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human character, pray what is there at all surFYTTE FIRST.

prising in your being madly fond of shooting

and your brother Tom just as foolish about THERE is a fine and beautiful alliance between fishing—and cousin Jack perfectly insane on all pastimes pursued on flood, field, and fell. fox-hunting—while the old gentleman your faThe principles in human nature on which they ther, in spite of wind and weather, perennial depend, are in all the same; but those princi- gout, and annual apoplexy, goes a-coursing of ples are subject to infinite modifications and the white-hipped hare on the bleak Yorkshire varieties, according to the difference of indi-wolds and uncle Ben, as if just escaped from vidual and national character. All such pas- Bedlam or St. Luke's, with Dr. Haslam at his times, whether followed merely as pastimes, heels, or with a few hundred yards' start of or as professions, or as the immediate means Dr. Warburton, is seen galloping, in a Welsh of sustaining life, require sense, sagacity, and wig and strange apparel, in the rear of a pack knowledge of nature and nature's laws; nor of Lilliputian beagles, all barking as if they less, patience, perseverance, courage even, and were as mad as their master, supposed to be bodily strength or activity, while the spirit in chase of an invisible animal that keeps which animates and supports them is a spirit eternally doubling in field and forest—"still of anxiety, doubt, fear, hope, joy, exultation, hoped for, never seen,” and well christened and triumph-in the heart of the young a by the name of Escape ? fierce passion-in the heart of the old a Phrenology sets the question for ever at rest. passion still, but subdued and tamed down, All people have thirty-three faculties. Now without, however, being much dulled or dead- there are but twenty-four letters in the alphaened, by various experience of all the myste- bet; yet how many languages-some six-thouries of the calling, and by the gradual subsid-sand we believe, each of which is susceptible ing of all impetuous impulses in the frames of many dialects! No wonder, then, that you of all mortal men beyond perhaps threescore, might as well try to count all the sands on the when the blackest head will be becoming gray, sea-shore as all the species of sportsmen. the most nervous knee less firmly knit, the There is, therefore, nothing to prevent any most steely-springed instep less elastic, the man with a large and sound development keenest eye less of a far-keeker, and, above from excelling, at once, in rat-catching and all, the most boiling heart less like a caldron deer-stalking from being, in short, a univeror a crater--yea, the whole man subject to sal genius in sports and pastimes. Heaven some dimness or decay, and, consequently, has made us such a man. the whole duty of man like the new edition Yet there seems to be a natural course or of a book, from which many passages that progress in pastimes. We do not now speak formed the chief glory of the editio princeps have of marbles--or knuckling down at tawor been expunged-the whole character of the style trundling a hoop-or pall-lall-or pitch and corrected without being thereby improved—just toss-or any other of the games of the school like the later editions of the Pleasures of Ima- playground. We restrict ourselves to what, gination, which were written by Akenside when somewhat inaccurately perhaps, are called he was about twenty-one, and altered by him field-sports. Thus angling seems the earliest at forty--to the exclusion or destruction of of them all in the order of nature. There the many most splendida vitia, by which process new-breeched urchin stands on the low bridge the poem, in our humble opinion, was shorn of the little bit burnie! and with crooked pin, of its brightest beams, and suffered disastrous baited with one unwrithing ring of a dead worm, twilight and eclipse-perplexing critics. and attached to a yarn-thread-for he has not

Now, seeing that such pastimes are in num- yet got into hair, and is years off gut-his ber almost infinite, and infinite the varieties of l of the mere willow or hazel wand, there will

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