arches—every nostril distends every would make the National Guard in Paris look lip curls towards him in contempt, while blow like over the ice that enchains all his feelings and


“ That small infantry faculties, heavy-chill whisperings of “who is Warr'd on by cranes." that disagreeable fellow?" In such a frozen Our females have figures that can thaw any atmosphere eloquence would be congealed on frost; and 'tis universally allowed that they the lips of an Ulysses-Poetry prosified on walk well, though their style of pedestrianism those of an Apollo.

does not so readily recall to the imagination Edinburgh, during the dead of Summer, is a Virgil's picture of Camilla flying along the far more solitary place than Glenetive, Glen- heads of corn without touching their ears, as evis, or Glenco. There is not, however, so the images of paviers with post-looking mallets much danger of being lost in it as in the Moor driving down dislodged stones into the streets. of Rannoch-for streets and squares, though Intermingling with the lighter and more elastic then utterly tenantless, are useful as land- footsteps of your Southron dames, the on-goings marks to the pilgrim passing through what of our native virgins produce a pleasant varieseems to be

ty of motion in the forenoon mêlée that along A still forsaken City of the Dead!"

the Street of Princes now goes nodding in the But, like a frost-bound river, suddenly dissolved sun-glint. by a strong thaw, and coming down in spate "Amid the general dance and minstrelsy” from the mountains to the low lands, about who would wear a long face, unless it were in the beginning of November Life annually re- sympathy with his length of ears? A din of overflows our metropolis, with a noise like multitudinous joy hums in the air; you can“ the rushing of many chariots.” The streets, not see the city for the houses, its inhabitants that for months had been like the stony chan- for the people; and, as for finding one parnels of dried-up streams--only not quite so ticular acquaintance in the crowd, why, to use well paved--are again all a murmur, and peo- an elegant simile, you might as well go search ple addicted to the study of political economy, for a needle in a bottle of hay. begin to hold

But hark! a hollow sound, distant, and as “ Each strange tale devoutly true"

yet referred to no distinct place-then a faint in the Malthusian theory of population. What mixture of a clear chime that is almost music swarms keep hovering round the great North-) --now a tune--and at last, rousing the massy ern Hive!

Add eke after eke to the skep, multitude to enthusiasm, a military march, and still seems it too small to contain all the swelling various, profound, and high, with insects. Edinburgh is almost as large as Lon- drum, trombone, serpent, trump, clarionet, fife, don. Nay, don't stare! We speak compara- flute, and cymbal, bringing slowly on (is it thú tively; and, as England is somewhere about measured tramp of the feet of men, or the consix times more populous than Scotland, you fused trampling of horses ?) banners floating may, by brushing up your arithmetic, and ap- over the procession, above the glitter of steel, plying to the Census, discover that we are not and the golden glow of helmets. 'Tis a regiso far wrong in our apparent paradox. ment of cavalry-hurra! the Carbineers !

Were November in himself a far more What an Advanced Guard ! wearifu' month than he is, Edinburgh would

“There England sends her men, of men the chief,” nevertheless be gladsome in the midst of all still, staid, bold, bronzed faces, with keen eyes, his gloom, even as a wood in May with the looking straight forward from between sabres : Gathering of the Clans. The country flows while beneath the equable but haughty motion of their steeds, almost disciplined as their tersma change wrought for an hour of peace riders, with long black horse-hair flowing in the heart of the hurricane! Therefore the in martial majesty, nod their high Roman sailor enjoys it on the green wave--the shepcasques. The sweet storm of music has been herd on the green sward; while the memory passing by while we were gazing, and is now of mists and storms deepens the enchantment. somewhat deadened by the retiring distance Even so, Idlesse can be enjoyed but by those and by that mass of buildings, (how the win- who are permitted to indulge it, while enduring dows are alive, and agaze with faces !) while the labours of an active or a contemplative troop after troop comes on, still moving, it is life. To use another, and a still livelier image felt by all, to the motion of the warlike tune, -see the pedlar toiling along the dusty road, though now across the Waterloo Bridge sound with an enormous pack on his excursion; and ing like an echo, till the glorious war-pageant when off his aching shoulders slowly falls back is all gone by, and the dull day is deadened on the bank the loosened load, in blessed redown again into the stillness and silence of an lief think ye not that he enjoys, like a very ignoble peace.

poet, the beauty of the butterflies that, waver“Now all the youth of Scotland are on fire!" ing through the air, settle down on the wildAll her cities and towns are rejoicing in the flowers around him that embroider the waywelcome Winter; and mind, invigorated by side! Yet our pedlar is not so much either holidays, is now at work, like a giant refresh- of an entymologist or a botanist as not to take ed, in all professions. The busy bar growls, out his scrip, and eat his bread and cheese grumphs, squeaks, like an`old sow with a litter with a mute prayer and a munching appetiteof pigs pretending to be quarrelling about not idle, it must be confess'd, in that sensestraws. Enter the Outer or the Inner House, but in every other idle even as the shadow of and you hear eloquence that would have put the sycamore, beneath which, with his eyes Cicero to the blush, and reduced Demosthenes half-open-for by hypothesis he is a Scotsto his original stutter. The wigs of the Judges man-he finally sinks into a wakeful, but quiet seem to have been growing during the long half-sleep. “Hallo! why are you sleeping vacation, and to have expanded into an ampler there, you idle fellow?" bawls some beadle, or wisdom. Seldom have we seen a more solemn some overseer, or some magistrate, or perhaps set of men. Every one looks more gash than merely one of those private persons who, out another, and those three in the centre seem to of season and in season, are constantly sendus the embodied spirits of Law, Equity, and ing the sluggard to the ant to learn wisdomJustice. What can be the meaning of all this though the ant, Heaven bless her! at proper endless litigation ? On what immutable prin- times sleeps as sound as a sicknurse. ciples in human nature depends the prosperity We are now the idlest, because once were of the Fee-fund? Life is strife. Inestimable we the most industrious of men. Up to the the blessing of the great institution of Property! time that we engaged to take an occasional For without it, how could people go together glance over the self-growing sheets of The by the ears, as if they would tear one another Periodical, we were tied to one of the oars that to pieces? All the strong, we must not call move along the great vessel of life; and we them bad passions, denied their natural ele- believe that it was allowed by all the best ment, would find out sone channels to run in, watermen, that far more destructive to the commonweal than

“We feather'd our oars with skill and dexterity.” lawsuits, and the people would be reduced to the lowest ebb of misery, and raised to the But ever since we became an Editor, our rehighest flow of crime. Our Parliament House pose, bodily and mental, has been like that of a here is a vast safety-valve for the escape of the Hindoo god. Often do we sit whole winter foul steam that would otherwise explode and nights, leaning back on our chair, more like shatter the engine of the state, blowing the the image of a man than a man himself, with body and members of society to smash. As it shut eyes, that keep seeing in succession all is, how the engine works! There it goes the things that ever happened to us, and all like Erickson's Novelty or Stevenson's Rocket the persons that we ever loved, hated, or dealong a railroad; and though an accident

spised, embraced, beat, or insulted, since we

may occur now and then, such as an occasional were a little boy. They too have all an imagepassenger chucked by some uncalculated col- like appearance, and 'tis wondrous strange fision into the distant horizon, to be picked up the stage of that revived drama, which some

how silent they all are, actors and actresses on whole, or in fragments, by the hoers in some turnip-field in the adjacent county, yet few or times seems to be a genteel comedy, and somenone are likely to be fatal on a great scale; times a broad farce, and then to undergo dreadand on goes the Novelty or Rocket, like a

ful transfiguration into a tragedy deep as death. thought, with many weighty considerations

We presume that the Public read in her after it, in the shape of wagons of Christians own papers-we cannot but be hurt that no acor cottons, while Manufactures and Commerce count of it has appeared in the Court Journal exult in the cause of Liberty and Locomotion --that on Thursday the 12th current, No. 99, all over the world.

Moray Place, was illuminated by our annual But to us utter idlesse is perfect bliss. And Soirée, Conversazzione, Rout, Ball

, and Supper. why? Because, like a lull at sea, or loun on

A Ball! yes-for Christopher North, acting in land, it is felt to descend from Heaven on

the spirit of his favourite James Thomson, man's toilsome lot. The lull and the loun, what

No purpose gay,

Amusement, dance, or song he sternly scorns are they when most profound, but the transient

For happiness and true philosophy cassation of the restlessness of winds and wa- Are of the social, still, and smiling kind."

All the rooms in the house were thrown open, empty and motionless-with us two alone sitexcept the cellars and the Sanctum. To the ting by each other's side affectionately and repeople congregated outside, the building, we spectfully on a sofa. Now it is filled with life, have been assured, had all the brilliancy of the and heard you ever such a happy murmur? Bude Light. It was like a palace of light, of Yet no one in particular looks as if he or she which the framework or skeleton was of white were speaking much above breath, so gentle is unveined marble. So strong was the reflec- true refinement, like a delightful fragrance tion on the nocturnal heavens, that a rumour ran through the City that there was a great fire

“ From the calm manners quietly exhaled.” in Moray Place, nor did it subside till after the Oh! the atrocious wickedness of a great, arrival and departure of several engines. The big, hearty, huge, hulking, horse-laugh in an alarm of some huge conflagration prevailed assemblage of ladies and gentlemen, gathered during most part of the night all over the king- gracefully together to enjoy the courtesies, the dom of Fife; while in the Lothians, our illumi- amenities, the urbanities, and the humanities nation was much admired as an uncommonly of cultivated Christian life! The pagan who fine specimen of the Aurora Borealis.

perpetrates it should be burnt alive--not at a “ From the arch'd roof,

slow fire-though that would be but justicePendent by subtle magic, many a row

but at a quick one, that all remnants of him Of starry lamps and blazing cressets, fed

and his enormity may be instantly extinguishWith naphtha and asphaltus, yielded light

ed. Lord Chesterfield has been loudly laughed As from a sky. The hasty multitude Admiring enter'd.”

at with leathern lungs for his anathema against We need not say who received the company, Lordship was right, and for that one single

laughter. But though often wrong, there his and with what grace she did so, standing at rule of manners he deserves a monument, as the first landing-place of the great staircase in sable stole; for the widow's weeds have not cies. "Let smiles mantle--and that sweet, soft,

having been one of the benefactors of his speyet been doffed for the robes of saffron--with a low sound be heard, the susurrus. Let there be Queen-Mary cap pointed in the front of her se

a many-voiced quiet music, like thai of the rene and ample forehead, and, to please us, a few pearls sprinkled among her hair, still an its breast. But laughter-loud peals of laugh

summer moonlight sea when the stars are in unfaded auburn, and on her bosom one star

ter-are like breakers-blind breakers on a bright diamond. Had the old General himself blind coast, where no verdure grows except come to life again, and beheld her then and that of tangle, and whatever is made into that there, he could not have been offended with vulgarist of all commodities, kelp. such simple ornaments. The weeds he would have felt due to him, and all that his memory

"Tis not a literary conversazzione, mind ye, was fairly entitled to; but the flowers-to speak ridge, the Monarch of the Monologue. But all

S. T. Colefiguratively—he would have cheerfully acknowledged were due to us, and that they well speak-talk-whisper-or smile, of all the became both face and figure of his lovely re- ble little interesting affairs, incidents, and oc

speakable, talkable, whisperable, and smilealict. As she moved from one room to another, showering around her serene smiles, we felt currences, real or fabulous, of public, private, the dignity of those Virgilian words,

demi-public, or demi-semi-private life. 'Topics

are as plentiful as snow-flakes, and melt away “ Incedit Regina.”

as fast in the stream of social pleasure, Surely there is something very poetical in

“A moment white, then gone for ever!" the gradual flowing in of the tide of grace, elegance and beauty, over the floors of a suit of Not a little scandal-much gossip, we dare regal-looking rooms, splendidly illuminated. say; but as for scandal, it is the vulgarest erEach party as it comes on has its own pecu- ror in the world to think that it either means, liar picturesqueness, and affects the heart or or does, any harm to any mortal. It does in imagination by some novel charm, gently finite good. It ventilates the atmosphere, and gliding onward a little while by itself, as if not prevents the “golden-fretted vault” from beunconscious of its own attractions, nor un-coming “a foul congregation of vapours.” As proud of the gaze of perhaps critical admira- for gossip, what other vindication does it need, tion that attends its progressive movement. than an order for you to look at a soirée of We confess ourselves partial to plumes of swallows in September on a slate-roof, the feathers above the radiant braidings of the most innocent and white-breasted creatures silken tresses on the heads of virgins and ma- that pay trons-provided they be not “dumpy women" “ Their annual visits round the globe, -tall, white, blue, and pink plumes, silent in Companions of the sun, their wavings as gossamer, and as finely deli- but such gossipers that the whole air is cate, stirred up by your very breath as you a-twitter with their talk about their neighbours' bend down to salute their cheeks-not with

nests--when--whew! off and away they go, kisses--for they would be out of order both of winnowing their way westwards, through the time and place—but with words almost as ten- setting sunlight, and all in perfect amity with der as kisses, and awakening almost as tender themselves and their kind, while a return a few sweet syllables breathed in a silver voice, with blushing cheeks, and down

“The world is all before them where to choose,

And Providence their guide." cast eyes that, when again uplifted, are seen to be from heaven.

And, madam, you do not matronize--and, sir, A long hour ago, and all the mansion was you do not patronize-waltzing ? 'Tis very O

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