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The present volume completes the controversy with Dr Harding which arose upon bishop Jewel's challenge sermon. It contains also the Exposition upon the Epistles to the Thessalonians, the bishop's Sermons, and the Treatise of the Sacraments.

The text, as before, is that of the edition of 1611 ; with which others have been collated : for the “Reply" to Harding, besides Harding's "Answer,” Lovaine, 1564, the revised edition of the same, Antwerp, 1565, which the editor had not previously obtained: it supplies some curious variations; for the "Exposition" the editions of 1583, 1584, and 1594; for the “Learned and godly Sermon" the original edition, without date; for the first six of “ Certain Sermons” and the “Treatise” the edition of 1583: for the remaining seven Sermons the editor has used only the folios of 1609 and 1611. He is aware of the existence of but one copy (in private hands) of the very rare first edition ; and to this, owing to the absence of the proprietor, he has not been able to obtain access.

He trusts, however, that he shall hereafter have the opportunity of seeing it. The folio of 1609 has throughout been consulted.

The editor has spared no pains to verify the numerous references which crowd this volume; but he has to acknowledge, as before, that in a few cases the passages intended have eluded his search. Still he would hope that no omission or error of much importance has occurred.

In order to diminish the bulk of the notes, a passage heretofore quoted has not now been reprinted; and the reader is referred back to the place where it may be found. In some cases, however, where it seemed desirable to place an author's words at once before the eye, and occasionally perhaps from inadvertence, this rule has been departed from.

It is proposed to commence the succeeding volume with bishop Jewels “ Apology," and to proceed with the “Defence of the Apology;" and it is confidently expected that the whole works of this eminent prelate, accompanied by a memoir, will be comprised in four volumes.

The editor has again to tender his thanks to the kind friends to whom he before acknowledged his obligations.

Dec. 9, 1847.


Vol. I. PAGE

98 note 1. For lxxiii. read lxxxiii. 120 note 3. It is probable that the treatise in question was originally written in Latin. 121 note 14. For col. 656 read col. 956. There is this misprint in the edition consulted. 139 The numbers in the text referring to the notes are confused. Sacramenti should have 6 and

priests 8 attached. 150 note 6. For Lib. II. read Lib. I. 168 note 6. For 1654 read 1564. 312 The passage quoted from Durandus is the following: In ecclesiis vero ostia ab oriente habentibus,

ut Romæ, nulla est in salutatione necessaria conversio : sacerdos in illis celebrans semper ad popu

lum stat conversus.-Durand. Rat. Div. Offic. Lugd. 1565. Lib. v. cap. ü. 57. fol. 219. 2. 341 note 16. Add Conf. Marcellin. Condemn. Præm. ad Lect. ibid. p. 187. 400 note 3. For 1736 read 1706. 451 note 14. For Dist. xxxviii. read Dist. ii. can. 38. 531 The passage, which Harding has transcribed from the divines of Zurich, may be found in Tonst. De

Verit. Corp. et Sang. Dom. in Euch. Lut. 1554. Lib, 1. fol. 45. Vol. II.

568 margin. The hundred. 1565 omits The. 574 notes 7, 8, 9, 10. The references should have been made to the Greek text. For that of Samona,

Methonensis, and Marcus Ephesius, respectively, see Lit. Sanct. Patr. Par. 1560. pp. 134, 131, and

141. For the Greek of Cabasilas, see Biblioth, Patr. Græco-Lat. Par. 1624. Tom. II. p. 233. 630 line 25. After “enough," the second edition of Harding's Answer, 1565, adds: “as by good autho

rity of the civil law we learn." The reference given in the margin is: “L. veluti, $. hæc vox, ff de edendo.” See Paul. in Corp. Jur. Civil. Amst. 1663. Digest. Lib. 11. Tit. xii. 7. §. 1. Tom.

I. p. 95. 680 note 8. For Cor. read Col. 792 note 13. For lxxii. read lxxxii. 907 note 18. The reference should have been : Lib. xxv. in cap. xxxiv. B. Job. cap. xvi. 34. col. 807;

where nequam.

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