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RUMNEY, wrote to me, at her request; to dissuade me from my intention: he represented to me, and indeed with force, and eloquence, the great imprudence, the madness, of throwing myself, precipitately, on the world; without powerful friends; and without any prospect of a subsistence. But his advice had no effect on me; it's influence was precluded by my fixed, and invariable decision. For to compleat any scheme; to execute any project that had seized my mind, and at any hazard; how unwarrantable soever, by prudence, and common-sense, was the occasion; and how strongly soever I was dissuaded from it;-was unfortunately, a part of my constitution, and of my habits. A person thus impelled, and thus accustomed to act, may, perhaps, have reason to complain of the selfish barbarity of mankind; who give no quarter to those imprudences which divest us of all external power; but he certainly will be absurd, if he does not ascribe his bad fortune to himself.

When my mother found that I had thrown the die, she wrote an affectionate letter to me; warmly inviting me to come, and share her

humble fare; and to trust to the future care of Providence; if I should deserve it by my virtue. The tear fills my eyes, while I have the image of that venerable parent before me ;—and while I recollect this transcript of her heart. In the middle of november, 1757, I bade adieu to the army. for ever.

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13 for rembone read umbone

25 for "thick o'er with titles" read "stuck o'er with titles"

74 for viri- read viribus

100 for muge read nuga

110 for amazing read amusing

140 for sanguinam read sunguinem

140 for sauicant read sauciant

177 for domesticanum read domesticarum

185 for boons read barns

276 for impressive read impassive

237 for agreeably ludicrously read agreeably and ludicrously 254 instead of for an elegance congenial read of an elegance congenial 210 for loves read love

367 for forget read forgot




Two Volumes, Octavo.

Sold by Messrs. LONGMAN, HURST, REES, and ORME, Paternoster-Row; and by W. CLARKE, New Bond-street.

JOHNSON, with admiration oft I see

The Critick and the Bard conjoined in thee;

But prejudices, too, as oft I find,

Corrupt, debase, mislead thy noble mind.

Hence, against thee, I seize the cause of truth;

A cause that I adored, from early youth.
Oh! may her voice inspire my latest breath;
And soothe reflexion in the hour of death!

Ed io anche son pittore.



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