A Visit to the South Seas, in the U.S. Ship Vincennes: During the Years 1829 and 1830; with Scenes in Brazil, Peru, Manila, the Cape of Good Hope, and St. Helena, Zväzok 1

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Strana 24 - And, behold, I am •with thee, and will keep thee in all places whither thou goest, and will bring thee again into this land; for I will not leave thee until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of.
Strana 202 - Oh ! who would bear life's stormy doom, Did not thy wing of love Come, brightly wafting through the gloom Our peace-branch from above ? Then sorrow, touch'd by Thee, grows bright With more than rapture's ray ; As darkness shows us worlds of light We never saw by day ! WEEP NOT FOR THOSE.
Strana 118 - Tis, like the sun, a heavenly light, That guides us all the day ; And through the dangers of the night, A lamp to lead our way.
Strana 89 - He looks abroad into the varied field Of nature, and though poor perhaps, compared With those whose mansions glitter in his sight, Calls the delightful scenery all his own. His are the mountains, and the valleys his, And the resplendent rivers : his to enjoy With a propriety that none can feel, But who with filial confidence inspired Can lift to heaven an unpresumptuous eye, And smiling say, My Father made them all.
Strana 124 - O God of our salvation; who art the confidence of all the ends of the earth, and of them that are afar off upon the sea.
Strana 126 - THE scene was more beautiful far, to my eye, Than if day in its pride had array'd it: The land-breeze blew mild, and the azure arch'd sky Look'd pure as the Spirit that made it. The murmur arose, as I silently gazed On the shadowy waves...
Strana 120 - who converteth a sinner from the error of his ways," than since I have been with this crew ; and my daily prayer, as well as heart's desire, unto God is, that they may be saved. May the grace of God in the ministry with which I am clothed be sufficient for me, and in mercy to myself and to His creatures, may I be made the happy instrument of feeding, with the sweet FALKLAND ISLANDS. 103 sion of the Gospel, the few here who are of that " flock which shall yet inherit the kingdom...
Strana 202 - Come, brightly wafting through the gloom Our peace-branch from above!' Then sorrow, touched by Thee, grows bright With more than rapture's ray ; As darkness shows us worlds of light We never saw by day ! • Thomas Moore, 1779—1852.
Strana 273 - Directly opposite, on the right — across the thickly embowered glen, at the distance of half a mile only — imagery of a totally different character was presented : gently swelling hills of grass smiled beneath the morning sun with all the brightness and verdure of a lawn in June, as they rose one above another to the height of five or six hundred feet, and then terminated abruptly in a basaltic cliff, resting like a crown on the point in which they converged — the •whole constituting a beautiful...
Strana 148 - Cabelleros in ponchos and high crowned grass hats, the costume of the country, mounted on spirited animals, with English saddles, but using in place of a whip the long platted and knotted ends of the reins, the universal practice along the coast. They looked grave as deacons, and probably owed their sedateness to a large mixture of Spanish blood. The poncho is an original Indian garment, about two yards in length and one and a half in breadth, with a hole cut in the centre, through which the head...

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