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must bear in mind, not only the taste of those times, but that Rome was then degraded into a sink of depravity. It is into this worse than Augæan den, that our bard turns the torrent of his resistless eloquence. We can scarcely be surprised, therefore, however we may regret, that the stream is here and there sullied with a taint of the foul pollutions which it sweeps away.

It was not left optional with the present Editor to insert or reject such passages as might appear to him objectionable: therefore, by way of rendering them as harmless as possible, he has, wherever he could, given such a paraphrase as might convey the sense divested of the grossness.

g Pers. iv. 35, note.

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b This is also annexed to some of the anonymous variorum notes in the former
part of Juvenal,

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• This is annexed to some of the anonymous variorum notes in the latter part of


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