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fie-fieish, you think-and in danger of becom- Hebrew Melody! And now your heart feels ing very, very faux-pa-pa-ish!

the utter mournfulness of these words, “Oh! the great goodness of the knights of old,”

By Babel's streams we sat and wept !" whose mind-motto was still

How sudden, yet how unviolent, the transitions Honi soit qui mal y pense!

among all our feelings ! Under no other power

so swift and so soft as that of Music. The soul Judging by ourselves, 'tis a wicked world we that sincerely loves Music, offers at no time the unwillingly confess; but be not terrified at trifles, we beseech you, and be not gross in slightest resistance to her sway, but yields ityour censure of innocent and delicate delights

. led captive by each successive strain through

self up entire to all its moods and measures, Byron's exquisitively sensitive modesty was the whole mysterious world of modulated air. shocked by the sight of waltzing, which he Not a smile over all that hush. Entranced in would not have suffered the Guiccioli, while she was in his keeping, to have indulged in listening, they are all still as images. A sigh even with her own husband. Thus it is that of tears. The sweet singer's self seems as if

-almost a sob—is heard, and there is shedding sinners see sin only where it is not and shut she felt all alone at some solitary shrinetheir eyes to it when it comes upon them open

“Her face, oh! call it fair, not pale!" armed, bare-bosomed, and brazen-faced, and clutches them in a grasp more like the hug of Yet pale now it is, as if her heart almost died a bear than the embrace of a woman. Away within her at the pathos of her own beautiful with such mawkish modesty and mouthing lament in a foreign land, and lovelier in her morality--for 'tis the slang of the hypocrite. captivity never was the fairest of the daughWaltzing does our old eyes good to look on it, ters of Zion ! when the whole Circling Flight goes gracefully How it howls! That was a very avalanche. and airily on its orbit, and we think we see the The snow-winds preach charity to all who have realization of that picture (we are sad misquo- roofs over-head-towards the houseless and ters) when the Hours

them who huddle round hearths where the fire “Knit by the Graces and the Loves in dance,

is dying or dead. Those blankets must have Lead on the eternal spring!

been a Godsend indeed to not a few families, But the Circling Flight breaks into airy Yet that is good too-nor do we find fault with

and your plan is preferable to a Fancy-Fair. fragments, the Instrumental Band is hushed, and so is the whole central Drawing-room ; for, them who dance for the Destitute. We sancblushingly obedient to the old man's beck, The tion amusements that give relief to miserySTAR OF Eve-so call we her who is our heart's- and the wealthy may waltz unblamed for be

hoof of the poor. case and heart's-delight-the granddaughter of one whom hopelessly we loved in youth, yet with

Again what a howling in the chimney! What no unreturned passion-but

a blattering on the windows, and what a can

nonading on the battlements! What can the “ The course of true love never yet ran smooth"

Night be about ? and what has put old Nox comes glidingly to our side, and having heard into such a most outrageous passion ? He has our wish breathed whisperingly into her ear-driven our Winter Rhapsody clean out of our a rare feature when small, thin, and delicate noddle--and to-morrow we must be sending as a leaf-just as glidingly she goes, in stature for the slater, the plumber, and the glazier. To that is almost stateliness, towards her Harp, go to bed in such a hurly-burly, would be to and assuming at once a posture that would make an Ultra-Toryish acknowledgment, not have charmed Canova, after a few prelusive only of the divine right, but of the divine touches that betray the hand of a mistress in power, of King Morpheus. But an Ultra-Tory the divine art, to the enchantment of the white we are not—though Ultra-Trimmers try to immotions of those graceful arms and fingers fine, pose upon themselves that fiction among a awakes a spirit in the strings accordant to the thousand others; so we shall smoke a cigar, spirit in that voice worthy to have blended and let sleep go to the dogs, the deuse, the with St. Cecilia's in her hymning orisons. A devil, and the Chartists.



yet for not a few years we bore the name of

« The Man of the Mountains ;" and, though no COMPANION of the Crutch! hast thou been a great linguists, we hope that we know someloving observer of the weather of our island what more than the vocabulary of the lanclime? We do not mean to ask if you have guages of calm and storm. Remember that from youth been in the daily practice of rising we are now at Ambleside and one week's from your study-chair at regular intervals, residence there may let you into some of the and ascertaining the precise point of Mercury's secrets of the unsteady Cabinet of St. Cloud. elevation on the barometrical scale. The One advice we give you, and by following it idea of trusting, throughout all the fluctuations you cannot fail to be happy at Ambleside, and of the changeful and capricious atmosphere in everywhere else. Whatever the weather be, which we live, to quicksilver, is indeed pre- love, admire, and delight in it, and vow that posterous; and we have long noticed that you would not change it for the atmosphere of meteorologists make an early figure in our a dream. If it be close, hot, oppressive, be obituaries. Seeing the head of the god above thankful for the faint air that comes down fitthe mark “fair,” or “settled," out they march fully from cliff and chasm, or the breeze that in thins, without great-coat or umbrella, when ever and anon gushes from stream and lake. such a thunder-plump falls down in a deluge, If the heavens are filled with sunshine, and that, returning home by water and steam, they you feel the vanity of parasols, how cool the take to bed, and on the ninth day fever hurries silvan shade for ever moistened by the murthem off, victims to their confidence in that murs of that fairy waterfall! Should it blow treacherous tube. But we mean to ask, have great guns, cannot you take shelter in yonder you an eye, an ear, and a sixth sense, anony- magnificent fort, whose hanging battlements mous and instinctive, for all the prognosticat are warded even from the thunder-bolt by the ing sights and sounds, and motions and shapes, dense umbrage of unviolated woods? Rainof nature? Have you studied, in silence and rain-rain--an even-down pour of rain, that solitude, the low, strange, and spirit-like whis- forces upon you visions of Noah and his ark, perings, that often, when bird and bee are and the top of Mount Ararat-still, we beseech mute, come and go, here and there, now from you, be happy. It cannot last long at that rate; crag, now from coppice, and now from moor, the thing is impossible. Even this very afterall over the sultry stillness of the clouded land- noon will the rainbow span the blue entrance scape? Have you listened among mountains into Rydal's woody vale, as if to hail the westerto the voice of streams, till you heard them ing sun on his approach to the mountainsprophesying change? Have you so mastered and a hundred hill-born torrents will be seen the occult science of mists, as that you can flashing out of the up-folding mists. What a foretell each proud or fair Emergency, and the delightful dazzle on the light-stricken river ! hour when grove, precipice, or plain, shall in Each meadow shames the lustre of the emsudden revelation be clothed with the pomp of erald; and the soul wishes not for language sunshine? Are all Bewick's birds, and beasts, to speak the pomp and prodigality of colours and fishes visible to your eyes in the woods, that Heaven now rejoices to lavish on the wastes, and waves of the clouds ? And know grove-girdled Fairfield, who has just tossed off ye what aerial condor, dragon, and whale, re- the clouds from his rocky crest. spectively portend? Are the Fata Morgana as You will not imagine, from any thing we familiar to you as the Aberdeen Almanac! have ever said, that we are enemies to early When a mile-square hover of crows darkens rising. Now and then, what purer bliss than air and earth, or settling loads every tree with to embrace the new-wakened Morn, just as sable fruitage, are you your own augur, equal she is rising from her dewy bed! At such ly as when one raven lifts up his hoary black- hour, we feel as if there were neither physical ness from a stone, and sails sullenly off with nor moral evil in the world. The united power a croak, that gets fiercer and more savage in of peace, innocence, and beauty subduos every the lofty distance? Does the leaf of the forest thing to itself, and life is love. twinkle futurity ? the lonely lichen brighten or Forgive us, loveliest of Mornings! for hav. pale its lustre with change? Does not the gift ing overslept the assignation hour, and allowed of prophecy dwell with the family of the violets thee to remain all by thyself in the solitude, and the lilies? The prescient harebells, do wondering why thy worshipper could prefer to they not let drop their closing blossoms when thy presence the fairest phantoms that ever the heavens are niggard of their dews, or up- visited a dream. And thou hast forgiven ushold them like cups thirsty for wine, when the for not clouds of displeasure these that have blessing, yet unfelt by duller animal life, is settled on thy forehead; the unreproaching beginning to drop balmily down from the rainy light of thy countenance is upon us--a loving cloud embosomed in the blue of a midsummer's murmur steals into our heart from thine-and meridian day?

pure as a child's, daughter of Heaven! is thy Forgive these friendly interrogatories. Per- breath. haps you are weather-wiser than ourselves; In the spirit of that invocation we look

around us, and as the idea of morning dies, that helps to eke out her own subsistence. For sufficient for our happiness is “the light of two or three years the child was felt a burden common day”-the imagery of common earth. by the solitary widow; but ere she had reached There has been raín during the night-enough, her fifth summer, Alice Elleray never left the and no more, to enliven nature-the mists are hut without darkness seeming to overshadow ascending composedly with promise of gentle it-never entered the door without bringing the weather--and the sun, so mild that we can sunshine. Where can the small, lonely crealook him in the face with unwinking eyes, ture have heard so many tunes, and airs, and gives assurance that as he has risen so will snatches of old songs-as if some fairy bird he reign, and so will he set in peace.

had taught her melodies of fairy-land? She is Yet we cannot help thinking it somewhat now in her tenth year, nor an idler in her soliremarkable, that, to the best of our memory, tude. Do you wish for a flowery bracelet for never once were we the very first out into the the neck of a chosen one, whose perfumes may dawn. We say nothing of birds---for they, mingle with the bosom-balm of her virgin with their sweet jargoning, anticipate it, and beauty? The orphan of Wood-edge will wreath from their bed on the bough feel the forerun- it of blossoms cropt before the sun hath melted ning warmth of the sunrise; neither do we the dew on leaf or petal. Will you be for carallude to hares, for they are “hirpling hame," rying away with you to the far-off city some to sleep away the light hours, open-eyed, in pretty little silvan toy, to remind you of Amthe briery quarry in the centre of the trackless bleside, and Rydal, and other beautiful names wood. Even cows and horses we can excuse of beautiful localities near the lucid waters of being up before us, for they have bivouacked; Windermere? Then, Lady! purchase, at litand the latter, as they often sleep standing, tle cost, from the fair basket-maker, an ornaare naturally somnambulists. Weasels, too, ment for your parlour, that will not disgrace we can pardon for running across the road be- its fanciful furniture, and, as you sit at your fore us, and as they reach the hole-in-the-wall, dreamy needlework, will recall the green forestshowing by their clear eyes that they have glades of Brathy or Calgarth. Industrious been awake for hours, and have probably creature! each day is to thee, in thy simplicity, breakfasted on leveret. We have no spite at an entire life. All thoughts, all feelings, arise chanticleer, nor the hooting owls against whom and die in peace between sunrise and sunset. he is so lustily crowing hours before the orient; What carest thou for being an orphan! knownor do we care although we know that is not ing, as thou well dost, that God is thy father the first sudden plunge of the tyrant trout into and thy mother, and that a prayer to Him the insect cloud already hovering over the tarn. brings health, food, and sleep to the innocent. But we confess that it is a little mortifying to Letting drop a curtsy, taught by Nature, the our pride of time and place, to meet an old mother of the Graces, Alice Elleray, the orphan beggar-woman, who from the dust on her tat- of Wood-edge, without waiting to be twice tered brogues has evidently marched miles bidden, trills, as if from a silver pipe, a wild, from her last night's wayside howf, and who bird-like warble, that in its cheerfulness has holds out her withered palm for charity, at an now and then a melancholy fall, and, at the hour when a cripple of fourscore might have close of the song, hers are the only eyes that been supposed sleeping on her pallet of straw. are not dimmed with the haze of tears. Then A pedlar, too, who has got through a portion away she glides with a thankful smile, and of the Excursion before the sun has illumed dancing over the greensward, like an uncertain the mountain-tops, is mortifying, with his piled sunbeam, lays the treasure, won by her beauty, pack and ellwand. There, as we are a Chris- her skill, and her industry, on the lap of her tian, is Ned Hurd, landing a pike on the margin old guardian, who blesses her with the upliftof the Reed-pool, on his way from Hayswater, ing of withered hands. where he has been all night angling, till his Meanwhile, we request you to walk away creel is as heavy as a sermon; and a little with us up to Stockgill-force. There has been further on, comes issuing like a Dryad's a new series of dry weather, to be sure; but to daughter, from the gate in the lane, sweet, our liking, a waterfall is best in a rainless little Alice Elleray, with a basket dangling summer. After a flood, the noise is beyond all beneath her arm, going in her orphan beauty endurance. You get stunned and stupified till to gather, in their season, wild strawberries or your head splits. Then you may open your violets in the woods.

mouth like a barn-door-we are speaking to Sweet orphan of Wood-edge! what would you, sir-and roar into a friend's ear all in many a childless pair give for a creature one- vain a remark on the cataract. To him you half so beautiful as thou, to break the stillness are a dumb man. In two minutes you are as of a home that wants but one blessing to make completely drenched in spray as if you had it perfectly happy! Yet there are few or none fallen out of a boat-and descend to dinner to lay a hand on that golden head, or leave a with a toothache that keeps you in starvation kiss upon its ringlets. The father of Alice in the presence of provender sufficient for a Elleray was a wild and reckless youth, and, whole bench of bishops. In dry weather, going to the wars, died in a foreign land. Her on the contrary, the waterfall is in moderation; mother soon faded away of a broken heart;- and instead of tumbling over the cliff in a perand who was to care for the orphan child of petual peal of thunder, why, it slides and slidthe forgotten friendless ? An old pauper who ders merrily and musically away down the lives in that hut, scarcely distinguishable from green shelving rocks, and sinks into repose in the sheilings of the charcoal-burners, was glad many a dim or lucid pool, amidst whose foamto take her from the parish for a weekly mite I bells is playing or asleep the fearless Naiad.

you fur

Deuse a headache have you-speak in a whis- from afar, all happy as at home in the Fairies' per, and not a syllable of your excellent obser- Oak. vation is lost; your coat is dry, except that a By all means ride away into these woods, and few dewdrops have been shook over you from lose yourselves for half an hour among the the branches stirred by the sudden wing-clap cooing of cushats, and the shrill shriek of of the cushat-and as for toothache interfering startled blackbirds, and the rustle of the harmwith dinner, you eat as if your tusks had been less slow-worm among the last year's red just sharpened, and would not scruple to dis- beech-leaves. No very great harm in a kiss cuss nuts, upper-and-lower-jaw-work fashion, under the shadow of an oak, (oh fie!) while against the best crackers in the county. And all the magpie chatters angrily at safe distance, this comes of looking at Stockgill-force, or any and the more innocent squirrel peeps down other waterfall, in dry weather, after a few re- upon you from a bough of the canopy, and, freshing and fertilizing showers that make the hoisting his tail, glides into the obscurity of tributary rills to murmur, and set at work a the loftiest umbrage. You still continue to see thousand additional feeders to every Lake. and hear; but the sight is a glimmer, and the

Ha! Matutine Roses !-budding, half-blown, sound a hum, as if the forest-glade were swarmconsummate-you are, indeed, in irresistible ing with bees, from the ground-flowers to the blush! We shall not say which of you we herons' nests. Refreshed by your dream of love best—she knows it ; but we see there is no Dryads, follow a lonesome din that issues from hope to-day for the old man-for you are all a pile of wooded cliffs, and you are led to a paired-and he must trudge it solus, in capacity Water-fall. Five minutes are enough for takof Guide-General of the Forces. What! the ing an impression, if your mind be of the right nymphs are going to pony it? And you intend, material, and you carry it away with you selfish fellows, that we shall hold all the ther down the Forest. Such a torrent will not reins whenever the spirit moveth you to de- reach the lake without disporting itself into viate from bridle-path, to clamber cliff for a many little cataracts; and saw ye ever such a bird's-eye view, or dive into dells for some rare fairy one as that flowing through below an plant? Well, well—there is a tradition, that ivyed bridge into a circular basin overshaonce we were young ourselves; and so redo- dowed by the uncertain twilight of many lent of youth are these hills, that we are more checkering branches, and washing the rockthan half inclined to believe it--so blush and base of a Hermitage, in which a sin-sickened, titter, and laugh and look down, ye innocent or pleasure-palled man might, before his hairs wicked ones, each with her squire by her pal- were gray, forget all the gratifications and all frey's name, while good old Christopher, like a the guilt of the noisy world? true guide, keeps hobbling in the rear on his You are now all standing together in a group Crutch. Holla there!-to the right of our beside Ivy-cottage, the river gliding below its friend Mr. Benson's smithy—and to Rothay- wooden bridge from Rydal-mere. It is a perbridge. Turn in at a gate to the right hand, fect model of such architecture--breathing the which, twenty to one, you will find open, that very spirit of Westmoreland. The public road, the cattle may take an occasional promenade skirted by its front paling, does not in the least along the turnpike, and cool their palates with degree injure its character of privacy and rea little ditch grass, and saunter along by Mil- tirement; so we think at this dewy hour of lar-bridge and Foxgill on to Pelter-bridge, and, prime, when the gossamer meets our faces, if you please, to Rydal-mere. Thus, and thus extended from the honeysuckled slate-porch to only, is seen the vale of Ambleside; and what the trees on the other side of the turnpike. And a vale of grove, and glade, and stream, and see how the multitude of low-hanging roofs and cliff, and cottage, and villa, and grass-field, and gable-ends, and dove-cot looking windows, garden, and orchard, and–But not another steal away up a green and shrubberied accliword, for you would forthwith compare our vity, and terminating in wooded rocks that description with the reality, and seeing it faint seem part of the building, in the uniting richand feeble, would toss it into the Rothay, ness of ivy, lichens, moss-roses, broom, and and laugh as the Vol. plumped over a water-sweet-brier, murmuring with birds and bees, fall!

busy near hive and nest! It would be exThe silvan-or say rather the forest scenery tremely pleasant to breakfast in that deep-win-(for there is to us an indescribable differ- dowed room on the ground-floor, on cream and ence between these two words)--of Rydal- barley-cakes, eggs, coffee, and dry-toast, with park, was, in memory of living men, magnifi- a little mutton-ham not too severely salted, and cent, and it still contains a treasure of old at the conclusion, a nut-shell of Glenlivet ur trees. Lady Diana's white pea-fowl, sitting on Cogniac. But, Lord preserve ye! it is not yet the limbs of that huge old tree like creatures six o'clock in the morning; and what Chrisnewly alighted from the Isles of Paradise! all tian kettle simmereth before seven ? Yes, my undisturbed by the water-falls, which, as you sweet Harriet, that sketch does you credit, and keep gazing on the long-depending plumage il- it is far from being very unlike the original. lumining the forest-gloom, seem indeed to lose Rather too many chimneys by about half-atheir sound, and to partake the peace of that dozen; and where did you find that steeple in resplendent show-each splendour a wondrous mediately over the window marked “Dairy ?' Bird! For they stretch themselves all up, The pigs are somewhat too sumptuously lodged with their graceful crests, o'ercanopied by the in that elegant sty, and the hen roost might acumbrage draperied as from a throne. And commodate a phenix. But the seatures of the never surely were seen in this daylight world chief porch are very happily hit off--you have such unterrestrial creatures though come caught the very attic spirit of the rooi-and


some of the windows may be justly said to be risk is at an end, some hundred yards on, along staring likenesses.-Ivy-cottage is slipped into the velvet herbage. Next stream you come to our portfolio, and we shall compare it, on our has indeed a bridge--but then what a bridge ! return to Scotland, with Buchanan Lodge. A long, coggly, cracked slate stone, whose un

Gallantry forbids, but Truth demands to say, steady clatter would make the soberest steed that young ladies are but indifferent sketchers. jump over the moon. You beseech the timid The dear creatures have no notion of perspec- girl to sit fast, and she almost leans down to tive. At flower-painting and embroidery, they your breast as you press to meet the blessed are pretty fair hands, but they make sad work burden, and to prevent the steady old stager among waterfalls and ruins. Notwithstanding, from leaping over the battlements. But now it is pleasant to hang over them, seated on a the chasm on each side of the narrow path is stone or stool, drawing from nature; and now so tremendous, that she must dismount, after and then to help them in with a horse or a due disentanglement, from that awkward, oldhermit

. It is difficult, almost an impossible fashioned crutch and pummel, and from a stirthing that foreshortening. The most specu- rup, into which a little foot, when it has once lative genius is often at a loss to conjecture the crept like a mouse, finds itself caught as in a species of a human being foreshortened by a trap of singular construction, and difficult to young lady. The hanging Tower at Pisa. is, open for releasement. You feel that all you we believe, some thirty feet or so off the per- love in the world is indeed fully, freshly, and

endicula and there is one at Caerphilly warmly in your arms, nor can you bear to set about seventeen; but these are nothing to the the treasure down on the rough stony road, but castles in the air we have seen built by the look round, and round, and round, for a soft touch of a female magician; nor is it an un- spot, which you finally prophesy at some disusual thing with artists of the fair sex to order tance up the hill, whitherwards, in spite of their plumed chivalry to gallop down preci- pouting Yea and Nay, you persist in carrying pices considerably steeper than a house on her whose head is ere long to lie in your trananimals apparently produced between the tiger quil bosom. and the bonassus. When they have succeeded Ivy-cottage, you see, is the domicile of genin getting something like the appearance of tlemen and lady folk; but look through yonder water between what may be conjectured banks, dispersion, and in a minute or two your eyes they are not very particular about its running will see distinctly, in spite of the trees, a bonâ occasionally, uphill; and it is interesting to see fide farm-house, inhabited by a family whose a stream stealing quietly below trees in gradual head is at once an agriculturist, a shepherd, ascension, till, disappearing for a few minutes and a woodsman. A Westmoreland cottage over one summit, it comes thundering down an- has scarcely any resemblance to a Scottish other, in the shape of a waterfall, on the head one. A Scottish cottage (in the Lowlands) of an elderly gentleman, unsuspectingly read- has rarely any picturesque beauty in itself-a ing Mr. Wordsworth’s Excursion, perhaps, in narrow oblong, with steep thatched roof, and the foreground. Nevertheless, we repeat, that an ear-like chimney at each of the two gableit is delightful to hang over one of the dear ends. Many of the Westmoreland cottages creatures, seated on stone or stool, drawing would seem, to an ignorant observer, to have from nature; for whatever may be the pencil's been originally built on a model conceived by skill, the eye may behold the glimpse of a vi- the finest poetical genius. In the first place, sion whose beauty shall be remembered when they are almost always built precisely where even Windermere herself has for a while faded they ought to be, had the builder's prime obinto oblivion.

ject been to beautify the dale; at least, so On such excursions there are sure to occur we have often felt in moods, when perhaps a few enviable adventures. First, the girths our emotions were unconsciously soothed into get wrong, and, without allowing your beloved complacency by the spirit of the scene. Where virgin to alight, you spend more time than is the sedgy brink of the lake or tarn circles into absolutely necessary in arranging them ; nor a lone bay, with a low hill of coppice-wood on can you help admiring the attitude into which one side, and a few tall pines on the other, no the graceful creature is forced to draw up her -it is a grove of sycamores--there, about a delicate limbs, that her fairy feet may not be hundred yards from the water, and about ten in the way to impede your services. By and above its ordinary level, peeps out from its by, a calf-which you hope will be allowed to cheerful seclusion that prettiest of all hamlets grow up into a cow-stretching up her curved -Braithwaitefold. The hill behind is scarce red back from behind a wall, startles John silvan--yet it has many hazels-a few bushes Darby, albeit unused to the starting mood, and -here and there a holly—and why or whereyou leap four yards to the timely assistance of fore, who can now tell, a grove of enormous the fair shrieker, tenderly pressing her bridle-yews. There is sweet pasturage among the hand as you find the rein that has not been rocks, and as you may suppose it a spring-day, lost, and wonder what has become of the whip mild without much sunshine, there is a bleatthat never existed. A little further on, aing of lambs, a twitter of small birds, and the bridgeless stream crosses the road--a danger- deep coo of the stock-dove. A wreath of smoke ous-looking ford indeed—a foot deep at the is always a feature of such a scene in descripvery least, and scorning wet feet, as they ought tion; but here there is now none, for probably to be scorned, you almost carry, serene in dan- the whole household are at work in the open air, ger, your affianced bride (or she is in a fair and the fire, since fuel is not to be wasted, has way of becoming so) in your arms off the sad been wisely suffered to expire on the hearth. dle, nor relinquish the delightful clasp till all ) No. There is a volume of smokę, as if the

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